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General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/5/05


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Jax shows up at Courtney’s telling her that he wants to set some things straight. She tells him that she knows this is time to get everything out in the open. But when he walks into her apartment, she hides the brochure she previously had in her hand about pregnancy. She seems to not know if it is his or Nikolas’.

Jason tells Emily while she’s in her hospital room that he cannot stay in Port Charles. There is nothing for him there. He cannot go back to the person he was before and he’s afraid that will happen if he stays. She tells him that she would not ask him to stay for her. But will he consider staying for himself?

After Dr. Kim has taken Carly on a tour of Roselawn, Sonny tells Lanie that he cannot go through with this and wants to take Carly home.

Jax tells Courtney that when Elizabeth lost the baby, she was there for him and very kind. He also remembers when he wondered if he could have been the father of Sam’s baby, she was very supportive to him. She tells him that she didn’t do anything special. He tells her that he regrets the way he treated her and she did not deserve her. He reflects that his behavior and reactions were that of an angry, bitter man. And he doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. He wants to move on to something better.

Emily tells Jason that she believes in time that his memory will be restored. And when it does, she does not want him to regret anything. She sounds emotional. She also tells him that Sonny and Carly have counted upon him. Carly has lost it. Sonny cannot take care of her by himself. He’s under a lot of stress. And the Ruiz family is ready to leave his family in shambles. But he tells her this is Sonny’s life and his family and he cannot be responsible for doing what Sonny has wanted him to do. He’s ready to go out the door and thanks her for everything. She tells him that when the day comes that he remembers everything, she wants to be there for him. He doesn’t seem as moved as she is, though and he walks out the door.

Lanie asks Sonny how well it has been working for him to take care of Carly himself. The most recent accident from Carly’s mental illness put Emily in the hospital. What will happen next? Does he want to find out? She asks him what he wants for Carly. He tells her he wants Carly to be herself. She tells him in that case, this is the place for her. This is a nurturing environment. But he tells her that she does not understand. He is afraid he has failed Carkt when he promised her this would never happen. But she tells him this is not about him or his failure. It’s about Carly and her needs. He obviously knows if she needed surgery, he would not operate himself. He’d rely on a doctor to do it for him. And the reason he’s even come there in the first place is because he must know that she is right. Carly needs professional help that he cannot give her. He then agrees and Carly comes back with Dr. Kim. Privately, Carly asks Sonny if they can talk alone.

Jason goes to the hospital and runs into Monica. She asks how he is. He tells her better. He tells her that he got a job as a crane operator but he does not feel safe staying in Port Charles. He and Sam need a clean break from the life they’ve had. He tells her that he really appreciates the fact that she has respected him and his needs and has not behaved the way Alan has. She tells him she will always respect him. But she wants him to be safe and away from the violence and bloodshed. She tells him that she needs him to promise her that he will stay on the medication and as soon as he and Sam are settled, he must find a good doctor and take care of himself. She tells him she loves him and is glad that he and Sam are going to have a chance to build a life on their own. After everything he has been through, he deserves it, she tells him. He says thank you and gives her a hug.

Javier Ruiz meets with Lorenzo and tells him that at the risk of full disclosure, he’s ready to go after Sonny Corinthos. Hearing that, Lorenzo tells him that his original thought on that still stands. What Javier plans to do is none of his business, he tells him. Javier tells Lorenzo that if he believes that he and Sonny will cancel each other out and Lorenzo can take over, they will need to discuss that. But before they can continue their morbid discussion about death and destruction, Skye enters and kisses Lorenzo, changing the tone of the meeting.

Jax tells Courtney that she helped him the other night as a friend. And he owes her at least as much. What is he saying? Does he somehow know that she might be pregnant with his child? Right then, Mike comes to see Courtney in a happy mood. But as soon as he sees Jax, he does not look happy and asks him why he cannot just leave his daughter alone.

Carly talks to Sonny about how she’s always loved humming birds and how they take care of their babies. He tells her if there is anything she needs or wants, he is there. She tells him he knows what she wants. She tells him that their boys need their mother. She asks him to tell Michael and Morgan that she loves them. He gets up to leave. But it seems as though neither of them are complete.

In response to Mike’s confrontation of Jax, Courtney tells her father that she and Jax are making peace. But Mike does not listen and asks Jax what his plan is tonight. After all he’s done, Courtney has no reason to trust him. He has no right to take a child from her. He’s unfit to be a father of any child. He’s a coward, a liar and a blackmailer. But Courtney tells her father he must stop and informs him that Elizabeth lost her baby. Hearing that, Mike stops blasting Jax. Jax goes out the door and Mike apologizes to his daughter and asks how Elizabeth is and how she is feeling also.

Lanie meets with Justus and tells him that she pulled strings to get Carly into Roselawn. But he tells her that telling that to Durant is a breach of her patient’s trust. But she tells him they must realize that Durant is Carly’s father and also the DA. He asks how Carly reacted to the tour of Roselawn. She tells him that she believes that Carly will adjust and adapt and get help in that place. He tells her he realizes she might have “first hand knowledge” about that.

Outside Jason’s door, it sounds like Javier and his partner are ready to take Jason out for refusing to join forces with them.

Meanwhile, Jason goes to see Sonny and tells him he heard from Emily that he (Sonny) is having a real hardship and now might have to put his ex-wife in an institution. Sonny tells Jason that he would be so proud of Carly being able to stand up and know that it is the most terrifying thing for her. Jason informs Sonny that Javier Ruiz tried to force him to work with him. Sonny asks Jason what he said. Jason replies that he refused Javier’s “offer”. Sonny tells Jason he might want to be careful and not give Javier the mistaken idea that he wants to come back and work for Sonny instead.

Courtney informs her father that she got another shock. She just found out that she is pregnant. And she’s very happy. She could not believe that it could possibly be the case since she was told it could never happen. She tells him it’s a miracle that she has this little life growing inside of her. He tells her that this is unbelievable and does not entirely appear happy, realizing it might be Jax’s baby. She admits that although she assumes and hopes it’s Nikolas’ baby, it is entirely possible it could be Jax’s. She tells her father that she cannot tell either one of them until she knows for certain. Mike tells her that one of those men will have to step up to the plate when she is having a baby. She admits that she does not know what Nikolas will do. She just saw him today with Emily and they are still very tied to each other. She’s not certain that Nikolas wants to be a father to any baby. And there is a good chance that she will have to raise a baby on her own. Mike tells her that there is no way Jax will let her do that, realizing how possessive he’s been with Elizabeth’s baby. And she must realize that Jax will not walk away from that baby if it is his.

Lorenzo tells Skye that she is playing a very dangerous game by making herself viewable to Ruiz and also by indicating to him that she is his mistress. He tells her that he knows she is still hung up on Luke. And the mere thought of moving on must terrify her.

Justus tells Lanie that he has to do some research on anybody who is in the life of the most powerful family in Port Charles, since he is their legal counsel. He dug up some things on her and found out that she, herself, spent some time in a mental institution. He sounds like he does not wish to judge or belittle her and tells her that it took so much courage on her part to turn her life around and become a professional. But she tells him that she thinks it’s very arrogant of him to go behind her back.

Sonny tells Jason that Javier wants to take away what he has worked his entire life for. And he knows there will be more bloodshed. Jason tells Sonny if that is the only thing that those guys understand, what can he do? Sonny tells Jason that he knows about that family and how Javier cannot appreciate the good things in life like being with children at a baseball game, the love of a good woman and such. Those things make life worth it. He tells Jason he knows he has all of those things with Sam. She loves him and trusts him and listens to him. Jason asks Sonny if he has had that with Carly. Sonny says that is true. Jason says good luck to Sonny. But when he gets to the door he admits that he made his choice remembering nothing. But at least Sonny can remember what he is fighting for.

Justus tells Lanie that she must realize that if he really wanted to dig up dirt on her and have power and leverage, he’d do it without her knowing and spring it upon her when she least expects it. But she still does nto approve of what he’s just done. She tells him that he needs to learn conversation between two people getting to know each other. He admits that it’s not his strong suit. She tells him that she’s at a disadvantage in knowing nothing about him. He tells her that he went to Penn State and played lacrosse. She tells him that her situation is nothing she is ashamed of. It was just a bad time. She was a young girl in a confusing situation. She tells him that she got some help and realized if she can help anybody the same way she was helped, then she has a great gift. He tells her that is a wonderful thing to do. She tells him if he ever goes behind her back in a similar manner, she will drop kick him in the lake. Hearing that, he tells her that is cool and they both raise their glasses.

Lorenzo tells Skye that he knows that she really has feelings for him and is denying that. She tells him he needs to get over himself. But he kisses her and finds out just how disinterested she really is in him. He tells her that regardless of the present situation with Luke, she needs to make up her mind.

Right then, a room service boy calls to Mr. Spencer that he has the items he’s requested. It sounds like Luke is vacationing somewhere very nice. He has a “do not disturb” sign on his door.

Michael asks his father what has happened to his mother. Is she locked up? Sonny tells his son it’s not exactly like that. Michael asks if she’s in a place like a cottage. Sonny says somewhat. And he tells him she needed to go away. There is nothing to fear. Michael asks if Jason is going to help them. Sonny explains that Jason has to go away for a while and take care of himself. Jason loves him and always will and in time, he will come home. Michael seems comfortable and content with his dad.

Right then, we see three guys without their faces revealed, ready to operate sophisticated murder weapons.

Jason returns to Sam and informs her that he went to talk to Sonny about his plans to leave town and could sense that Sonny was very upset but realized he could not argue with Jason. Sam asks Jason what he really wants to do and tells him that she doesn’t want him to turn around some day and find out he made that choice only for her and regret it. And she tells him she is with him in whatever he decides.

Javier and three others enter Jason’s home after Jason and Sam are gone. They go upstairs with their machine guns but tell him they are too late.

Right then, Jason and Sam are on their flight. He tells her that he feels bad to abandon Sonny but realizes that Sonny chose his business and must handle his own life. She tells him that hopefully they will figure it out together.

Meanwhile, Carly is at Roselawn sitting on her new bed, unpacking her suitcase. She puts a picture of Michael and Morgan on her bedside table and looks out the window.

Sonny is reading Morgan Goldie Lox and The Three Bears. But right then, he gets a call from Reese on his answering machine, telling him that he is not alone and she will be there if he asks her. He then, ignores the call and goes on with the bedtime story to Morgan about the three bears finding out that Goldie Lox ate their porridge.

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