GH Update Monday 9/12/05

General Hospital Update Monday 9/12/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky tells Courtney that he’s heard about her reputation where she goes from one guy to another and dumps each one whenever she gets a “bigger fish”. Hearing that, Nikolas punches Lucky.

Alexis and Reese are both standing by Ric’s hospital bed.

Carly is sleeping in her bed. Sonny comes by and asks her how she is. He tells her he was worried about her. He kisses her. But then she awakens and realizes it was just a dream. Sam is there asking her if she’s ok. She says yes. And she tells her that it’s “very clear”.

After Jason has told Sonny that he refuses to kill anybody for him and that Sonny must expect him to “take orders”, Sonny responds by telling him he did not know he was that lost.

Courtney comes to break up Nikolas and Lucky. Lucky tells her that this is between him and his brother and she chose to sleep with a married man. He tells her he’s not going to defend Jax but she chose to trash her own marriage. And he asks them both if it’s ever occurred to either one of them all the lives that have been wrecked. Shouldn’t they think about Elizabeth and the baby she is carrying? They both cannot answer that.

The doctor tells Alexis that they removed the bullet from Ric. He’s stable but they want to keep him there in order to make sure there are no complications. Reese is still standing there. Alexis tells her that her partner and friend is going to be ok. She’s sure that Reese has “something” to do and she’d appreciate if Reese goes and does it. Reese leaves and Alexis goes to see Ric after his surgery. He is awake and tells her he remembers her telling him that her face will be the first he will see when he wakes up. He asks her what happened. She tells him they removed the bullet and he will be ok. He tells her that the doctor is a liar. He feels horrible. He asks how Max is after being shot. She tells him he’s ok. He asks about Sonny and Carly and Reese. She assures him that they are all ok. And she tells him that maybe this was a blessing in disguise because after this, maybe he can stop “working” for Sonny.

Sam tells Carly that she needs her rest and Carly is very lucky that many people care about her and want her to get better. Carly then has a memory and a question about whether she can trust Sam. She looks like she’s going back to sleep and Sam offers to get her some tea. She appears nice. But as soon as Sam leaves, she gets out of bed and writes something on a piece of paper. She writes “You are invited to the wedding of Carly and Sonny Corinthos”.

Downstairs, Jason notices a bullet and concludes that Sonny must have “made somebody angry”. Remembering what Sam told him, he asks Sonny if she is ok. Jason tells Sonny that he made a big mistake assaulting those cops. He should have thought before he acted. Sonny tells him that he did not know what they were going to do and he’s justified in what he did. Jason asks Sonny how it is that he knows all about weapons, explosives and technology. Sonny tells Jason he is a smart man and does what needs to be done out of loyalty. Jason tells Sonny if he “owes” him something, he doesn’t know what it is. He will no longer “work” for Sonny. Hearing that, Sonny tells Jason he may forget about him. He asks Jason what he wants. Jason tells Sonny he does not know who he is or what he wants. And he leaves Right then, Sam comes downstairs and asks Sonny what is going on. Sonny tells Sam he’s worried that Jason will get himself killed. He explains to her that there are a lot of dangerous men out there who do not care about a lost memory. The Ruis family is in Port Charles waiting to come after him. And Jason is in danger. If they see him, they will shoot first and ask questions at his funeral. He tells her that he thought if he brought Jason back here, he could get him to remember their previous relationship and everything about his life. She tells him that she tried to help. Sonny tells her he knows she did and he encourages her to go and find Jason and be careful while doing it.

Jason goes to the docks. The one guy who is agreeing to work with Lorenzo addresses Jason and assures him that he does not intend to hurt anybody. He has no clue that Jason does not remember him or anything. The other guy comes behind Jason with a knife pointed at his back. Right then, Jason turns around, tackles the guy and tells them he wants them to leave him alone.

At the hospital, Monica and Alan debate about what to do in regard to Jason. He tells her that he wants to get the “old Jason” back before he was Sonny’s “killing Machine”. She tells him that it’s Jason’s life and what he does with it is his business. But Alan keeps telling her that she is bitter and pessimistic and he will not miss out on any chance to get “his son” back.

Alexis tells Ric that after all that has happened, she cannot lose him also. Sonny comes by to see how his brother is doing. Alexis asks Ric to please tell Sonny that he can no longer work for him.

Reese passes Durant in the waiting room. He tells her about all the bullets flying around the Corinthose house and how a woman like her can throw her life away for Sonny. She asks him what he wants. He tells her he doesn’t care what she does. But he’s concerned about Carly. He needs to find her. She tells him he has no clue where his daughter is and if she did she would not tell him. He tells her that Sonny loves to play God. He believes he will get “absolution” if he saves her. And it will bring them back together. It’s inevitable. And the question she needs to ask herself is where that leaves her.

After Alexis asks Ric not to work for Sonny, Sonny tells his brother he is now off the hook and no longer has to work for him. He’s a brilliant attorney. He took a bullet for him. He owes him nothing. He has responsibilities such as a wife and a baby on the way and he has no business expecting Ric to do anything for him again. But it sounds as though Ric is not going to listen to either one of them. He tells Sonny that when they are “alone” they will talk. Alexis then tells him that she can see that he has no intention of quitting.

Jason holds a gun on those guys who are representing the Ruis family and working with Lorenzo. The one tells the other that it’s plain to see that Jason is no longer Sonny’s enforcer. And maybe now they can “use” Jason Morgan to benefit them.

Courtney gives Nikolas an ice pack after Lucky punched him and tells him that everybody sees her as a home wrecking slut. He tells her she mustn’t go there. But she acknowledges that everybody loves Emily. She is an incredible woman and many people are looking out for her. She tells him she feels as though the two of them are all alone in this.

Elizabeth goes to help Lucky after the fight. He tells her that although he’s not happy with Courtney and Nikolas, Jax has been a total jerk from day one and ruined his own marriage. But as much as he doesn’t like to admit it, Jax is within his legal rights to ask for the baby back, after what Courtney and Nikolas did. And they know where that will leave them; broke. Hearing that, she tells him that it’s “not too late.”

Courtney goes to Nikolas’ home with him and gets a call from the baby store about when she wants them to deliver the baby furniture. And she doesn’t know what to tell them. She tells him that she wanted to have a baby and give it a good stable home and maybe she didn’t work hard enough on her marriage with Jax. And she knows she cannot allow that child to be in a climate of spite and anger. He tells her he knows that neither she nor Elizabeth will let that happen. She tells him that she realizes that Jax would make a wonderful father. And she doesn’t want to ruin the baby’s life by putting it in the middle of a custody battle. He tells her if she wants to fight this, he will stand with her and help her. But she tells him that she’s right back to where she started. She wanted to be the child’s mother. And once again, she has the least claim in what will happen. She tells him that he tried to be the right man for Emily. But Emily pushed him away and needed a divorce. She was dealing with rape and she knows Nikolas will always be sorry. But he must always realize he tried, she tells him. He tells Courtney that he wants to be there for her and they cuddle on the couch. He tells her that what Jax did to her was terrible. She just wanted to love him and all he did was lie to her and treat her like dirt. So Jax deserves what he gets.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she may have made a mistake wanting to get pregnant. He tells her that the two of them can love the child. Jax wants the baby for the wrong reasons. But they can fight for their baby together.

Ric tells Alexis that Sonny is alone with Carly suffering a breakdown. Reese is his friend and partner. And Jason lost his memory. So Sonny needs his help. He asks her how irrational she was in order to please her brother, Stephan. He tells her that Sonny is the only link to their mother. He was taught to hate Sonny but now he realizes he does not have to and he really does care about him and cannot walk away from his brother. She asks him if the tables were turned, whom does he think Sonny would choose? Him or his wife and child? And she tells Ric that she wants him to choose her.

Reese tells Durant that he blames his failures on everybody else. And he came to Port Charles hoping that everybody would take Sonny out for him. It does not matter how many lives are ruined; his grandchildren’s’, his daughter’s, the former D.A. who was gunned down. Right then, Sonny comes by. Durant tells Sonny if he wants to take down the Ruis’ just like he did the Sandovals, he can look the other way. Sonny tells Durant that he’d had to be real fool to think that he would ever cut another deal with him.

Sam meets Jason back at their previous apartment. He tells her he did not kill anybody and refuses to let Sonny make him do anything. She tells him that Sonny never made him do anything for him. He has been Sonny’s enforcer. There are men ready to gun him down. There is a place he can go to in the Caribbean where he can be safe. And she’s going to go upstairs and pack their stuff. He tells her to forget it because he is not going.

Nikolas confirms to Courtney that he did everything he could to make his marriage work. But he knows it’s impossible. And he won’t believe that anything is wrong with the feelings he has for her. He can be comfortable and unashamed around her. She listens to him and cares about him. And he will be there for her. And he kisses her.

Sam tells Jason that nobody has ever loved her the way he has. And she’s not going to walk out on him because she needs him and he needs her even if he does not know it. He tells her for that very reason; he cannot put her in danger. She asks if he’s just going to walk away. He tells her no. There is another way. She asks him what he plans to do. He tells her he will “take care” of it.

Sonny comes to see Carly in her room while she’s in bed. She tells him she’s feeling better. He sits beside her on the bed. He apologizes for what he did before that made her feel afraid and alone. But she needs to know that he’s with her. She right then has this vision that they are going to get remarried.

Reese talks to Ric and tells him he needs his rest because she needs him back. She has no intention of keeping their law practice afloat by herself. She leaves and Alexis meets her. Alexis tells her she’s really “good” in manipulating Ric. Reese asks Alexis why she is so threatened by her. Alexis comes to asks Ric a question as to whether his refusal to cut his ties with Sonny is because of Sonny or because he doesn’t want to cut his ties with Reese.

Jason goes to the hospital to see Monica and Alan. He asks them, knowing they are doctors, what they think about his medical condition. Alan tells him that there is something he can do to bring the “old Jason” back and give him his life back.

Sonny tells Carly that he will be there for her and wants her to feel safe. He tells her that together, they will work through this. He’s been there too. He knows all too well that when there is too much crazy stuff going on in one’s head, they cannot get rid of it. He tells her he wants to help her but she must let him. He asks her if she will let him. She says of course and looks happily at him, while imagining herself saying “Yes, Sonny. Of course I will marry you.”

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