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General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/4/05


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Elizabeth tells Jax that she has no regrets for being a surrogate for him and Courtney. But if he’s thinking of having a baby and wants her to do it for him again, she just can’t.

Right then, Nikolas is with Emily when she is in her hospital room. He tells her he’s so grateful that she is ok and does not know what this world would be without her. She tells him he was so wonderful to have stayed by her side. And he can go now. But he tells her he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Justus tells Sonny and Carly that Emily informs him that she accidentally fell upon the garden tool and is not pressing any charges against Carly. But Durant comes and informs them that he is.

Javier Ruiz tells Jason that he will be involved with him one way or another and it’s Jason’s decision as to how and for how long. Jason clarifies that Javier is giving him an ultimatum to either work for him or Javier will kill him. And he asks Javier what he wants him to do.

Ric comes to see Alexis at Kelly’s and asks her how she is feeling and how the baby is. She knows he must have gotten the separation agreement. And she tells him he must let her know if there are any terms or stipulations.

Jax tells Elizabeth that throughout this big mess involving the surrogacy, she was the only one who handled it well and kept her head. And he was hoping that she would still leave the door open. She tells him that she grew to love the baby and that made her realize that she is not capable of carrying a child for 9 months and then giving the baby up. She tells him she wants to have a family with Lucky. And he deserves to have a baby of his own. But he knows that marriage is not for him and it will be very difficult to find another surrogate.

Emily tells Nikolas that perhaps old habits die-hard. He tells her maybe they don’t die at all. She tells him she cannot turn back the clock. He tells her he knows.

Durant tells Lucky that Emily is covering for Carly. Lucky tells Durant that he is not going to arrest Carly. Durant must do his own dirty work. Durant goes and tells his daughter he can “help” her. But Sonny demands that Durant leaves her alone. Durant then gets on the phone to call Mac Scorpio. Sonny runs after Carly and tells her she needs to come back. Nobody is going to hurt her. He tells her she must trust him. But she knows he’s ready to send her away.

Javier Ruiz tells Jason that he will “be in touch” when he needs him. Right then, Jason pushes him up against a wall and tells him he will no longer “provide services” for him. He better not show up near his home or so much as look at Sam or he will take Javier out. Javier tells Jason that that is clear and he leaves. Jason then tells Sam that there is only one way out of this.

Ric asks Alexis if she really wants to end their marriage or if she just has a problem with his wanting to help Sonny. She tells him that he’s signed up for a very dangerous way of life. The violence in Sonny’s life is never ending. It’s just the nature of the beast. She tells him that she does not want their irreconcilable differences to affect the baby in any way. He tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. But they cannot live under the same roof. So they must set up some sort of parenting guidelines so that their baby can have a stable life. And she tells him that she still hopes he will stop working for Sonny.

Reese tells Durant that Carly is disoriented. He tells her that is not the case. She lives with Sonny Corinthos and he is the reason she has lost it. He asks her if she thinks it’s fair for her and Sonny to be messing around while his daughter is in the guestroom.

Sonny explains to Carly that when he lost it, there was something inside of him that enabled him to keep going. And that is what she needs to do. She tells him she cannot. He tells her that he knows her better than she knows herself. He loves her and hates her at the same time. She’s taught him so much. He sees everything about himself through her. And he will never give up. And she’s not going to give up now. She tells him he’s stronger than she is. He tells her that’s not true on his best day. He tells her he gets his courage from pride and anger or not caring about anything. But she is different. She goes after what she wants. And that is why she needs to stand up now. He tells her that Michael and Morgan need their mother and she’s going to have to do that for their sons.

Elizabeth encourages Jax to consider getting back with Courtney. But he tells her that they cannot. It won’t work. He cannot be married to a woman whom he cannot trust. But she tells him that he cannot give up. She and Lucky have been though enough bad times and found that that makes them stronger.

Jason tells Sam that either he “goes back to work” and helps Sonny take down the entire Ruiz family or he disappears. She tells him she knows better than to stop hi from doing what he thinks is right.

Nikoloas pushes the elevator button and gets ready to leave the hospital. Jax comes and asks him how Emily is. Courtney then comes by and Jax, again, asks if she is all right.

Sam tells Jason that if they were to go away, the only type of “loose ends” she’d need to tie up would be in regard to her brother Danny’s trust fund. She tells him that he was really good to her brother. He asks where her brother is now. She replies that he’s in a group home. He tells her that all they have now is time and she may find them a place to live.

Ric asks Alexis why she thinks he will stop working for Sonny after the baby is born. She replies because she knows he will make the right decision. She tells him that she knows that his “intentions” can go right out the window when he takes his first look at the baby. And she promises him that Sonny will take a sudden drop on his list of priorities.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows she would do anything to help Michael. And she must realize that the worst thing that could happen to a child would be losing his mother. He tells her that the kids need her to stand up. He could pull her up but that would be a mistake. He believes that she can survive if she would just stand up. She cannot quit on their children. Not on Michael and Morgan. If she doesn’t want to do it for him or for herself, she must do it for her sons because they need their mother. She then gets up and stands. And he holds her. They walk back to the house.

Reese tells Durant that he is misinformed. She does not live at Sonny’s. He tells her that they spend night after night together and she must realize that Sonny Corinthos has had a steady stream of women, one after another. And does she think when Carly is gone, that she will have any permanency with him? She tells him he must have consideration for his daughter. She tells him that she saw Carly growing up without a father and now she needs a good and loving man to be her dad. He tells her that that is what he intends to do. She tells him he’s nothing more than a mob-busting, hateful prosecutor who is just obsessed about going after Sonny Corinthos. She asks him if he really believes that his daughter would benefit from being locked in a mental institution. Right now, what she needs more than anything is a father. More so now than when she was a child. She needs someone to show her the love and kindness and understanding that has been lacking throughout her life. When Sonny and Carly return to the house, Durant seems to “take in” what Reese told him. He tells Carly that finding her was the best thing that ever happened to him. He realizes he was never much of a family guy. He knows how to get a conviction and be a workaholic but not how to be a father. He may not know much about how to put somebody else’s needs before his own, but she made him want to try. He wishes he could make up for all that he has been unable to give her throughout her life. But he realizes it’s too late. And all he wants, right now, is to be able to try now. Hearing that, she tells him she trusts Sonny to take care of everything. He tells her he just does not understand why she would make that choice but realizes he needs to respect her choice. And all he wants for her is to be happy in her life. He just hopes that Sonny can give her that. He tells her he loves her and holds her. He leaves and Sonny tells Carly that he promised her he would help her get better. But she’s never going to get better staying there.

Alexis tells Ric that as soon as he looks at that squirming little 7-pound bundle of joy, he will know that he or she is the most important person in his life. When he sees that baby for the first time, he will feel love beyond what he’s ever before imagined. And he will know that he must keep this child safe and not let anything pose a threat to his son or daughter. She knows that because she knows him and she knows his heart.

Sam looks through the ads on the Internet to find a cottage. Jason asks her if she is afraid of Ruiz coming after them. She tells him her primary goal is to be with him, have a nice place to live, possibly a house on the beach and be close to her brother Danny. She tells him if he wants to back out or starts remembering his friends or family, that will be ok with her. But he tells her that nothing is keeping him in Port Charles. All he wants is his future with her. Right then, she gets the phone and Monica calls to inform them that Jason’s sister Emily is in the hospital.

Carly tells Sonny that she feels safe when she is with him. But he tells her that she needs treatment. She tells him they just need time. She tells him she will never survive in an institution. He tells her he would never send her to a hell hole like Shadybrook. But there is another place called Rosemont. It’s completely different. Doctors and staff are kind and caring and patients are comfortable. It’s not a hospital. It’s a house with a beautiful garden. She tells him she’s scared. He tells her he knows and puts his arms around her. He tells her he’s been to Rosemont and talked to the doctor. It’s a great place. And she will get better and return home to be with their sons before she know it.

After Jax gets on the hospital elevator and leaves Courtney alone with Nikolas, he asks her if she is really “fine” as she told Jax, or if there was something she did not want to admit in his presence. She tells him she will be ok and is glad that Emily is feeling better. He asks her if she wants to have coffee. She tells him she is tired and needs to go home. But maybe he should stay there in case Emily asks for him.

Jason goes to see Emily in the hospital and she tells him about her “accident” with Carly. He is shocked but glad she is ok. She also tells him that Sonny has a real problem on his hands where he cannot control Carly and does not know what to do with her.

At Kelly’s, Michael is playing Monopoly with his grandpa Mike. Sonny and Carly look at them from the window. She tells Sonny that their son is so sharp; she bets he’s winning. He asks her if now is the time to say good-bye to him. She tells him that maybe now is not the right time because Michael looks so happy. He asks her if she might want to just go right now. She tells him she needs to just observe her son happy before she leaves. They go to look at him through the window again.

Jason informs Emily that he and Sam are leaving Port Charles. He admits he does not remember the life he had before. There is nothing for him there and Sam wants to come with him. She tells him that nobody deserves to be happy as much as he does.

Sonny takes Carly to Rosemont and arranges to have the kids visit her and take her out of there on picnics and trips and all kinds of fun events. He reminds her that he and Morgan eat healthy and like nature. But she and Michael are junk food junkies. Right then, they run into Lanie and Dr. Kim. When Dr. Kim takes Carly on a tour, Lanie tells Sonny that perhaps now is the time for him to leave. But he has a problem tearing himself away from Carly.

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