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General Hospital Update Friday 9/30/05


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WYNDEMERE: Courtney is up and about, worrying over the fact that she might actually be pregnant. Nikolas comes in and, after she has yet another dizzy spell, she tells him that there is something they need to talk about.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Jason are at the penthouse. Sam asks Jason where he went yesterday and he tells her that he went to Greystone. He explains that he wanted to feel a connection like the one he felt when Sonny was talking to him earlier. "I'm not sure what that was," Jason notes. "Maybe a memory, or maybe nothing."

GREYSTONE: Carly is in an upstairs bedroom with Emily. Emily asks her how she slept, but Carly keeps hallucinating that Emily is really Faith. When Emily/Faith tells Carly not to worry about Michael and Morgan, that she'll take care of them, Carly gets freaked out. After Emily leaves the room, Carly grabs a baseball bat and starts down the hallway after her.

Downstairs, Lainey is trying to convince Ric that Carly needs immediate medical attention. Ric is anxious, wanting to wait for Sonny to get back from touring Rose Lawn before they make any other decisions. Justus suggests that they get Lorenzo involved -- he feels that Lorenzo will be able to help them get Carly committed. Ric snaps that he's not going to go against his brother on this.

Meanwhile, Emily heads into the foyer and asks Max if he can bring the boys up from the guest house, as she wants to take them to the park. Max says that that's fine and leaves to get them. Once he's gone, Carly charges down the stairs, threatening Emily with a baseball bat and accusing her of being "Faith," here to steal her children. Ric, Justus and Lainey rush in to take control of the situation. As Ric tries to restrain Carly and calm her down, Lainey instructs Emily to take the children off the property right away. This only freaks Carly out more. She demands to know where Sonny is, and Ric promises her that he will be coming back soon. He pleads with her to just focus right now on what's really real.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas tells Courtney that he didn't get home until late last night because he was meeting with Emily out on the docks. He apologizes for not having told Courtney about it sooner. Courtney asks how Emily is and he tells her that she's fine...that she just wanted to let him know that she thought it would be best if they could walk away from their relationship as friends who love one another on some level. Courtney asks him if he thinks that's possible, and Nikolas replies that he thinks it is. Courtney says that that's great. He asks her what she really wanted to talk about, but Courtney says that it can wait. He leaves for a Cassadine business meeting after promising her that they will talk about it later.

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky and Elizabeth discuss their plans ofr later after she gets off her shift. Elizabeth promises him that she's fine. After Lucky leaves, Jax comes over to Elizabeth and tells her that he still wants to be friends with her despite what he said earlier about cutting ties so that they can get over the loss of the baby. While she's extremely happy that she can get pregnant again after the miscarriage, she wishes there was a way to say goodbye to the baby they have just lost.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason explains to Sam that ultimately he didn't want to go into Greystone, even though Justus and Max saw him standing there. Sam tells him that it doesn't matter to her if he eventually decides to go back to work for Sonny or not...she will still love him. Jason thanks her and then heads off to his job on the docks.

GREYSTONE: Ric, Justus, Reese and Lainey try to get Carly back into bed. She still wants Sonny. Ric promises her that Sonny will be home soon. Lainey and Reese stay upstairs with Carly while Justus and Ric head downstairs. Justus warns Ric that a nap is not going to help Carly recover. Ric is still hesitant about doing anything without word from Sonny. Justus wants Ric to call Sonny and tell him how bad things are getting with Carly. Ric says that he can't.

Back in Carly's bedrom, Carly hallucinates Faith sitting at the foot of her bed -- it's really Lainey, but Carly doesn't realize that. Reese and Lainey try to calm Carly down but it isn't really working.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax notes how difficult it us to say goodbye to a life that never really got started. Elizabeth says that when she lost her baby with Ric, she was angry -- at the same time, she and Ric hardly grieved together. This time, she says, she feels she let everyone down. Jax tries to reassure her, but Elizabeth reminds him that the baby mattered to so many people. Jax says that he used to focus on work to shut out all kinds of pain, but it's different this time. They talk about the different ways that people grieve. Jax wants to pick up her hospital bills...she tries to argue at first, but after he insists, she agrees.

Jax then heads off in another direction in the hospital when he suddenly bumps straight into Courtney. She's carrying a perscription baggy of some kind (probably related to her possible pregnancy). She apologizes and asks him how he's been doing lately. He tells her that this is all harder than he thought it would be -- but he's going to try to move on with his life, the way they all have been lately. They say goodbye and go their seperate ways.

GREYSTONE: Reese, Ric and Justus are all arguing downstairs about the best way to handle Carly. Justus is in favor of hospitalizing Carly immediately. Ric wants to think about it some more. Just then, Max comes in and announces that Alexis is outside, wanting to see Ric. Ric leaves to go talk to her. Alone with Reese, Justus tries to get through to her, warning her that she may have to call Sonny herself to inform him of Carly's deteriorating condition. Reese doesn't want to because she's scared she'll just end up losing Sonny. Justus wants her to love Sonny enough to tell him the truth -- or someone could wind up in the morgue.

Meanwhile, Ric is outside, where Alexis is waiting for him. He expresses surprise -- "Max wouldn't let you in?" Alexis tells him that she doesn't want in, she wants Ric OUT of that house, not for her but for their baby. Ric tells her that he can't do that.

THE DOCKS: Courtney is on the docks waiting for a launch to take her back to Wyndemere. As it happens, Jason is also on the docks, working. Jason sees Courtney and they exchange small-talk about his new job. Suddenly, Jason has a flashback to an earlier time in his life, when Courtney was crying. He comes back to the present and asks her, "Did I ever make you cry?" Courtney doesn't seem to know how to answer that.

THE PARK: Michael and Emily (and a bodyguard) are in the park when they are suddenly joined by Nikolas. Michael isn't happy to see Nik, but Emily reminds him that at some point, no matter their anger, they all have to be civil to one another. Michael continues to be somewhat disagreeable, warning Nikolas not to make Emily's bad day even worse. With that, he leaves (with the bodyguard) to get a chocolate chip cookie at Kelly's.

Left alone with one another, Emily and Nikolas make small-talk. Nikolas is under the impression that Emily has dropped out of med school to play nanny to Sonny's kids. Emily corrects him, saying that she is still in med school and is current in all of her classes -- in fact, she is considering a specialty in pediatrics. Nikolas is sure she'll be great at it. Emily notes that maybe one day he and Courtney will adopt and she'll be their pediatrician. Nikolas replies, "Somehow I don't think it's going to be quite that easy."

THE DOCKS: Jason tells Courtney that he had a sudden memory -- an image of her, crying. He wants her to fill in the gaps of their relationship. She explains that they were married, but then they got divorced because they weren't really compatible...mostly due to his work. She thinks maybe they would have stayed together if she hadn't miscarried their baby. Jason is surprised to hear that she was pregnant at one point with his child. She tells him that at the time, he couldn't really grieve the miscarriage because he hadn't known she was pregnant and therefore wasn't emotionally invested. As she talks, Courtney starts to cry again. Just then, the launch arrives and Courtney rushes off to get on it, leaving Jason standing alone on the docks.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth is waiting for Lucky at the hospital when she gets a call from him -- he's stuck at work, watching the docks because of a new crime family that has apparently moved into town. They promise to see one another at home, exchange "I love you's" and then hang up. Suddenly, Elizabeth gets another phone call, this time from Jax. He asks her if she can get away for a little while, because he has a solution to their problem.

GREYSTONE: Alexis and Ric talk about the fact that she has recently been out of town, visiting Vermont. She tells him that she and Kristina stayed at a country inn there -- she was happy to give Kristina some "mommy time" before the baby is born. Ric understands. They discuss the bombing of Ric's apartment. Ric tells her that a man named Javier Ruiz was responsible for the bomb but doesn't want to give her anymore details, despite Alexis asking for the full story. She is concerned about the way he is wrapping himself up in Sonny's life. Ric asks her not to be scared and she tells him that what has her scared is that he's NOT scared.

Meanwhile, Carly is up in her bedroom with Lainey. She's paranoid that Lainey wants to lock her up in the hospital. She also demands to know where Sonny is. Lainey wants to give her another shot, a sedative to help her sleep. But Carly refuses and becomes hysterical. Reese shows up and tells Lainey that she'll stay with Carly while Lainey goes to get Ric. Lainey rushes out of the room. Carly freaks out on Reese and pushes her backward on the bed. Reese looks at the sedative shot, which is lying nearby.

Downstairs, Lainey informs Justus that they are all out of options -- it's time to call the police, because Carly won't let Lainey give her an injection to help her rest. Just then, Reese staggers downstairs. Apparently, Carly stabbed her with the sedative shot and then managed to escape.

Meanwhile, back outside, Ric is trying to evade more of Alexis' questions about what's been going on with Sonny and the Ruiz family. He simply tells her that he's now in farther than he intended and there's no way out. Alexis begs him to just walk away from Sonny's life right now -- to come back to her and their family. Before Ric can answer, Carly comes running through the gate. He tries to stop her, but -- after issuing a warning to Alexis: "Protect your children! Faith killed my babies! She will kill yours!" -- Carly runs off, with Ric chasing after her. Alexis is left behind, looking absolutely dumb-founded.

THE PARK: Emily and Nikolas talk about how they will just have to find a way to get on with their lives even while living in the same town. Nikolas wonders if that's possible -- they were in love and were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Emily replies that she chooses to just be grateful that they made some beautiful memories in their time together. She has promised herself that when she does fall in love again, she will do better. Nikolas tells her that he thinks she's amazing. Emily is happy that they can at least still be kind to each other. Nikolas agrees, smiles at her and then leaves the park.

WYNDEMERE: Courtney arrives at Wyndemere carrying another pregnancy test. She is surprised when Lucky shows up requesting to see Nikolas. Courtney tells him that Nik is at a business meeting. Lucky tells her that he just has some good news that he wanted to share with his brother. Courtney asks what it is, but then immediately apologizes for prying. She asks him if the news is that Elizabeth can still get pregnant? Lucky is surprised that she knows and she tells him that Jax told her at the hospital, but that she hasn't had a chance to tell Nikolas yet. Lucky is glad he'll get to tell Nikolas himself. Courtney tells Lucky that she's happy for him -- "I guess miracles really can happen, right?" she asks. Lucky agrees that maybe they do. She promises to tell Nikolas he stopped by.

THE WOODS: Elizabeth finds Jax digging a hole in the ground...a small tree is sitting nearby, waiting to be planted. He wants to get the tree settled before the winter really hits. Elizabeth asks him why he's planting a tree and he tells her that it's to honor their child, and to give them a chance to say goodbye.

GREYSTONE: Ric comes back into the house (Alexis trailing after him) and informs Justus, Lainey and Reese that Carly has left the grounds. Reese, feeling the effects of the sedative already, tells him that Carly injected her with the shot and managed to get away. Lainey tells them all that she just spoke to John Durant -- letting him now that Carly is at risk. Ric is furious: "What am I supposed to tell Sonny now, huh?" Alexis points out that Ric even sounds like Sonny now. Ric directs Max to take Alexis home and then assign a bodyguard to look out for her and Kristina. Alexis, fed up, leaves. Ric tells Justus to find some way to deal with John. He on the other hand will go to try to find Carly.

THE PARK: Emily is talking on the phone to the bodyguard (who is apparently still at Kelly's with Michael). She wants the guard to make sure that Michael drinks some milk and eats something with nutritional value. She doesn't see Carly lurking nearby. Carly hallucinates that it's Faith, not Emily, sitting on the bench. As Emily hangs up her cell phone and bends to check something on the ground, Carly spots a container of gardening tools nearby (apparently left by the park's gardener). She grabs one of the sharper looking tools and looks at Emily/"Faith" as if considering something.

THE WOODS: The tree has been planted and Elizabeth is uncertain -- "How do I say goodbye to a child that never was?" Jax tells her to just say what she would if the baby was here in front of them. Elizabeth says that she would say that she dreamed the baby was a girl. Jax agrees, he dreamed it was a girl, too. Elizabeth adds that she will always regret not being able to share her life with the baby. Jax notes he would have spoiled the baby rotten. They alternate saying things they would have taught the baby to do: Elizabeth would have taught her to be independent, how to braid her hair, how to clean a kitchen, how to balance a checkbook and how to be her own person. Jax says he would have taught her how to read a prospectus, how to fly a plane, order in French and hike across Alaska. He explains that the tree will grow the way their child would have -- and he and Elizabeth will come back to visit. Elizabeth notes, "You are so loved, little girl, and you always will be." Jax adds, "Goodbye, my baby girl."

WYNDEMERE: Courtney is alone in the mansion...she stands at the desk, the instructions from the pregnancy test box laid out in front of her. She's holding onto the pregnancy test and staring at the results in shock.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas and Lucky meet up on the docks. Lucky tells Nikolas that Elizabeth is feeling better and can even have more children in the future. Nikolas is happy -- they hug. Lucky says that the person he really wanted to tell first was Laura, their mother. Lucky notes that one day in the future he is sure that he and Elizabeth will try for a child of their own. Lucky tries to apologize for the way he's acted lately, but Nikolas tells him that it's okay. Lucky just says that he wishes Nik and Courtney the best. Nikolas thanks him.

THE PARK: Emily finally finds whatever she was looking for on the ground (an earring or button I think) and then stands up. She sees Carly coming toward her with the sharp gardening tool. Carly, however, still thinks that Emily is Faith. She advances on Emily/"Faith" saying, "You bitch. You killed my children." Emily looks scared. The screen goes black.

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