GH Update Tuesday 9/20/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/20/05


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After Jason has left, Sam cries and grabs onto the star necklace he gave her. Right then, she gets a knock on the door from Detective Rodriquez from the PCPD. She tells them Jason is gone and will not be available for questioning about the shooting.

Emily tells Jax that although she does not approve of Nikolas sneaking off with Emily, she realizes he did the same thing to him with Zander as he is now doing to her with Courtney.

Sonny enters the house to notice a big wedding cake and flowers and candles all around. Right then, Carly enters in a wedding dress, tells him the priest will be there any second and all he has to do is say: “I do.” He tells her they cannot get married tonight. She asks him if he does not love her. He tells her he loves her and always will. She tells him that she heard him tell her he wanted her to be his wife again. Right then, the priest enters and tells them he understands he has an important duty to attend to. Sonny tells him that he was not expecting him. The priest says no problem. Sonny may call him to reschedule. But Carly says they must get married now.

Jax tells Emily that Nikolas had no respect for the bond of matrimony in the past or now when she was married to Zander. She tells him that Zander married her on her deathbed. And she never fully understood the pain that Nikolas must have felt. And she tells him that he is very cynical about Courtney. He tells her that Courtney believed that he never loved her and she was nothing more than a “play” for him. And he admits that may have been right. And he tells her he still wonders why Courtney never told him what was going on with her, why she felt inadequate and instead went to Nikolas. Emily tells him that she has kept many secrets from Nikolas. And that is what secrets do. They destroy your faith and trust.

After Lucky has managed to “entrap” Jax and Elizabeth comes home from work, they both seem happy.

Jason goes to Sam’s baby daughter’s gravesite. He tells the spirit of the deceased baby that he remembers her mommy setting up this gravesite and he remembers hoping she is in a better place and that heaven is beautiful. He tells her he must say a prayer for her mommy. Sam loves her more than anything and has been hurt too much and doesn’t deserve any more hurt. Sam then comes to find him. She tells him that he chose this gravesite and took care of everything for her. He tells her he’s glad that she likes it. She tells him that they went together to the grave and he told her baby goodbye. She tells him that she tried but was not ready. And she tells him that’s why she came there tonight. To say goodbye.

Jax goes to Lucky and Elizabeth’s and tells them that he’d like to discuss the issue of trust. He informs Elizabeth that Lucky is blackmailing him.

Sonny asks Carly what they are going to do with the fact that she is still legally married to Alcazar. This would not be a legal marriage. She tells him that does not matter. Right then, Emily walks in and asks if she is interrupting something. Carly tells her that she and Sonny are just ready to get married. He tells Carly privately that they have been married three times. They have two beautiful children. He will never regret that. And even in the bad times, he always loved her. She tells him that they still love each other and must say their vows. He tells her they cannot ever again.

By the gravesite, Jason asks Sam if she’s going to be ok. She tells him yes and he may not remember this about her but she is a survivor She always manages to be ok. He tells her she’s always been great to him. She’s always tried to explain everything. He tells her that he realizes that his life must have made sense to him when it was the way it was. But he hopes that he protected her also. She tells him he was always there for her. He reminds her that he’s forgotten everything. He still has his skills. But he doesn’t like to remember that he killed people for a living. She tells him that she knows he does not trust himself but it’s so strange to her because she trusts him more than anybody she’s ever met. She tells him that even before they got to know each other very well, whenever he was with her, he made her feel safe. He tells her he wishes he could remember loving her.

After Jax has revealed to Elizabeth that Lucky is blackmailing her, she asks him what he is talking about. He tells her that Lucky does not trust that he will honor the shared-custody agreement. So he used this tape as a weapon. Lucky tells them he is not worried about what will happen when he plays the tape for Elizabeth.

Emily finds Dr. Winters and tells her about her “friend” (Carly) who is having a nervous breakdown. But Justus is ready to take Dr. Winters to their dinner date. She then blurts out to them that Carly believes she is going to marry Sonny tonight. Dr. Winters recalls that she heard that Carly has been taken to Shadybrook. Justus clarifies that that did not happen. Sonny kept her out of there. Dr. Winters tells Emily that Carly is not her patient and not her responsibility. But Emily urges her to know that Sonny is in a desperate situation and needs help with his crazy ex-wife.

Sonny tells Carly that she must remember what always goes wrong when they try to get back together and encourages her to know that she will be ok. She then cries and tells him that everything is ruined. She ordered this cake for nothing. She’s a bad mom. She ruined everything. But he shouts at her: “no!” And she holds a knife like she’s going to cut him. He gets her to let go of it. She asks if he is mad at her. She then notices that he’s bleeding. But he tells her she does not need to freak. It was just an accident.

Lucky plays the tape where Jax threatens to expose Elizabeth’s history with her men and pregnancies. And not only would Elizabeth lose his child, he reminds Lucky in the tape. She might lose Cameron to foster care. Jax then tells her he’s sorry she had to hear that. And he swears to her on their child’s life that he will never hurt her. She asks why she should believe him. He tells her that he brought this tape over to come clean. And he wants their baby to grow up in two loving homes. With him and with her. He then goes out the door. Alone with Lucky, Elizabeth takes the tape out of the cassette and destroys it. He doesn’t seem to want her to do that.

Jason tells Sam that he remembers sitting there and thought about holding the baby, how she looked, how he felt. And he wanted to make himself remember what happened next. He must have set her down. He asks Sam if he walked out of the room or sat down by Sam. He then apologizes to Sam for bringing back painful memories. She tells him it’s ok. He concludes that her daughter would want her to be happy. Even if he never remembers anything he knows he wants to stay with her. She holds him.

Elizabeth still believes that Jax must want what is best for the child. And that’s what he figured out tonight when he came over there, she tell shim. He asks her if she still wants shared custody. She tells him that she wishes he would have faith that it will work out. He tells her he has faith in her.

Emily, Dr. Winters and Justus go to Sonny’s and tell Carly that they need to bandage up Sonny’s hand. He tells them he’s fine and there’s no cause for worry. Dr. Winters talks in a friendly way to Carly, that her ex-husband is the macho kind. Carly laughs and tells her she really understands him well. She tells Carly that the dress is so beautiful; she doesn’t want to get any blood on it. She asks to go and check out the dress with her. Sonny, Emily and Justus go into the other room. Sonny asks Emily why she brought the shrink down there. Emily protests that Carly needs help and attacked him. Dr. Winters took time away from her date with Justus as a personal favor for her and for Sonny and Carly. He tells Emily that he needs to be able to decide what to do with his own wife. But he admits that Carly is getting worse and he does not know how to help her. He then comes out and asks Carly to go upstairs with Emily to change her dress. She happily agrees, tells Dr. Winters it’s nice to meet her and tells Justus it was good to see him again. Alone with Dr. Winters, Sonny asks what she wants to do with his wife. She tells him that she doesn’t want to take her to an institution against her will. But Carly does need psychiatric care. Justus then asks her why she cannot help Carly. She tells them that she cannot take on Carly’s case unless she really can help her.

Sonny tells Emily that he feels terrible about how exhausted Carly must be after putting all these things together. Emily reminds Sonny that he is not keeping her prisoner here tonight. She has charge cards, access to phones and no locks to keep her there against her will. He tells her that if he had married her tonight, she might have been happy. She tells him he must realize that he is really helping Carly. He asks what will happen if Carly never gets better. Emily encourages Sonny to realize that what she saw him do in regard to Carly, tonight was real love. And she believes that Carly will get better because of him.

Jason and Sam return home. It looks like he’s had a change of plans. He tells her he’s hungry. She tells him they can order some Chinese. He asks her what his favorite dishes are. She tells him he likes almost all Chinese. He is not crazy about delicacies. She tells him that the only time she saw him show fear was one time when he saw her try squid. He tells her it’s meant so much to be with her and relive that memory with her tonight. She tells him that he saved her once and she’s glad she can return the favor. And right then, he kisses her.

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