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Alan tells Jason that the brain surgery could give him back his life. Monica tells him it could also kill him and the medication is far less risky. She tells her son that Alan wants him to do this, although it is not even medically feasible for his memory to come back with any type of surgery, only because of what Alan wants. Alan tells them that they do not know that it’s impossible to get Jason Quartermaine back with the surgery.

Sonny tells Carly that he will do everything he can to protect her and the children. She hears him taking his wedding vows with her. He tells her if he’s going to do that, he needs help from her and asks her if she is willing to do her part. She hears herself saying yes, she will marry him. He tells her she must get some sleep and departs. Alone in her room, she hears herself saying that her dreams have come true in that Sonny asked her to marry him again and she said yes.

Alexis goes into Ric’s room and asks him if his refusal to cut his ties to Sonny are because of Sonny or because Ric wants to stay close to Reese. She asks him if they have more than friendship. Ric tells her that Reese is his law partner and was concerned after he got shot and almost died. He tells her he cannot believe that she is accusing him of having an adulterous affair with his law partner. Alexis asks him if he risked his life for Reese.

Reese comes to see Sonny. He asks her if she can help him to protect his family.

Jason finds Sam and asks her why she did not tell him about the surgery before he heard it from Alan. She tells him that it’s too risky. He could die or be paralyzed or go blind. He tells her that maybe it could restore his memory to before he became a killer. He wishes she had told him and wants to at least consider it.

Sonny asks Reese if she has any connections from when she was an FBI agent. She tells him she can set up her computer in his home and sleep in the spare room. Or maybe she should go back to her room at the MetroCourt, realizing maybe she shouldn’t be at his home at a time like this. She implies that she may be doing him a favor when there is nothing in it for her.

Alexis asks Ric why he will not answer her question about whether he and Reese are more than friends. He tells her it’s because he does not know where this is coming from. He tells her that she’s been finding problems that don’t exist. She tells him she has concerns about him being in danger when he’s near Sonny and his potential interest in Reese. But he tells her he still wants to help Sonny. She tells him she saw the expression on Reese’s face when she looked at him and she could tell that Reese has more than friendship on her mind with Ric. He tells her that she sounds like she wants to bail on their marriage. She tells him she does not want to but is afraid he does. Right then, the two guys who represent Ruiz appear in the hospital.

Emily runs into Jax. At first they appear friendly. She tells him about her relationship with Michael. But he tells her he believes some day she will make a good mother and that makes her want to turn away from him. He tells her that very soon, Elizabeth will have her baby. Single men raise babies alone all the time and are good fathers, he tells her. And he could use her “help”. But she tells him she does not want to get involved.

Sam tells Jason that what she knows about the surgery is that if it goes perfectly, it will end his black-outs and make him remember before he was Jason Morgan. But the downside is that he could have very bad seizures and permanent brain damage and it could kill him. She tells him that Dr. Tony Jones believes the medication is a better alternative. He tells her he is not afraid of the consequences of surgery since he doesn’t remember anything any way. She tells him if he does not survive the surgery, she could not go on. She tells him she does not mean to lay a guilt trip upon him. But the truth was, she really didn’t have much in her life until she met him. She did not have any friends or anybody who cared about her and had to watch her back and be afraid that somebody would be there to slit her throat throughout much of her life. And then she lost her baby and he was there for her and helped her turn her life around. He tells her he’s happy he was able to help her. And he tells her perhaps if he had the operation, then she could get back the man she loved. She tells him maybe. But she’s not willing to let him risk his life because her world would become completely dark.

Jax asks if Emily cannot talk to Elizabeth for him or if she won’t. She tells him it’s not her business to get involved. He tells her he has a legal contract. She tells him she’s no lawyer but she thought that the original contract also gave Courtney some rights. And she believes that if he keeps trying to persuade Elizabeth to vote his way, then it will just convince Elizabeth that she should prevent him from having the baby. She tells him Elizabeth not want him to ask her to turn on any of her friends. He asks her what, then, she would suggest. She says perhaps compromise.

The two Ruiz guys enter Ric’s room. They tell him that Sonny is in no position to complain about the way their plan turned out. His life is in chaos. They ask him to give his brother a message. The Ruiz family is not greedy, they tell him. All they want is all of Sonny’s territory. He asks what Sonny gets in all of this. They answer that he will get his life. Ric asks what if he does not give Sonny the message. The one guy pulls out his gun to answer that question.

Reese tells Sonny that she realizes that Carly needs his help but she wonders if that means she must be out of his life. Carly overhears their conversation and says: “You bet it does.” Reese asks him why he is defending his territory from the Ruiz family. He tells her that he just needs her to trust him. She then leaves and tells him if he needs anything, he must ask her and she will be there. Carly notices Sonny dismissing Reese and says: “Nice try, Charlotte.” Right then Ric calls Sonny and informs him that the Ruiz guys threatened him when he was in his hospital bed. Sonny tells Ric that he will handle it for him. All Ric needs to do is tell them he is in no position to “do business” with them. He may tell them he is a legitimate lawyer who doesn’t do things their way. Is Ric going to take over what used to be Jason’s job? Right then, Carly appears when he thought she was asleep. She is all of a sudden happy and flirtatious with him and tells him that “they” have things to look forward to. He seems to wonder what is up with her.

At the hospital, Rick is attempting to get out of his hospital room, ready to pass out and leaning on his IV pole. He sees Jason and tells him he realizes Jason does not remember him. But Sonny needs him to help with what has just happened. Jason tells Ric that he refuses to kill anybody for Sonny and wonders what Sonny did before he had Jason’s help. Ric tells Jason that somebody needs to protect Sonny’s children. He cannot take Jason’s place. Jason needs to do what Sonny would want.

Alexis goes to Reese’s and asks to talk to her. Reese says it’s not the time. Alexis promises to make it quick and asks her if she is having anything going on with her husband. Reese says no. Alexis then asks that since she is pregnant with Ric’s child, could Reese stay away from Ric? She walks out of her apartment, looking ashamed and runs into Sonny in the hallway. She mumbles to him that his brother might be after his girlfriend.

After his unsuccessful attempt to persuade Emily, Jax cannot give up. So he goes to talk to Elizabeth. She tells him she’s in no mood for him to be bribing her to let him take her baby from Courtney. He tells her he doesn’t plan to do that. She asks him what the next “tactic” is. Does he plan to take her to court? He tells her there is no tactic. It’s just that he loves this baby and cares what is best for the child. She tells him what is best, and what was in the agreement is two parents and a loving home and the original plan was for him to stay with Courtney. He asks her if she might consider joint custody between the two of them. And he asks her if that might be in the best interest of the child.

Carly calls a wedding planner about remarrying her husband in their estate. She tells her she wants it to be done quickly and be married next week.

Sonny goes to Reese’s and she tells him that everything is ok and she does not have a problem helping him. But he tells her that maybe he’s asked her for too much. She tells him that although she’s not thrilled that he takes responsibility for Carly, she respects him for it. He then asks her if she can get the files in the morning because the Ruiz guys came to visit Ric in the hospital. Hearing that, she is worried and tells him that those guys are not to be messed with. He tells her that Alexis told him that Ric is having a thing with her. She then, realizes that he did not come by to apologize for his behavior but to monitor hers.

Right when Ric is urging Jason to help him and he sees medical scrubs, Jason has a flashback of a doctor delivering a baby and he held her. It was Sam’s baby who died.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that the next time Jax bothers her, she needs to walk away. It will only cause more stress for her baby. But she tells him that Jax was surprisingly reasonable when she last talked to him. He asked for joint custody. Lucky asks her if that sounds reasonable to her.

Jax goes and finds Alexis. They rehash what it was like when they were married. Realizing all of the unsuccessful relationships they’ve both had since they split, they conclude that maybe they had the best marriage with each other.

Sonny tells Reese he doesn’t want to believe Alexis that she’s having a thing with Ric. But he has a lot on his mind involving Carly and her well being. Right then, Calry is having a fantasy of a romantic and elegant wedding with Sonny.

Jason returns home. Sam asks if he is ok. She knows that something is not right. He then admits that he can remember holding her baby. She was so still. And he remembers wondering how he’d tell her when she woke up. He knew how devastated she’d be. And when he held her daughter, he knew how much she meant to him. She hears that and cries.

Alexis and Jax agree that their marriage was good for both of them. They were good for each other. They respected each other. Marriages are sometimes better off when there is no sex and no jealousy. He tells her about the problems he’s had with adopting Elizabeth’s baby and he’s suggested a co-parenting arrangement. Alexis tells him that sounds ok, but there might be a complication in that Jax is unattached. He might fall in love with Elizabeth.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he cannot believe that she is even considering the joint-custody arrangement. The original agreement was for Jax to raise it with his wife. And if that could not happen, then they should raise the baby together without Jax. He tells her if she shares custody with Jax, then Jax will be a permanent part of their lives.

Sonny returns home to see Carly looking at family photos and reflecting upon how happy they were together. She tells him they will be happy again together. She then says goodnight and goes back to bed. He then, looks at all the happy and beautiful pictures of the two of them together.

Jason relives with Sam, the memories of holding her dead baby. Noticing her crying, he tells her how sorry he is that she lost her child. But she tells him that those are happy tears and that she has been praying for him to come back to her and he has. She puts her arms around him. But he is still not entirely certain of what to say or do or feel.

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