GH Update Friday 9/2/05

General Hospital Update Friday 9/2/05


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Courtney tells Nikolas on the docks that she and Jax are back together. She thinks he is having a hard time accepting this. He tries to get through to her that he overheard Justus on the phone with Jax, and that Jax is leading her on. She refuses to accept it and argues with him. He keeps yelling at her. They are both frustrated. He admits that he cares about her. Courtney doesn't want to hear it. They keep arguing about what he heard, yelling at each other. At one point, Courtney walks away, so he grabs her arm. She turns to slap him but stops herself and grabs his face instead. He still holds her arm as he tells her to go ahead and hit him if that's what she wants. Instead, she yells at him to leave her alone and never speak to her again, then she runs off.

Jason wakes up in a hospital bed at GH with restraints. Alan tells him that he had a seizure, so they are trying to find out what's wrong with him. Alan is very kind and calls him "Son", trying to calm him, but Jason wants out of the restraints. Alan tries to reason with him, but Jason is resistant. Alan is about to inject Jason with a sedative when Sam comes in with a gun and tells him to back off. She threatens to shoot Alan where he stands. Alan tells her that Jason needs to stay calm because he's had another seizure, but Sam gets him to back away. She moves towards Jason and starts loosening the restraints. Alan warns that if Jason leaves, he could die, but both Sam and Jason ignore him. Sonny sees Jason as he's about to walk off the hospital elevator. Jason warns him to stay the hell away. Sonny looks stunned. He thinks that Jason is taking Carly's side in their argument, so he tries to explain that she is not in her right mind. He asks Jason where she is, but Jason doesn't know. Sonny questions him about where he took her, but Jason tells Sonny to find Carly himself. Sonny wonders what's going on, so Jason tells him that he doesn't know him. Sonny looks even more stunned. He doesn't seem to understand what's happening, so he tries to suggest to Jason that he go back with him to his house and clear things up. Jason doesn't want to go anywhere with him; he pushes Sonny out of the elevator and tells him to leave him alone. Sonny, thinking that his friend has turned on him, warns him that he doesn't know what he's doing.

Meanwhile, Sam argues with Alan in the hospital room. She accuses Alan of trying to brainwash Jason into thinking he's a Quartermaine, but Alan denies that he has an agenda. He tells Sam that Jason has an aneurism in his brain that could kill him with every step. He doesn't care what Jason feels or thinks about him, he just wants to save his life. Sam asks Alan to make a deal with her that he won't drug or restrain Jason, and she will try to get him back there. Alan agrees. Sam finds Sonny and tells him what's been going on with Jason. Tears fall as she tells him how Jason doesn't want to come back to his life. Sonny's a bit confused, trying to digest the information, but then his phone rings.

Ric awakens in Bedlow Country Medical County. A doctor tells him where he is and says that they were worried that they'd lost him. Ric is groggy but remembers a flood. He tells the doctor that it hit him, Reese, and Carly very fast. The doctor doesn't know about the women and tells Ric that he is the only one they found there. The doctor wonders why they were there because the town had been condemned for months. Ric explains what happened as he holds his aching head. The last thing he remembers is the women being pulled underwater, and then he got hit in the head. Ric is shocked as the doctor tells him that no one else could have survived. Ric asks for a phone. The doctor is reluctant to let him use the phone because of his condition, but Ric insists, saying there is someone he has to call. Ric phones Sonny to tell him where he is, but Sonny hangs up, saying he's on his way, before Ric can give him any bad news.

Reese rescues Carly. She lies her down on the floor, in a cabin, and performs CPR, begging Carly not to die. Carly awakens with a sputter. Reese is relieved that she is okay. Carly looks like she can't believe what she is seeing. Reese explains that Carly passed out in the flood, and she pulled her to safety. Carly says nothing, so Reese asks her if she remembers the flood. Carly smacks her in the face and then rushes to the door, trying to get out. She can't get out and is frantic. Reese tries to calm her down, saying that going back to their childhood home brought back a lot of memories. Carly sinks to the floor, upset, as Reese reminds her about the flood and all that happened. Reese assures her that they're alive and will be okay. She wonders if it's a sign that they should stop hurting each other. Carly understands that they're alive but doesn't say much. Reese prays that Ric made it out, too. She blames herself for bringing him down there. Reese tells Carly that they are going to spend the night there. Meanwhile, Carly thinks to herself that Reese hates her and wants to kill her, but she will kill her first. Carly is clearly still insane. Reese calmly tells Carly that tomorrow they will find some help. Carly stares at her, thinking violent thoughts. Reese gives Carly a blanket. Carly shivers as she adjusts the blanket around herself. Reese knows that Carly doesn't trust her. She pours out her feelings to Carly about how she has felt. Carly stares straight ahead as Reese talks. Reese doesn't want to have any more resentments towards Carly or live in the past any more. Carly's brow furrows as Reese says that she realized maybe things weren't as black and white as she had supposed about Carly and her father. It clearly hurts Reese to say that perhaps her father was not as perfect or as honorable as she thought. Carly says quietly, "they never are". Reese is happy when she thinks that Carly is hearing and understanding what she has to say.

Reese tells Carly how much she loved her dad, even though she admits that Carly already knows all this from when they were friends. She didn't want to believe that her father could be "weak and wrong". Reese adds that she probably misunderstood some things. Carly says to herself that Reese believed what she wanted to believe. Reese admits that Ric is probably right, that she was blaming Carly for her father's death. Reese adds that her father was the adult and should have known better. Carly, paranoid, thinks to herself that she doesn't believe that Reese is suddenly forgiving her. Reese is still processing all of these feelings and thoughts, so she says it will take some time, but she apologizes profusely to Carly for everything she did and said. She knows that one day, Carly will forgive her. In her mind, Carly replies, "You think you're sorry now? Just wait..." The camera focuses on her crazy eyes.

Reese tells Carly that she knows she's been through a trauma, but she'll be okay. Carly puts her hands to hears and yells at Reese to stop, so she backs off. Reese tells her that once they're rescued, she will take her to Sonny so he can take care of her. The voice in Carly's head says that Reese wishes she had drowned in the flood, so she'd have him all to herself. Reese keeps trying to talk to Carly in a friendly way, hoping she can make up for the pain she has caused. Reese looks for some food as Carly watches her. Reese finds some bottled water and shares it with Carly, who is still thinking paranoid thoughts. Reese goes outside to look for food and firewood. She asks Carly to stay there and says she'll be back soon. After Reese leaves, Carly looks around to see what she can find. She pulls out a stuck drawer, which falls to the floor. She finds an old knife and picks it up. She hides it under her blanket. When Reese returns, she starts a fire in the stove. Carly says pitifully that she wants to go home, so Reese promises her that they'll get there. Reese tells her that she found a storage shed with some soup that she can make for them. Reese talks about how they might have to head for higher ground and mentions the rescue teams. Carly says in her head that no one will miss "Charlotte" when she's gone. Reese reminds Carly that tomato soup is her favorite as she prepares the meal. She remembers how Carly would always ask for seconds. Carly wonders angrily to herself if Reese poisoned the soup. Reese gives Carly a mug of the soup, but Carly knocks it away. Reese tells her in a huff to suit herself. She says she will leave Carly some in case she changes her mind. Carly still has the knife by her side. Later, Reese is sitting with her back to Carly. She says that maybe when they get back home, they can bury the past and find peace. Meanwhile, Carly sneaks up behind her and raises the knife.

Also at GH, a very pregnant Alexis phones Ric, leaving a message on his answering machine. She wonders where he is. Nearby, Emily speaks with Justus about her divorce from Nikolas. Justus informs Alexis that they will be serving papers to Nikolas. He assumes she will be representing him. Alexis speaks softly when she says she will do that if necessary. She tries to talk Emily out of the divorce. Emily just wants it all done with. Justus assures Alexis that it will be an amicable separation with no fighting over money or property. Alexis lets him know that Nikolas and Emily still love each other deeply. She doesn't want Emily to throw their future away. Emily corrects Alexis, saying they are no longer in love. Alexis can't believe that. Emily tells her that the love between them is gone and explains that their lives are too painful now because of everything they've gone through.

Sonny phones Emily from his plane to tell her where he's headed and explain what happened with Ric, Reese, and Carly. Emily assures him that his kids will be fine while he's gone. He asks her to let them know how much he loves him. She adds that she'll let him know if she hears anything about Jason. He tells her that the guards will be taking her and the kids to MetroCourt. He tells her to stay there until he phones her. Surprised, she wonders if everything is okay. He tells her it's a precaution because she wants to make sure they're safe while everything is going on. He doesn't mention to her about Jason's medical or mental problems.

Alexis visits Nikolas at home. He is drinking, so she knows that he's not doing well. He explains that he ran into Jax and that it was a rotten day. Alexis wishes he had told her how bad things had gotten with Jax because they're such good friends that could have intervened, but Nikolas assures her that nothing could have helped. She tells him about seeing Emily and how she wants the divorce. Nikolas is not surprised to hear it. Alexis tries to advise him how to change Emily's mind, but he doesn't want to fight Emily on it any more. He tells her to tell Justus to draw up the papers and he'll sign them. Alexis is surprised. She talks about how much Nikolas and Emily love each other. He says that hasn't solved their problems and may have even made them worse. He shares his frustrations with her. He echoes Emily's words when he says that ending their marriage is the only option they have left. Alexis tells Nikolas that Emily claimed she doesn't love him any more, but she doesn't think it's true. Nikolas looks very hurt at these words. Emily walks in right then and says maybe Nikolas will understand it better if he hears it from her. Alexis leaves them alone. Nikolas wonders why Emily's there. She thinks they should discuss their divorce in person rather than going through lawyers. Impatient, he insists that she tell him that she doesn't love him any more. Finally, she tells him that it's true. They are both in great pain as Emily tells him that she realized she doesn't trust him any more. She admits that what's happened this past year has changed her. She thinks his love for her is gone, too. Tears fall down his face as she tells him that she's grateful for the happiness and love they shared. She thinks they should move on now that it's gone. She hopes he won't fight her for the divorce.

Jason goes home to the penthouse. He is packing a bag, including guns, when Sam comes in. She is glad he's still there. He thanks her for what she did at the hospital. He tries to leave, but she stops him and begs him to listen to her. She understands that everyone is acting like they know him, and it means nothing to him. They assume that he should feel some obligation when he doesn't. He agrees that's why he needs to get away. She asks him to give it some time as more tears fall down her face. She insists that people care about him, but he knows that she is the one who cares. She tries to keep him there. Sam tells Jason to listen to his good instincts and think about what she has to say. He puts down the bag and listens. She tells him that he won't get better on his own and that he could have a brain aneurism. She worries that he will die. He points out that tying him to a bed and drugging him won't help. Sam agrees that what Alan did was wrong but points out that if Jason collapses again, he might never wake up. Jason yells that he'd rather die that let the doctors get their hands on him again. Sam reminds him that she's been good to him and helped him out. She promises that if he goes to the hospital, takes the tests, and gets help, she will stay with him. She pledges to defend him with her life. She will take him to the airport herself if he decides to leave after that.

Jason lets Sam take him to GH. Alan and Monica are surprised when they walk out of the elevator. Alan is happy that Jason has reconsidered. Jason is ready to bolt, but Alan promises not to restrain him. Monica tells Jason that they will just run some tests so they can diagnose him and provide treatment. Sam reminds him that she's there for him, so he agrees. Alan smiles with relief as Jason and Sam walk away with Monica. Next we see that Sam is wheeling Jason into his room in a wheelchair. He is impatient to leave. She offers him water or something, but he is not interested, so she goes to make a phone call. When she walks out, Monica is waiting outside. Monica tells Sam with a sigh that Jason may die.

On the docks, Justus shows Jax the papers he drew up for when Jax wants to divorce Courtney. He explains to Jax that this is a log of evidence that will prove Courtney is unfit to raise a baby. Jax notes that it's very cold and final, seeing it on paper. Justus wonders if Jax really wants to go through with it, but Justus argues with him about it. Courtney comes up behind and sees them arguing. She overhears Jax say that as soon as Elizabeth gives him the baby, he can end this sham of a marriage to her. Jax adds to Justus not to pull any punches so that Courtney has no claim to his money or the baby. Courtney looks very hurt at his words. She leaves without letting them know she was there. Justus wonders how he can be so cold to a woman he loved. Jax admits that this is the only way he can get through it. Justus keeps trying to talk Jax out of his plan. Jax thinks that he and Courtney were just a rebound relationship that was doomed from the start. He discusses the problems they had. Justus points out that Jax doesn't know that Courtney really cheated on him, but he can't argue when Jax tells him what he knows about her "secret meetings" with Nikolas.

In the hospital in Florida, Sonny thinks he sees Reese, but it's some other brunette woman wrapped in a blanket. Ric finds him and fills him in on how the rescue teams are searching for Reese and Carly. Sonny thinks they should go out there and search, too, but he stops Ric and asks him how he knew to come there in the first place. Ric tells him that Reese phoned him when she figured out where Carly was. Sonny asks how Carly is doing, so Ric tells him that she's very fragile and seems to have gone back in time to when she was in high school (in her head). Ric tells Sonny where Carly went and how she was "emotionally gone". Sonny asks if Carly talked about what happened with Reese's father. Ric is surprised that Sonny knows about that. He tells Sonny haltingly that Carly was a teenager when Reese's father took advantage of her. Sonny wonders if Reese heard that, too. Ric tells Sonny that she did, but he isn't sure how well she is going to be able to deal with it. He tells Sonny that Reese blamed Carly for it. He thinks that Reese was beginning to understand that Carly was the victim when they were pulled underwater. The two men are about to leave to search when the doctor tells them that the sheriff said that smoke's been seen coming from a cabin in the reservoir site. A passerby saw two women helping each other into the cabin. He warns that the water is rising fast as the two men rush out. Later, they bust down the door of a cabin but find two other women, not Carly and Reese.

Outside Kelly's, Emily sits Michael down and tells him where Sonny is and how they're going to MetroCourt for a while. Michael wonders why, but she is not sure what to tell him. She tries to be upbeat, but Michael notices that she looks very sad. Emily tells him that it has nothing to do with him, but he presses the issue. She tells him about her divorce and that's why she's sad. Michael declares that he hates divorce, and she agrees. He wishes people could just stay in love. She tells him that there's different kinds of love--the mushy kind with flowers, and the kind where you care for the other person more than yourself. She points out that Carly and Sonny have the second kind of love, which is why Sonny is helping Carly out right now. Emily says that's why she is getting the divorce, to help out Nikolas. She says with a sigh that she let go for both of them.

Nikolas keeps drinking at home, but it's clearly not helping. He reluctantly takes off his wedding ring and takes Emily's rings out of his pocket, too. He tells himself that he really tried. He wishes he could change what Connor did to her. He cries, and then he angrily sweeps everything off the table onto the floor. He sits in the chair and cries in anguish. Courtney appears and tells him that both of them had a rough night. She pours herself a drink and informs him that he was right about Jax and his plans. She admits that she overheard him talking to Justus. Nikolas tells her that he's sorry. She apologizes for how she spoke to Nikolas earlier. She pours part of her drink into Nikolas' glass and berates herself for being blind. He knows she was just trying to save her marriage. Courtney says she is better off without Jax. Nikolas toasts her sarcastically, but she breaks down crying, despite trying to be brave. Nikolas comes over and consoles her. She cries onto his shoulder. They look at each other and then kiss. Things turn passionate.

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