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General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/7/05


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Sam goes to see Jason in the hospital. He asks her what will happen if the medication doesn’t work. She tells him he is the love of her life and he must have faith and be positive. He takes the first pill. She thanks him, realizing he does not remember her.

Elizabeth tells Lucky about her conversation with Emily where she declared that Nikolas is the love of her life. He tells her he wishes them luck. She tells him she knows they will find their way back together and so will Jax and Courtney and the nightmare is over for everybody including them.

Courtney goes to see Jax. She admits to him that she was at Windermere making love to Nikolas. She tells him tonight was the first time. He asks her why tonight. She tells him she did it for him, to spare him the misery of being married to her until the baby is born. She will give him perfect grounds for divorce: adultery.

Emily goes to see Nikolas and tells him that she will give him another chance. She wants to make it work with him. He tells her he is sorry. It’s over.

Ric, Reese and Carly return to Sonny’s. Carly rushes to find Sonny but discovers he’s not there. Ric tells her Sonny is in Florida and wants her to stay at his house. Right then, Reese goes out the door. And Durant enters saying he wants to see his daughter immediately.

Jason is with Sam, ready to leave the hospital but Monica catches him by the elevator and tells him he cannot leave right when he’s just taken his new medication. She tells him she cannot force him to stay but he must realize that as his mother, she only wants what is best for him. And she’s afraid that when he gets in that elevator, he could collapse and die. She tells him he must give them a chance to stabilize him and get the seizures under control. But he tells her that he feels like a caged animal and has to get out of there. Sam assures Monica she will take care of Jason. Monica tells them this is not the way to do things but she agrees to let them go. In the elevator Sam tells him he must take his medication and not give up on his life because he is all she has.

Alexis goes to Kelly’s and asks Mike if he’s heard from Ric or Sonny. He admits he has not. He tells her he’s heard that Carly is at Shadybrook. But she reveals to him that Sonny has lied to everybody about that and she is really staying with him. She tells him she is concerned that she has not heard from Ric by now.

Durant tells Reese that he has full authority over his daughter’s psychiatric care. She reminds him that Sonny will be taking care of Carly. Durant tells her no way. Sonny is the reason she had the breakdown in the first place. Alone with Ric and Reese, Carly tells them that she cannot let Durant near her kids. They assure her he won’t be near the kids and as he believes she is in Shadybrook. Luckily he did not see her right through the door when he came by. She again asks why she has not heard from Sonny.

Nikolas reminds Emily that she told him just today that their love is gone and she hoped he would not fight the divorce. He tells her he wishes he could just come back to her. But she tells him that wishes don’t do any good. She wishes she’d never been raped and he’d never gone to prison and she’d never met Connor Bishop and he’d never lost his memory and wound up at Mary Bishop’s door. And she tells him she knows that he was with Courtney. He informs her that Jax lied about wanting to reconcile with Courtney and wants to divorce her and get custody of the baby. And Emily confirms that Courtney found out, left Jax and came to Nikolas and they made love. He tells her that is true but he swears to her that this is the first time.

Courtney tells Jax that he is a world-class liar. She actually believed that he wanted to get their marriage back when he told her he did. She didn’t want to believe that he’d use an innocent child as a pawn in his ego game and hurt and deceive so many people just so that he can “win”. He tells her that that she’s just making excuses for her behavior. She asks if he means her sleeping with Nikolas or her being stupid enough to believe him. She tells him he never loved her. She was just part of the chase. She was nothing more than an accessory, a crock and a means to an end. He asks her if sleeping with Nikolas was worth it. She answers that Nikolas was very much worth it. He tells her that he’s not asking if it was good sex but if it was worth all the lives she’s shredded. She tells him that he sleeps with women and sees them as nothing more than a conquest and is a fine one to be judging her. He asks her if she’s ok about ruining Nikolas and Emily’s marriage. He tells her she’s had a history of using men for their money, from AJ to Jason and now to him. And she must want Nikolas’ money. She tells him she has her own money and doesn’t want Nikolas’s money. She tells him that he will never get custody of that child. He tells her that he should have listened to his mother. She tells him that he may think she is a tramp but he’s slept around and been a home wrecker with many married women. But he does not have to follow the rules. He’s Jasper Jax. He’s rich. He doesn’t care about anybody.

Nikolas tells Emily that he wanted to help her with what happened to Jason. She tells him she knows she’s been unfair to be expecting him to be available for her whenever she wants and needs him. He tells her he’s always wanted to comfort her and be there for her. And he’s always been able to do that for her ever since she was a kid. And then she got raped. And that was the first thing he could not make all right for her. She tells him that he was perfect for her. He was the perfect boy to have a crush on and the perfect man to fall in love with. She admits that when they were first together, she was with Zander. So she can forgive him for what happened tonight. She realizes people change. Their hearts change. She goes away. Nikolas is dumbfounded.

Durant’s contact tells Durant that he is “looking” to find Carly in Shadybrook but cannot find her. Durant tells him that after all Sonny Corinthos has done to his (Durant’s) daughter, “looking” is not good enough. He tells the guy that Jason Morgan knows how to find Carly and he must find Jason.

Reese tells Ric that Carly would have stabbed her if he and Sonny hadn’t just walked in right in time. She tells him that Carly needs to be institutionalized.

Alexis is having a meal at Kelly’s and notices Jason outside and asks him where Ric is. She has no clue about his memory loss when he tells her he does not know her or her husband. She asks him what is wrong. Right then, Sam comes out and tells Alexis she must back off.

Emily goes to Elizabeth and Lucky’s home. And she tells them that Nikolas is gone and with Courtney. And Lucky is right that Jax is ready to divorce Courtney. Right then, Jax enters and tells them he assumes they are all “up to speed”.

Nikolas meets Courtney and informs her that he talked to Emily and she wishes them well. She tells him that she talked to Jax and he did not take it well, called her a gold-digging slut among other things. Nikolas tells her that Jax is a selfish bastard so there you go. She tells him that she’s now discovered that her marriage was all a lie. She also senses that he has some things on his mind and concludes that he might need some time to himself. He tells her that he needs her.

Alexis tells Sam that she does not know that Jason is not covering for Sonny. Sam tells Alexis that Jason lost his memory Alexis tells Sam if she does not get some answers she will call the police. Right then, Reese enters and informs them that Sonny is in Miami and asks how Jason is doing. Realizing he does not remember her, she introduces herself formally to him, admits he didn’t much care for her when he knew her. But Sonny really cares about him so he must get well. Right then, some cops come to question Jason and he punches them and takes Sam away. She asks him to stop and tells him that he could get in big trouble for assaulting two police officers. He cannot run away or he will look guilty. But because he has a medical condition, he can explain to them what is going on.

Alexis finds Ric at Sonny’s and tells him she was afraid he was dead in a ditch somewhere. He informs her that Carly asked him to stay with her until Sonny gets back. She tells him that Carly needs a psychiatrist and not a lawyer and she understands he wants to “bond” with his brother. But does that include shutting her out of everything?

When Jax arrives, Emily leaves him alone with Lucky and Elizabeth. He tells them that he will give them money and visitation rights if they recommend primary custody for him for this child.

Courtney reminds Nikolas that Emily wants what’s best for him. And realizing Emily is not a SLEEZEBALL like Jax, she tells him perhaps Emily is what is right for him. And she asks him if he wants to go back to his wife. She tells him if he wants to give his marriage another try, she will understand. He tells her that he and Emily are over and have been since the day that Connor Bishop raped her. That’s why it hurts so much to let go. But he has to.

Lucky tells Jax that he cannot show up do this. Elizabeth tells him she’s already made up her mind. She wants her baby to grow up in a living home where mistakes can be forgiven and with two people who love each other. Jax tells them that he wants to give the baby a good life. Lucky asks him why he lied to Courtney. Jax tells him that she slept with Nikolas. Lucky tells Jax that he had a chance to give this baby a family. But he blew it. He also blew two marriages in the process. Hearing that. Jax tells them he takes that as a “no” to his offer.

Alexis tells Ric and Reese that they must realize that Carly is totally unstable. Ric tells her that he understands what it’s like to have a breakdown. She tells him she knows what it’s like to be controlled by Sonny. He tells her that she and Kristina and the baby are his first priority and if something happened to them, he’d be there before he’d be there first for them. But they are ok right now. And Sonny is facing a crisis with what has happened to Jason. She tells him that they both know that anybody who gets close to Sonny always ends up getting hurt.

Jason and Sam arrive at the police department. Durant tells the cops he wants the two of them booked. But Sam protests that Jason turned himself in and that must count for something. She informs him that Jason is not well. He says he agrees that Jason is a criminally insane sociopath. Sam tells Durant that Jason has been having seizures and does not remember who he is. Hearing that, Durant laughs and says Jason is a lucky man.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that if they intend to win the custody battle over Jax, they will need good lawyers. She tells him then he can ask his brother for help. But he admits to her that he does not even know his brother any more. How could he choose Courtney over Emily? If Nikolas had stayed away from Courtney, this whole thing would not have happened. She tells him that having the baby was her idea and if he blames anybody, he may blame her.

While Courtney and Nikolas are together again, Jax meets Emily outside and “suggests” that they give their respective spouses a “taste of their own medicine”. Hearing that, she hauls off and slaps him. She reveals that she is very upset and crying and she will never forgive him for what he’s done to Lucky and Elizabeth and it’s his fault that Courtney cheated. And now she’s with Nikolas She breaks down crying and he puts his arms around her. She doesn’t fight him.

Reese comes to see Ric and tells him that she will now “take over” with taking care of Carly, realizing he needs to get back to his wife. Carly comes down the stairs and again asks where Sonny is. They assure her that Sonny will be back from Miami soon. But she tells them that she does not trust either one of them and believe they just want to lock her up.

Monica goes to the police station and tells Durant he must know about her son’s medical condition. She tells him it’s well documented and gives him a big folder of papers. She tells Durant that he has reckless indifference to Jason’s health. He tells her he’s going to charge Jason Morgan with a felony and he is not leaving the station until Sonny delivers Carly to her daddy.

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