GH Update Monday 9/19/05

General Hospital Update Monday 9/19/05


Written By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he promises to be the “real father” to the baby. She tells him she knows he will but asks if he can “share” with Jax. And right then, Jax is at the door. Lucky reveals that he asked him to stop by to talk to him privately when Elizabeth has to go to work. She leaves and they are alone.

Nikolas and Courtney are ready to go at it again.

Jason is looking at pictures in his apartment. Right then, Sonny enters and talks to him just like he’s the “old Jason” with all of their strategies to cover their tracks after he took out Ruiz and his family. But Jason tells Sonny he needs to realize it’s over and he refuses to kill for him. Sonny tells Jason that he does not understand. He just did what Jason always did. But Jason tells him that was out of a reaction. Not out of following Sonny’s orders.

Emily and Sam talk about how they’re going to handle the situation with Jason regaining his memory. Realizing that his sister and his girlfriend both mean a lot to him, they agree that Sam needs to be the one to work on him to remember things. Carly is upstairs eavesdropping upon their conversation. Sam and Emily go out the door and Emily returns and notices that Carly has some secret piece of paper she’s stuffed in her pocket. Carly tells her it’s something private that Michael made for her. Emily tells Carly that she knows Michael loves his mom and she notices that Carly appears cheerful. Carly then notices that Emily has sapphire earrings and hears: “something blue”. She then “graciously” asks Emily to forgive her because she realizes she’s been pretty terrible to Emily in the past because she was Jason’s sister and she was jealous of Emily. She asks Emily if she can forgive her. Emily says of course. And Carly asks to borrow her earrings. Emily tells her she may but she just wants to make sure she gets them back. Carly tells Emily she will give them back “after today”. She reveals that she has some special plans and “after today” there will be some turning point in her life.

Jason tells Sonny that he does not understand why he would have “helped his friend” by killing people for him. Sonny tells Jason that he wasn’t just on the payroll. He was like a brother to Sonny.

Reese goes to see Ric in the hospital and reminds him that he should have stayed in bed and rested instead of playing the hero for his brother. He tells her that he remembers taking the gun and shooting Ruiz and he believes he sunk to a whole new level.

Jax tells Lucky that he realizes that it would be difficult enough if he was in his shoes having the woman he loves carrying another man’s baby. But he tells Lucky that he knows that Elizabeth is devoted to him so Lucky should have no reason to fear anything. Lucky tells Jax that he thought this “joint custody” thing was a bad idea from the start. He tells him it’s because he does not trust him. And now, with Courtney gone, he has even less reason to trust him. Jax then tells Lucky that that leaves him with no other choice. Hearing that, Jax tells Lucky he will make it simple. If he cuts him out of his baby’s life, he will drag him through a big court battle and hurt not only him, but Elizabeth as well. He will prove her an unfit mother for having an affair with Jason Morgan, a known hit man, having a baby out of wedlock with another criminal, Zander Smith. Then expose her relationship with him, a cop who got suspended for misconduct who encouraged his lover to have another man’s baby. Lucky asks Jax what he thinks Elizabeth will say and do about that. Oh, he is clever. He knew that if he gets Jax alone, he can get him to say some things that he’d never say in Elizabeth’s presence that she might not even believe he said. And he pulls out a tape recorder to reveal that he is onto Jax.

Ric tells Reese that he is not comfortable with the fact that he murdered that guy. But she asks him what would have happened if he did not pull out the gun and shoot him. He could have killed him or her or Sam. And she also encourages him to think about what it would do to Alexis and Kristina and the baby Alexis is carrying if he’d let himself get killed.

Sonny tells Jason what he remembers about the time when Jason went into his nightclub, had a tantrum started throwing furniture and had a total meltdown. Not remembering the event, Jason asks him why he did that. Sonny replies that he did it because people were forcing him to be a person that was not who he really was. Jason asks Sonny if he was the exception and did not expect Jason to be something different. Sonny admits that he had a similar tendency with his temper and the psychological damage he’s suffered in his life and they were able to relate to each other. He also tells Jason that he went from being alone to having a family. Morgan was his godson whom he took care of. And Michael worships the ground he walks on. And Carly would give her life for Jason. And he asks Jason how he’s going to tell Michael that Jason no longer cares about his previous “relationship” with them. Jason asks Sonny if he enjoyed his work. Sonny tells him he was great at it and one thing he did not lose in that accident was bravery. He was never afraid of anything. He tells Jason he offered him a job as a currier so he could get his life in order. But Jason chose to do different things. He realizes that there is the question of whether he turned Jason into a killer and he cannot answer that. But he tells Jason he is his brother and he respects any decision he’s going to make, including the one he’s going to make now. Jason says thank you. Sonny tells Jason he needs to get out of Port Charles because it’s not safe to stay around here. And he tells him that he always has a home to come back to. He can always come home.

Noticing the tape recorder, which Lucky has used to incriminate him, Jax asks Lucky what he plans to do. Does he plan to go to Elizabeth and “tattle” like a smug little boy? Lucky tells Jax he does not care about him. All he cares about is Elizabeth’s happiness. And that’s why he has the tape. It’s for insurance. And he’s pretty certain that Jax does not want the mother of his child to hate him.

Emily runs into Nikolas and Courtney. She tells them that she knows she will run into them again. She may not be comfortable with it. But she realizes they all need to get on with their lives. She then tells them she needs to get back to work and they may feel free to “pick up where they left off.” He then tells Courtney that they cannot keep doing this. He tells her he has an idea.

Ric tells Reese that he’s sure she has better things to do than baby-sit him. But she tells him she wants to be with him. She has to go but tells him she will see him tomorrow. Right outside his room, she notices Durant. He tells her that he knows that Lansing is involved in the shooting and he knows how to prove it.

Sonny tells Sam that he’s been able to convince Jason to leave town. She asks Sonny how he could do that.

Nikolas has a plan for him and Courtney not to be seen at Port Charles. He takes her to an island. She agrees that there will be no awkwardness. Nobody to give them dirty looks. Nobody to hurt. He admits that he has a vision of them out on the terrace where he undresses her slowly or quickly or however she wants it. And they may love in the rain. Since there is no rain, she tells him they will just have to compensate for the good whether.

Sam tells Sonny that she cannot ever let Jason leave and be alone. What if he has another seizure? What if he doesn’t take his medication? He tells her that that is not the only danger Jason is in. And if she goes with him, she will be in danger also. He tells her that he wishes more than anything that Jason did not have to leave. He wishes he could get the old Jason back but he cannot. She tells him in that case, they both need to be with Jason and fight for him. He tells her that he will never forget all she’s done for Jason. But she has to let him go. He tells her that people have had misconceptions of what to do for Jason when they love him. He tells her that this might be the hardest thing he will ever ask her to do for Jason. But she needs to back off and let him go. She asks what will happen if he does not want to stay. He tells her than Jason will be tied down and she will be a painful reminder to him of what he cannot have.

Durant tells Reese that he has evidence of tape and human hairs that ties Ric to the murder. He tells her that nobody knows that except himself. She tells him she knows that he’s going to use it to “bargain” with Sonny. Or probably more likely with Carly. But he surprises her and tells her that what he really “wants” is her.

Lucky finds Elizabeth at work in the hospital. She asks what happened when he was alone with Jax. He tells her that they are on the same page and agreed that joint custody was the way to go. She hugs him and tells him she’s really happy that he’s come to realize that Jax is not such a bad guy.

Right then, Jax is on the phone and runs into Emily. They know what their respective spouses are doing. But he tells her he’s just found out that they are out of luck because his wife and her husband have flown off to an island.

Nikolas asks Courtney if she’s ever surfed before. She tells him she never has. They joke about what will happen if she gets out there and knows how to surf and makes him look like an idiot.

After hearing Durant tell her that he “wants her”, Reese assumes that he wants her to spy upon Sonny. But he tells her that he wants to meet her in the hotel in high heels to get it on. She tells him the mere thought of that makes her ill. But he tells her if she does not do it, then “little Ricky” in there is going to prison. And he asks her how long she thinks a little college boy like him would last in pentonville.

Sam returns to Jason and tells him that she would never forgive herself if she prevented him from finding himself. He tells her that he needs to find whom he is supposed to be. And she tells him whoever he is supposed to be will be kind and loving and wonderful. He asks her if she is not going to fight it. She tells him she hates the idea of his going off alone. But she will not stand in his way. She tells him however before he goes, she must say one thing.

It looks like Reese is agreeing to Durant’s terms. She goes to his hotel room wearing high heals and a teddy. He tells her she must really lover Ric. She tells him that Ric is Sonny’s brother. She pours some wine. He tells her he’s always pegged her a good girl with a bad boy fetish. She looks like she’s ready to “cooperate”. She then pours him some wine and spills it on him. She looks like she’s going to mess around with him. And she pulls out handcuffs and tells him that’s what happens to naughty boys. She cuffs him to the bed. She tells him about the game where she ties him up, walks out and lets him want her. She gags him. And he gets angry. She walks out and knows she put him in his place.

Sam tells Jason she needs him to hear something. And maybe some day, this will be important to him. She wants to thank him for giving her a life that she will never forget. He showed her how to love again and gave her a home. And she tells him he let her talk until she could figure it out. She tells him what she’s trying to say is that her life will not be the same without him. She cries.. And she tells him that remembering the way he loved her might give her the strength to be ok. And she will always hope that he will remember what they had and want to come back. But if that never happens, at least he will have this memory of what he meant to her. He wants to interrupt her and say something. She then reaches in the drawer for his extra supply of medication and tells him he cannot forget to take it. He then takes his suitcase and goes. But it seems he cannot leave her any more than she can let him go. He pushes the elevator button but hesitates for a while.

Sonny walks into his home and sees a big wedding cake and flowers all around. He doesn’t know what to make of it. Right then, Carly comes down the stairs wearing a white wedding dress. He asks her what is going on. She tells him the preacher will be there any second and all he has to do is say: “I do.”

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