GH Update Tuesday 10/11/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/11/05


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Luke is alone in his room planning what looks like a private dinner. He thinks that Skye is sleeping in the bed. But he notices that it’s Tracy instead. It looks like they’ve change places. That guy who was holding Tracy hostage has not captured Skye. He reveals to her that kidnapping her was all Tracy’s idea.

Courtney is on the phone to make an appointment to talk to the doctor about her present situation at Sonny’s. Emily wonders why she is there. She tells Emily that she is there to talk to her. Emily tells Courtney she could not imagine why. Courtney tells Emily that she(Emily) needs to get back with Nikolas because he is a part of her and she is a part of him.

Sonny and Michael are at Kelly’s. Michael says he wants to have coffee. Sonny tells him maybe in several years. They talk about visiting Carly. And they are happy to have breakfast together. Unknown to them, however, Javier Ruiz is watching them from outside the window. Sonny is able to see him and goes outside asking what he wants. He asks Javier if it is not time for him to go back to his poppa in Miami. Javier tells Sonny that he should be more concerned about his own family because he is not done with Sonny.

Lanie tells Jesse and Maxie that in her opinion, the stalker has neglecting parents. Probably a mother who is not responsible and a father he’s never known. Hearing that, Jesse says that sounds like Dillon. But Maxie doesn’t believe that. They also consider Lucas although Maxie does not want to suspect him since he is her cousin and she’s known him her entire life.

Seth tells Dillon and Georgie that he is concerned about Brooke Lynn’s new friend, Seth. Seth seems to suspect him of photographing the naked girls. Dillon admits to Seth that he knows that Lucas accidentally woke up on the wrong side of somebody’s bed this morning. He means that as a joke but Lucas does not think that is funny. Georgie tells them that the perv could be anybody, probably somebody nobody knows. So they need to all calm down.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he has tried and failed to plan his wedding with Elizabeth before. So he needs to get it right this time. Lucky tells Nikolas he knows that and that is why he needs Nikolas’ help. He tells Nikolas that the wedding will not be complete if he does not bring Emily.

Emily tells Courtney she does not understand why she is encouraging Nikolas to get back with her(Emily). Courtney tells Emily that she could clearly tell that when she got hurt and went to the hospital, Nikolas had no conception or awareness of anything or anybody but her (Emily). Emily tells Courtney that she(Courtney) sure didn’t notice that or care about that when she was having her secret meetings with him. And she tells Courtney that she and Nikolas are through and she does not blame Courtney for the failure of their marriage. Courtney tells Emily that she wants Nikolas to be happy and she believes that he can only be happy with Emily.

Sonny tells Javier Ruiz if he does not go home soon, he will go home in a body bag.

Tracy tells Luke that he put her in mortal danger. He tells her he did not ask her to track him to Miami in the first place.

The kidnapper admits to Skye that he made a big mistake kidnapping Tracy. He knows he could not get any money from Luke for her. And money was not as important to him than getting rid of Tracy.

Luke asks Tracy how it was that Skye got “involved” in her plan when she got the kidnapper to set her free. She tells him that she knew how to work things in her favor where Luke will have to cough up the money, and in turn he will have to benefit her, if he wants Skye back.

The kidnapper assumes that Skye and Luke have a thing and Luke will want to put up money to get her back. But she informs him that she and Luke have not seen each other for a long time. She has been seeing Lorenzo Alcazar. And he’s the one who’d be willing to make big “sacrifices” for her.

Luke concludes that Tracy’s “motivation” to get the kidnapper to set her free was that he was desperate to get rid of her. She tells him she knows of a way to motivate a “reluctant” ELQ shareholder to hand over the money that is rightfully hers (and his).. Hearing that, he tells her he wonders whom exactly that “reluctant ELQ shareholder” would survive.

Lorenzo is talking to the Ruiz ringleader, while he’s (Ruiz) in his hospital bed, telling him that he might have been better off if Jason Morgan would have killed him. He assumes the Ruiz guy is unconscious and not able to hear him. But when he leaves, the Ruiz guy opens his eyes.

At the hospital, Javier Ruiz approaches Alexis and looks friendly to her. But right then, Ric appears and tells him he better stay away from his wife.

Sonny tells Courtney that he needs stability in his boys’ lives. Emily has bonded with them and given them that. They need her. And he does not want her stepping in to take the place of Emily and “using” his boys in order to avoid Nikolas and hide from him that she is pregnant.

Jesse tells Maxie and Lanie that he believes that he has grounds to investigate and suspect Lucas. But they both tell him that he may be jumping to conclusions. He tells them that he is really tired of everybody protecting the perv’s rights and wishes they would protect the rights of the girls who are being violated.

Lucas tells Georgie that he may appear edgy, due to the fact that all of his friends are suspecting him of being a perverted creep. She sounds concerned about him and he takes it to mean that she is studying him like a specimen under a microphone and he doesn’t want to be around her if she’s going to do that.

Dillon tells Gerogie that he realizes he needs an alibi. So when he goes to get coffee he cannot go by himself. He needs to go with his new female friend. But obviously, Georgie is not ok with that. She tells him she’s happy that he’s been taken off of the suspect list. But in the future, if he needs an alibi, she’d prefer it’s a little old lady and not an attractive young woman.

Javier tells Ric that he can see that he is very protective of his pregnant wife. And he tells Ric he should also realize that he feels the same way about his brother who Ric and Jason have shot. He leaves and Alexis tells Ric that if he keeps working for Sonny, he can expect situations like this to keep arising.

Sonny tells Courtney that she cannot make the same mistake with Nikolas that Alexis made with him. Preventing him from knowing that a baby is his won’t benefit him or her. And she is not making any sacrifices by letting Nikolas go back to Emily. He tells her he does not think she could provide a stable environment for his boys under the present situation. IF she is only using it to hide from her situation, it won’t work. Emily, on the other hand, has been able to be a positive influence for Michael and Morgan. She tells him that she cares about Nikolas but believes he would be better off with Emily. She tells Sonny that she knows that Nikolas does not want children and would not want to know that he is the father of her child. Right then, Emily walks in and overhears their conversation to find out for the first time that Courtney could be pregnant by Nikolas.

After hearing Lucky tell him he should bring Emily to his and Elizabeth’s wedding, Nikolas tells Lucky that he would not intend to bring Courtney. But there also might be a problem if he brought Emily. Lucky tells Nikolas that he was hiding from working on his marriage by having an affair with Courtney. But Nikolas tells Lucky that he does have real feelings for Courtney. It wasn’t just a foolish, brief affair. And he also informs Lucky that Courtney is encouraging him to get back with Emily and he doesn’t understand why she would do that.

Sonny reminds Courtney that she cannot hide her pregnancy. Before too long she will be showing. He tells her that he does not care for Nikolas. He was a fool not to be there for his wife after she was raped. He does not believe that he would treat her any better. But he does believe that Nikolas has the right to know that she is pregnant with his child. She tells Sonny that she just needs some time before going public with her present situation. She then assumes that Sonny does not want to be there for her. But he tells his sister that regardless of everything and the opinions he has, he believes that she is going to make a good mother. Emily then comes in and she tells him that she’s accepted the fact that she and Nikolas are divorcing. But she cannot believe that he got Courtney pregnant. And she cries.

Brooke Lynne gives Seth an invitation to a party. She also gives invitations to Diego. It sounds like she has a plan to snuff out the perv. Diego is with another girl and assumes that she is indirectly accusing him of being the perv. But she tells his companion that she might want to be concerned about he campus perv, whomever he may be. The girl walks out the door and tells them she doesn’t want to be a part of this confrontation. He then tells Brooke Lynn she needs to grow up. They have a confrontation. Jesse notices that and he is ready to go after Diego and attack him.

Tracy comes to see Skye in captivity. Skye tells her she will never get away with this. Tracy explains to Skye that she got “into kidnapping” when her husband refused to pay her ransom. She had no choice. Tracy then tells Skye that the only way she’s going to be free is if Lorenzo gives up his ELQ stock.

Luke tells Lorenzo that here is the deal. Lorenzo must sign over his ELQ stock in order for Skye to be free. He tells Lorenzo must realize that she is in danger. Lorenzo admits that he cares about Skye. But he wonders what a beautiful, charming woman like her sees in a conman like Luke. He informs Luke that he already made one mistake of falling for Carly and not seeing that she was using him to make another man jealous. He’s not going to do that again. Luke tells Lorenzo he must realize that Skye is not like Carly. But Lorenzo makes it clear that he does not want to get involved in this situation.

While Alexis is sitting by herself waiting for a doctor’s appointment, she has a daydream that Ric has proposed to her again.

She admits to him that giving Kristina the best life they can give her is the most important thing in her life. And for that reason, she realizes that the two of them are stronger together than they are apart. But she awakens from her “day dream” to notice that she is in the hospital waiting for an appointment, pregnant and alone. Courtney comes to interrupt her. She talks to Courtney about the fear she has of pregnancy. Courtney smiles and seems interested in hearing what it is like to be pregnant. Alexis also talks to Courtney about finding a guy who is so annoying in so many way, but also being taken by his charms. She talks about how she tries to avoid him but cannot. And she knows that when that happens, you want to run. She realizes that Courtney had a very similar situation with Jax. And they both realize that no matter how hard people try not to fall in love and how much they believe it’s very simple not to, they realize it is not that simple.

Sonny tells Emily that she should not be discouraged by the fact that Courtney may be pregnant with Nikolas’ child. He tells her that it’s very possible that Courtney will never tell Nikolas that he is the father of her baby. He knows from his own personal experience of Alexis keeping from him that he was Kristina’s father. And he tells Emily that somebody has to tell Nikolas that he may be having a baby.

Lucas returns to Georgie, relives their childhood memories and apologizes for getting angry with her. She tells him that’s quite all right. He has the right to be upset about being falsely accused. He tells her that he has a secret that he cannot tell anybody. He worries that people will judge him and avoid him. She tells him that he is one of her closest friends and he can tell her anything. Hearing that, he drops the bombshell on her that he is gay.

Sonny tells Ric that he cannot put Alexis or Kristina in danger any more. He must stay away from the Ruiz family and let him handle everything from now on.

Right then, the Ruiz leader gets out of his hospital room and tells his partner that he wants Jason Morgan’s head on a stick as well as that of Ric Lansing.

Lucky runs into Emily in the park at the Gazebo knowing she has something on her mind. He tells her she can trust him and asks her to just say it.

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