GH Update Monday 9/26/05

General Hospital Update Monday 9/26/05


Written By Jennifer
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Sonny tells Reese and Emily that he promises to do something if Carly causes another accident or hurts anybody. He knows that Emily is keeping the secret from Elizabeth and Jax that Carly ran out in front of Jax’s car, caused Elizabeth to have to go to the hospital and could have caused her to lose her baby.

At Kelly’s, Javier Ruiz talks to Maxie. Neither has a clue who the other is. He asks her if she could be his “tour guide” for him when he is new in town. Outside Kelly’s, Durant tells Jesse Beaudry that he knows that that guy inside talking to Maxie is Javier Ruiz. He and his family are going to go after Sonny and kill him. And he tells Jesse that he is not going to try to stop them from killing Sonny.

Right when Elizabeth returns home and she and Lucky believe she will be ok, she collapses on the floor and is afraid she will lose the baby.

After Nikolas and Courtney have been having lots of fun, she gets sick and throws up.

Carly overhears Sonny promising Emily and Reese that he will have her locked up if need be. And she tells him he better stay away from her because she knows he wants to put her away. He tells her that he wants to help her. He knows all too well where she is right now. He asks her how she felt when she was taking care of him when he had his breakdown. He asks her if she did not feel she needed to protect society from him just like he is feeling in regard to her. She then remembers running in front of a car. He tells her that Jax and Elizabeth had a car accident but they are ok and no damage is done.

Emily and Reese talk privately about Sonny and Carly. Reese tells Emily that Sonny needs to stop protecting Carly. Emily tells Reese that Carly took care of him when he had a bad time. Reese informs Emily of what Ric is now doing in order to help Sonny. And now the Ruiz boys are going after Sonny and Ric. And Jason is the only person who can protect Sonny. But he can’t. And she tells Emily that she will protect Sonny if she has to.

Javier Ruiz talks to Maxie at Kelly’s. And right then, Jesse asks him for an ID and tells him he needs to take him down to the station for questioning.

Nikolas and Courtney try to figure out why she got sick. She tells him that she’s been obsessing for a long time about why it is that she cannot have a baby. She tells him that she wanted to have a family with Jax but it may have been wishful thinking on her part. He tells her that Jax was the one who handled this poorly by trying to micromanage the whole situation with Elizabeth and with her. She tells him that Jax accused her of not wanting the baby. But she did. She asks him how he feels about having children.

Lucky calls Dr. Meadows about Elizabeth falling and having cramps. The paramedics come to their home and put her on a stretcher. And she is very worried that the baby will die.

After remembering the accident, Carly asks Sonny to please not be mad at her. He tells her he is not mad. She tells him she was just running away form her father and tells him he cannot let her be committed to Shadybrook. She needs him to promise that. He then tells her he promises. Hearing that, she asks if she can stay there with him and the kids. He tells her he promises and he holds her. Emily is at the door and she informs Sonny that she just got a call that Elizabeth has been taken to the hospital.

Dr. Meadow examines Elizabeth. When she’s in her hospital bed, she admits to Lucky that she is scared. He tells her she must think positive. She tells him she made a big mistake to have this baby and this big mess between Jax and Courtney and the custody battle just made it worse. She tells him that she loves this baby and wants them all to be a family. He tells her it will be happen. This baby will be born.

Nikolas tells Courtney that his family is crazy on a good day. And he never thought that he should have a child. But he realizes that there is the concept of nature vs. nurture, which makes it all the more not in the cards for him to have a child. He tells her that his uncle may have loved him but only wanted the Cassadine fortune. And he doesn’t want any more of that. He tells her he believes that a child deserves the best of you. You should just have a child for yourself. You owe them love and stability. And he is not certain he could offer that to a child. She tells him she believes he could not be more wrong about that.

At the station, Javier Ruiz tells Jesse that his girlfriend is sweet, he’s wasting his time and he picked the wrong way to impress the girl. And of course, he has a false ID. Jesse then goes to the uniform cops to see if they can dig up anything on they guy. And of course, Durant is there to represent him. Durant admit that he knows he’s carrying around a fake ID, is from a crime family and wants to kill Sonny Corinthos. Javier tells Durant he is a law-abiding citizen and does not believe he will find anything of interest in the police records. Durant then tells him that he knows he wants to kill Sonny Corinthos. And if he succeeds, there will be one less mobster.

Sonny tells Emily that if Elizabeth needs anything or if there is anything he can do for the baby….. She tells him she’s sure that Lucky is there for Elizabeth. She leaves and Reese tells him he should not have to be strong for everybody else, and so loyal and compassionate. She tells him he needs to take care of himself because Ruiz is a stone cold killer and he cannot be on his own without anybody else. She tells him that she attempted to get Jason to “come around”, remember his friendship with Sonny and help him. But Jason did not remember and didn’t want to help. She tells him that she is with him no matter what.

Courtney tells Nikolas that she does not buy into the “messed-up childhood” argument. Just because somebody’s childhood is messed up does not mean they could not be a good parent. She gives Sonny as an example. He has a lot of problems but is devoted to his children. She tells Nikolas that even if he had a horrible upbringing, he is one of the most open and honest people she’s ever met. And she believes he would be a good dad. Right then, she notices that she feels a lot better. No longer queasy.

Dr. Meadows tells Lucky, Emily and Jax that she is medicating Elizabeth and hopefully she will be ok but it’s too soon to tell. Lucky tells Jax it’s ok if he wants to go in and talk to Elizabeth. Jax goes in and asks how she is. He tells her that he knows that she and the baby will be ok. They have a good set of genes. He tells her that when she gets out of the hospital, he will have a full staff to wait on her hand and foot. She then drifts off to sleep.

Lucky tells Emily that every time he thinks of his fiancé in that car with Jax, it makes him very upset. And right then, he hears that she might be in shock or unconscious.

Sonny goes to look on sleeping Carly not knowing what to do. He comes down to see Max who is out of the hospital now, tells him it’s good to have him back and he’s going to go and check on Elizabeth Webber and Max may call him on his cell phone. He tells him that they must be prepared for anything.

After Jesse informs Maxie of whom he believes the guy she was talking to is, she tells him she feels so stupid to be the target for all the creeps and psychos. He tells her that many guys fall for gorgeous blonds and reminds her that when he was stuck in the hospital, he knew that she was the first one to trust. She leaves and Durant tells Jesse that he did something stupid to interrogate that guy and then have to let him go. And Jesse has gone and blown it by tipping him off that they are onto him. Jesse asks Durant why he wants the guy to kill Sonny Corinthos. Durant tells Jesse he must shut his mouth and do his job.

At the hospital, Dr. Meadows comes out to inform Jax, Lucky and Emily that she is sorry but Elizabeth has lost the baby.

Mac comes and tells Jesse that his main job is to nail the campus perv. He believes it is Dillon Quartermaine. He’s had means, motive and opportunity to slip drugs to Maxie, Gerogie and Brooke Lynn. Jesse tells Mac that he promises to keep Mac’s daughters safe. Mac tells him he’d better.

Carly is in her room getting freaked out.

Sonny goes to the hospital, finds Emily and asks how Elizabeth is. He can tell by her depressed expression, that Elizabeth must have lost the baby. He reminds Emily that the same thing happened to Carly when she was farther along then Elizabeth and somebody pushed her down the stairs. He protests to Emily that Carly would never wish this pain upon anybody. She was just trying to run from Durant. He’s a terrible jerk who wants to use and abuse his daughter. Emily asks Sonny how Carly is. He admits that other than having her locked up in his home or in an institution, he does not know what to do. She tells him that it is not his fault that Carly has had a nervous breakdown or that her father is harassing her. All he’s done is take care of Carly. And he needs to realize that she needs help and also realize what he just told her about Carly never intending to cause the pain for others that she has caused. Carly does not know what she’s doing, Emily tells Sonny. She is not in control of her actions. He must realize that Carly is not getting any better.

Dr. Meadows tells Lucky and Jax that Elizabeth will be ok and regain consciousness soon but will be very upset when she finds out she lost the baby. Lucky begrudgingly tells Jax that he is the baby’s father. Jax asks him, how, then the two of them should handle this. Lucky says they must both tell her and be there for her. They go into her room. She awakens to see Lucky and asks him if the baby is ok, looking hopeful.

Sonny informs Reese that Elizabeth had a miscarriage. He tells her that he feels responsible since Carly was living at his house and Durant would not have had access to her of she was not with him. Now Carly has caused an accident and Elizabeth’s baby is gone. And even if she pulls out of this nervous breakdown, the guilt will drive her right back to where she was. Emily told him that maybe Carly needs to be institutionalized and maybe she had a point. But he tells Reese that Carly stood by him when he totally lost it and probably saved his life. And he asks her how he can commit somebody. How can he give up on Carly when she never gave up on him?

Right then, Carly is alone in the house in the dark, comes down the stairs and calls for Sonny. She then knows she is alone in the house.

When Nikolas is with Courtney, he gets a call from Emily about what happened. And he tells Courtney that Elizabeth lost the baby.

Elizabeth wonders why neither Lucky nor Jax are saying anything. She tells them the baby must be all right. She asks them to tell them what is going on. They are scaring her. Jax tells her the baby is gone. Lucky then goes to hold her and she cries.

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