GH Update Thursday 10/6/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/6/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

LORENZO'S MANSION: Skye is lurking around Lorenzo's house in the dark -- unfortuantely, he ends up catching her. He tells her the last person who broke into his home ended up in a body bag at the bottom of Blue Lake. He asks her what he will have to do to convince her that there's danger here?

KELLY'S: Georgie arrives at Kelly's all dressed up for the homecoming dance. Brook Lynn, who is also at Kelly's, doesn't really like Georgie's dress. Georgie admits that her mom picked it out for her -- and Mac picked out her date. Brook is surprised that Georgie's not going with Dillon.

LUCAS AND DILLON'S DORM ROOM: Dillon and Maxie are hanging out in his dorm room. Dillon's still pissed that everyone thinks he's the PCU stalker. Maxie warns him that they need the real stalker to be convinced that Dillon's about to be arrested -- so that they can take the stalker down. Dillon asks when that's supposed to happen. Suddenly Jesse arrives -- he shows Dillon a flyer for a party that night and asks, "How does tonight grab you?"

BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Jason and Sam have arrived at their beach house in Hawaii. Their hostess shows them around a bit and then leaves. Sam is quite content, but Jason seems concerned about something else. She asks him if he's sure he wants to be there with her and he says yes. He thinks it's good that they'll get a fresh start. However, he also notes that he will have to find a job. Sam mentions that she'd like to go and visit with Danny as soon as possible. Jason declines to go along with her, saying that he'd like to hang out on his own to check everything out. Sam promises him he won't regret this.

KELLY'S: Georgie admits to Brook Lynn that she didn't even ask Dillon if he'd like to go to the dance with her, because she thinks he wouldn't care about a highschool formal. Now Georgie is upset because she has to go to the dance with the son of a friend of Mac's -- Hank. She's convinced Hank is a geek. Brook admits that she can't help not feeling sorry for Georgie's situation considering everything that SHE'S been through lately (at the hands of the PCU stalker). She helps Georgie with her hair and then asks her again why she didn't ask Dillon? Georgie replies that she was hoping Dillon would remember on his own -- but he didn't. This, Georgie insists, means that she is losing her boyfriend to college.

LUCAS AND DILLON'S DORM ROOM: Jesse's plan is for Dillon to be somewhere off-campus where he will be surrounded by witnesses. He doesn't want Dillon anywhere near the party -- because he's convinced the stalker will be there...and that's where he and Maxie are going to catch him. Jesse's even brought some hi-tech mikes so that they can keep in touch with each other during the party. Dillon is less than thrilled to hear that Maxie is Jesse's back-up. Maxie reminds him that she has a stake in catching this guy, too.

Just then, Lucas shows up and asks if Dillon has a minute to spare. Dillon snaps, "Yeah, actually, I got all the time in the world, because whatever you got going on is better than convincing my so-called friends that I don't drug women." Lucas explains that there's a girl downstairs, Hollis, who is asking about Dillon again. Lucas and Dillon leave to go meet up with her.

Jesse and Maxie, left alone, talk about the plan. Jesse is worried that she might not be okay with it, but she assures him that she is. They flirt a bit. Then, they prepare to leave for the party, when they are stopped at the doorway by Professor Taylor -- who has come by to tell Jesse about the F he got on his latest paper. "I hope you don't have any plans for tonight," she adds.

LORENZO'S MANSION: Lorenzo has figured Skye out -- she broke into his house to find information on Luke's whereabouts. Skye admits to nothing. Lorenzo promises her that Luke will be back soon enough -- and that there is nothing worth looking for in his house. He then gets a little flirty with her -- he strips off his shirt and offers to let her shower with him? Skye declines. He warns her, "What you're looking for could be standing right in front of you, Skye." Skye gets upset and leaves.

After Skye is gone, Lorenzo places a call on his phone to one of his men and hands out these instructions: "I haven't heard from Luke Spencer in a couple of days. I want you to go to his hotel and tell me what he's been up to."

A HOTEL HALLWAY: In the hallway of some hotel, a door to one of the rooms opens up. The man inside (we can't see his face) stretches his arm out, and places an empty bottle of scotch on the room service tray in the hallway along with a handwritten note: "Fill 'er up!" He then closes the door again.

A member of the hotel staff is in the hallway when a mysterious man (who looks to be affiliated with the mob) shows up. He pays the hotel worker money to tell him which one is Luke Spencer's room. The hotel worker points out Luke's room and then leaves. The mobster goon checks out the empty bottle of scotch and then takes a small bottle of pills out of his pocket. "You're done," he says to himself softly.

LUCAS AND DILLON'S DORM ROOM: Jesse and Maxie are shocked that his paper received an F. Professor Taylor replies that she doesn't think Jesse wrote the paper himself -- considering the course is on human sexuality...and from the look of his paper, Jesse seems to know quite a lot about the female libido. Maxie nervously points out that men these days are sensitive (it's obvious at this point that she's the one who wrote the paper for Jesse). The professor points out that Jesse's attendence record for all of his classes is deplorable...and he's got barely passing grades in every class. Not to mention, his admissions file is unusually incomplete. Professor Taylor is prepared to call for a full investigation. Maxie and Jesse beg her to reconsider and she relents, saying she will give Jesse one chance to redeem himself.

KELLY'S: Brook Lynn tries to reassure Georgie by explaining to her that college life isn't all that it's cracked up to be -- Dillon can't be having much fun, especially considering that everyone suspects him of being the PCU stalker. Georgie notes that he's not the number one suspect anymore. Brook is surprised to hear this and Georgie explains that even though they have proof Dillon didn't do it, everyone has been pretending that Dillon did it in order to flush out the real stalker. Brook is a little upset that no one told her. Georgie apologizes for that and Brook promises to keep her mouth shut about it.

Unfortunately, Georgie is still upset that Dillon didn't remember her homecoming dance. Brook instructs Georgie to cut Dillon some slack. Georgie admits that Brook is right. She decides to leave so she can find Dillon to ask him to the dance -- she asks Brook to keep her blind date Hank occupied if he shows up. Brook agrees, remembering how Georgie described him, "A hopeless nerd, a fashion victim?" Georgie agrees that that's how she pictures Hank.

Just then, they both catch sight of Hank standing just outside the door -- and he is both nicely-dressed and attractive. Georgie and Brook are stunned. Georgie asks Brook to keep Hank busy for her in case something goes wrong with Dillon. Brook agrees and Georgie leaves Kelly's. Hank goes over to Brook and asks her if she's Georgie? Brook says, "No, unfortunately."

BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Jason is at the beach house when Sam returns. She is upset because Danny didn't want to see her. Apparently he's feeling abandoned because she hasn't come to visit him nearly as often as she said he would. Sam laments that she deserted the one person who needed her most. Jason says, "Yeah, I understand how you feel. I think it's what I just did to everyone back in Port Charles."

LUCAS AND DILLON'S DORM ROOM: Professor Taylor warns Jesse that if he wants to stay at PCU he will have to pass a test in her course -- an oral exam. She is going to give Jesse 10 minutes to prepare for it. She leaves. Jesse laments to Maxie that he's dead, because he doesn't have enough time to study. Maxie takes the mikes out of Jesse's bag and replies, "Not nessecarily."

THE DORM COMMON ROOM: Lucas and Diego run into each other. They discuss the party that's being advertised on the flier. Diego seems to be scoping out a cute girl nearby, but Lucas tells him that her name is Hollis and she has the hots for Dillon. Lucas thinks it must be that whole danger thing Dillon has going on right now.

Hollis heads over to Dillon, who is standing a few feet away. She introduces herself -- apparently she is interested in directing, same as him. Dillon, impressed, says that it's a pleasure to meet her.

BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Jason tells Sam that he is still upset that he can't remember Sonny, Carly, Emily and Michael and Morgan -- he feels like he deserted them. Sam reminds him that it's different -- her brother Danny has a mental handicap, but Sonny and the others have all sorts of family and friends to help them through whatever drama they have having to face. She assures Jason, "You did not make a conscious decision to turn your back on him. You lost your memory. You lost the connection." Jason worries that the connection might have come back if he had just stayed in Port Charles. Sam asks if he wants to go back and he says he doesn't, because he has realized that Sam is his family and the only person he really needs. Jason is sure that Jason will come around eventually, and be part of their family, too. They hug.

LORENZO'S MANSION: Skye is still lurking about Lorenzo's mansion. She attempts to break into a locked cabinet when suddenly hears Lorenzo whistling nearby -- before he comes into the room she ducks into a hiding place. One of Lorenzo's guards informs him that Javier Ruiz is here to see him. Javier comes in and demands to know, "Who the hell's Luke Spencer? Why is his nose all over my family's business in Miami?" Skye is surprised to hear this.

LUKE'S HOTEL ROOM: The inside of the room is dark...the scotch bottle can be seen laying on the floor. A man (presumably Luke) is stretched out on the bed, motionless.

LUCAS AND DILLON'S DORM ROOM: Maxie and Jesse start to plan out how they will work the oral exam -- Maxie plans to wait out on the fire escape, where she'll be able to hear Professor Taylor's questions. Maxie takes her position and she and Jesse ensure that the mikes work just before Professor Taylor arrives.

THE DORM COMMON ROOM: Hollis and Dillon continue their conversation about film noir, as Georgie can be seen listening to them from the doorway. It turns out Dillon and Hollis have both seen the same movie recently, "Dark Fog." They discuss the movie and its soundtrack. Georgie, looking disheartened, leaves.

Meanwhile, Diego and Lucas are talking amongst themselves. Diego thinks the only reason Dillon is clear on the whole stalker thing is because the Quartermaines paid off the police. Lucas snaps, "Look who's talking. Your dad's loaded, too, and at least the Quartermaine money is --" Diego asks if Lucas has a problem with the way Lorenzo makes a living? Lucas replies that it's none of his business. Diego notes that he's proud of his father: "You should see the way people react to him, the respect they show him." Lucas asks Diego what the alternative to that would be -- do the people that dis Lorenzo have to get fitted for cement shoes? Diego glares at Lucas.

LORENZO'S MANSION: Lorenzo denies that he knows why Luke would be interested in Javier's Miami holdings. Javier threatens to have Luke taken out if he gets to close to sensitive material. Lorenzo says it makes no difference to him. Javier leaves.

After Javier has left, Skye comes out of her hiding place and calls Lorenzo a "cold, heartless pig!" for sending Luke on a suicide mission. Lorenzo protests, saying that he sent Luke on a specific assignment and it's not his fault if Luke stirred up dangerous people. Skye wants to know where Luke is, but Lorenzo still won't tell her. He adds, however, "Skye, if it soothes you any, Luke may have procured the information I need, in which case it serves my interests to make him get home in one piece." Skye is hardly consoled. Lorenzo gets a key out of his desk and goes to unlock the cabinet she was trying to get into earlier...he says he wants her to see that the only thing he keeps in it is his gun. When his back is turned, Skye hits him over the head with a vase. Lorenzo slumps to the floor, Skye grabs an envelope and reads the contents, which includes the name of the hotel Luke is apparently staying at -- "The Princess Palm Hotel." Overjoyed, Skye rushes out of the mansion.

KELLY'S: Brook is waiting outside of Kelly's for Georgie. Georgie wants to know all about Hank, and Brook says that Hank's great...he plays center field, has a 4.0 and is modest about it. Georgie says, "He's not Dillon, and tonight that's a good thing." Brook asks her what happened but Georgie says it's not worth mentioning. She thanks Brook for her help and then goes inside to see Hank. Brook watches Hank and Georgie talk for a bit -- she seems wistful.

THE DORM COMMON ROOM: Hollis invites Dillon with her to check out a guitar soloist playing at the coffeehouse tonight. Dillon, realizing that it would be a good place to be seen (per Jesse's plan) agrees, but warns Hollis that he has a girlfriend and he's been known to talk about her incessantly. Hollis says she'll take her chances. As they get ready to leave, Seth points out that Dillon has yet another girl falling all over him -- what's his secret?

Meanwhile, Diego and Lucas are continuing their heated discussion on the other side of the room. They argue over who had it worse as a kid: Lucas, whose sister died when they were little, or Diego, who grew up dirt poor, without knowing his father and believing his mother to be his sister. Diego notes, "Money's not over-rated. It can make you feel like an outsider in ways you can't even imagine." Lucas replies, "You know, there's all kinds of ways to be an outsider."

Just then, Diego looks around and notes that something about the party seems off. He points out that Dillon and Hollis have just left, and Maxie and Jesse are nowhere to be found. He thinks the whole thing smells like a set-up -- he hopes they aren't the targets.

LUCAS AND DILLON'S DORM ROOM: Professor Taylor starts asking Jesse questions about human sexuality; Maxie feeds the answers to Jesse and the professor doesn't suspect a thing. Maxie grows suspicious of Professor Taylor's intentions by the way she seems to be wording the questions. Jesse answers one of the questions on his own, without Maxie's help -- giving a speech about what makes women different from men: that a woman is not afraid to admit when something hurts. Maxie and the professor both listen to this speech, charmed. After Jesse's finished, Professor Taylor asks him, "Where have you been all my life?"

A BAR IN HAWAII: Sam and Jason arrive at a bar near their beach cabin. They get a table and Sam remarks that she has always wanted to own a place like this. She talks about the things she would do to the bar if she owned it...she'd even buy a pool table for the back room if there isn't one already. Jason tells her to go check...if there's a pool table they will play a round. Sam agrees and leaves.

After Sam has gone, Jason summons the manager and shows him a wad of cash. He wants to know if the cash is enough to open a negotiation -- because Jason wants to buy the bar. A man nearby can be seen listening to Jason with great interest.

LUCAS AND DILLON'S DORM ROOM: Professor Taylor is coming onto Jesse, saying that when she read his paper, "it was like you were speaking directly to me." Suddenly Maxie jumps back into the room through the open window. Professor Taylor is surprised to say the least. Maxie informs the professor that she heard every word the professor said to HER (Maxie's) boyfriend. Professor Taylor, realizing that Jesse was cheating on the oral exam, wants to go to the dean. Jesse confesses that he's an undercover cop trying to catch the PCU stalker. Professor Taylor says she feels awful about this misunderstanding. Maxie wants Jesse to get an A on his paper. But surprisingly, the professor offers to help them expose the stalker.

THE DORM COMMON ROOM: Lucas is standing on one end of the room, watching everyone party. A boy comes over to him and discreetly slips him a sheet of yellow paper. Lucas accepts the paper and the boy exits the room.

Brook Lynn has arrived at the party. Seth is glad to see her. He asks her if she wants something to drink? Before she can reply, he suddenly slumps to the floor unconscious. Brook yells for someone to call 911.

KELLY'S: Hank and Georgie are sitting at a table in Kelly's -- they talk a bit and each agree that the other is cool. Georgie tells Hank that she has the greatest boyfriend in the world. Hank asks her why he isn't taking her to the dance then? Georgie, rather than reply, says that she thinks they should get going.

Dillon is outside of Kelly's, watching Georgie and Hank. Hollis comes over to him. He suggests that they go somewhere other than Kelly's for something to eat. She agrees and they leave.

Georgie looks out the window of Kelly's and realizes that Dillon, who used to be there, has left. She looks a bit sad. Hank asks if she's ready and she agrees...they head out the door.

THE BAR IN HAWAII: Sam returns to the table where Jason is waiting for her and informs him that there's no pool table, so he'll have to settle for pinball. Jason tells her that since that doesn't do it for him, she will have to buy that pool table after all. Sam jokes that she'll get right on it. He shows her some keys and tells her that he's not kidding -- he bought the bar for her. Sam is shocked.

Just then, the man who was sitting at the bar comes over to Jason. "Morgan?" he asks, "Jason Morgan? Pier 82, New York. Remember me?" Before Jason can answer, the man punches him. Jason, dazed, replies, "No, I don't remember you at all."

THE PRINCESS PALM HOTEL: Skye heads down the hallway that leads to the room that is supposedly Luke's. The door is slightly ajar...she opens it and heads in. The room has been sacked -- everything's a mess, and there's what looks like a blood stain on the bed. Luke is nowhere to be found. Skye spots something glittering on the ground -- a lady's earring. She holds it up to the light, inspecting it. She doesn't realize that someone is watching her from the doorway.

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