GH Update Wednesday 9/28/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/28/05


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Elizabeth returns home with Jax and notices Lucky putting away all of the baby accessories.

Jason and Sam look like they are right back on track in their relationship.

At the station, Ric and Reese ask Durant when the forensic report is coming. He tells them that it’s right there and it reflects that there was a gas leak in his apartment that led to an explosion. Ric tells Durant he should know that Ruiz wants to kill him.

Sonny is telling Justus, on the phone that he plans to take care of Javier. Max then comes and tells Sonny that maybe he can handle it since those guys tried to kill him. Right then, Carly comes down the stairs, tells Sonny that somebody has taken her boys again. And she’s afraid Faith Roscoe is on the loose.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he did not know that Dr. Meadows released her. She tells him that she thought he’d be working. He thanks Jax for bringing her home. Elizabeth tells Lucky that maybe she should put away the baby things for closure. But he tells her maybe it’s too soon and will cause her too much pain. Lucky then brings Cameron out of his room.

Mac and another cop barge into Dillon’s dorm room when he’s with Georgie. And he also pushes Jesse up against a wall and tells him he better not be playing touchy-feely with his other daughter.

Lorenzo meets with Javier Ruiz, informing him that he’s under suspicion for what happened to Ric. Javier tells Lorenzo he has an alibi. But Lorenzo indirectly implies that he might not want to mess with Ric Lansing, although he does not personally care about Ric.

Sam tells Jason they have to go upstairs, run the bubble bath and pour the wine. It’s pinot grigio. That is what they do. He tells her she must be lying if she says that was a usual night for them. He tells her he now has to punch a clock but he wants to stay with her.

Reese asks Durant if he even told forensics that there was a trick wire in Ric’s building. Ric protests that his neighbors could have been in danger. He tells them if they can give him some information about how Javier Ruiz and Sonny Corinthos’ business corresponds, he might want to help them. Right then, Reese gets a call from Justus informing her that he wants them to be out of harm’s way per Sonny’s requests.

At Sonny’s, Carly still has a delusion that Faith is still around and has taken the boys. He gets a little impatient with her in telling her that Faith is dead. The boys are with Emily. And guards are posted all around his home.

Elizabeth and Lucky play with Cameron. He gets her some tea. She indicates she wants to take a nap. He offers to take Cameron out to dinner at Kelly’s. They go out together. Alone, Elizabeth gets up and observes the teddy bear and toys she had for her baby. She then gets on the phone and is sounds like she’s calling Jax.

Lorenzo tells Javier that maybe he’s in the wrong business. Maybe he should open up a funeral parlor. Javier tells Lorenzo that he is not a threat to him. Lorenzo tells Javier that he need no longer fear that Jason Morgan is a key player. He is out of commission. But Javier tells Lorenzo that he believes that Jason killed his three brothers and that Jason Morgan is still too dangerous to live. Right then, Skye enters to hear their conversation.

Jason and Sam sit by the fire. But right then, she gets up to take up the candles for their bath.

Emily brings Michael back to Sonny’s and Carly runs to greet her son happily She asks him to go and talk to her. Alone with Emily, Sonny asks her how Elizabeth is. She tells him she’s ok but still grieving for the baby and still nobody knows that Carly ran out in front of the car to cause the accident. But she tells him she has a feeling that if this was his baby, he wouldn’t stop until he got revenge. He tells her that he would do anything to protect the people he loves. She tells him in that very case, it might not be that bad of an idea to have Carly somewhere where she is safe. She suggests that maybe he is just keeping her in that house for himself.

Upstairs, Carly tells Michael that he must beware of Faith Roscoe. She is a very dangerous woman. She wants to take him and Morgan away. Michael tells her that is not true. Faith is dead. Why is she saying that? She’s scaring him and must stop saying that. Right then, Sonny and Emily enter to hear their conversation and realize Carly is totally losing it to say things like that to her son.

Right when Maxie is arguing with her dad about what he’s doing to her boyfriend, the real perpetrator is nearby in a darkened room hearing their conversation unseen. Mac suggests finding out if he’s gotten the wrong guy. Dillon then tells him he may go ahead because he (Dillon) has nothing to hide.

Javier leaves Lorenzo’s home when Skye enters. She tells him he keeps interesting company and asks if that was business. He tells her there is nothing he likes more than a beautiful woman who’s into strategic thinking. She asks if that was what attracted him to Carly. He asks her why she’d bring that up. She tells him that after Sonny goes down, what does he believe will become of Carly.

At Sonny’s, Carly hugs Michael goodnight. Emily takes Michael with her and Sonny tells his son he is a good boy. Alone with calry, he tells her she must stop obsessing about Faith. She’s dead. Carly tells him that she does remember seeing Charlotte (Reese) supposedly dying. Her head went through a windshield. But she is not dead. And right then, Reese enters.

Jason and Sam get a knock on their door. It’s Ric. He tells Jason he needs to speak to him. He informs Jason that Ruiz tried to kill him last night. And he believes Jason will be next. And if Jason wants to continue living, Ric suggests Jason takes Sam and gets out of town. Jason tells Ric, again, that he’s out of htat business and no longer working for Sonny. Ric tells him he knows but those guys do not care. They want to kill him. He tells Jason he knows he could alleviate this problem really fast and eliminate those guys. But he knows Jason won’t do it. Jason tells Ric he needs to talk about this with Sam. Ric tells Jason that he will not lie about there being bad blood between the two of them. But he knows if anything happened to him, it would devastate Sonny. And he leaves.

Skye tells Lorenzo that if Javier killed Sonny, Carly would be destroyed. He tells her that a major mistake he made in being married to Carly is in caring for her. And all he was left with was a lot of anger because she was not over Sonny. And she has now suffered a nervous breakdown. He might be partly responsible for that. She’s now back with Sonny who is taking care of her. But he is still legally married to her. So that makes it his legal responsibility. And the truth is, if Sonny was dead, then he will have to intervene with Carly. Hearing that Skye concludes that Lorenzo is still not over Carly. She tells him good for Carly. Not good for the rest of them.

After Carly is talking about Reese (or Charlotte) staging her death and comparing her to Faith Roscoe, Sonny apologizes to Reese. But Carly tells him he must understand how there are similarities.

Elizabeth tells Jax that she owes him money. He paid her to carry his child and she was unable to fulfill the contract. He tells her that she suffered a miscarriage. She paid her debt and does not owe him a thing. She tells him this just doesn’t feel right. He tells her of course it does not. They all had so many hopes and plans for the baby. And they won’t get over it so easily. She asks what they do now. She cries and he puts his arms around her.

Georgie assures Dillon that even if her father does not believe any guy is good enough for her, he is not just any guy. He is the one she loves. Right then, Mac shows them that he has videotapes that he believes are Dillon’s. And he tells Dillon he is under arrest. Georgie protests that Dillon was with her at the time in question. But Mac and the uniform cop do not listen and put him in handcuffs. Georgie tells her father she will never forgive him. Mac protests that Dillon took pictures of naked sleeping girls. She might be the next one to get hurt. He cannot keep doing that. Maxie and Jesse tell Georgie that maybe she needs to consider the possibility that Dillon has some problems and realize that the person closest to the perpetrator is the last one to see the signs. But Georgie tells them that they need to stop saying that to her and Jesse needs to go after the idiot that did it. Right then, Jesse discovers that there has been some sort of forced entry into Dillon’s room and somebody tampered with the memory card on his digital video camera.

Carly tells Emily that she can see a face. There is somebody who wants to hurt her children. Emily asks her if she sees that face now. Carly tells Emily she will do anything to protect her children. Downstairs, Sonny and Reese talk about how he must tend to what is important. Sh tells him she realizes that Ruiz is a real threat to him and his family and friends. And Carly needs him right now. He promises that as soon as all of this is over, they will be together.

Jason and Sam attempt to figure out what they are going to do. He tells her he needs to go to work and when he comes back, they will discuss it. But she tells him before he goes out the door he needs his gun in order to be safe. She hands it to him.

Elizabeth reveals to Jax that she is afraid she’s failed him. He tells her she must not say that. They look close and comfortable. But right then, Lucky walks in with Cameron announcing that her two favorite guys are back. Seeing Jax in his home, Lucky looks disappointed.

Jesse then informs Mac that he saw a guy in a grey sweatshirt entering Dillon’s room. Mac grudgingly takes his statement. Georgie protests that that should be proof enough that Dillon is innocent. Dillon tells Mac that he’s behaving just like the redneck cop on The Heat of The Night who suspected the innocent bystander of murder because he did not like the way he looked. Georgie tells Dillon that he is no Sidney Portier. Mac then tells them that Dillon can go. And Jesse tells them that he knows of ways they can catch the real perpetrator.

When Lucky sees Elizabeth with Jax, he appears to not appreciate it, tells them he doesn’t want to interrupt them and will put Cameron to bed. Jax then tells Elizabeth that he will say goodbye. But she seems to not want him to go.

Lorenzo meets Skye at the Metro Court restaurant and assumes she has been stood up by her “date”. He tells her that he likes her and she likes him and why can’t they take this a step further? She tells him that she doesn’t want to get involved with a guy who is still hung up on his ex-wife. He tells her that Carly is nothing more than a technicality. And he asks her what she thinks. Could she handle a little danger in her life?

Dr. Winters comes to talk to Sonny about Carly’s delusional behavior. She tells him she’s very worried about how paranoid Carly is becoming. He tells her that Carly listens to him. She tells him he can deny this all he wants but needs to realize that Carly is a danger to herself and to others. Right then Carly falls down the stairs and hits the wall really hard.

Jason goes out with his gun and ends up shooting at somebody. Right then, he runs into Javier Ruiz who knows Jason does not know who he is. He tells Jason he knows that Jason saved his life and needs Jason to prevent this gunman from taking him out.

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