GH Update Thursday 9/22/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/22/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE HOSPITAL: Jax and Elizabeth have just signed papers ensuring they will share joint custody of the baby. They're both very happy. Jax gives Elizabeth a gift -- a little baby rattle, and then leaves. Just then, Liz gets a call from Lucky asking her to meet him at the park right away.

KELLY'S: Maxie and Dillon are at a table in the diner -- Maxie is trying to set Dillon up by trying to talk to him about the footage he shot of Georgie asleep in bed. Dillon sees through it and gets mad at Maxie for thinking he's the PCU stalker.

GREYSTONE: Carly sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night, and attempts to leave through the patio door. Sonny catches her and tells her that if she really wants to go, she can leave at any time because none of the doors are locked.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is shocked because Reese is asking him to take out Javier Ruiz. Reese warns him that it may be the only way to save Sonny's life.

DILLON AND LUCAS' DORM ROOM: Georgie barges into the dorm room -- Lucas is not happy that she neglected to knock. Georgie is too upset that everyone thinks that Dillon is guilty. Jesse shows up and warns her to be careful around Dillon.

KELLY'S: Dillon explodes at Maxie, demanding to know how she could possibly suspect him. Mike comes over to them. Dillon explains the situation, blows up at Maxie again and storms out of the diner. Mike and Maxie comment that they have never seen Dillon so upset before.

THE HOSPITAL: Lainey and Justus are at the hospital discussing the PCU stalker when they are joined by Jax, who needs to speak to Justus. Lainey leaves and Jax tells Justus that he and Elizabeth have reached an agreement about joint custody. Justus is please to hear it.

THE PARK: Elizabeth shows up to meet Lucky and is shocked to see him there with Emily, Audrey (Elizabeth's grandmother) and a minister. Lucky wants them to get married immediately now that the custody papers have been signed. Emily even has a dress for Liz to wear. Liz is very happy.

GREYSTONE: Sonny assures Carly that she will be safe with him, that she can get better at her own pace. Carly beats herself up over the fact that she imagined Sonny's proposal to her and set up a wedding for them over it. Sonny promises her that she is not crazy, she just needs time to heal. Carly asks him why he doesn't just get rid of her?

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Reese tries to get Jason to understand how serious the situation is with Javier Ruiz coming after Sonny personally. Jason tells her that he has given up his job as a hit man. Reese gives him a picture of Javier and tells Jason that Javier has taken a room above Kelly's. She wants him to kill Javier to save Sonny. She leaves and Jason goes to get his gun out of a locked box in the closet. Sam stops him and says that she won't let him do this.

Almost immediately, Sam backs down, remembering that Jason doesn't like people to make decisions for him. She just wants him to realize that he shouldn't do something that he doesn't feel is right in the first place...that going against his instincts could get him killed. Jason just wants everyone connected to Sonny to leavea him alone. He leaves the penthouse.

KELLY'S/DILLON AND LUCAS' DORM ROOM: Maxie, at Kelly's, calls Jesse while he is lurking around the dorm room in the dark, looking for evidence against Dillon. Maxie tells Jesse about her attempt to get information out of Dillon earlier, and that Dillon freaked out and left the diner. Suddenly, someone comes into the room and hits Jesse on the head, so that he falls to the floor unconscious. As Maxie frantically tries to ask Jesse if he's okay, the camera pans up and we see that the person who hit Jesse is Dillon himself.

THE PARK: The wedding ceremony is underway when suddenly Lucky gets a call on his cell phone. He answers it -- it's Maxie, who tells him that Jesse may be in trouble. She explains her call to Jesse earlier and Lucky promises to take care of it. He hangs up and returns to the ceremony, where Liz tells him that if he needs to take care of work, he should go and they can get married another time. He quickly leaves to find Jesse.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Carly that he understands how she's feeling right now, and all she has to do is trust that what he's telling her is the truth, and that he'll be safe with her. Just then, Sam comes into the mansion. She needs to speak to Sonny immediately. Sonny leaves Carly alone to go talk with Sam in the other room. She tells Sonny that he needs to stop Jason before he gets himself killed.

KELLY'S: Jason is lurking outside of Kelly's. Through the window he can see Javier Ruiz inside the diner. Jason gets his gun ready to shoot.

THE PARK: Audrey tries to make Elizabeth feel better, but Liz tells her that she really is okay and they'll have the ceremony later. Audrey promises to put the cake in the freezer, then leaves. Emily, alone with Liz, assures Liz that she and Lucky will eventually have a proper wedding. Liz says that she's never been happier than she is right now. Emily says that she should be happy with no regrets, as she deserves it.

DILLON AND LUCAS' DORM ROOM: When Lucky arrives, Dillon, Maxie and Jesse are alone in the dorm room. Lucky asks what happened and Dillon explains that he thought Jesse was an intruder, so he hit Jesse on the head. Jesse wonders if that means that Dillon has something to hide. Dillon gets upset again and storms out of the dorm room.

KELLY'S: Georgie comes by the diner, where Mike informs her that she just missed Dillon. They talk about the things Dillon has been accused of. Georgie is upset that people suspect Dillon of being the stalker. She leaves the diner.

As Georgie leaves the diner, Javier Ruiz also goes out onto the patio, where he sits at one of the tables there and answers a call on his cell phone. (Jason is lurking nearby, waiting for the right moment to shoot.) The call is apparently from Javier's young daughter. As Javier talks, chiding the girl for being out of bed, Jason watches. Realizing that Javier has a family seems to weaken Jason's resolve to shoot him.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Sam argue over what to do about Jason. Sam warns Sonny that Jason is not himself...and they can't be sure what he will do in the condition he's in right now.

Meanwhile, Carly goes out onto the patio at Greystone. She is joined by John, who tries to convince her to leave Sonny's with him so that he can take her some place that's more safe. He asks Carly to trust him. Carly doesn't answer.

Back inside, Sonny reminds Sam that if he interferes with Jason's hit, it could throw Jason off and put him in danger. Sonny also reminds Sam that when she decided to be a part of Jason's life she accepted his job as a hit now they must respect what Jason has decided to do. With that, he goes back inside the room where Carly is supposed to be waiting for him. But she's gone. One of the guards alerts him that one of the other men saw Carly driving away with John Durant.

KELLY'S: Justus and Lainey are on a date at Kelly's. They flirt a bit as Dillon enters and goes to the counter to get his stuff, which he'd left earlier. Mike tells Dillon that he's sorry this happening to him. Dillon notes that that puts Mike in the minority at the moment.

Lainey, seeing Dillon, asks Justus if that's the young man that Justus thinks fits her profile. Dillon comes over to them and Justus introduces Lainey and Dillon. Dillon asks Justus to make sure that when Tracy returns to town that she doesn't find out what's going on with the investigation. Dillon leaves and Lainey comments that that's what a lot of the guilty ones look like.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily and Elizabeth are back at the hospital discussing the non-wedding. Emily leaves and Jax comes over to speak to Liz. She tells him about her latest attempt to marry Lucky and how it was called off. Jax wants to make Elizabeth a deal -- if she lets him take her out for an ice cream tonight, then he will give her and Lucky a wonderful honeymoon. Liz accepts. They discuss Jax's hopes to be a good father, the way his own father was good to him.

THE PARK: Carly is running in the park when she sees something on the ground -- it's the wedding boquet that Elizabeth apparently left behind. Holding the flowers makes Carly remember her attempt to marry Sonny the other day. She is about to run again when John, running, finally catches up with her. Apparently she ran from his car when she saw policemen on the road up ahead -- she assumed the policemen were going to take her to a mental hospital. John promises her that the cops were only there directing a traffic jam. He wants Carly to trust him to protect her from Sonny.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is watching the news, which is reporting on the ongoing investigation into the shooting of Manny Ruiz the other day at the park. She is surprised when Jason returns. He tells her that he could have killed Ruiz -- he had the perfect shot, but it would have only been the first step to becoming someone he doesn't want to be.

KELLY'S: Elizabeth and Jax are eating ice cream at Kelly's. Elizabeth notes that he seems quiet and he tells her that he's still thinking about his father -- that his father would not have been proud to know of Jax's plan to fight for sole custody. Elizabeth reminds him that he didn't go through with it. He thanks her for being understanding. They talk about parenting for a bit. Jax is worried that he might not be a good parent, but she reassures him otherwise. He does a little dance, shaking the baby rattle around. Liz laughs and takes the rattle from him teasingly.

Outside Kelly's, Maxie and Jesse are discussing the possibility that Dillon is the stalker. Maxie notes that Dillon's not the only one in the room where the evidence was found -- meaning Lucas. She also reminds Jesse that Dillon couldn't even have an accomplice because he's such a loner. In any case, Georgie would never believe that Dillon could be the stalker. As they talk, they don't see Lucas peering at them from the window inside Kelly's.

DILLON AND LUCAS' DORM ROOM: Dillon returns to the dorm room, throws his stuff down and plops down on the bed. He turns on some music and just lays there for a bit. Just then, he notices some pictures taped to the underside of the shelf near the bed. He takes the pictures out, looks at them, and then suddenly flings them away in surprised disgust.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason tells Sam that he couldn't kill Javier because he remembered what she said, that he shouldn't do what he feels isn't right. Plus, he doesn't want to carry the burden of Javier's death. Sam says she never realized how terrible this must be for him, to have had to make decisions about killing people day in and day out. Jason says the worst part was how natural it felt when he was about to kill Javier. He's worried that the only life he's good for is the one he had before.

THE PARK: John tells Carly that Sonny has moved on from her to Reese...that Sonny is trying to keep her from her children, to keep her from getting help. Carly argues with him, saying that Sonny promised to keep her safe. John yells that Sonny is a liar. Carly starts to cry and John calms down and tells her that all he wants as her father is for her to be happy. He promises he would never send her away, he would let her stay with her and the kids could come visit and she could get better. Just as he is about to convince her to leave with him, Sonny comes over to them and yells at John to leave her alone.

DILLON AND LUCAS' DORM ROOM: Dillon is in the process of burning the pictures in the wastebasket when Georgie enters the room. She asks him what he's doing -- he looks at her guiltily.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam says that they have each other, and that's a good start. Jason says that he just wants her to be safe. Sam replies that as long as he takes his medication they can continue to hope for the best. Shr reminds him that whether he remembers their past together or not, the most important thing is that his heart is the same, the way he treats her is the same, and the way that she trusts him is the same -- those things will never change. Jason leans toward her and they kiss. After the kiss, Jason gets up, reaches his hand out to her, and together they go upstairs to the bedroom.

THE PARK: John and Sonny get into a middle of an argument over who should be protecting Carly right now. John promises Sonny if he tries to take Carly he will call the cops. Carly, hearing the word "cops" freaks out and ends up running off. Sonny and John chase after her.

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky arrives at the hospital, where Emily tells him that Elizabeth got a ride home from Jax. Lucky is worried that Elizabeth is upset that he bailed on their wedding. Emily reminds him that Elizabeth loves him and isn't going anywhere.

JAX'S CAR: Jax is driving Elizabeth home. They laugh a bit about their conflicting taste in music.

As they drive, they don't see Carly -- dazed and confused -- running out into the middle of the road. As the car approaches, Carly stays still in one place. Elizabeth sees Carly first and yells at Jax that someone is in the road. Jax swerves the car, but it looks like it's too late.

Sonny reaches the scene and is shocked to see the car crash.

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