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General Hospital Update Friday 9/16/05


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LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Jax has come by unexpectedly and Elizabeth is surprised to see him. He explains that he hasn't come to fight -- he wants to negotiate a compromise for the sake of the baby.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Courtney wake up in bed together. Nikolas seems a bit moody, which Courtney points out. He says he can't be sad when he has her with him. They kiss.

GREYSTONE: Sonny comes downstairs where Emily is waiting. He tells her that Carly is asleep right now. Emily notes that it must be painful for Sonny to watch Carly going through this. Sonny wonders if it's selfish to keep Carly with him -- he knows she needs to feel safe, and yet he doesn't know if he can help her with that if he's really come under attack from the Ruiz family.

THE PARK: It's the aftermath of the shoot-out in the park. Sam, Ric and Reese watch stunned as Jason goes into hitman-mode and starts trying to clean up the crime scene (Manny Ruiz's body can be seen laying in the grass). Jason uses a handkerchief to wipe fingerprints off of the gun that Ric used to shoot Ruiz, plants the gun on the body of Ruiz's dead bodyguard nearby, and then leaves with Sam. Ric is in shock. Reese tries to calm him down, saying that Jason has just made it look as if Ruiz and his bodyguard killed one another -- now, Ric has a choice to make, he either needs to confess to the cops or run. Reese promises to stand by him no matter what he chooses.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Jax apologizes to Elizabeth for his behavior as of late, noting that he doesn't want to cut her out of the baby's life -- he was just upset at Nikolas encouraging Liz to take sole custody. Elizabeth points out that she bears part of the blame for their argument. Jax comments that they are all emotional over this issue, which has an added layer now with Nikolas and Courtney's affair. Elizabeth says she's not happy with their affair, but that it's none of her business. She wants Jax to be the father of her baby. Jax wonders if it would be possible to go back to their idea of sharing custody of the child -- he thinks it's the best solution for everyone.

WYNDEMERE: Courtney and Nikolas are in each other's arms, laying in bed. Courtney thinks that his home is home, despite being strange-looking, has some beautiful rooms. They discuss Wyndmere and what it will be like when it gets cold in the winter. Courtney thinks that when it starts to snow they can have snowball fights outside. Nikolas flashes back to having a snowball fight with Emily in earlier days. Courtney asks him if something's wrong, and he tells her that he doesn't want them to have to hide out at Wyndemere -- he is not ashamed to be with Courtney. Courtney says that it means a lot to hear him say that...but that it's still awkward going out together. Nikolas says that that means they'll have to keep going out until it's not awkward anymore. They decide to go out to Kelly's to eat.

GREYSTONE: Emily tries to reassure Sonny about his actions regarding Carly. Sonny says he is tied to Carly through their children -- he cannot abandon her now, even though they are never going to get back together. Just as they are discussing this topic, Ric and Reese come into the room. Reese tells Sonny that Manny Ruiz and two of his men are dead. Ric says that Ruiz tried to kill him but that Jason stepped in and shto Ruiz instead. Sonny thanks God that Jason is back.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason orders Sam to go take a shower. He says they'll have to burn their clothes in the fireplace because of the gun powder residue. Sam points out that it was only self-defense, and Jason retorts that it was murder, plain and simple, and that the cops will see it that way as well.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth points out that when she and Lucky do eventually get married, the baby will call Lucky his step-father -- she is worried that Jax and Lucky being at each other's throats for years won't be good for the child. Jax is certain that once everyone is settled things between him and Lucky will calm down. He remarks that he's been thinking lately a lot about his own father -- he wants to be the best dad possible to his own child. Just then, the baby starts to kick. Elizabeth lets Jax feel the movement -- and at that moment, Lucky comes in and asks Jax what the hell he's doing here?

THE PARK: Mac, John and a detective are at the crime scene. The detective notes that Manny Ruiz is being taken to the hospital, but is not expected to live. John comments that this is very obviously a professional hit put out by Sonny Corinthos as payback for Ruiz shooting up Greystone a few days prior.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam notes that the police will probably be here soon. Jason says that now John will have three more names to add to the list of people he believes Jason killed. Sam warns Jason not to believe a word out of John's mouth, but Jason points out that she knows nothing about his work, after all...maybe he hid the details of his work from her in an attempt to get her to love him? Sam asks him why he's so determined to believe the worst of himself? Jason reminds her that he just shot three people without having to stop to think about it. Just then, he notices the bruise on Sam's wrist where he grabbed her as they ran away. He is upset that he hurt her.

GREYSTONE: Emily asks Reese if Jason is okay and Reese replies that Jason is fine, not a scratch on him. Sonny asks Emily to take Michael to Kelly's -- so that Michael isn't around when and if the cops show up. Emily agrees and exits. Sonny turns to Reese and Ric and asks them how they got involved. Ric tells him that he set up a meeting with Ruiz. Sonny asks Ric if he's gone crazy. Ric explains how he set up the meeting, hid the gun and had every intention of killing Ruiz...but that just at that moment of truth, he couldn't pull the trigger and had to be bailed out by Jason. Sonny asks Ric what made him think he could take out Ruiz and Ric shouts, "Maybe I thought I could protect my brother!"

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Jax tells Lucky that he just came by to apologize to Elizabeth for what went down at Kelly's. Lucky and Jax get into an argument in which Lucky demands that Jax sign over his parental rights to the baby -- he says that's the only way that Jax can prove he really loves the baby like he says he does. Jax asks Lucky, if the positions were reversed, would Lucky give up his parental rights? Jax just wants them to all agree on joint custody. He leaves. Lucky promises Elizabeth that he won't let Jax get near her or the baby again. But Elizabeth surprises him by saying that maybe Jax is right.

KELLY'S: Courtney and Nikolas are outside of Kelly's when Emily and Michael show up. Courtney tries to make small-talk with Michael, who is giving her the cold shoulder. Nikolas tries to speak up on Courtney's behalf, asking Michael not to treat Courtney that way. Michael snaps that Nikolas is not his uncle, and therefore cannot tell him what to do -- "You're the jerk who cheated on Emily," Michael tells Nikolas, and then turns to Courtney and says, "And you're the jerk for dating him." With that, Michael storms into Kelly's. Emily apologizes to Nikolas and Courtney, but Nikolas says that Michael is just parroting what he hears at home...that Sonny is obviously painting Courtney as a home-wrecker, and that it's not fair and needs to stop.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Ric he's grateful that Ric would take such a risk, but that Ric should never have shown up at a meeting without backup. He wants Ric to be careful, because he doesn't want to lose him. Ric apologizes and promises that he'll be more careful the next time. The focus turns to the evidence -- Reese tells Sonny that Jason took care of everything, and unless there's an eyewitness they are in the clear. Just then, the police can be heard knocking on the door outside. Sonny gestures for Ric and Reese to hide while he answers the door. He does so, and a detective comes in -- he and Sonny have a bit of a back-and-forth and Sonny consents to going downtown for questioning in the Ruiz shootings. After they've gone, Ric and Reese come out of their hiding place. Reese wants Ric to sit down, as he looks pale, and then she wants to take him to the hospital. Ric agrees, but says that first he needs her help.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Jason that she bruises easily and it's not a big deal. Jason asks why it doesn't bother her that he just shot three guys? Sam feels like Jason did it to protect the people that he cares about, so no, it doesn't bother her. Jason says that she needs to believe that because she's in love with him. Just then, Mac comes knocking at the door with a policeman. He has come to take Jason in for questioning regarding the Ruiz shootings. Sam tries to object, but Mac has his orders and must follow them. He starts to read Jason his rights as Sam pleads with Jason to remember not to say a word in the presence of the police.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Lucky warns Elizabeth that Jax will lull her into a false sense of security with the shared custody plan, and then Jax will end up turning around and taking the baby. Elizabeth points out that Lucky is just worried that Jax will take her from him. Lucky insists that Jax is just working Elizabeth to his advantage, and all Lucky can think about is how much more Jax can give her than he can. Elizabeth gets upset and reminds him that she loves him -- if Lucky can't trust that, she asks, why are they getting married?

KELLY'S: Nikolas points out that Sonny has no right to judge Courtney or to poison her relationship with Michael. Emily replies that Nik has no idea of the strain Sonny's been under lately, without taking time out of his life to deal with Courtney's hurt feelings or Nikolas'. She promises to speak to Michael again about how this is an adult situation, that people fall out of love all the time and that it's no one's fault. She's sure Michael will come around eventually. With that, she goes into Kelly's and Nik and Courtney are left outside alone. Nikolas apologizes, saying he knows he should have handled that differently. Courtney says that it's okay.

THE POLICE STATION: John has Sonny in the interrogation room and is in the middle of questioning him when Jason is brought in and cuffed to the side of the table opposite Sonny. John now attempts to question Jason. Jason doesn't answer any of John's questions about Ruiz, so John tries a different tactic, reminding Jason that after he (Jason) lost his memory ten years ago, Sonny swooped into his life and turned him into a hardened criminal, a hitman. Now, he asks Jason again, "Did Sonny Corinthos ever tell you that he wanted Manuel Ruiz dead?" Jason says that he has nothing to say without his lawyer. John points out that that was Jason's last chance and he blew it.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Lucky says that he trusts Elizabeth, he just doesn't trust himself lately. Elizabeth says that she should have stopped to consider another way to solve their money problems -- but now it's too late, the baby is a part of her and a part of Jax...neither of them can give it up. She thinks joint custody is the best solution. Lucky asks her if she's thought about how the kid's life will be, bouncing back and forth between the life of luxury with Jax and a life with Lucky and Liz where they are barely scraping by to make ends meet. How long, Lucky wonders, would it be before the kid wanted to live with Jax permanently?

THE DOCKS: Nikolas and Courtney are now on the docks. Courtney tells him that when they were talking about Wyndemere before, she wasn't planning on moving in -- or even anticipating that they would be together months from now. Nikolas asks her why they wouldn't be and she points out that he still loves Emily. She doesn't want Nikolas to feel obligated to be with her instead of Emily.

GREYSTONE: Sam has come by to see Sonny but finds Emily there instead. Emily explains that Sonny was taken to the PCPD for questioning regarding the Ruiz shootings. Sam asks her how much she knows, and Emily says she knows that a guy named Ruiz tried to kill Ric and Jason killed Ruiz instead. Sam says it's a little more complicated than that -- she explains how she and Jason were in the park when the shoot-out happened, and that Jason just exploded and shot all of the Ruiz men. She notes that she had never seen Jason kill someone before, and while it could never change how she feels about Jason, she now understands why he's so afraid of himself. She is worried because she can't convince him to trust himself. She agrees to stay with Emily rather than go to the station, as she would probably only make everything worse.

THE POLICE STATION: John is still questioning Jason and Sonny in the interrogation room when Ric and Reese show up. Ric is in the role of Sonny and Jason's lawyer. Sonny tells him that this isn't nessecary, that he's going to call Justus so Ric can go back to the hospital. But Ric tells Sonny to shut up, that it isn't often that he is able to do Sonny and Jason a favor -- this is one time he can. With that, he addresses John on the fact that there is no evidence. They are suddenly joined by Mac, who tells them that Jason's clothing has tested negative for gun powder residue and that the only prints on the gun belong to Ruiz and his men. Ric tells John that since there's no evidence, he should let Jason and Sonny go. John allows Jason to leave, but he still has a few questions for Sonny. Jason exits after thanking Ric. John starts the questioning up again, pointing out that Jason wouldn't normally be so sloppy in not stopping to make sure that Ruiz was actually dead. John is sure that once Ruiz regains consciousness, he'll have no trouble putting an I.D. to the real shooter. As John says this, Ric loses his footing and has to hold onto the table for support. John asks Ric if he's said something to upset him?

Sonny reminds John that Ric is recovering from a gunshot wound and should be in the hospital right now. John says that he can just hold Sonny in lockup until Ric is feeling better. Reese steps in and offers to be Sonny's counsel for the rest of the interrogation. Ric says it doesn't matter, John can't hold Sonny without a case. He says he can stay to file the paperwork and then Reese can drive him to the hospital -- he just advises Sonny to get the hell out of there. Sonny agrees and leaves the station. Ric tries to catch his breath, but John isn't finished yet...he wonders how far Ric will go to prove his newfound loyalty to Sonny? Ric and John start to argue, with John demanding that Ric give him an alibi for the Ruiz shootings. Just then, Ric collapses on the floor. Reese, seeing that Ric is bleeding, urges John to call 911.

LUCKY ADND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth reminds Lucky that children value love and connection over possessions. She points out that Lucky had an amazing childhood while on the run with his parents, never owning more than could fit in a backpack -- while she, in her huge house and her own room and all the possessions she could ever ask for, was miserable most of the time. She wants Lucky to feel in his heart that he is the baby's father...not taking Jax's place, but to be able to give the baby a home and a family that Jax cannot provide. Lucky tells her that the baby is already a part of her and so he loves it. The baby moves a bit and Elizabeth draws Lucky closer to feel. He tells her stomach, "Hello, little one. I'm going to be your daddy."

THE DOCKS: Courtney tells Nikolas that she now believes that she and Jax would never have been happy -- so she knows that she is better off without him. She knows, though, that it's different for Nik. Nikolas admits that it's true, Emily is a better person than Jax -- but that his marriage to Em was not working out long before Courtney entered the picture. He knows he and Emily are really over. Courtney points out that she doesn't want Nikolas to stay with her to avoid hurting her feelings...she says she has a great life and she is prepared to be alone, now that they've hurt enough people. She wants to leave, but Nikolas tells her that she's not going anywhere.

GREYSTONE: Emily and Sam are talking about what went down earlier at Kelly's between Emily, Nikolas, Courtney and Michael. Emily admits that she is hurt over the end of her marriage to Nik, but that as painful as it is it's not a matter of life and death...that that's the kind of matter that Sam and Sonny are dealing with. Sam admits that it's hard on her that Jason doesn't want to remember the person that he used to be. She's worried that he'll leave her behind for what he thinks is her own good and that she'll never be able to find him again.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is alone in the penthouse. He goes to the fireplace mantle and looks at a framed picture there, in which he and Sam look happy and in love. Just then, Sonny enters the penthouse. He immediately starts in on business matters, outlining how he wants Jason to make a move against the Ruiz family before they have a chance to retaliate. Jason interrupts him and snaps, "I'm done killing for you. I don't want any part of you or your business or your life."

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