GH Update Monday 10/10/05

General Hospital Update Monday 10/10/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Boo

Tracy is stuck somewhere with duct tape over her mouth. A guy enters and reveals that her life depends on whether he gets his million dollars. He removes the duct tape so that she can talk. She tells him that she will give him two million dollars so that he can put Luke in his place and she can be rid of Luke once and for all.

Meanwhile, Luke, Skye and Lorenzo are not far away. Luke tells Skye that she will not have to worry for much longer about the “married man stuff”. Because before too long, he tells her, he will be all hers.

Jason and Sam are in their new home and out exploring. And they notice the guy who remembered Jason and punched him the last time they were out.

Sonny, Michael, Reese and Emily all seem to be having fun and laughing together.

Nikolas tells Courtney that he will always care about Emily. But he cares about her also. She tells him that that means a lot to her but she’s had a lot of time to think and she’s come to a decision. She tells him that they are over. He asks her where that comes from. She, again, tells him that she’s had a lot of time to think. He asks her what she’s has had time to think about and what could have just happened that would make her want to walk away from him now. Hearing that, she doesn’t know how to answer that.

Skye tells Luke that she gets it now. He wants to make her crazy. He gets some kind of sadistically macho pleasure by making her crazy. He asks her why se would say that. She tells him that he’s playing a little game in order to get Tracy killed. He tells her that what is happening to Tracy has nothing to do with him. She reminds him that he is still married to Tracy. He tells her that the only thing that matters to him about Tracy is that the woman owes him 15 million bucks. He then asks Lorenzo, since he is hearing their conversation, and is a business man, what does he believe would be a “fair market value” in his contract with Tracy. Lorenzo names some monetary figures. They both sound too cold and calculated for Skye to listen to.

Tracy tells the guy who is holding her hostage that she is a Quartermaine and has had a lifetime dealing with murderers, mobsters and extortionists. And that is why she is not afraid of a loser like him. She tells him that he may not notice this but he is no longer in charge. She seems to know how to outthink him. She tells him he might get a million from her and possibly more from Luke. But she promises it will be the toughest amount of million he will ever have to work for.

Jason and Sam run into the guy who punched him when they were last out in a bar. She tells him that she thinks it’s really good that he was able to walk away form a fight. But she assumes that they must now uproot from where they have gotten settled into living. But he tells her that they need not go anywhere.

Elizabeth and Lucky talk about their monetary issues. She seems to be no longer worried about the previous issues they had with the surrogacy. But he seems to remember that they are once again broke and tells her he must get to the bank and take care of his financial business.

Emily tells Michael it’s time for him to go to bed. Michael seems much happier than he was before, although knowing that his mom cannot be there. He seems to be comfortable and adjusting well to having both Emily and Reese in his house with him and his dad. When Sonny and Reese are alone, she remarks to him that it’s really good to hear Michael laugh again. She then assumes that she should leave because Sonny’s family comes first. But he tells her he does not want her to leave.

After Nikolas asks her specifically what is going on, Courtney tells him that “things are complicated” but speaks in generalities. He asks her what she is talking about. She admits to him that she loves being with him but knows he cannot abandon his first love. He asks if she is upset that he still cares about Emily. She tells him of course not. He asks her why then, she just announced that they are through. She tells him that he belongs with Emily and not with her out of a sense of “duty” or “obligation”. Hearing that, he asks her what kind of “duty or obligation” she thinks he’d be fulfilling with her.

Skye tells Lorenzo that Luke cannot get out of his adrenalin rush long enough to realize that Tracy is in danger and there are other lives besides his. Luke denies that. But Skye asks Lorenzo if he can help and do the right thing. Luke asks Skye why she thinks that Lorenzo would “do the right thing” in helping Tracy or helping her.

Luke tells her that she must realize that Lorenzo is just like a scorpion. But Skye reminds Luke that she is attracted to Lorenzo. He is tall and charming. Lorenzo tells Luke that he must realize that he should divorce Tracy if he really wants to be with Skye. That is if that is what he really wants.

Sam tells Jason that maybe they should just flee and change their names and all. But he tells her that he knows they are happy where they are. It is their new home. Danny is nearby. And he will make sure that they both have everything they need.

Sonny tells Reese that he’s worried about the fact that Michael has not had enough time to be a kid. She tells him that is why it was so good to hear him laugh again tonight. Sonny admits to Reese that Michael did not go to the school meeting that was scheduled tonight. He admitted that he was afraid that kids would tease him, knowing what has happened to his mother. He tells her he never wants his son to be traumatized. She encouraged him to believe that he has done a lot for his son. And she tells him that she does not want him to believe that she wants to fill the “empty space” that Carly has left in his and Michael’s lives. He tells her that he is ready to have her in their lives and she must not worry. And he kisses her.

Courtney tells Nikolas that he is such a great guy with such an amazing sense of honor. And she does not want him to have to live up to a “promise” he’s made to be with her. Having no clue that she is pregnant, he tells her that he doesn’t understand why she would think he would not choose of his own free will to be with her because he wants to. He tells her that he wants to move forward with her and see more of her and it is not out of obligation. She tells him she appreciates that. But she knows what she saw. No matter how he feels about her, she knows that Emily is still in his heart.

Reese tells Sonny it is late. He maybe should go up and tuck Michael in. He doesn’t seem to want her to go. But she tells him she must go and will call him tomorrow. She departs. Emily comes down and tells Sonny that Michael is now out like a light and is sleeping peacefully. He tells her that he really appreciates all that she has done for Michael. He really needs a woman in his life. He tells her that Reese really also cares about Michael and has tried to help Carly out. But her attempt with Carly did not work. He explains to her that when Reese found out what Carly did with her father, it shattered her. And that has been a problem for both of them. She tells Sonny she really understands that. She remembers she was once defined by the rape. But she later woke up one day and realized that she was pushing away the man she loved.

Nikolas explains to Courtney that he and Emily have been through so many things since their teen hood. They got through her breast cancer, through the fire and through the rape. And the point of what he is saying is that you cannot have that kind of history with somebody without having some sort of connection to them. Hearing that, Courtney acknowledges to Nikolas that he and Emily have a connection that most people can only dream of.

Lucky comes back to Elizabeth and tells her that he wants them to have a life together where they are not just spending all their time worrying about bills. He tells her that he wants to go away with her. And his plan is for them to get married.

Luke tells Skye and Lorenzo that being married to Tracy has been one big nightmare for him. And he has no intention of saving her until he gets paid. Skye reminds him that she might get killed. He tells her he has no concerns about that. Right then, he gets a call from the guy who is holding Tracy and he tells Luke that he need only pay him half a million dollars in order to get Tracy back. Luke tells him he’s not interested. The guy then tells him he will settle for a quarter of a million but cannot go any lower. He seems desperate enough to get rid of Tracy. Luke tells Skye that he does not have to give up a dime. He’s not at the mercy of anybody. But Lorenzo tells them that he will do it so that Luke does not have to. Hearing that. Skye tells Lorenzo that he is really desirable to her. It sounds like she saying that in order to make Luke jealous.

The guy who attacked Jason tells Sam that it seems as though they have “gotten his message”. He appears threatening. But Jason comes out and tells him he better get away from Sam. Sam then tells Jason that it’s not worth getting into a fight with the guy. But the guy surprises them and apologizes for his behavior, admitting that he was drunk and out of line when he attacked Jason. Jason tells him he accepts his apology but does not want him coming back there. He leaves and Sam tells him that the guy did sound kind of sincere. And she encourages Jason to no longer live in fear.

Luke tells Skye and Lorenzo that if it were Skye, he’d pay a lot more money than he’s willing to pay for Tracy. But Skye acts like she could care less and just wants to be with Lorenzo.

Elizabeth tells Lucky she will marry him whenever he wants. He tells her that they must have a specific plan and a wedding date set. They both realize how difficult and how long them must wait until they can take time off from work. He tells her that he wants to have a special wedding with all the festivities. But she tells him all she wants is to have him and her grandmother at the wedding. And that will be a perfect wedding for her.

Nikolas reminds Courtney that he did not just suddenly decide to walk away from Emily. They have had problems for a long time. They will always share a connection. But their marriage is over. He admits to her that he does not know exactly where things are going with the two of them. But he would like to give it a chance to find out, because he believes they are in a good place. She tells him she just needs some time. Hearing that, he tells her she can take all the time she needs and he leaves. She then gets on the phone and calls somebody asking if she can come over because she really needs to see them. She seems to be calling Sonny.

Jason and Sam are in the process of fixing up their new place and considering buying the bar.

Lucky and Elizabeth laugh and reminisce about their history together. Right then, Emily appears. They tell her she must remember some things in their history and ask her about what they remember differently. They then invite Nikolas to join them and conclude that all of them together is just like old times.

Courtney comes to see Sonny. He tells her that he really appreciates having both Reese and Emily there for Michael. She tells hi that she really regrets not being there for her nephew. He tells her that Emily has been helping Michael. Hearing that, Courtney tells her brother that maybe Emily should get back to her own life. Sonny, then asks his sister what this is all about. She tells him that she believes that Emily is staying with him and with Michael in order to “escape” and hide from her feelings for Nikolas and miss out on having reconciliation with him. Hearing Courtney sounding like she is encouraging them to get back together, Sonny tells her that he does not understand. He asks her why she would want to “work against her own interests”.

After it looks like Skye wants to throw him out of his own room in order to sleep with Lorenzo, Luke then agrees to pay the quarter of a million dollars for Tracy so that Lorenzo does not have to play the hero. Lorenzo then leaves and Luke tells Skye that he hopes she would not really sleep with Lorenzo and is saving herself for him. She asks him if he sees it as a contest where the best man wins. She tells him she is out of there and leaves.

The guy who is holding Tracy suddenly tells her he surrenders. He doesn’t even need Luke’s money. He just wants her out of there. But she tells him not so fast. They can now be “business partners”.

Jason and Sam dance together. Their song plays.

Javier Ruiz is on the hunt for Jason. He informs his partner that Jason Morgan and his girlfriend have been located on the shore and they must now know what to do. Did that guy who seemed to apologize to Jason rat them out?

Nikolas and Emily join Lucky and Elizabeth. The four of them are happy to be together again. Lucky proposes a toast to the woman he loves. Nikolas and Emily look at each other almost as if they wish that they could reconcile and be a couple like Lucky and Elizabeth are.

Sonny protests to Courtney that he is happy to be able to provide a safe haven for Emily after the rape. She’s done so much for his kids. Courtney asks him why she cannot play this role in his kids’ lives. He tells her that she does not understand the situation he is in with his kids because she does not have kids of her own. But she looks at him with the expression that enables him to know that she is pregnant. And he asks her if that is, in fact the case.

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