GH Update Wednesday 9/21/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/21/05


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Reese returns to Durant’s room while he is still bound and gagged. He cannot talk but is very angry. She removes the gag and he demands that she uncuffs him right away. Right then, a strange blond woman dressed in sexy clothes appears. Reese photographs her and Durant on the bed while he’s handcuffed.. He tells her she will not get away with blackmailing him.

From Ric’s hospital room, he has a nightmare of the shooting. Right then, Lorenzo enters and informs Ric that the family of Immanuel Ruiz has asked him to confirm Ric’s “role” in his shooting.

Sam comes home carrying groceries and notices that Jason is gone. She calls Sonny to find out it he’s seen him. But right then, Jason enters. He tells her he just went for a walk. She tells him she’s sorry. She may have just overreacted. He tells her he meant what he said. He’s not going anywhere.

Georgie is with Dillon in Kelly’s and tells him this could be their last meal together before she gets shipped off to boarding school. She tells him that she has 24 hours to change her parents’ minds. She can run away or refuse to go. She then tells him she can run away with him and go to Texas. She talks about how she will not be comfortable with all of the Texans. He tells her she needs not come with him. He can send her movies and everything. She tells him she’s afraid he will forget about her because he will be so far away.

Maxie protests to her stepfather that she does not believe that Dillon is in on the drugging and photographing of naked girls in their sleep. He shows her that Dillon did shoot something with his camera not long ago. He shows Georgie sleeping and probably being unaware that he’s in her room and asks her if she still believes that her sister is safe with him.

At the hospital, Justus tells Dr. Winter that he really appreciates what she did for Carly last night. But he urges her not to tell the cops that she is not at Shadybrook.

Reese looks at the photos she’s just taken of Durant and the blond “service provider”. He tells her she will not get away with it. Ric Lansing shot and murdered three of the Ruiz boys and he will prosecute him. She tells him that he must close and throw away the files on Ric. He tells her that he will not and he can prove that he’s been set up. She asks who will believe him. He asks her if Sonny knows that she is “doing” his brother. She then takes the photos with her and tells him she will let the maid know he’s ready to clean up the mess.

Lorenzo tells Ric that Immanuel told him that he shot the three of them and walked away. One of them is in a coma. Lorenzo tells Ric he knows there is no way that Ric could have single-handedly shot all three of them. Jason Morgan must have helped him. Ric tells Lorenzo that Jason does not remember his own name any more. Lorenzo tells Ric that he knows what happened. And that could cost Ric his life.

Jason tells Sam that he can tell that there is something wrong with his brain. He’s either shooting or being shot at. He asks her what he used to say to her. She tells him that he wasn’t much for telling her that she was beautiful or anything. He used to tell her that she understood him, didn’t ask questions or panic over situations that came up. She tells him that was the way he was. He’d express his true feelings and did not just tell people what they wanted to hear. Hearing that, he tells her he likes the way she explains things. He tells her that he could have gotten on an airplane or bus. But he knew that he’d be leaving her behind. She tells him that she usually thinks of her deceased daughter as their guardian angel. She tells him that if things do work out for them, that will be great. But if he decides he wants to leave Port Charles, she will totally understand that. He tells her that the only thing he is really sure of right now is her. He asks her what a “normal night” for them would be. She tells him they never had “normal nights” because every day when he goes off, she is not certain he will come back. He asks her what she thinks they would do if they had a normal life. She admits that dinner and a movie will not happen in their present situation. But she knows that Michael and Morgan are important to them. They could go for rides out in the country. They could really enjoy bubble baths. Then she talks about how he loves to shop for bath salts with her, goes with her to the mall and helps her paint her toenails. After hearing that, he laughs and knows she’s fibbing him. She tells him that what they do together does not matter to her as long as they are together.

Justus knows that the cops want to question Dr. Winter about what she knows in regard to Carly. And he tells her he can represent her. But they tell them this has nothing to do with Carly. They want to know what she knows about the campus perv who is drugging and photographing young women.

Dillon and Lucas are in Kelly’s. He tells her he’d like to see her later on tonight. She tells him she is booked all day. He asks if she has a problem with being alone with her or if she might think that he drugged her and took pictures. She tells him she really doesn’t want to. He seems very disappointed that she might doubt him.

Maxie tells Mac that maybe he’s overreacting just because Dillon photographed Georgie when she was sleeping. She was fully clothed. She tells him that boarding school might not be the answer. Right at that moment, Georgie enters and tells him there is no way that he’s going to keep her away from Dillon

Lorenzo tells Ric that Immanuel will want payback for what happened to his brother. He tells Ric that Sonny has relied upon Jason Morgan. Ric tells him that Sonny and himself will be just fine without Jason. Lorenzo then tells Ric that he may be on Sonny’s side right now. But it might not be enough. Reese comes by and hears their conversation and tells Ric that those Ruiz guys are lethal and he has no idea what he’s in for.

Jesse and Lucky tell Dr. Winters that she needs to look at patient records and whatever files she has from university students. She tells them that her first responsibility is her patients, not working for them. Lucky reminds her that this type of situation is not foreign to her. She has experience in the field. This guy has been drugging numerous girls and they need to catch him somehow.

Georgie tells Mac that she refuses to go to boarding school. He tells her that she is doing this for her own good. Maxie asks him what if he is wrong and Dillon is not guilty. Would he still want her to go to boarding school? Mac, then gets on the phone and Maxie asks Georgie if she is really certain that Dillon is innocent. Georgie tells her absolutely.

Jason tells Sam that if he stays in Port Charles, he will need to get a job. She tells him that Sonny can help him. He tells her he will not take Sonny’s money or have anything to do with his way of life. He asks her what they will do for money. She tells him he likes motorcycles. He could work at a shop and go away somewhere. She could pick up some work. He tells her he just wants to find something in town that does not involve hurting people.

Ric tells Reese that he’s crossed lines in the last few days that he’s never done before and he cannot go back. She tells him that he does not know about this way of life. If he keeps antagonizing these people, he will end up dead or charged with murder. And she reveals that she has some secret that she is hiding from him.

Lucas tells Dillon that he believes he did not do it. He tells him he’s a really weird dude but he’s not a pervert. He says he knows how it feels since he was also under suspicion. Dillon tells him that he never thought that his own friends would turn on him. Lucas reminds him that Georgie is on his side. He realizes that she is. But he’d never expect Brook Lynn to suspect him. She’s one of his best friends and his niece. Brook Lynn is then outside with Diego. She seems to believe he is innocent. He asks her if there is anything about Dillon that she knows and has not told anybody.

Georgie protests to Mac that Dillon is an artist and had to “practice” so he photographed her when she was sleeping that one time. He asks her if she thinks it’s ok for him to be doing this to countless other girls. She asks him why he would assume that he would. He asks her if she’s ever asked him. She tells him she would not because she trusts him and believes in him.

Sam takes Jason to meet a guy she used to freelance for. Jason tells her that maybe she can teach him to do what she did. She tells her contact that she used to operate a crane but it was a long time ago. The guy seems to know Jason. Sam tells him that Jason is not still into the work he used to do. The guy tells Jason that he can work for an hour and he will give Jason $50 for the first hour.

Reese tells Ric that she is looking out for him. She tells him what Durant wanted to pull with her and how she out-smarted him. She shows him the pictures. He thanks her for helping him. She tells him she is his friend who cares about him. And she is in love with his brother. He tells her that Sonny needs his help. She, again, tells him he cannot get mixed up in fighting Sonny’s battles.

Georgie comes to see Dillon again. He tells her the world is officially crazy. His friends hate and suspect him. He is an outcast. He’s James Dean. She tells him there is good news. Mac backed out on sending her to boarding school. And he showed her the video Dillon made of her while she was sleeping. But she talked him out of boarding school.

Lucky then presents the photo with Dillon’s fingerprints on it to Mac. But he tells Mac that he believes that Dillon is a good kid. Mac tells him that that is the very reason why he can be subtle about this and get away with it. He tells him about Dillon’s history of being dragged around to so many different places and schools and being raised by Tracy Quartermaine. No wonder he hates women, Mac tells Lucky. And he says that he will no longer overlook what Dillon is doing. He believes he’s ruining his daughter’s life and something must be done about it.

The guy who just hired Jason asks if he is really done working for Sonny Corinthos. Jason confirms that he really is serious that he wants no more involvement in that way of life.

Sam returns home and Reese tells her that Jason is in some really big trouble. Javier Ruiz is coming up from Miami and he’s after Jason and Sonny.

Justus assumes that the cops are harassing Dr. Winter about Carly and he tells her he will file charges against them for harassment. She seems much calmer and asks him what he knows about Diego Alcazar. He then appears surprised that this was not the case that he thought it would be. He tells her that Diego is tough and macho, looks up to his father and became rich overnight. She tells him she knows the type of personality, childhood and mental illness their perv on campus is.

Dillon then writes something on his laptop. Maxie asks if he might be interested in making a movie with her.

Durant enters Ric’s room. Ric smirks about what a “naughty boy” Durant has been. Durant tells Ric that he may have “won this round” and knows that his girlfriend helped him this time. But he sounds like he’s threatening Reese. Ric tells Durant that he will be sorry if he does anything to her. Durant tells Ric that he will not have to do anything to anybody. The Ruiz boys will do all of that for him. They will go after him. Then they will go for the big fish, who is Sonny. And Durant says, if he is lucky, they will take Jason out too.

Unknown to Jason and Sam, Lorenzo is paying that guy who hired Jason to operate the crane for him. Lorenzo asks him never to tell Jason or Sonny that Jason is actually working for him. He agrees.

Reese tells Sam that if Jason did not remember who he was before, then maybe he won’t get in trouble. Sam tells Reese that all she wants is for Jason to be happy. Reese tells Sam that it is very important that Jason does “one last job”. He’s the only person qualified to do it and Sam must “make” him do it. Jason then enters and asks them what they are talking about him doing.

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