GH Update Thursday 9/15/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/15/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon tells Lorenzo that he realizes that he wants to stand up for his son and Justus has a job to do by representing his client. But how can they defend somebody who would do something like that? Right then, Jesse comes and surprises them by telling them that the fingerprint on the photo is not Diego’s. It’s Dillon’s. He must have put it in Diego’s possessions in order to set him up. Mac Scorpio comes by and confirms that the only person who is guilty is the person who took it.

Sonny meets Michael and Emily. Michael admits to his dad that he misses his mom. He asks if he can see her. Right then, Carly comes down the stairs, tells her son of course he can and hugs him.

Jason tells Sam that knowing he used to be a killer, he is glad he does not remember anything.

Dillon protests to Mac that he did not “do it”. He does not know how his fingerprint got put on that photo. Somebody might have set both him and Diego up. But Mac tells Dillon that he believes that they both might be in on it. Diego thanks Brooke for the help. She tells him she knows he did not do what he is accused of. Lorenzo comes and asks his son not to make him wrong about this.

Reese comes to see Ric and tells him that he knows that Jason is out of commission and Sonny is taking care of Carly. And those Ruiz guys are dangerous. So she believes maybe he wants to take matters into his own hands. She urges him to know that neither of them are equipped or trained to go up against them. She asks if he can promise to stay away from them. He tells her he cannot do anything from a hospital bed. She then departs. But she seems to know better. And right then, Ric gets out of bed and takes the gun he has stashed. He also has his pants and his clothes underneath his hospital room.

Sam tells Jason that the memory of him holding her baby should be proof of the good man he is. He says he does not get it that he could mourn a dead child and then turn around and shoot somebody just because it was “his job”.

Michael tells his mommy he misses her and wants to show her his new swing. Alone with Sonny, Emily tells him that Carly appears better but wonders if she is pretending. He agrees that it’s “too fast” for Carly to be recovering. He’s afraid that she’s burying her pain and covering it up with something else. And he hopes she can trust him enough to tell him what it is. He tells her he really appreciates her helping his boys, realizing that Carly might not want her to do so much longer. Michael might even want her to bow out now that his mommy seems ok. But she tells Sonny that she has no problem with helping his boys because she’s burying a lot of pain in her own life. She goes off with Michael and Sonny tells Carly he has a “surprise” for her. Hearing that, she thinks silently, that she has “a surprise” for him.

When Emily and Michael go to Kelly’s, Mike talks alone with her telling her that he hopes she can forgive Courtney for what has happened. She tells him she does not want to be negative and lose faith in the way things turn out.

Jason goes with Sam to Kelly’s and tells him that he had good reason to shoot those guys in the church because they could have killed Michael. They look inside at Mike and Emily and he asks what they are doing with Michael. She explains that Mike is his grandfather and Emily is his godmother and is helping Sonny with his kids while Carly is ill. She also tells him that nobody can replace him in any of their lives.

Right then, Rick sneaks out of his hospital room and goes to the park with his gun concealed. He looks like he’s waiting for the Ruiz guys.

The one Ruiz guy is in the chapel. Lorenzo comes and tells him that he asked him not to move in on Sonny’s territory. But they did not do what he asked. They invaded Sonny’s home, shot his brother and his bodyguard and endangered his family and friends. The guy indicates that he plans to do things his own way. Right then, he gets a call from Ric arranging to meet in the park. He leaves but Lorenzo tells him they are far from done.

Sonny brings Carly his “surprise” of some tea and food. He tells her that since he knows she likes junk food he has some nachos smothered in processed cheese. She thinks to herself that he is bringing her the ring to get married. He shows her some pictures Michael drew and she smiles and laughs with him. She then secretly stuffs the “invitation” she wrote to her and Sonny’s wedding in her pocket while he talks about taking her and Michael to the island. Hearing that, she tells him she cannot because she has plans.

Lucas goes back to the dorm and admits to the others that he is baffled about whom the secret stalker is. Right then, they notice cops have entered while he was gone and are confiscating many of his private things. He asks them why since he is not guilty. They explain that it’s just police procedure. Right then, that “strange” guy whom Brooke has been talking to enters and asks what is going on. Maybe it’s his stuff that they are interested in.

When Lorenzo is alone in the church, Reese comes in. He tells her he knows that she is there to spy on Ruiz. She tells him that Sonny asked her to find out who might be making deals with Ruiz. But neither of them knows what Ric is up to.

Ric is in the park, attempting to hide his gun on the park bench underneath a blanket. It looks like he is a real amateur attempting to do Sonny and Jason’s job. He sits alone waiting.

While Jason and Sam watch Michael through Kelly’s window, she tells him that he took Michael traveling because he thought it would be a lot better than seeing pictures and reading stories in books. But they know they better get out of there before Michael sees Jason. It appears to be too late, however. Michael comes out, hugs Jason and asks him where he’s been.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows what happened when he had his breakdown. He admits that it was scary to think where his head was at the time. And he thought to himself that it would be better to destroy oneself than to go back to where you were. Hearing that, she seems to know that he might understand things better than she realized.

Brooke and Maxie explain to Lucas and to Brooke’s new “friend” about how the police are now suspecting Dillon along with Diego. Jesse is also there and it looks like all three of them might be suspecting Lucas of setting up both Diego and Dillon. He protests that he did not do it and they must get out of his room. Alone with Maxie, Jesse asks her what he thinks of Dillon. She admits that she cannot rule out the possibility that he might have done something dishonorable.

Mac interrogates Dillon at the station. Georgie walks in and demands that her stepfather stops falsely accusing Dillon. Justus then comes in and says that he will represent Dillon. Mac tells Dillon he may go but he cannot leave town. Dillon tells Mac that he would never leave Georgie alone in this town with that psycho on the loose.

Carly tells Sonny that there is something she needs to tell him. But she says silently to herself that she cannot tell him what she intends. So she tells him that thoughts come and go and sometimes communication is hard. But she takes his hand and tells him that she intends to make things better for him also. He will see and he will be proud of her.

Reese goes to the hospital and finds out that Ric has escaped.

Three Ruiz gouys come to meet Ric. The one guy who speaks for them tells Ric that he’s come to make Ric and his brother an offer and they are both going to like it.

When Michael talks to Jason, unaware that he’s suffered amnesia, Jason has no clue how to respond to his conversation and questions. Emily then takes Michael with her. Michael then says goodbye to Jason and Sam. Sam asks him what that has meant to him. Jason admits that Michael seems like a nice kid but he has no memory of him. And he tells her the only memories he has are about death and violence. Why doesn’t he remember anything else? She tells him perhaps it’s because those things have had the most impact on his life. He tells her that he used to kill people. And he is now seeing it over and over.

At the station, Maxie tells Jesse that she does not want to suspect Dillon. He tells her that somebody did come and knock him out. She reminds him that Dillon, Diego and Lucas all look suspicious but none of them have a motive. After witnessing Georgie walking away and Mac asking her to waitn and her not listening, Maxie tells Jesse that she knows that Mac is going to work overtime in order to prove that Dillon did it.

At the dorm, Diego tells Dillon that he believes he is setting him up. He wants an easy scapegoat. So why not take it out on the gangster’s kid. They are ready to get into a fight. The new guy pulls them apart and tells them he can have them suspended.

Ric tells the Ruiz guys that they must realize that Sonny will never go for their deal where he must give them his entire territory. But the guy reminds Ric that Sonny is in no position to negotiate. He does not have Jason Morgan helping him any more. And they have the upper hand.

Emily returns with Michael. Carly seems really gracious to her. When Carly goes upstairs, Emily tells Sonny that maybe Carly is getting better. But he knows that something is up and she might actually be getting worse. He tells her he knows all too well that place in Carly’s head where she cannot tell reality from falsehood and he’s afraid that she might be in a place where she cannot get out of it. Upstairs Carly is looking at herself in the mirror wearing a floral dress and looking at her wedding invitation.

Ric tells the Ruiz guys that he is in agreement because he knows they have not given him much choice. But he then goes to get his concealed gun and pulls it on him..

Mac views a video of somebody entering Georgie’s room while she sleeps.

Dillon goes to Kelly’s and Mike helps him meet secretly with Georgie. He tells Dillon he owes him one. She hugs Dillon and tells him her parents have finally gone through with it and are sending her to boarding school tomorrow.

The guys get Ric to drop his gun and are ready to kill him until Reese comes to his rescue. It looks like Jason is also there to disarm them. Sam is also there. And Ric holds a gun on the guys after they’ve been shot and are on the ground.

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