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General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/27/05


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Courtney and Nikolas figure out how to get back home after finding out that Elizabeth lost her baby. He calls and tells the front desk that there has been an emergency and he must check out in another hour. But she tells him she cannot do it. She cannot go back.

Elizabeth awakens in her hospital room to see Lucky and Jax standing over her bed not looking happy. She asks them what is going on. Her baby must be all right, she tells them. Jax tells her she lost her baby. Lucky comes and holds her when she cries.

Emily announces to Sonny and Reese who are waiting outside in the hospital that she called Nikolas and Courtney. He tells her he knows she has something to say. She tells him she does. She says that Carly caused the accident that caused Elizabeth to lose her baby. Carly is completely out of control and Sonny has to have her committed, she tells him.

Carly comes down the stairs in the dark, alone. She looks afraid that somebody is outside the door. She goes over to the window and screams. She sees Faith Roscoe who is not really there.

Elizabeth tells Lucky and Jax that she did the wrong thing to leave the hospital so soon and think she was ok. But they assure her that it is not her fault. Dr. Meadows appears and tells her how sorry she is but if this helps, no effort on her part could have prevented what happened. She tells them that a procedure has to be performed as soon as possible to prevent blood loss. Elizabeth tells her that she just wants to get it over with as quick as possible. Lucky tells her he will be there when she gets back.

Courtney tells Nikolas that she can imagine that Elizabeth is distraught and probably the last person she or Jax or Lucky want to see is herself. He tells her he understands how she feels and he does not want to leave her there. She tells him that he has to go and be there for Elizabeth and Lucky and Emily.

Carly tells her “sight” of Faith that she is not going to get her children. She screams and throws things at her. Max comes and asks her what is going on. He then goes outside and sees that nobody is there.

Sonny tries to convince Emily that Carly is getting better, calming down and needs to stay put. Reese tells him that she is out of control and he must realize that Emily is right. He tells Emily that he knows how upset she is about what happened to her best friend. Emily tells Sonny that she promises not to tell anybody that Carly is responsible for the accident. But if anything like this happens again, she will tell them what happened if he does not have Carly committed. Right then, Sonny’s phone rings. Max tells him he must get home really fast because Carly is losing it.

Nikolas tells Courtney that he never had a lot of happiness in his life until he was blessed with the three best friends he could ever have. She tells him that she remembers herself on the outside looking in. And it always seemed to her that he and Emily completed each other. He tells her that they always covered each other’s backs. She tells him that this is why he needs to go and be there for his friends. She tells him that Lucky is angry with her for hurting Emily. Jax sure doesn’t want to see her and she doesn’t belong there. And she reflects that she really envies the connection that he and Emily had in being friends before they were lovers. And maybe that is what it takes in order to survive what will happen when there is a tragedy. He asks her exactly what she is saying. She tells him that she will always be there to offer support for him if he will let her and she says she has to start facing her life.

Emily comes to ask the guys if Elizabeth is having DNC. She asks if they want her to be there and how Elizabeth is holding up. Lucky tells her he knows she is devastated. Remembering all that happened during the pregnancy, how they’ve made it this far and now this. And the worst part is Elizabeth is finding ways to make the miscarriage her fault. Emily tells him that it is up to all of them to let her know that it’s an accident and nobody’s fault. Jax finishes that sentence by saying except the guy who was driving the car. And he walks out the door.

Reese asks Ric if he should not finish the life that he left off. He tells her that he still wants to help Sonny with Ruiz. He finally has a shot to help his brother and wants that opportunity. She tells him that she believes that Alexis is very selfish to have a problem with the three of them. But he tells her that Alexis was not completely incorrect to tell Sonny that she believed that Ric and Reese are having a thing. Reese tells him that he needs to try harder to get Alexis back. He tells her that they love each other. But it’s just the married part that is a problem and it’s not right to stay together just because they have a child. But he wonders how he can walk away from the family he’s always wanted.

Sonny returns home and Max informs him about Carly seeing something outside. She runs and hugs him and tells him she’s so scared. He tells her there’s no reason to be scared. There are guards all around. But she tells him that “she” is coming to take the children from her and finish what she started. He asks who “she” is. She says Faith Roscoe.

Reese tells Ric that Sonny has so much to deal with now, involving Carly causing Elizabeth to lose her baby. And she knows that that must hit home for him. He tells her he remembers taking Carly away when she was pregnant and cannot believe that his brother could get past it. She tells him she knows that that must be the reason why he has not told Sonny that he should get Carly committed. It’s guilt. He tells her he believes Carly should be committed if she is a danger to herself or somebody else and is causing accidents but he does not believe that he should be the one to tell Sonny that.. She tells him she doesn’t believe she should either.

Lucky and Jax are with Elizabeth while she is in the hospital and both ask if there is anything they can do. But they know there is not. Dr. Meadows tells them that the “procedure” was normal and Elizabeth will be fine. Elizabeth asks if it was the car accident that caused her to lose her baby. Dr. Meadows says she cannot give her a definitive answer but she strongly advises her not to dwell on this because it will just cause more heartache.

Sonny tells Carly that Faith Roscoe is dead. He was in her room when she died and Carly did not see her. But when he goes outside, Max informs him that he did see footprints and Carly was not mistaken that somebody was outside the door.

Elizabeth is sleeping and Ric comes into her room. She awakens and asks how long he’s been there. He tells her that Lucky said he could go in and check on her. He tells her he doesn’t want to keep her from getting the rest she obviously needs but just wants to tell her how profoundly sorry that this should have to happen to her again. It’s just unspeakable. And if there is anything she or Lucky need, they must tell him. She cries and tells him she is such a mess right now, in pain and angry and never wanted to feel this way again. She tells him it means the world to her that he cared then and he cares now. He tells her she is one of the best and he’s always known that no matter what. He goes out and tells Lucky he needs him to do a favor for him and be everything to Elizabeth that he could not be for her. He asks Lucky to give her time to heal. He leaves and Jax tells Lucky that he believes that Elizabeth must never want to speak to him again because he caused this. Emily is standing nearby not knowing what to say or do. Lucky goes in to see Elizabeth. She tells him she doesn’t understand. Right when this was on track and everybody was right on the same page. Why did this have to happen? She tells him she loved this baby and did not even know if it was a boy or a girl. She tells him in her heart it was a girl. Emily goes out to find Jax and tells him that he swerved his car in order to avoid hitting somebody. It was an accident and not his fault. He tells her the only person besides himself who is at fault is that person who ran out in front of the car. He tells her he must find them and make they pay for what they did. He still has no clue that she knows exactly who that is and is not telling anybody. But she protests that it would not do any good if he went after whomever that person was who ran out in front of his car.

Emily comes to announce to Elizabeh that Nikolas is there. He comes in and tells her he’s sorry and holds her.

Max tells Sonny that somebody has been hanging outside his house. Sonny tells him he does not like this and needs him to keep looking to find out who could have gotten onto the property. He comes back in and Carly tells him that Max must have found Faith. Sonny tells her he did not find Faith. She is dead. But he doubled up the guards. She then tells him that she’s sorry she got so confused and he is right. Faith is dead. And she is safe. She puts her arms around him.

Elizabeth tells Emily, Lucky and Nikolas that she cannot understand why God would let her lose her baby. But she knows he’s given her something so wonderful in having them as her friends. And she believes she can get through anything when she has them.

Ric tells Reese that when he is in trouble, the one person who is there for him is she. She tells him he is a great guy and she makes no apologies for caring about him.

After Sonny has taken Carly down to the guest house to see the boys when they are sleeping, she tell him that it always amazes her that he knows the perfect thing to soothe her soul. He tells her that he can understand why she is scared. Faith Roscoe is an evil bitch. She stole their sons, terrorized them and would not go away. He tells her he understands how it would be that her mind could play tricks on her. But he wants to assure her that Faith Roscoe will never be able to hurt anybody again. She tells him that she knows how important his family is to him. And no matter what happens to them as a couple, she can always rest easy knowing that he will be there for her.

Courtney goes to the hospital and asks an attendant if she can find out what happened to Elizabeth Weber. She tells her she does not want to bother Elizabeth’s fiancé. She just wants to know what happened. Jax comes behind her and says he can tell her.

Nikolas tells Lucky if he needs to vent, he’s there for him. Lucky admits that he hated the idea of Elizabeth being pregnant with anybody’s baby but his. But it was beginning to make sense that that baby was a part of the woman he loved and that was enough to make him love the baby. He wanted to be the baby’s father. But how she’s gone. Elizabeth tells Emily that she wants to focus on her blessings; Lucky, wonderful friends like her and Nikolas. And her beautiful baby boy. Emily asks Elizabeth what about Jax. Who is going to help him through this?

Jax tells Courtney the whole story about how Elizabeth’s and Lucky’s wedding was cancelled when he was called away and she had to get back to work. He took her out for a sundae and gave her a ride home. They enjoyed being together and were laughing and having a good time. He took his eyes off the road for just a second and that was all it took. He tells Courtney that he remembers her telling him about her miscarriage and how she’s always wondered if she could have made another choice that could have saved her baby’s life. And that is the way he feels. He sounds like he’s ready to cry. And Courtney puts her arms around him. Right then, Nikolas gets off the elevator to see them together.

Sonny finds Javier Ruiz and tells him that his brothers tried to kill his family, shot his brother and Manny is now in a coma for his efforts. Manny underestimated him, Sonny tells Javier. And if he and the others don’t leave him alone, they will go away in body bags. But Javier asks Sonny what he’d do if he were in his shoes. Would he not want to avenge his own brother? Sonny does not answer that and walks away. Right then, Ric goes out the door after talking to Reese. And she seems to know that somebody is ready to blow him away and she pulls him out of harm’s way.

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