GH Update Thursday 9/8/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/8/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon and Georgie are at the hospital afraid she might be pregnant. She’s thrown up and had a bad reaction to something and they do not know the cause. Maxie secretly talks to the “stalker” on the phone, telling him that she wants to meet him and talk to him and believes that maybe she can reach an understanding with him. Jesse, right then enters and knows that she is up to something.

Sonny comes to the police station and meets Sam. She tells him what has happened to Jason and their even bigger problem involving Durant. Sonny tells Durant he needs to see Jason now. Durant tells him that nobody is seeing Jason until he gets to see his daughter.

Reese tells Ric that Carly needs to be locked up. Ric reminds her that that is Sonny’s call. Carly comes down and knows that they are talking about her. She tells him she knows that they want to put her in Shadybrook but it will not happen. She tells them she’s going to find Sonny and he’s going to stop them cold. Right then, the cops come and knock on the door. Lucky is there.

Dillon tells Georgie that they have always been careful. She tells him that there are no guarantees. Right then, Bobbie comes out and informs them that she has “bad news”. That very same drug that was given to Maxie was found in Georgie’s system. Hearing that, she reveals that she is happy that it is not pregnancy. Bobbie wonders why she’s happy about a terrible thing like that happening and she tells her she must report it.

Maxie tells Jesse that not every call she gets is from a stalker or pervert. He tells her that she is evading the issue and must realize that there are sickos and murderers and rapists out there. She tells him that he’s really being negative to assume that and that’s a shame because he’s a really fun guy. He tells her he’s signed up to take photography at the university.

Diego goes to his father’s home. Lorenzo tells him he is reconsidering letting him into the family business and believes Diego needs an education first. Diego protests he doesn’t want to be stuck in a dorm room with a roommate he suspects. But Lorenzo tells him that he must complete school before he gets to work for him. Right then the cops come and tell Lorenzo that they believe he might know where Carly is and they search his house.

Durant tells Sonny that he is not the cure for Carly. He is the problem. And he tells him no Carly, no Jason. Sam tells Sonny that he must do what Durant wants. Jason has a terminal condition. Sonny tells her that if Carly goes to Shadybrook, she will “die”. But she tells him that Jason really will die and be dead and Sonny has no choice but to turn Carly over to Durant in order to save Jason’s life.

Lucky tells Reese and Ric and tells them he knows that Carly was never at Shadybrook. He tells them he knows they are hiding Carly and he goes out and finds her but she’s able to convince him not to turn her in.

The cops at Lorenzo’s confirm that they cannot find Carly anywhere in his house. He makes a sarcastic comment about how they might want to look under the furniture. When they leave, Diego laughs and tells his father he must remind him never to get on his bad side. Lorenzo tells his son that he knows he has a “young lady” on the brain.

Maxie tells Jesse that she doesn’t want to sleep with him just yet. He asks her since when is she concerned about “indiscretions”. Right then, Dillon enters.

Lucky tells Sonny that he is concerned about Carly because she is his cousin. And he tells him that Carly needs serious help and Sonny must get it for her. Sonny asks Carly to go upstairs and tells Ric that Durant is demanding Carly for Jason. He also believes that Lorenzo Alcazar is up to something. Ric tells Sonny he must make a decision and make it quick.

Maxie dismisses Jesse from her room and tells Dillon he must go along with her in order to flush the perv out. He tells her that he knows she is doing this behind Jesse’s back and he won’t go along with it.

Lorenzo tells Diego that he can’t just choose to follow in daddy’s footsteps in order to impress some woman. He wants his son to have a good an honest life. Diego tells his father that going to school will be a boring life and asks him why he chooses this life. Lorenzo tells Diego he does not want him following in his footsteps. Lorenzo’s contact comes by. Lorenzo tells him that he wants to move to Miami and “compete” with Sonny but he wants them to proceed with caution. Right then the guy leaves with the others he came with and instructs them to go forward tonight.

Carly pleads with Sonny to help her. He’s all she has left. She no longer has anybody. Not even Jason. And she leaves him torn between doing what she wants or saving Jason.

Dillon tells Maxie that her whole plan is crazy. But she asks him to turn around while she changes. She tells him that they can catch the perv before he drugs his next drink and she will do this with or without him. He tells her not if he calls Jesse. She tells him Jesse need not know anything about it. She convinces him that they are doing this to save her sister and his girlfriend and tells him that it is settled, although he is not entirely with her on this plan.

Brook Lynn meets a strange guy at Kelly’s. She seems to like him. He tells her he’s heard her singing. She admits that her brilliant music career kind of got side tracked. He tells her that’s what love is all about. She tells him that she was not in love. It was more like temporary insanity. And they both agree that college is now a “safe place” for her. But she admits that nowadays she does not feel very safe. He then offers to walk her back to her dorm room. We then hear creepy music as if something might happen.

Sam tells Durant that she knows that Sonny and Jason avoid doctors and psychiatrists like the plague and may not realize that Carly needs professional help. But he must realize that Jason is not responsible for his actions. She asks him if he really thinks he will win points with his daughter if he lets Jason die and all she asks is that he lets her give Jason the pills that he needs. She tells him she loves Jason and asks Durant if he has ever been able to say that about anybody he’s ever met in his miserable life. Durant then tells Sam that if she can convince Sonny to turn Carly over to him, then he will enable Jason to have the medication. But Sam realizes she may not be able to trust Durant.

Lorenzo goes to Sonny’s and asks Ric and Reese if Sonny is hiding Carly here. He tells them that he knows that Ric, as Sonny’s younger brother, is so desperate for big brother’s approval. He tells him he might be better off selling crack for Sonny. Reese asks Lorenzo why he doesn’t just mind his own business and tells him he’s just jealous that he lost Carly to Sonny. Lorenzo tells Ric that Sonny is a slut with no morals and Ric punches Lorenzo.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t trust him. He wanted to turn her away from Jason so she’d be dependent on him and he’d get to put her away. She tells him he does not know what it’s like. He tells her that she must know that he does know what it’s like. You are all alone with nobody to turn to believing that everybody is against you. The darkness comes and just about swallows you whole. He’s been there. And she rescued him from it. She taught him that life matters and that it’s worth fighting for. But sometimes you need more. She asks him what he is saying.

Sonny comes down the stairs and notices Lorenzo that Carly is in bad shape and he has Lorenzo to credit for that. Lorenzo tells Sonny he could care less about Carly but wants to inform him that he has some “business” in Miami. Reese, again, tells Sonny that he must put Carly in Shadybrook. But Sonny protests that the last time she was there, she got drugged, shut away and almost poisoned. She wouldn’t let that happen to him so he won’t let it happen to her. Right then, Sam appears and tells Sonny that Carly is not the only person who has saved his life. Jason has taken bullets for him and saved his life many times. She is not going to give up on Jason so he better not either.

Jesse comes and meets Dillon and asks him what kind of little scheme Maxie has cooked up in order to catch the perv. He asks if they have a concealed tape recorder. He tells Dillon if he comes within several feet of the pizza shack, he will have Dillon arrested for obstruction of justice.

After the guy walks Brook Lynn home, he tries to get her to convince him that she does not think he’s “pathetic” for going on about her singing. She tells him she does not think he’s pathetic and seems friendly to him. He then departs. Nothing seems to have happened. At least not this time.

Right when Dillon takes out his tripod camera, Georgie comes out and tells him that her parents found out what almost happened and are threatening to send her to an all-girl’s school in Texas. He tells her that he wants to help get this guy caught. Right then, Maxie enters by herself . And right then, somebody seems to have caused Jesse to pass out and he's lying in the bushes. Maxie asks "the dude" to show his face. Right then, Diego enters carrying his expensive camera.

Durant goes to Lorenzo's and informs him that he's noticed some men from Miami wearing expensive suits and carrying briefcases. He calls them "Miami lice". Lorenzo tells him that having Miami tourists might be good for Port Charles economy. Durant tells him that he will be able to tell what they are up to, depending upon whether they conduct their business and leave or whether they stay or come back at another time.

At Sonny's, Sam tells him that he must enable Jason to take his medication and keep him out of jail. But right then, Carly comes down and informs them that somebody is outside with a gun. It appears she is not delusional. Max enters at the door and collapses from a gunshot. And right then they know that everybody needs to get down on the ground and gunshots fire through the windows.

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