GH Update Friday 9/23/05

General Hospital Update Friday 9/23/05


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In his dorm room, Dillon explains to Georgie that he is burning naked pictures of girls. Before she can do much more than react in horror, Jesse walks in and yells at Dillon to freeze, pointing his finger. Jesse yells that if Dillon wants to prove he's innocent, he'll give him the pictures. Dillon says it's funny that more he cooperates, the more he gets framed. Jesse knocks Dillon out of the way and throws the wastepaper basket off the table, so he can grab the pictures and keep them from burning. Georgie yells at them to stop but mostly just stands there and watches. Jesse stamps out the burning pictures, but there's not much left. Maxie walks in, wondering what's going on. Dillon says he's sick of her and her detective boyfriend. He goes out to the hall and pulls the fire alarm, saying he's clearing this up once and for all. Everyone in the dorm runs out. Dillon tells them all there is no fire. He starts talking about Jesse, and they all worry that Dillon will ruin Jesse's cover. Dillon looks at the faces of Jesse, Maxie, and Georgie, so then he just says that Jesse thinks he's a pervert who slips drugs into girls' drinks and takes naked pictures of them. He informs them all that someone is doing this, but it's not him. He maintains his innocence. The RA Seth says he is going to call security. Jesse stops him. Dillon says he knows he's weird, that he likes movies more than people, and he doesn't get involved in college activities, but he states again that he's innocent, and Georgie backs him up. Dillon begs them all not to look at him like he's some kind of weirdo (especially the girls). He adds that someone else, possibly someone there, might be the dangerous person.


Lorenzo and Skye go to Kelly's. He tells her that he's missed her; she only wants to know where Luke is. He mentions that Luke is his rival, so she wonders who they are competing for. He smiles and hints that it is her, then he sees Javier Ruiz come down the stairs from his room, so he tells Skye she should leave immediately because she's in danger. She looks over at Ruiz, unsure. Lorenzo ushers her out and asks her to meet him at the park. She argues with him about it but finally goes, in a bit of a huff. Lorenzo goes back in and greets Javier. They shake hands. Javier tells Lorenzo that his brother Manny is in a Miami hospital and is not expected to wake up. Lorenzo expresses his sympathy and tells him that he's already phoned his father to offer his sympathy. Javier appreciates that but says he's in town to avenge his brother but has no quarrel with Lorenzo. Lorenzo is glad to hear it. Javier tells him he has a choice, he can either stay out of it or end up as collateral damage. Javier tells him that Sonny will be eliminated.

Nikolas and Courtney come in to their hotel room off the beach, wet from surfing. He throws her down on the bed, but both are laughing. They joke around and then kiss. They look out the window, glad to be away from everyone and everything, including guilt. They kiss and say romantic stuff, talking about how happy they are. There is more kissing, and then they have sex. Later, lying in bed, Nikolas tells her in an amazed way that he's lived near the water his entire life but never thought of going surfing. She says she loves the water and tells him about living in Atlantic City and gazing out over the ocean. She used to imagine quiet beaches with no tourists. He says he used to walk along the shores of his family's island in Greece. She is surprised to hear him say that they have their own island. He says he used to imagine all the other islands that the ocean touched and read about places he would like to visit. She asks him about his house there, and he says it was a villa with 50 rooms. She is a little shocked and says that sounds like a hotel. He replies that most of them were empty. She tells him that she lived in a 2-bedroom 1 3/4 bathroom apartment with her mom, but he doesn't know what a 3/4 bathroom is. She explains, laughing, that it is a shower instead of a bathtub. He admits he's never lived in an apartment, and she says teasingly that she's never lived in a 50-room villa, either. They kiss. He says they both come from different backgrounds, but they both used to look out at the ocean and dream about far-away places. She looks into his eyes and says that maybe their dreams came true. They kiss some more. Later, Courtney and Nikolas return to their room in the middle of dinner because she is feeling nauseous (uh-oh!). She apologizes as he brings her some water. He thinks it might be from the surfing they did earlier. He pets her head as she drinks the water. She suddenly runs to the bathroom, holding her hand over her mouth. Later, she lies down in her robe with a cold cloth on her head. Nikolas tells her a story about his crazy relatives to get her mind off feeling sick. She laughs as he tells the story about a tea party with some weird Russian relatives. She tells him that he makes being seasick kind of fun. He kisses her hand and thanks her. She says she will have to talk to the surfing instructor tomorrow because she can't surf if this is going to happen every time.

Jax and Elizabeth are unconscious in his car after having crashed (he swerved to avoid hitting Carly). Sonny runs up and sees Carly sitting there in her delusional world. He is grateful she is okay. She says she's sorry over and over as they look at the car in shock. Jax awakens, dazed, and asks Elizabeth how she's doing, but she's still out cold. Jax phones for help on his cell. Sonny overhears the call. Without revealing to Jax he's there, he goes to grab Carly and they leave. Jax tells Elizabeth to hang on.

Carly goes back to Sonny's house in a daze. She isn't sure what happened and is mixing it up with Charlotte's crash of years ago. Sonny tells her not to worry about it and that she's safe. Sonny asks her not to wander around. Emily appears outside and catches Sonny's eye to come outside. Carly wonders why she's there, so Sonny reminds her that she's taking care of the kids and probably has to tell him something about that. Carly asks him to make sure to tell Emily to sing to Morgan and make sure the kids brush their teeth. Sonny goes out and tells Emily what happened with the car accident. He asks her to go to the hospital and find out if Elizabeth is all right and whether they know Carly was involved. Sony tries to get Carly to change clothes or take a nap, but she is reluctant. She can tell something is making him sad. He just tells her it will work out. She asks if she can do something, so he just tells her to trust him because that helps him. She says she understands. He is worried that Durant will show up, but Carly says they just won't let him in. She remembers that he was there before and told her that Sonny would send her back to Shady Brook. Sonny declares that he would never do that. She asks him to promise her that she can stay there. He promises and she hugs him. He hugs her back and whispers that everything will be okay.

Back at Jax's car, Durant comes up to offer his assistance. Jax tells him he already called 911 and explains that he swerved to miss some idiot who ran out into the street. He thinks it was a "him". Durant asks if he saw who it was, but just then Elizabeth awakens, asking for Lucky. Jax tells her that she was in an accident. She asks if the baby is okay, but he doesn't know what to say. We hear sirens in the distance.

Elizabeth is taking to the ER in GH, with Jax following. Dr. Meadows questions Elizabeth about how she feels. They keep Jax from going on with them, so he has to wait in the waiting room. Lucky arrives and grabs Jax, wondering what he did to Elizabeth. Jax tells him to back off, saying she might lose the baby. Lucky accuses Jax of only caring about the baby. Emily comes up and asks if the baby is all right. Lucky yells at Jax some more about the accident. Jax explains what happened. Jax now thinks it might have been a woman, but he's not sure. By the expression on Emily's face, it looks like she is realizing that Carly is the one who jumped out and that this situation is very bad.

Jax vows to find out the person who caused the accident and make them pay. Lucky keeps grilling Jax. Elizabeth is wheeled out, so Lucky goes running over to her. She tells them she is fine and so is the baby. They are all relieved. When Elizabeth and Lucky hug, she reaches a hand out to Jax, who takes it. Emily watches them with concern. Lucky and Jax apologize to each other for fighting. Emily and Elizabeth are shocked that they are being so nice to each other. Jax thinks they should all work together to give the child a great life. Lucky's main concern is that Elizabeth should be happy. Emily suggests that Lucky take Elizabeth home. Lucky says she can fill out the accident report in the morning. She says she doesn't remember much but thinks it was a woman that jumped out in front of the car. She says it doesn't matter, anyway, since no one got hurt.

Reese arrives at Sonny's place because he phoned for her. She asks what happened, so he explains about the accident and how Carly is so confused. Reese asks what Sonny is going to do. Sonny plans to cover for Carly so she knows she wasn't involved in this accident. Reese argues with him that this is not a good idea for him, Carly, or anyone. He is torn about what to do and still hopes Carly will get better. He asks Reese to help him cover up her part in it. He is worried about how Durant might put spin on this to get Carly away from him. Elizabeth phones to say that everyone is okay and that no one knows it was Carly that ran out in front of the car. There is a loud pounding on the door. Sonny knows it's Durant. Sonny asks Reese if she's in with him or not. Reese doesn't answer for sure because she's worried about Carly and how she's been acting. Durant comes in and tells Sonny to give him his daughter. He tells Sonny that Carly was involved in a serious car accident, so she needs help. They wonder how he knows that, so he tells them that Jax and Elizabeth are witnesses. They ask him if he's really sure about that. He threatens them with a lawsuit, so Reese pulls out the naughty pictures she took of him. Sonny laughs at the pictures with her. Durant points out that Sonny is in the middle of a mob war and that the Ruiz family is going to take him out. He says he will have the last laugh because then he will be Carly and her boys' legal guardian. Durant stomps out after that. Sonny asks Reese if she took the pictures, and she admits she did. He is glad she did it. Sonny goes back to worrying about Carly; he says that if Elizabeth would have gotten hurt tonight, it would have been on his head.

In the park, Skye jumps when Lorenzo comes up unexpectedly. He laughs because she is so jumpy. She heard the sirens in the park and it made her worry, she explains. When he mentions that she was in danger at Kelly's, she explains that she doesn't do danger. She babbles on about what she does do (room service, massage, etc.) but he interrupts her with a kiss. Skye breaks away, wondering why he did that. He points out that they have kissed before, but she says that was different because they were putting on a show for Luke. He asks if she was offended. She doesn't answer that but instead reminds him that she is involved with Luke, if he ever returns, contacts her, or divorces Tracy. He smiles at what she says. Skye is clearly affected by the kiss but tries to change the subject. She asks why she was in danger. He says she's not, but that's not good enough for her, so he explains the situation with the Ruiz family and Sonny. He says she's not in danger because he just convinced a key member of the Ruiz family that he's not a threat. She is shocked that he considers her his "lady friend". She wonders if Lorenzo has really left the crime world or if he is just waiting for the others to kill each other off.

Georgie and Maxie go to Kelly's. They argue about Dillon's action and whether he's guilty or not. Maxie wonders why he was burning the pictures. Georgie maintains that Dillon is being framed. Maxie worries about the evidence that is piling up against him. She thinks Dillon should cooperate with Jesse, but Georgie only wants to prove Dillon's innocent. She tells Maxie to stay away, then she stalks off. Nearby, Javier has overheard their conversation. He says to Maxie, "Little sisters...they can be so frustrating" and smiles. She smiles back at him. She explains that most of the time she is the one who acts like the little sister because Georgie is the sensible one. Javier asks if this means she is impulsive. Maxie admits that she has been but is trying to learn from her mistakes. Meanwhile, Jesse arrives at Kelly's and sees them through the window. Javier tells her that if you're too sensible, life is boring. She wonders if he's flirting with her. He asks, smiling if it would do any good, so she replies that it wouldn't because she has a boyfriend. Outside, Jesse goes to make a phone call but sees Durant walking toward Kelly's, so he stops him. He asks Durant if he recognizes the guy. Durant tells him it's Javier Ruiz. Jesse recognizes the name from the Miami mob. Durant tells him that he assumes he is there to kill Sonny, so Jesse and the other cops need to stay out of his way and let him do it.

Lucky takes Elizabeth back home, literally carrying her into their place. They sit on the couch with her half on his lap. He wishes the baby were his but says he will love it. He mentions Jax. She knows that it won't be easy sharing everything with Jax, but he knows that it will be good for the baby and her. She says that every time she thinks she can't love him more, she finds out that she can. They kiss. Next we see them unfolding their couch-bed. Lucky is glad they both can sleep him tomorrow. She goes to get some water. He wonders if he can take the whole day off, since he's been taking so many extra shifts. He is chatting when he hears a crash. He rushes into the kitchen and Elizabeth is kneeling on the ground in pain.

Back at the hospital, Emily is surprised that Jax is still around. He tells her that he has been asking Dr. Meadows all about Elizabeth's condition, the baby, and the tests she took. Emily is there to set up an appointment for Michael for his annual checkup and filling out paperwork. Jax notes that Sonny is glad to have Emily around while Carly is not feeling well. Emily says that Sonny does his share and that he's a devoted father. Jax notes that it makes a difference in a kid's life when his father puts him first. He doesn't know if Sonny counts in that regard, but he knows his own father did. Jax shows Emily a picture of him and his dad that he carries in his wallet (from when he was six). Jax explains they weren't always rich and the picture was taken before they were. He says they camped out in the car and hiked through the woods. He reminisces about how his father taught him to respect nature and to believe in himself. He says his father always loved him, no matter what. He wants to do the same thing for his child. Emily says he will be a wonderful father. Jax hopes he can be half as good as John Jacks was to him, but he'll try.

Emily goes to Sonny's and tells him and Reese again that nobody knows that Carly is the one that caused the accident. Emily wonders what will happen next time. Sonny says he won't ask either of them again to cover for Carly. Reese points out that he may not have a choice. Sonny says that if Carly hurts anyone else, it will prove to him that he can't help her and he will have to have her committed. Of course, Carly is listening from the top of the stairs when he says this.

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