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General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/6/05


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Lucky meets Jax on the docks. Jax asks Lucky to do him a favor. He(Lucky) needs to stop “lying” to his(Jax’s) wife. But Lucky tells Jax that they both know that he is not lying and Courtney will figure out what he is up to if she has not already. Jax tells Lucky that his (Lucky’s) brother slept with his (Jax’s) wife. Lucky tells Jax that he has a problem not being able to trust his own wife. He also tells him he does not believe that he all of a sudden wants to get back with Courtney at such a “convenient” time. And he knows that Jax wants to take his and Elizabeth’s baby away from them and from Courtney. Right then, Elizabeth comes and tells them both they must stop it.

Right then, Nikolas and Courtney are ready to get it on. They look really serious. They are taking it all off and ready to have sex.

At the hospital, Monica informs Sam that Jason has a very serious condition besides memory loss. And if it goes untreated, he could die.

Emily notices Jason and asks what he’s doing out of bed and if he’s all right. Having no memory of his sister, Jason remembers that he was told that she’s his sister. She asks him to please get back into bed and if he’s feeling any better. She tells him the doctors are running many tests so he can get better. And she tells him she needs him. Having no memory of her, he asks her why. She tells him he’s always been so good to her, such a good listener and a rock for her. And she needs her brother back. Remembering that he’s also been told that he kills people for a living, he admits to her that he’s a little baffled to know that he was such a good brother to her.

Dr. Tony Jones tells Monica and Sam that there is a new drug he hopes will help Jason. But there’s no guarantee and if it does not work, they will have to do brain surgery. Sam and Monica both know that Jason cannot go through with brain surgery. Monica admits to her worry. But Sam wants to be positive that the drug will work and Jason will come back to them.

Sonny and Ric go to find Carly. Sonny tells him no matter what anybody says, he refuses to believe that “she” is gone. Hearing that, Ric asks him which “she” he is talking about. Reese or Carly?

Carly pulls a knife on Reese and tells her she will not take her husband or destroy her family. Reese tries to calm Carly down and get her to trust her. She reminds her that she was the one who helped save Michael. She urges her to see that she would never hurt her family or her kids. She tells her she must realize that her kids love her. Carly then puts down the knife but still does not trust Reese.

Elizabeth tells Lucky she wants to talk to Jax alone. Lucky reminds her that Jax will just feed her more lies but he leaves. She tells Jax that she would like very much for Lucky and Nikolas to be wrong with their accusations of him and believe that he really is sincere about getting back with Courtney. He tells her he can assure her that that is the case. She reminds him that she entered into this contract in good faith. And although she is not as “rich” as he is, she knows the court would favor the natural mother of a baby over a rich playboy who wheels and deals and lies, then divorces his wife and who treats women and babies like material possessions. He assures her that that is not his intent.

Ric tells Sonny that Carly is really messed up. He saw her huddled up like a ball in the corner, behaving just like a teenage girl. Sonny tells Ric that he and Carly may not be getting back together. But he can take care of Carly. Ric asks him what about Reese. And he tells Sonny that even if Reese might have hated Carly, she loves him more. Sonny then gets a call. He informs Ric that a woman said she spotted Reese and Carly in a shack and they must get there now.

When Reese is on the ground, Carly tells her she must “protect” herself and her family. And she picks up the knife to stab Reese.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she believes that Jax loves Courtney. But Lucky tells her he does not buy anything Jax tells them.

Jax is again, obsessively working with Justus to dig up all the dirty he can find on Courtney. Justus tells Jax that he can shut down her foundation and run her into the ground, and smear her reputation and show no mercy. Hearing that, Jax tells Justus they cannot go that far. Courtney poured out her heart and soul for that foundation. Justus then tells Jax that he knows he still loves Courtney. And Jax tells Justus that he’s thinking like a marriage counselor instead of a lawyer.

Courtney, now convinced of what Jax is up to, tells Nikolas that she’s worried about Jax but also not certain that they are doing the right thing. She confirms again, to him that she did not “seek him out”. But she needed someone to listen and he was there. He admits that he regrets that he wasn’t able to give Emily what she needed. She admits to him that she will be honest to Jax and tell him what she’s done.

Emily asks Monica and Sam what they are going to tells Jason. Sam says they are going to tell him that the medication will work and he will be ok. Monica tells them that she knows that Alan is hoping that Jason will wake up and be Jason Quartermaine again, just like before the first time he lost his memory. But Emily tells her mother she knows that will not happen. Monica tells Emily she knows that Jason will not agree to brain surgery.

Sam goes to see Jason. He can tell by her expression that something is wrong. She tells him that there is a problem but the doctors are going to start him on medication right away and everything will be fine. He asks her why, then, she is so scared.

Sonny and Ric find Carly with a bloody knife in her hand and ask her what happened. Carly panics and tells them it’s Reese. Ric goes to help unconscious Reese. Carly cries and tells Sonny she just needed to protect him. He tells her she must listen to him. She does not need to protect him. He is safe.

Emily goes to talk to Elizabeth about what to do with Jason. She tells her that she realizes that when she found out that Jason might die, all she wanted to do was have somebody hold her. And she knows that she misses Nikolas.

Nikolas and Courtney are both assuming that their respective spouses are done with them. She gets up to leave and admits that she is not exactly Lucky and Elizabeth’s favorite person either. He tells her that once they get to know her, they will feel differently.

Jason asks Sam what the chances are that the medication will work. She does not know. But Dr. Tony Jones comes in and tells them it should help with the seizures but there are no guarantees. When Tony leaves, Jason gets a “feeling” that he might have done something to that guy to make him not like him. Sam gives Jason the first tablet but he tells her he might not want to be who he was before.

Courtney and Nikolas walk together on the docks and he tells her that maybe he should go with her. He doesn’t want her to have to confront Jax alone. But she tells him that she is not afraid of Jax and knows that Jax just loves “the chase”. He cannot be that possessive of her. She’s just another “conquest” for him. If it weren’t the surrogacy arrangement it would have been something else. She doesn’t want to be with Jax unless she’s the woman he really loves and wants. And she will not live that way. She admits that their behavior did kind of push her marriage over the edge. And she tells him she must talk to Jax face-to-face and be upfront about what just happened. He tells her again that he wishes she’d let him be there with her. She tells him she will be ok and he waits outside for her.

Emily tells Elizabeth that she wants to get back with Nikolas and Elizabeth encourages her to know that they can get their marriage back.

Reese tells Sonny and Ric that Carly tried to kill her. She tells them if they had not gotten there, she’d be dead right now. And she tells Sonny he must realize that Carly is dangerous. Right then, they hear a chopper and know that it must be the rescue team. Carly is afraid that somebody will want to take her to the hospital. Men in police uniforms come and ask if Reese cut herself. Sonny and Ric want to keep the secret and tell them they can take care of her. Sonny then tells Carly that she must go with Ric. She tells him she hates Ric. But he convinces her it is ok and she goes with Ric. Alone with Sonny, Reese tells him he cannot keep “putting on these little shows” for Carly’s benefit. She tells him that Carly needs professional help when she gets back to Port Charles.

Sam tells Jason that he’s trusted her this far so she asks him to please trust her now. She tells him he is the love of her life. And he takes the medication.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she believes that Nikolas and Emily will get back together and so will Courtney and Jax. He tells her he sure hopes so but it may not be that simple.

Again, Emily has the misguided belief that she can get back with Nikolas. She finds him right after he’s been with Courtney and tells him that she’s realized that she loves him more than anything. She knows that she can forgive him as couples have forgiven each other for much worse than he’s done. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him and asks him not to tell her that it’s too late. Little does she know that he and Courtney are ready to move forward and be done with both of their marriages.

Courtney goes to see Jax. He asks her where she’s been. She tells him that she was with Nikolas making love.

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