GH Update Friday 10/7/05

General Hospital Update Friday 10/7/05


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LUKE'S HOTEL ROOM: Lorenzo finds Skye poking around Luke's empty hotel room. Skye is happy to see him -- she wants him to help her find Luke, as she feels something terrible's happened to him. Lorenzo declines, saying that Luke can get himself out of his own problems. Skye slaps him.

Just then, Luke himself enters the room. Skye is thrilled beyond belief to see him. They hug, and then she slaps HIM as well! He asks her what that was for and she says, "For not calling me once in the whole time that you were gone and for whatever woman you were entertaining in that bed!" She gestures toward the rumbled sheets of the hotel's bed. Luke looks surprised to say the least.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is taking some pregnancy vitamins when she gets an unexpected visit from Elizabeth. They chat for a bit about how Elizabeth is feeling post-miscarriage. Then Elizabeth throws Courtney for a loop by asking Courtney to break up with Nikolas so that he can go back to Emily.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is surprised to find Nikolas waiting for her at the hospital. He says he has come to take her home.

JASON AND SAM'S HAWAII BEACH HOUSE: Sam and Jason talk about the fight the man in the bar tried to pick with Jason earlier. Sam is still shocked that Jason walked away from the fight. Jason notes that he never imagined walking away from a fight could feel so good.

GREYSTONE: Reese is waiting for Sonny when he returns from attempting to visit Carly at Rose Lawn. He's upset because the doctors refused to let him see her. Lainey arrives and Sonny tells her that he wants Carly released from Rosel Lawn immediately.

LUKE'S HOTEL ROOM: Luke is somewhat surprised to see the state that the room is in -- furniture all over the's been trashed. Skye admits she was scared Luke was abducted or killed. It turns out that the "blood stain" on Luke's bed is in fact ketchup. Lorenzo notes that whoever was in the room was looking for something -- but what?

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Elizabeth tells Courtney that she understands that Court's relationship with Nikolas is none of her business. However, she feels that Nikolas belongs with Emily, not Courtney. Courtney asks, "Why, because you say so?" Elizabeth notes that she's just going by what she saw -- she watched Nikolas and Emily's interaction after Emily was stabbed. Elizabeth believes that Nik and Em both want to be together -- she thinks that can happen if Courtney just steps aside. Elizabeth adds that if it were her, she wouldn't want to be with a man still hung up on his wife. With that, she leaves the loft.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is grateful for Nikolas' concern, but she will be going home with Max (Sonny's bodyguard), who will take her to Greystone. She's anxious to get back in time for Michael's back-to-school night. Nikolas is upset that Emily feels the need to put her life on the line for Sonny and his children, considering what she just went through with Carly attacking her. Emily insists that Carly's not responsible for that...and anyway, she adds that Carly has been put in Rose Lawn, so there's no danger there. Nikolas replies, "You're going to Sonny's house -- that's where danger lives!" Emily says she can't abandon Michael and Morgan after they've just lost their mother.

GREYSTONE: Sonny wants Carly moved to a place where he'll be able to visit her. Lainey explains that any decent facility will deny him access to Carly at this stage in her illness -- due to the fact that Carly needs time to be alone to figure out who she is and what she wants. Sonny finally agrees and points out that he wants regular updates on Carly's condition from her doctors. Lainey tells him he's doing the right thing, then she leaves. Reese reassures Sonny that this is the right thing for Carly. Sonny is worried that Carly will feel like she's been abandoned.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas again tries to convince Emily to give up on her job of playing nanny to Sonny's kids. Emily refuses, saying she wants to be with Michael and Morgan until Carly gets better. Lucky shows up and Emily tells them both goodbye, then leaves. Lucky is surprised that Emily didn't go home with Nikolas. Nikolas explains that Sonny sent Max the bodyguard to pick Emily up. Lucky can tell that Nikolas is upset -- he urges his brother not to give up on Emily yet. Nikolas notes that, "Emily, she's got other priorities right now. And the truth is so do I."

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney gets her second surprise visitor of the day when Jax stops by to visit. She asks him what's going on and he tells her, "Well, I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation the other night. I felt that we were getting to a good place until your father walked in and kind of kicked me out." Courtney apologizes for that and Jax tells her that it's okay, he knows that Mike is just protective of his little girl -- the way Jax would be protective of his own daughter, if he had one. He notices that Courtney appears to be in the middle of packing up some of her stuff. She says that she's getting rid of some odds and ends. Jax asks her why she needs more space?

GREYSTONE: Sonny worries to Reese that he's broken his promise to Carly that he wouldn't send her to a mental institution. Reese tries to reassure Sonny again that he has done the right thing. Sonny thanks her for being so supportive. They talk about how the plan to have Reese move into Greystone has been stalled. Reese is confident that she will be able to wait on Sonny while he sorts everything out. They agree to slow things down a bit -- maybe go to a restaurant. Reese wants to take his mind off of things by talking to him about skiing. Sonny laughs, "Well, first time I went skiing I think I hated it more than God hates sin." But he does agree to go out with Reese to dinner.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Sam admits that when the guy started to beat Jason up she didn't know what to hope for -- for Jason to hold back from killing the other man, or for Jason to defend himself. Jason replies that when the guy was hitting him, he kept seeing ways he could easily put up a defense, but in the end he stopped himself. Sam points out that Jason had every right to defend hismelf. Jason says that the fight proved to him that maybe he can have a normal life without violence after all. Sam looks happy to hear that.

LUKE'S HOTEL ROOM: Lorenzo is upset with the way Luke handled the Miami assignment: "Now, our agreement was that you would come to Miami to discreetly gather information on the Ruiz clan, not set off alarms and throw up flares." Skye thinks that the Ruiz men ransacked the room to send Luke a message to stay away from them. Lorenzo disagrees, pointing out that messages from the Ruizes are considerably more lethal. He thinks someone else is responsible for the trashing of Luke's room. Skye replies, "Well, maybe it was Luke's new bed bunny." Luke says he resents that, that he's bedded down with dogs, but not bunnies -- he has been saving himself for Skye. Skye shows him the earring he found, but Luke doesn't know how it got in the room. Especially considering that the diamonds are real. Skye realizes that the earring looks familiar -- she's seen it before, on Tracy! Luke wonders, "My wife is here?"

UNKNOWN LOCATION: Tracy can be seen gagged and tied up to a chair. She struggles against her restraints. The person who tied her up is nowhere to be seen.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax asks Courtney where all of her old stuff is going and she tells him that it's headed to a charity thrift store -- she wants to get rid of the "clutter of the past" so that she can move on with her life. Jax notes that he still has a bunch of their wedding gifts cluttering up his place -- he thinks it would be more personal if they returned them to people personally. Courtney says she'd be okay with that, but she doesn't know what she would tell people: "'Thank you for the lovely gift, but we can't accept it due to the fact --' what? I mean, 'We're getting divorced, the marriage was a mistake'?" Jax thinks that the only mistake was getting into the surrogacy before their honeymoon was over. Just then there's a knock on the door: it's Mike. Jax, seeing Mike and remembering how Mike told him off the other night, prepares to make a quick exit, but Mike says it's okay -- he knows that Courtney and Jax have a lot to talk about. Jax asks, "Why the complete change of heart all of a sudden?"

GREYSTONE: Emily returns to Greystone. Sonny is happy to see her -- they hug. He tells her about Carly being committed to Rose Lawn, and how he's upset that he can't visit her. Emily agrees with the doctors that it's probably best to keep things as emotionally clean as possible. Sonny still doesn't feel right about it, though. Emily suggests that he write everything down in a letter, and maybe the doctors could give it to Carly later? Sonny notes that the most important thing right now is to spend time with his kids. Emily brings up back-to-school-night for Michael, which Sonny is alarmed to realize he forgot all about, considering he just made dinner plans with Reese.

Just then, Michael comes into the room. Sonny tries to talk to him about back-to-school-night, but Michael says he doesn't want to go, on account of the fact that he hasn't told any of the kids at school that his mom has gone to a mental hospital. Sonny tries to explain what happened to Carly to Michael, "Sometimes people's brains are wired differently, and they call that a chemical imbalance. Other times, it could be, you know, bad things keep happening to somebody, right? And they can't cope with it anymore, so they break. Okay? Or it could be a combination of both things. But what I want you to know is your mom didn't have a nervous breakdown on purpose. She has an illness in her head." Michael is worried about what will happen when the other kids find out. Sonny tells Michael to hold his head up high and remember what the truth is -- that Carly did the right thing by getting help and that she and Sonny both love him a lot. They hug.

METRO COURT: Justus and Lainey run into each other at the bar -- Justus wants to have dinner with her, but Lainey isn't so sure that she's forgiven him yet for investigating her. Justus asks her what the big deal is: "It was just a routine check. And it didn't turn up anything out of the ordinary. Which is a red flag in and of itself." Lainey asks him what he's getting at and he replies that from the way she's acting, he's starting to believe that she's hiding something really big.

At a table nearby, Reese is just getting off her cell phone when Ric comes over to her. She tells him that Sonny just canceled their dinner plans for back-to-school night with Michael. Ric notes that she seems disappointed, which is understandable. He sits down at the table with her and she admits that she wants a relationship with Sonny, but that he's so busy lately with his kids, his business and Carly. Ric points out that Reese is feeling like there's no room there for her.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Sam is asleep on the couch when she wakes up and looks around for Jason -- who isn't there. Suddenly he comes through the doorway. She's happy to see him, she thought that Ruiz found them. Jason has brought her a surprise -- Danny! Sam welcomes Danny to their home. Danny is a little upset that Sam never came to visit him. Jason steps in and assures him that it wasn't Sam's fault...that Sam got this house so that she can be close to him. Sam adds, "Danny, I am your sister. And I love you, always. Just please, don't be mad at me."

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney tells Jax that she and her father had a heart-to-heart and now Mike has agreed to stop being so overprotective. Jax is happy about that. He tells Courtney that it was good to see her, and that they'll set up a time later to deal with the wedding gifts. He adds that if he changes her mind it's no big deal. Then he leaves. Mike turns to Courtney and asks her, "You still haven't told him?" Courtney admits that she's not ready for Nikolas and Jax to know that she's pregnant.

LUKE'S HOTEL ROOM: Luke is talking with a bellhop while Skye pokes around the room a bit more. The bellhop tells him that a woman who claimed to be Luke's wife was a "bitch on heels" who slipped him a 50 to let her into Luke's room. Luke wisecracks, "Yeah, sounds like Spanky Buns, all right!" The bellhop pleads with Luke not to tell the manager, and Luke agrees. The bellhop leaves. Skye points out that Luke's bag is stuffed with cash. Luke tries to distract her from asking questions about the money and she gets upset. Lorenzo warns Luke that he's facing torture if the money in question was stolen from the Ruiz family.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Sam tells Danny that she has stocked up on all of his favorite foods. He's surprised that she's not mad at him for not wanting to visit with her earlier. She says she could never be mad at him. Danny explains that Jason already told him that. He asks if Jason and Sam are going to live in Hawaii forever? Sam replies that they aren't sure yet, but that if things go her way they will be there a long time. Danny remembers that Sam once told him that she couldn't come visit him because Jason had to protect people in Port Charles. He asks, "What happened? Don't the people need Jason to protect them anymore?" Jason and Sam exchange an uncertain look.

METRO COURT: Reese tells Ric that Sonny needs her now more than ever and he's just not letting her in. Ric notes that she shouldn't look to him for clarification on Sonny -- but if he were in Sonny's shoes, and Reese wanted to be with him, he would let her. Reese tells him he's sweet. Just then, Alexis shows up. She needs to discuss some legal matters with Ric. Reese leaves and Alexis takes a seat at the table. She starts the conversation off with a friendly tip: "If you want to continue bonding with sonny, you should probably stop paying so much attention to his girlfriend."

At the bar, Justus tells Lainey that in his experience the people who are overly defensive about their past have something they are running from. He admits that he's had some mistakes in his own past that he tried to outrun by moving to Manhattan -- and when people called him on it, he got defensive just like she is right now. Lainey replies, "If you were going to come here and tell me how you faced your demons and you came back and you're stronger and better than ever, not everybody has the luxury of being able to go back and confront their past."

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney admits to Mike that she knows she can't keep the pregnancy a secret forever...but there are "land mines" everywhere she turns: Jax and Elizabeth trying to get past the miscarriage, Nikolas telling her he has no desire to be a, his unresolved feelings for Emily. Courtney adds that Elizabeth came by earlier to ask Courtney to step aside so that Nikolas and Emily can reunite. Courtney worries that if the baby is Nikolas', it would only get in the way of his happiness with Emily. Mike reminds her that it's her decision, but that the truth will come out eventually -- a father needs to know that he's going to have a child, so the sooner she tells Nikolas the better.

LUKE'S HOTEL ROOM: Luke promises Lorenzo that he would never steal money from the Ruiz family because he's not suicidal. Skye asks him how he got the money then, and he says that he earned it. He tells Lorenzo, "You paid me for my expertise. What makes you think there aren't a whole bunch of people lining up to do the same?" Skye still wants to know HOW Luke earned it and he tells her it's from a money-laundering scheme he did for a local bookie. Lorenzo doesn't seem to be buying it and Luke snaps, "Why are you still here? Don't you know three's a crowd?" He adds that he and Skye are due for a reunion. Lorenzo replies, "Are you sure about that?" Luke asks Skye if she's been playing footsie with Lorenzo? Skye admits that Lorenzo has attractive qualities, like he's in the middle of getting a divorce, which is more than she can say for Luke. Luke asks her not to hold Tracy against him -- she's his wife for a reason.

Just then the phone rings. Luke doesn't want to answer it, but Skye does. She picks the phone up -- it's someone named "Vinnie Blue Eyes" who wants to talk to Luke about Luke's money and his wife. Luke takes the phone from her and Vinnie (the mobster-type person who was lurking outside of Luke's hotel room in yesterday's episode) tells him that he wants the million dollars in Luke's possession, and Tracy will be returned to him unharmed.

Vinnie is actually standing next to Tracy, who is still tied up and gagged. Luke asks Vinnie to hold the phone to Tracy's ear so they can both hear what he has to say. Vinnie does so, and Luke says, "The million is mine. I'm keeping it. Feel free to do the same with Mrs. Spencer." Tracy starts to shriek and scream at Luke through the duct tape on her mouth: "Luke Spencer, you're going to pay for this if it's the last thing I do, you son of a bitch!" Luke turns to Skye and Lorenzo and tells him, "It's her!"

KELLY'S: Elizabeth and Lucky are sitting at a table on the Kelly's patio -- she tells him about her visit with Courtney. She says she just couldn't keep quiet. Lucky approves, however -- he thinks that Emily and Nikolas really do still love each other. Elizabeth agrees and says that if Courtney would just stay out of the way, maybe Emily and Nikolas could reunite.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Nikolas comes by Courtney's loft. He tells her that Emily was just released from the hospital. Courtney sayas she's glad. Nikolas admits that he'll always care about Emily, but that he wants Courtney to know he cares about her, too. Courtney says that the feeling is mutual -- he means a lot to her...but she's had time to think and she's come to a decision: "You and I," she tells him, "are over."

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Sam thanks Jason for bringing Danny to see her. Jason wants her to give herself some credit -- Danny loves her, after all. Jason says he now realizes just what it cost her to stay in Port Charles for him. Sam denies that she gave anything up -- now, she has Danny and Jason, and nothing else matters. She is starting to think that maybe this can actually work.

METRO COURT: Javier Ruiz is sitting at a table at the Metro Court talking to one of his men on the phone. The man tells him that there's still no sign of Jason Morgan. Javier wants Jason dead so that he can't come after them once they've gotten rid of Sonny. He instructs his worker to find out who Sam is connected to. The man tells Javier that Sam has a brother in a school somewhere in Hawaii. Javier replies, "Good. Follow up. We have to find Jason before we can make our move on Sonny, you understand?"

METRO COURT: Ric warns Alexis that his position on his continued employment with Sonny hasn't changed. Alexis believes his position WILL change once the baby is born. She explains, "The minute that innocent baby is born, the minute you hold that child in your arms for the first time, your whole world shifts and your priorities instantly become crystal clear. See, I believe in you. And I have confidence that you will come to your senses and voluntarily distance yourself from Sonny and what he represents when the baby is born. Maybe even sooner. Hell, at the rate you're going, Sonny's going to find out you're interested in his girlfriend and he might just kick you out on your ear any minute."

GREYSTONE: Reese comes back to Greystone -- Max answers the door. She can hear Sonny, Michael and Emily in the main room of the mansion, making jokes about how Emily reacted to a moth earlier that evening that she thought was a bat. As Michael, Sonny and Emily laugh together, Reese watches them from the doorway.

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