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General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/14/05


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Nikolas goes to find Elizabeth. She doesn’t want to talk. But he tells her it’s important because he’d like to help her keep her baby. Lucky appears and it looks like they are both really confused as to what to do.

Sam goes back to Jason’s and tells him that she thinks Corinthos Morgan makes good coffee. He tells her he appreciates her not forcing him into being who he was before. But he tells her he’s not going to run away even though she tells him he is not safe staying where he is.

Ric sneaks out of his hospital room and into Max’s room while he is sleeping, notices his gun by the nightstand and puts it in his pocket. Right then, Alexis goes to check on him and notices his bed is empty. She then gets on the phone but he returns. She asks him what he’s doing.

At the student union, Diego is sitting alone with his camera. Dillon and Lucas are at another table. Maxie and Jesse are sitting together. Lucas grabs a flyer about a frat party. Maxie says perhaps the perv will show up although Jesse is not certain that he will. Right then, Lucky appears and goes through Diego’s books and possessions. Diego protests that this is ridiculous as he is not the guy they are looking for. Lucky notices a picture of Brooke in his book and asks him why it’s there.

Brooke is sitting with Georgie and gets a call from Lucky where he tells her that he thinks they’ve caught the guy who drugged her.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he thinks what Jax has done is a “reaction” to what he did with Courtney. She tells him that he and Courtney are responsible for their own behavior. He then tells her that maybe he could help her and Lucky out with their medical expenses. She tells him that she’s not going to take his money so that he can feel better about what happened. If he feels guilty, it is between him and Emily or between him and Courtney. And her only concern is about this child she is carrying.

Justus comes to see Courtney with Jax and tells her that she needs to sign an agreement to give up custody of the baby. She refuses but Jax tells her that he is “attempting” to work out a joint custody agreement with Elizabeth although he admits that Elizabeth has not “yet” agreed to his offer.

Alexis asks Ric what he is doing out of bed. He gets back in bed and she tells him she apologizes for upsetting him about Reese right in front of his brother and knows it was bad timing. She tells him that she is just worried about what she would do if she lost him.

Sam tells Jason that as long as he stays there he is in danger. He tells her he does not care. But she reminds him he is a target whether he likes to face it or not. Those Ruiz guys are not going to give up. He tells her that all he remembers is holding her baby. He remembers feeling pain and loss and wants to get the memory back. He tells her that he hates everything about the hospital but it triggered a memory. So he has to stay nearby and not go anywhere so he can get back his memories and the feelings of closeness. He wants to be able to have the familiar feelings of the life they had.

Brooke and Georgie go to the police station and Georgie tells her everything is ok although it looks like Brooke is not ok because she knows that Diego has been falsely accused. Maxie believes he did it but Brooke tells her she must shut up and stop making false accusations.

Sam tells Jason that they can always come back later in order for him to regain his memories. But he tells her that there might be a time limit. He might lose his memories and cannot miss out on a chance to remember anything. But she tells him that they have to get out of there together and he must remember how stubborn she is. He seems to agree to that.

Alexis tells Ric that she is putting her family first before her “career”. He tells her that his situation is different. She tells him that it’s different because he has her and this baby and Kristina. So it’s difficult for him to risk his life in order to be a part of Sonny’s family when he is already a part of hers. She tells him she is not asking him to turn his back on his brother. But she wants him to be sensible and careful and not risk losing what they have. Right then, Reese enters and demands to know what Alexis thought she was doing telling Sonny that she (Reese) and Ric had and affair.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she realizes that he did everything he could do to help Emily after the rape. And she knows that Emily avoided him and did not handle it in the best way possible. But she believes that deep down they love each other. They both realize it may have been more complicated for them after Emily’s rape than it was for Elizabeth and Lucky, realizing that Lucky did not look like Elizabeth’s rapist but Nikolas looks exactly like Connor. But Elizabeth concludes that nobody is to blame here. Not even Courtney. She asks him if he might have considered Courtney if Emily had not avoided him for so long. He tells her that he probably would not have slept with Courtney if things had been different between him and Emily. But he and Emily probably wouldn’t have been able to salvage their relationship even if Courtney had not “come along” for him. He tells her that right now Jax, unfortunately holds all the cards. She tells him that she is still the baby’s mother and that counts for something. But he tells her that Jax cannot “dominate” him with his wealth. He can fight to help her and Lucky with as much money and power as Jax has. Right then, Jax enters and tells Nikolas that he can have Courtney. But he better leave “his” (Jax’s) child alone. He tells Elizabeth that he came there with a “good faith” offer. She tells him she realizes that. He tells her that Nikolas does not care about her or the baby. He just wants to break up his (Jax’s) marriage as well as his own. Elizabeth tells Jax that she and Nikolas have been friends for a long time. He tells her that maybe she needs to get different friends. She tells him he is out of line.

Lucky interrogates Diego at the station, asking him if he feels like a “man”, taking pictures of girls without their knowing. Brooke calls Lorenzo and he comes by and tells Jesse and Maxie that he will not let them destroy his son. Jesse tells Lorenzo if he goes in that room, he will be under arrest. But right then, Justus arrives and tells them that he is representing Diego Alcazar and intends to protect his rights.

After finding out that Alexis blabbed to Sonny that she believes that Ric and Reese have slept together, Ric asks her why she would do something like that when she says she wants their marriage to work. She tells him if he really wants their marriage to work, why then hasn’t he moved back in? Why is his “relationship” with Reese so important? She tells him she’s sorry if she is overreacting. But seeing him with a bullet in his chest really affects her and she walks out.

Noticing that Sam is crying, Jason asks if she is ok. He then tells her maybe it’s a bad idea to go back to the time she lost her baby. She tells him she wants to help him. He then asks her to tell him what happened the day the baby died. Revealing that that is too painful of a memory, Sam tells him that she was unconscious when the baby was declared stillborn. He came to see her after she woke up and she asked about her baby and she could see it in his eyes. She could not believe what happened. He asks her if he said anything. She admits that he told her her baby died and she started screaming and calling him a liar. She might have even hit him and thrown a major tantrum. A nurse must have given her a sedative. And then she went to the nursery when she wasn’t supposed to be out of bed. She couldn’t find her baby but she found him instead. Her baby was supposed to be in one of those hospital cribs. She waited for so long to be able to hold her when she was growing inside of her. She read every parenting book. They planned on taking her to Hawaii when she got older. But she was gone. And when it finally hit Sam, she started to collapse and Jason caught her before she hit the floor. Jason admits that he may not remember all the details of that time or their history together. But he knows he would do anything for her.

Elizabeth tells Jax that he cannot control her life. Nikolas is her friend and that is none of his business. He tells her that she must honor the contract involving the baby or else he could take her to court. He tells her if he is “forced” to do this, he could bury her and Lucky or anybody else who gets in the way. He tells her that it was unfortunate that he and Courtney have split but it’s none of anybody’s business what happened in his marriage. She tells him he does not care about the baby or about anything or anybody. He only wants a “trophy” to adorn his ego. He leaves and Nikolas assures Elizabeth that he can help her beat Jax. She tells him she’d like him to go right now.

Lorenzo asks Brooke where Justus came from. She tells him that Justus is her cousin and a great lawyer and he can help Diego. Jesse gives Justus the warrant and assures him everything is “in order”. Justus asks to talk to his client alone. Jesse leaves them alone and Justus tells Diego that he has “good news” and he also has “bad news”.

When Ric is alone in his room with Reese, he tells her that he really did lie to Alexis not to admit that he slept with her that one night and he feels like a hypocrite. She asks if he would feel better after making a full disclosure. He tells her no and asks her what the deal is with Sonny. She tells him that he’s very concerned about Carly and the Ruiz clan are nothing to mess with. He tells her that perhaps Sonny will need his help. But she tells him he cannot go after Ruiz by himself.

After hearing Sam relive losing her baby, Jason apologizes for bringing up that painful memory for her. She tells him that he was always there for her. There was no reason for him to stay with her but he did. And she could remember not even wanting to open her eyes in the morning. But he got her through the first couple days when she did not know how she could. They had a memorial for the baby. He helped her get there and stayed beside her.

Justus informs Lucky that he cornered his client and tells Jesse he must realize that he cannot go through Diego’s personal possessions and violate his rights. Dillon asks what about Georgie’s and Brooke’s and Maxie’s rights. And he tells Diego if he did what he is accused of, he is going down.

Reese tells Ric that he needs to concentrate on getting better. And she will call in some favors from the bureau and do what she can to stop Ruiz from going after Sonny or him or their family.

Sam takes Jason to the church where they had the memorial for her baby and he asks her if he goes to church. She tells him yes. Although he only trusts what he can see and witness, he is a pretty strict Catholic. He asks her if he believes in God. She says yes. He asks her if she does. She admits that she cannot really answer that. She wants to but questions why there are people starving and there are tragedies and earthquakes and floods. But he helped her to have faith after her daughter died and he was her anchor right when they were in church together. Right then, he has a flashback of being in a shootout.

Nikolas meets Courtney and tells her that he wants to help Elizabeth get sole custody of the baby. She tells him that she knows that Elizabeth and Lucky are like family to him. She also tells him that she and Jax were not meant to be but she realizes that he and Emily were in love for a long time so she asks him if he really want to go thorugh with having a relationship with her.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he will stop at nothing in order to prevent Jax from having any rights to the baby. He won’t hesitate to accept financial help from Nikolas. She asks why he suddenly no longer has a problem with taking money from his brother. He tells her that he will not let Jax win because he does not trust him as far as he can throw him. But she tells him that she really doesn’t want to hurt Jax and believes that he does love this baby.

When Reese runs into Alexis, she tells her that in the future, she’d prefer she does not vent her insecurities toward Sonny. And that if Alexis keeps pushing Ric away and distrusting his decisions, she might not have him as her husband. And she tells Alexis she might be tempted to go after Ric herself

Ric privately gets on the phone to call Mr. Ruiz, telling him that his brother might be willing to “cooperate”. Mr. Ruiz sounds “courteous” to Ric. Ric seems to have another plan, however as he stares at the gun he took from Max.

At the church, Jason tells Sam that he now has a memory of a shootout in a church. He kept shooting with both hands and shot a woman. He asks what kind of person does that.

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