GH Update Thursday 9/29/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/29/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

WYNDEMERE: Courtney arrives at Wyndemere, where Nikolas is brooding over the loss of Elizabeth's baby. He tells her that he feels useless because he can't do anything to help Liz right now.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Jax (as Lucky listens from a nearby room) attempts to reassure Liz about her role in the surrogacy, telling her that he doesn't regret choosing her and he knows she would have been a wonderful mother to their child. But he feels like now they need to cut ties and move on. Liz asks him if it's realistic to think they can do that after they created a life together? Jax tearfully tells her it might not be realistic, but it's what he needs right now.

THE DOCKS: Javier Ruiz is talking on the phone, unaware that there are men nearby with guns pointed straight at him. Jason, who is also on the docks, sees the men and -- assuming that they are coming to shoot HIM -- fires at them. The gun-men leave. Javier is astounded that Jason saved his life. Jason replies that he thought he, not Javier, was the target of the gun-men. Jason knows that there's a hit out on him. Javier says that he is the one who put the hit on Jason. He notes that Sonny won't be happy that Jason foiled the attempt on his (Javier's) life. Jason aims his gun at Javier and asks, "Why shouldn't I do what Sonny wants?"

GREYSTONE: Lainey informs Sonny and Reese that Carly is increasingly paranoid and might be better off in an institution. Sonny disagrees, but Lainey warns him that Carly is becoming a threat to herself as well as others. No one sees Carly standing at the top of the stairwell. She turns around and sees Faith standing behind her. Carly shrieks and goes tumbling down the stairs. Sonny goes to help her as Ric, Justus and then Emily come running into the room.

Carly finally comes to and announces that Faith has returned to kidnap Michael and Morgan. She is hysterical, demanding that everyone go out to the gatehouse to protect her sons from Faith. Ric finally gives in and leaves to check on the boys. Sonny tries to calm Carly down, promising her that he will keep her safe. She finally stops shrieking and Justus takes the opportunity to warn Sonny that they need to call 911. Lainey checks Carly out and tells everyone that there's no sign of a concussion. Sonny wants Carly to tell him if there's anything physically wrong with her. She softly replies that all she neeeds is a nap. Emily helps Carly upstairs while Sonny stays behind to talk to Lainey. Lainey tells him that Carly has gone untreated long enough -- if Sonny doesn't end it, she (Lainey) will.

THE DOCKS: Jason demands to know why Javier came to down with a vendetta: "Why are you people always trying to kill each other?" They argue about who has the right to get revenge on who. Javier is still upset that his brother is in a coma because of Ric. Jason, though he has the chance to kill an unarmed Javier, allows Javier to leave unharmed. Javier says, "That's twice you let me live. Now I owe you." Jason snaps that he doesn't want Javier's gratitude -- he just wants to be left alone. Javier leaves and Sam comes on the scene. She asks him who got shot and he merely tells her, "It happened again."

GREYSTONE: Lainey tries again to convince Sonny that Carly needs to be given professional care in an institution if he ever wants to see her whole again. Sonny looks uncertain.

Outside on the patio, Reese and Ric are talking about Carly. Reese says she feels badly for Carly these days and Ric notes that now that Reese has committed to being with Sonny she now has to deal with Carly as well. He adds that now that Sonny realizes that his family is being threatened by the Ruiz family, he will take out Javier quickly and efficiently. Reese sighs that at least that will be one problem solved.

Back in the mansion, Sonny tells Lainey that he's made Carly promises and he has to keep them. Lainey asks if he'll keep them even at Carly's expense? Before Sonny can answer, Max (his bodyguard) comes in and asks to have a word with Sonny. They go out into the foyer together, leaving Lainey and Justus (who has returned from the upstairs room where Carly is being kept) alone for a moment. Lainey asks him how Carly is and he tells her that she's calmer. Lainey notes, "Or that's what she wants us to believe."

In the foyer, Max informs Sonny that the hit on Javier went wrong -- Javier got away. Sonny is upset, especially when Max tells him that Jason is the one who saved Javier at the last minute.

THE DOCKS: Jason tells Sam that he was so sure the hit was meant for him, and that Javier was only going to get caught in the crossfire, that he reacted. Sam says that Jason was only trying to save his life and the life of a seemingly innocent bystander. Jason reminds her that that bystander was Javier Ruiz -- the man who was out to kill him, Sonny and Sonny's whole family. Sam thinks they should just go home, but Jason argues, pointing out that he has to go to work. Suddenly they hear sirens. Sam quickly notes that someone must have called the cops after the gun-shots -- and that it would be safer for Jason at home. Jason, having no other option, leaves with Sam.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas is still depressed over the loss of Elizabeth's baby, which he tells Courtney was a pregnancy that they were all revolving around in one way or another -- it was even the catalyst for Courtney to cheat on Jax with him (Nikolas). Courtney says she knows what Liz is feeling right now -- hollow inside, from a loss that touches every person around her, especially Lucky, Emily and Nikolas. Suddenly, Courtney starts to feel sick to her stomach. She quickly sits on the couch as Nikolas asks her what's wrong. She tells him she's sure it's just motion sickness from being on the boat earlier. Nikolas goes to get Courtney some ginger ale. As he's about to leave the room, she asks him if things will have to change between them now that they are home again?

GREYSTONE: Emily is trying to help Carly into bed, but Carly is irate over the fact that everyone thinks she's only hallucinating Faith. She snaps that she doesn't need Emily to patronize her, and she's not an invalid. Emily tries to talk some sense into Carly, explaining that Faith is really dead and can't hurt her any longer. Carly replies that she knows what's going on here -- that Emily can't fool her. Carly can see guards and extra security around the mansion from outside the window, and she knows that that's all because Faith is on the loose. She thinks that Emily is working with Faith to kidnap the boys.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam have opened the penthouse door and are about to walk into the darkened living room when Jason realizes that someone is waiting for them inside. He draws a gun and points it at the figure waiting on the other side of the room. The figure walks toward them -- it's Sonny. Sonny tells Jason that if he wanted Jason dead, he'd be dead already, like Javier Ruiz should be. He has come by to demand to know why Jason has been acting this way -- why Jason would go around sticking his nose into his business to Javier Ruiz's benefit. He warns Jason, "You get in the way of me dealing with Ruiz again, and I will have you taken out with him."

THE HOSPITAL: Jax is at the hospital when he sees Dr. Meadows. He tells her he's concerned that Elizabeth might not be able to have more children after the miscarriage. Dr. Meadows tells him that she can't divulge that information -- however, she notes that she does plan on calling Elizabeth in the morning with "some very happy news." The implication is clear, and Jax is relieved. He thanks her and she leaves. Courtney can be seen standing nearby.

GREYSTONE: Emily tells Carly again that Faith is dead and even if she were alive, there's no way she (Emily) would be one of her accomplices. Carly accuses Emily of lying and then becomes hysterical all over again. At that moment, Lainey shows up and gets Carly to calm down. Emily leaves the room and -- once she's out in the hallway -- calls Nikolas at Wyndemere. He doesn't pick up (although he can be seen listening to her message as it comes on the machine). She asks him to meet her at the docks -- it's important.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam explodes at Sonny over his treatment of Jason lately. Sonny tells Sam that she should understand that this isn't about her. Sam snaps, "What I understand, Sonny, is that you're a selfish jerk!" With that, she storms out of the penthouse, slamming the door behind her. Jason turns to Sonny and warns him not to speak like that to Sam again. Sonny replies that it's just been hard for him lately, with his life off the rails and his partner (Jason) not around anymore.

Sonny explains the way he is feeling to Jason: "They say you never miss a good thing until it's gone. But it wasn't like that with me. I knew I always hit the jackpot with you. You were more than a friend, closer than a brother. Perfect fit, personally and professionally. I always knew that I could depend on you, trust you above others, and now my life is falling apart. And you go AWOL? Carly is spinning out of control. I got this animal Ruiz who's determined to kill me, and he's relentless, and he's not going to stop coming after me until one of us is gone, and I'm too distracted to pay attention. I got no one to stop them!" Jason points out that Sonny has his own self to depend on. Sonny replies that that just isn't enough. Jason apologizes, saying that he can't help Sonny and that when he said he was out of the mob, he meant it.

Sonny leaves the penthouse...Sam is out in the hallway. He apologizes for what he said to her earlier, noting that he is just upset because he used to depend on Jason, and now Jason doesn't want to be that person anymore. Sam tells Sonny she appreciates the apology and she's sure Jason will appreciate it as well. Sonny warns her to be careful, because he doesn't think Jason can even protect himself anymore. As Sonny leaves, Sam stares after him, concerned.

GREYSTONE: Carly tells Lainey she's sure that Faith is still around. Lainey replies that Faith is dead -- and all she (Lainey) wants to do is understand what Faith's sudden "appearance" means to Carly. Carly replies that when someone steals your children, it's the most helpless feeling in the world. She is thankful for Sonny, but she feels that he doesn't really love her anymore -- that he's just helping her out of obligation or duty. She adds that she's lost everything that ever mattered to her, and now, "I just want to die." Lainey, with tears welling up in her own eyes, hugs Carly to her tenderly. Justus can be seen watching from the doorway.

Meanwhile, out on the patio of the mansion, Ric and Reese continue their heart to heart. Reese says that she can still sense the bond between Sonny and Carly, a bond that many people go their whole lives searching for. Sonny and Carly have survived a lot together, and Carly will probably always have a place in Sonny's heart because of that. Ric adds that Jason will probably always have a place in Sonny's heart, too -- even if Jason doesn't really want it. Ric says that this makes him and Reese the odd men out...a fact which he himself has accepted. "Just know your limitations," Ric advises Reese. Just then, Sonny steps out onto the patio. Ric and Reese turn to look at him.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth and Lucky are sitting on the couch together -- Liz is holding Cameron. Lucky offers to watch him for awhile if she needs a break, but Liz says that she's fine. She worries that Cameron has been picking up on all of the drama around them lately. She tells him, "Your mama was going to surprise you with a little brother or sister. It just didn't work out. I guess sometimes things just don't, no matter how much you want them to. But I still have you, and Lucky. And there's definitely no shortage of love here."

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney and Jax are talking at the hospital. Courtney is glad that Elizabeth will be able to have more children. Jax agrees...he's happy that Elizabeth won't have the problem that Courtney had following her own miscarriage -- that Elizabeth will be able to have one of Lucky's kids. Courtney says she's still coming to terms with her inability to get pregnant. Jax takes this moment to take it upon himself for apologizing for everything that went wrong with their marriage. Courtney, instead of sharing in the blame, jokes that maybe Jax just isn't cut out to be a husband. She wants them all to get happy endings next time. Jax agrees.

THE DOCKS: Emily and Nikolas are meeting on the docks. Emily tells him that there are so many things she's been wanting to say...but until now, the timing has never been right. She says she has come to some realizations she needs to share with him. For one thing, she says, holding onto anger toward Nikolas is pointless. Nikolas agrees but reminds her she has every right to be angry that he wasn't more sensitive toward her. Emily replies that her expectations of their marriage were just too high -- she expected their love could work miracles, but it couldn't, and that expectation wasn't fair to either of them. She just wants Nikolas to promise that they can honor what they had together by putting aside the hurt feelings and walking away with as much love between them as they had when they walked in. Nikolas agrees. That said, Emily turns and quickly walks away.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth points out that Lucky has been a bit quiet. He tells her that he's sorry for the way he acted during the surrogacy...he's upset that they didn't get married that night they planned to, and he's sorry that he wasn't at the hospital to bring her home. Elizabeth reminds him that they are where they are supposed to be, whether it makes sense or not. Lucky notes that she is, as always, practical. She replies that it doesn't help to dwell -- besides, they are still together and they still have Cameron (who is still with them on the couch). "We have an awful lot to be grateful for," she adds. Just then, the telephone rings. Elizabeth picks it up -- it's Jax, who happily informs her that he's just spoken to Dr. Meadows, who told him Liz will be able to have more children. Elizabeth is overjoyed and quickly gives the news to Lucky.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam asks Jason if he's okay. Jason replies that when Sonny was talking to him earlier, there was a flash of something -- he looked in Sonny's eyes and recognized him. Sam says that that's good, but Jason isn't so sure. He's worried that the old part of him that used to be a hitman will now be coming back. "What do I do?" he asks Sam. "Do I go back to killing?"

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are alone on the patio of Greystone. Reese asks him what happened with Jason and Sonny replies that he didn't even give Jason a chance to defend himself -- instead he threatened him. Sonny, disgusted with himself, flings the drink he was holding to the floor. Reese looks concerned but says nothing.

Inside the house, Max and another bodyguard are running through one of the rooms with guns drawn just as Justus and Lainey are walking down the stairs. Lainey says that she doesn't feel comfortable with this. Justus asks her to clarify, "What? The fact that you sanctioned home therapy, or is it the fact that you're in the home of an alleged mobster on red alert from a rival family? Or maybe the fact that I look the other way and defend him in court?" Lainey tells him that she meant she's not comfortable with leaving Carly. Justus replies that he saw Lainey showing Carly so much compassion -- he wonders if Lainey wasn't just doing her job...if it runs deeper than that?

Before Lainey can answer, Sonny and Reese come back inside. Sonny asks her how Carly is and Lainey replies, "Not good." Sonny says he can't send Carly to Shadybook and Lainey responds that there are other options -- like a place called Rose Lawn, which is run by a colleague of hers named Dr. Brad Kim. She wants Sonny to call Dr. Kim and tour the facility, but warns him not to wait because "the next person Carly hurts can easily be herself." That said, Lainey and Justus leave. Sonny, clearly angry, kicks some furniture around and Reese hugs him reassuringly.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth and Lucky are a song in the living room. Elizabeth seems distant, and when Lucky asks her about it, she says, "I'm just happy, grateful for so many reasons." While Elizabeth speaks, the scene switches to the various other characters who were involved in the surrogacy.

THE HOSPITAL: As Elizabeth is telling Lucky, "How many people are fortunate enough to be surrounded by so much love and hope, family and friends?" Jax can be seen sitting in the hospital waiting room, all alone.

THE DOCKS: As Elizabeth tells Lucky, "How many people are with the one person in all the world they were meant to love?" Nikolas can be seen standing alone on the docks.

WYNDEMERE: As Elizabeth tells Lucky, "I keep thinking what a great day it'll be when I can tell the man I love I'm pregnant with his baby," Courtney can be seen entering the main room of Wyndemere -- and she's carrying a pregnancy test. As she clutches the test to her stomach, she looks very scared.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is asleep on the couch. Jason, seeing that she's sleeping peacefully, grabs his jacket and leaves.

ROSE LAWN: Sonny and Reese are touring Rose Lawn, which looks more like a house than a mental institution. Dr. Kim tells them that they take a gentle approach with their patients -- they want their residents to feel safe and to bond with a professional they grow to trust. Just then, one of the patients sees Sonny and -- believing him to be someone named "Marty" -- embraces him and asks if he's brought her daughter Sarah with him? Sonny looks uncomfortable, and Dr. Kim steps in and tells the woman, named Regina, that Sonny is not Marty. Regina looks upset and leaves the room. Dr. Kim tells Sonny that Regina's husband and daughter were killed by a drunk driver months ago -- and despite how it looks, she's made some progress...before she came to Rose Lawn she would hallucinate that every man she saw was the driver of the car that killed her family. Dr. Kim asks Sonny if Rose Lawn might be the right place for Carly?

GREYSTONE: Carly is asleep in bed with Ric watching over her. He tells her that he's going to go downstairs for a minute, then leaves. Once he's gone, Carly opens her eyes and leaves the room. She heads down the hallway, looking determined.

Outside the Greystone gates, Justus and Max are talking when they see Jason standing nearby. Justus, surprised, asks Jason if he wants to come in -- he thinks maybe this is something Jason needs to do. Jason quickly replies, "I can't," and then hurries off, leaving Max and Justus looking perplexed.

Inside the mansion, Carly is lurking at the top of the stairs when she sees Emily and Michael in the living room. Michael asks Emily if they can go see Carly, but Emily replies that . Suddenly, in Carly's mind, Emily turns into "Faith," who promises Michael in a sweet tone of voice that if he comes with her now, they'll see Carly in the morning. Carly looks freaked out, and yet doesn't move a muscle.

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