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General Hospital Update Friday 9/9/05


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Courtney and Nikolas walk together, wanting to be close, outside of Kelly’s. But they know that if they make themselves public, there might be controversy when they run into people they know, as they are sure to. And right then Emily and Michael appear and watch them kissing.

Maxie goes to the Pizza Shack to “meet” the stalker. She believes she can hear his footsteps and then discovers that the person she’s heard is Diego. He asks if she is surprised to see him.

At the station, Durant tells Jason that he is a murderer, a terminator. And he tells Jason that he (himself) is the ex-terminator. It’s his job to squash pests like him. Hearing that, Jason pushes Durant’s face onto the table

After the shoot-out at Sonny’s, Rick and Max are shot and taken to the hospital. Everybody else is spared. Sam scrambles to see if Ric and Max are ok.

Courtney approaches Michael but he is not friendly to her, after he’s just seen that she’s hurt his friend Emily. Courtney tells Michael that she’s still his aunt and she’d like to talk to him. Emily tells Michael that he need not be angry for her. She tells him his aunt Courtney and Nikolas are not to blame. But he knows better. She wants to hide the way she is feeling from the adults, as well, including the two of them.

After the shootout, Reese tries to help Ric. Carly is freaked. Sam sees if Max is ok. Sonny asks her to take Carly upstairs. Sonny tells Ric that he’s going to go to the hospital with him and Max.

After Jason has put Durant’s face down on the table, the cops pull guns on him. Durant then reminds Jason that if he plays his cards right, then he can get him the help he needs. Jason lets go of him. Durant asks the cops to go and tells them he can handle it and would like to talk to Jason alone. He tells Jason that maybe he’s lost his memory and maybe he hasn’t. He tells him that he knows that the brutal crimes he’s committed were out of a sense of loyalty to Sonny. And he realizes that Sonny took care of Jason and gave him a place to live and a job when Jason had nowhere else to go. And he believes that when Sonny says jump, Jason asks him how high. He asks Jason if he remembers Carly. Jason replies he’s met her. Durant reminds him that she is his (Durant’s) daughter. He explains to Jason that Sonny has thrown his daughter away like garbage. She’s had a breakdown. And Sonny wants to put her away in a mental ward. And he tells Jason he made a deal with Sonny to give Jason the help he needs of he turns Carly over to her father. He then asks Jason where his “friend” Sonny is now? Where is Sonny Corinthos when you need him?

Knowing that Emily is not ok with what Courtney and Nikolas have done, Michael asks her why she is acting ok. But right before any more discussion can happen, Mike comes out and invites Michael to come in and have some ice cream. Right then, he’s distracted and happy. Mike invites all the others to join them. Nikolas then tells Emily that it’s nice what she said, in trying to make it ok for Michael. She tells him she meant it. Courtney also realizes what a sensitive issue this is for both of them.

Right after Diego shows up, on cue, at the Pizza Shack, to “meet” Maxie, Jesse comes to arrest him and assumes that he is the stalker who puts drugs in girls’ drinks in order to take nude pictures of them and rape them. Noticing Diego has a camera and has taken pictures of Maxie, he believes he’s found the culprit. Maxie and Georgie protest that Maxie knew about the pictures and it does not incriminate or make Diego guilty of drugging or stalking.

Alone in the house with Carly, Sam calms her down and urges her to pull herself together for Jason. She explains that Jason is sick, lost his memory, and has not abandoned her.

Reese and Sonny follow the doctors who are wheeling Ric into the hospital. Sonny goes to meet Justus and tells him that somebody has attempted to kill his family. He asks Justus to bring Jason to him. Justus tells Sonny that Jason can no longer help him after losing his memory. But Sonny tells Justus he must just do it and not argue. Sonny tells Max he knows he will be ok. Reese is with Ric. When Sonny comes by, Ric tells him if he does not make it, Sonny must promise to help Alexis take care of their unborn child.

Diego protests that there are many guys on campus who could be the stalker, reminding Maxie that she met a guy on the Internet and then finding out she lied about that. Right then, Lorenzo comes after Georgie has called him. Jesse informs Lorenzo that there is a sicko on campus who drugs girls’ drinks in order to make them pass out so he can photograph them naked. Lorenzo asks Jesse what that disgusting behavior would have to do with his son. Is Jesse going to question all the photography students on campus of that crime? He also tells Jesse that he believes that his problem with Diego is that he’s jealous because Diego has photographing his girlfriend and because Maxie has been interested in Diego. He reminds Jesse that this is not appropriate police procedure and it’s harassment to his son. And he asks for his name and badge number.

Right then, Brook Lynn talks to the “strange” guy. She seems to like him. They talk about what could happen or not happen if people are interested in each other. Although she seems to have some sort of suspicion about him, she arranges to get coffee with him.

Sam tells Carly that ever since she came to Port Charles, all she heard about is what a fighter Carly Corinthos is. She remembers the time Carly tried to take her on in a bar. And she knows that the fight was all about Jason. She reminds Carly that Jason means so much to both of them and throughout Carly’s whole history with Jason, he’s always been there for her. And she tells her that now Jason needs her. And this is Carly’s chance to be Jason’s best friend and show him how much she loves him. Carly almost wants to listen to Sam. Sam then tells her that all she needs to do now, in order to do for Jason, what he’s always done for her is let Sam take Carly to her dad. Carly does not argue. And she actually agrees to do it for Jason.

Durant comes to talk to Jason assuming that he’s been abandoned by Sonny and everybody. But right then, Justus comes to represent Jason, telling Durant that he cannot harass his client. He tells Durant that his client has suffered a trauma and Jason did not even know that the cops he punched were really cops nor did they tell him what they wanted. And he tells Durant he can file a big lawsuit against him and against the police department. Durant lets them talk alone. Jason asks Justus who he is. Justus tells Jason that he is his cousin and that Sonny needs his help right now

Alexis stays with Ric. She tells him she’s not going anywhere and he will be the first face he sees when he wakes up, whether he likes it or not. Alexis goes out and sees Sonny and again blames him for what happened to Ric. It happened at Sonny’s house and was probably intended for him. She tells him that he’s caused pain to every member of her family ever since she met him. Now Ric has taken a bullet for him and he still has no respect from his brother. He asks her why she is so stressed and reminds her that this is not good for her baby. He tells her that he almost died once but Carly convinced him that life was worth living because of her. So maybe instead of being angry with him right now, she should be with Ric convincing him that she is worth living for. And he might believe her.

Sam tells Carly that she owes Jason a chance to get the help he needs. Carly agrees that Sam is right. Jason is so good to her and she owes him. She then breaks down and cries, tells Sam she is so tired and asks Sam what Jason would want. Sam replies that Jason wants her to get rest. But because he is not there, Sam tells her he needs her to help Carly for him.

Diego tells the others that he realizes he had lousy timing and Jesse might have had reason to suspect him. Right then, Jesse gives Diego his camera back and convinces Lorenzo that he is not going to harass his son. Georgie tells them that the guy took photos of Brook Lynn and there’s no telling what he will do next. Knowing that both of his “women” are in danger, Diego tells Jesse he better catch this guy before he does.

Alexis notices Reese in Ric’s room and thanks her for calling her about Ric but tells her she’d like her to leave. Reese tells Alexis that she has as much right to be there as anybody else after what she and Ric have been through. Alexis tells Reese that she notices Reese is falling for both Corinthos men, Sonny and Ric. She reminds Reese that she endangered her husband by letting him follow her and Carly to Florida. Reese tells Alexis that she had her own issues with Carly and if Alexis loves her husband she will let him make his own decisions. Alexis says she loves Ric but knows that Sonny is not good for him.

Sam gets Carly to lie down and they both agree that Carly needs to do what she needs to do for Jason. Sonny returns home and has a new guy filling in for Max. He then finds Lorenzo in his living room who tells him he had nothing to do with this. Sonny seems to agree but tells Lorenzo he knows about his dealings in Miami and does not believe Lorenzo’s hands are clean.

At Kelly’s, when Michael is alone with Lucky, he tells him that he knows that Emily is “faking” being ok. He tells him he can hear her crying at night and he knows that Lucky is a good friend to Emily. Lucky confirms to Michael that he and Emily have been very close ever since they were about Michael's age. And right then, while Nikolas is outside making a call on his cell phone and looking all happy, Lucky comes outside, pulls the cell phone out of his hand and throws it on the ground. Nikolas tells his brother he doesn’t know what his problem is and he doesn’t want to fight. Lucky tells Nikolas that he cannot sit and watch him all happy after what he’s done to Emily. He has just had to hear from a 9-year-old boy that Emily cries herself to sleep every night. But Nikolas dumped her and went out and got laid. Right then, Courtney comes out to defend Nikolas. Lucky tells her that she also has no consideration for other people and is as much to blame as Nikolas is. She just finds a guy, one after another. And when something else comes along, she gets rid of him. Nikolas tells Lucky to shut up. He doesn’t. And Nikolas punches him.

Maxie gets ready for bed and turns out the lights. Her eyes stay open and she hears something. When her back is turned, the door opens. When she turns her head around, it closes.

Reese tells Alexis that she has to stop fighting Ric. She must realize how lucky she is to have him and if she keeps pushing him away, it will just be a matter of time before…. And before she can finish what she’s going to say and Alexis asks her what she’s intending to say, they wheel Ric in his bed with bags of blood for blood transfusion. She follows him to his room and asks the doctors if he will be all right. They tell her they will know more after surgery.

Sonny has Justus bring Jason to talk to him and attempt to get his memory back. He asks him about his medication and tells Jason he must still have his instincts. He talks about Michael and Morgan, Carly, his brother Ric, Max, the best guard they’ve ever had, all being endangered. He tells them that “they” broke into his home and came after his family. Jason asks who “they” are. Sonny tells Jason that he wants him to “take care” of this. Jason asks if Sonny wants him to kill them and informs Sonny that he’s not going to kill anybody for him.

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