GH Update Monday 10/3/05

General Hospital Update Monday 10/3/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Carly runs into Emily in the park. But again, she sees Faith Roscoe. Emily tries to calm Carly down but she hears and sees Faith Roscoe and she yells at her that she’s a terrible, nasty bitch who has killed her children. Carly points a lethal weapon at Emily. They struggle and Emily falls. When she loses her balance, that lethal weapon stabs her in the belly. Right then, Carly seems to know that this is Emily, not Faith Roscoe and she is hurt. She tries to help Emily but does not know what to do. Nikolas comes to see Emily lying on the ground stabbed and he is ready to rescue her. Sonny then runs into Carly and knows that she did something she will regret. He notices her hands are bleeding and asks her to show him what happened

Jason and Sam return home and discover Ric and two guards outside the hallway. Ric tells them that Sonny asked him to post them outside the door for Jason’s protection. Those Ruize guys are after him. Jason tells him that he doesn’t want or need that. He can protect himself and Sam without the help of Ric or the guards. If he lets those men stay outside the door, then he’s stepping right back into the very life he’s trying to walk away from, he says. Alone with Sam, he asks her if she’s worried. She says no. Not as long as she is with him.

At the hospital, Jax tells Elizabeth that he’d like to plant a tree and have a memorial service for their child. She seems ok about the idea. But Lucky tells Jax that he wants him out of their lives. He plans to marry Elizabeth. They’ve all been through enough pain. So Jax needs to do them all a favor and disappear. Right then, Courtney gets off the elevator and is civilized to Jax. He notices she is pale, however, and asks if she is ok.

Nikolas tells Sonny and Carly that if Emily dies it is their fault. He tells Sonny he has no right to drag Emily into his disaster of a life. Right then they hear the ambulance. But Emily looks to be slipping into unconsciousness and Nikolas doesn’t know what to do.

Jason and Sam seem comfortable doing things their way. They talk about which one of them should cook and who is better at it.

Courtney goes to see Dr. Meadows to inform her that she just did a home pregnancy test and it was positive. But she does not tell Jax that that is why she is there. He seems to know, however, that she appears very tense. He might subconsciously know something. Dr. Meadows confirms that home pregnancy tests are usually accurate although she remembers the tests she ran, not long ago, that confirmed that Courtney is not fertile, much less able to carry a baby to term, which was the whole reason she and Jax needed a surrogate in the first place. But she says she will confirm whether or not Courtney is really pregnant in a few minutes.

Nikolas calls the ambulance for Emily and tells them he will be more than willing to make a formal statement about what happened.

When they get home, Carly panics telling Sonny that she accidentally hurt Emily. She saw Faith crawling like a snake in the grass. And she had to protect the kids from her. She now knows that it was Emily and not Faith. But she tells him she did not stab Emily. Emily fell. And Sonny must believe her. He says he does. She tells them in that case, he has to help her.

At the hospital, Courtney runs into Elizabeth, notices she’s back working and asks her how things are. They don’t have time to talk, however, when Elizabeth gets a call on her beeper. When Courtney sees Dr. Meadows again, she confirms that Courtney is pregnant.

When Nikolas get Emily to the hospital, Monica tells him he better stay away from her daughter since he abandoned her for Courtney. Lucky asks Nikolas what happened. Nikolas tells him that Carly endangered Emily and somebody needs to arrest that lunatic. Durant is right there, overhearing what his daughter just did.

Carly asks Sonny if Emily is ok. He says he doesn’t know. She again, protests that it was an accident and she cries. Sonny tells carly that he wants to save her the way she saved him and he is afraid he’s failed her. She tells him he hasn’t. But right then, she is able to conclude that he must want to put her in Shadybrook. She reminds him that he’s promised to keep her out of there. He tells her that after what happened to Emily, he might not have a choice. She tells him that she can start a new life somewhere else and he won’t have to worry about her any more. But they both know that that will not happen. He tells her that maybe there are doctors who can help her and make her feel better. And when she finds a way out of this darkness, she can come home. She tells him he cannot abandon her.

Dr. Meadows tells Courtney that the “odds” against getting pregnant are extremely high. But things happen. She tells her she’s approximately four weeks along. Everything looks good. She will set Courtney up on prenatal vitamins and keep in touch. She tells Courtney that she must think positive. Courtney seems happy but doesn’t really know what to think of all this. Right then, Jason comes and asks her if she is ok. She tells him she’s pregnant. He congratulates her and remembers when she told him what he’s forgotten all about, in regard to their being married and having a baby that she miscarried.

Outside of Jason’s, Javier calls to Sam. He pulls a gun on her and tells her he’d hate to shoot a lady. And he will give her one chance to keep Jason safe.

Nikolas tells Lucky that Emily was lying on the ground stabbed by a gardening tool with Carly standing right over her. Lucky asks if Carly deliberately stabbed Emily. Nikolas tells Lucky they both must realize how Emily never asks anybody for help with anything and so there could be more going on than they realize. She asked him to ride in the ambulance with her. She was so pale and so cold. And he finally realized how much she means to him and how he could not go on if he lost her.

Carly reminds Sonny that she dealt with him when he was having an emotional breakdown. She could have sent him to an institution. But she did not. She protected him. SO he must do the same for her. Sonny cannot say anything in response to that. Justus and Lani enter. Justus tells Sonny that Carly has endangered too many people. She attempted to hit Emily with a baseball bat that one time. When Lani attempted to sedate her, she stabbed Reese. Not to mention what happened to Elizabeth. He might have to send her somewhere whether he likes it or not.

Monica informs Nikolas and Lucky that Emily was very lucky that this stab wound wasn’t more severe than it was. She also tells Nikolas that she had no clue that Carly was as sick as she was. And she tells him that she is really grateful that he was there and acted as fast as he did. Otherwise, Emily could have bled to death. It sounds like she doesn’t think Nikolas is such a bad person after all. Nikolas comes to see Emily and tells her he will make sure that Carly is arrested. Emily tells him he cannot do that because it was an accident. But he tells her that she could have died and cannot be around Sonny or Carly or let her get away with that. But she tells him she cannot “do that” to Sonny.

Javier Ruiz tells Sam that he needs Jason to protect him and keep him alive. She asks why that’s Jason’s problem and informs him that Jason is out of the business. He tells her that that is a terrible waste of talent. Because Jason is so excellent in “the business”. He tells her he will protect them both if Jason cooperates. But if he does not, he dies.

Sonny comes to check on Emily And Nikolas tells him he better stay away from her. Sonny tells Nikolas he’d like to talk to Emily alone. Nikolas tells him he must only be concerned about getting Emily to cover for Carly. He tells Sonny she is tired and doesn’t want him around. But he tells Nikolas he won’t go anywhere until he talks to Emily alone. Lucky leaves and Emily apologizes to Sonny for Nikolas. She tells him she knows it was an accident. He tells her that Carly told him what happened. She thought Emily was Faith and had killed her children and she wanted revenge. He tells her if Carly had hurt or killed her, she’d be put away somewhere for the criminally insane. And he knows she would not be able to go on after having that on her conscience. And he also reflects about what happened that night when Elizabeth miscarried. He admits to Emily that he’s been caving into his own fear of having doctors locking him up and forcing him into his darkness. And he believes that his “fear” for Carly is the cause of what happened to her (Emily). Emily tells him that he has stood by Carly and been supportive to her because he loves her and there’s nothing wrong with that. He admits to her that he was wrong to have done that. He tells her that he met with a doctor at a place called Rosemont. It seems like a decent place. But if Carly stays there, she will be imprisoned, he fears. Emily tells Sonny that doctors are there to help people. That’s why she wants to be a doctor. She wants to make people whole. And the doctors at Rosemont can give Carly back to her children. After hearing that, Sonny has to agree with what Emily is saying.

Lucky seems less convinced than Nikolas that Carly is dangerous and needs to be put away. Nikolas goes to see Emily. She’s surprised that he’s still there. He tells her she must get her rest but it sounds like he has something to say to her. He tells her when he saw her in the park, he was so scared. If he lost her, he’d be losing a part of himself. He tells her she must go back to sleep and he will be there when she wakes up.

Right when Javier Ruiz is attempting to “negotiate” with Sam, Jason comes in and pushes him up against the wall. He tells him he better stay away form Sam and get out of their lives. Javier tells Jason that he’s going to go after Sonny. And Jason is either with him or against him.

Sonny tells Carly he cannot allow her to hurt herself or somebody else. He tells her she needs a safe place to be in order to get away from the bad things. He asks her not to be mad at him but realize the police are on their way. He tells her he cannot help her. He’s already tried. But she gets sicker and sicker. She tells him they must go away to the island. He tells her that she is the strongest woman he knows. She will get through this. She rescued him and he believes she can rescue herself. He cries and tells her he’s so sorry about what he’s put her though. Lucky arrives and tells them that Emily is not going to press any charges for what happened and explained to him that it was an accident. But Durant appears behind him and tells them that he will press charges.

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