GH Update Wednesday 8/31/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/31/05


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Nikolas asks Courtney if she still loves Jax, and she tells him that she does. Nikolas thinks she is just saying that because it’s how she thinks she should feel. Courtney asks him how he feels about Emily. He says they used to love each other, but they’ve both changed so much, and now he’s not really sure how they feel. Courtney asks Nik to please be supportive of her decision to be with Jax. She wants him to leave her alone from now on.

Jesse accuses Lucas of taking the nude photos of Brooklynn and then putting them under her doom room door. Lucas, of course, denies it, and both Maxie and Dillon jump to his defense. Lucas explains that he found the envelop in the dorm lounge. Since it had Brook’s name on it, he just decided to bring it to her. Jesse still isn’t convinced that he’s telling the truth. Just then Brook walks up and wonders why nobody seems overjoyed to see her.

Bobby finds Carly hanging out by Kelly’s. She tries to talk to her and quickly realizes that something isn’t right. Bobbie offers to help Carly, but Carly calls her a liar. She thinks everybody has turned against her, including Sonny, who now wants to be with Reese. Carly tells Bobbie that she never wanted her and then runs off.

Sonny and Reese search for Carly. Meanwhile, Jason appears on Sonny’s porch and then hides next to it when Sonny comes outside. Reese wants to call the police when she finds Carly, but Sonny insists that she can’t. He won’t let Carly be sent to a mental hospital.

Mike’s new busboy hits on Courtney at Kelly’s, and Mike tells the guy about Sonny. Courtney jokingly tells her dad to lay off the high school boy and informs Mike that she and Jax are back together.

Liz and Lucky go eat at Kelly’s and run into Courtney. She tells them she’s back with Jax, but Lucky thinks Jax is just playing her. Jax shows up and whisks Courtney away for a romantic evening alone.

Later, Liz tells Lucky that it makes her uncomfortable when he badmouths Jax. After all, she’s carrying his baby. Lucky apologizes. Liz says she really thinks Courtney and Jax have a chance. Lucky asks her if the same is true for Nik and Emily. Liz isn’t as confident, but she acknowledges that they’ve loved each other for years, and she thinks that love is still there somewhere.

Reese and Bobbie meet up on the pier while Reese is looking for Carly. Bobbie is angry that Carly was never put in the hospital. Bobbie asks about Carly as a teen, and Reese explains that she wasn’t necessarily better than Reese was but she worked so much harder to get what she wanted. Bobbie says that’s exactly what is driving her crazy – working so hard to get Sonny.

After Bobbie leaves, Reese sees Carly on the docks. Carly won’t let Reese get near her. Just then, a deluded Jason appears. He helps Carly get away but has no idea who she really is or what their relationship is like. Once they’re at Kelly’s, Jason wants to leave. Carly accuses him of abandoning her when she needs him most. Jason tries to explain about the headaches and losing his memory, but Carly thinks he’s lying and runs off.

Dillon insists that he and Georgie go hang out somewhere besides PCU. Georgie gets irritated – she thinks he doesn’t want her around his college friends – but he’s just trying to protect her from the stalker. Later, at Kelly’s, Georgie feels very faint after the new bus boy comes over to talk to her. Turns out he’s the Student Body President at Georgie’s high school and encourages her to run for an office.

Maxie and Brooklynn are looking at the pictures when Brook’s phone rings. Maxie insists on answering it. It’s the stalker, and Maxie talks smack to him. She challenges him to meet her later.

Reese goes back to Greystone and tells Sonny that she found Carly. She explains that Carly ran off with Jason. Sonny at least feels like she’s safe, but Reese wonders why Jason never called. Sonny thinks Jason is just trying to calm Carly down. Sonny decides to go search for Carly at her old home. When he gets there, he can’t seem to find Carly. She comes out when he’s not looking and knocks him unconscious with a fire poker.

Nikolas and Lucky have a chat. Nikolas explains that he’s not sure he’ll get back with Emily. Lucky wants to know what changed since they used to be so in love, and Nikolas says everything.

Jason shows up at the Quartermaines. Alan walks in while he’s looking at a picture. When Alan realizes that Jason has lost his memory again, Alan thinks he finally has his son back. Monica comes in and Alan introduces her to their son. Monica, of course, is confused. Jason explains that he works for his best friend Sonny, but Alan quickly tells him that Sonny blackmailed him and is no friend at all.

Sonny wakes up and finds Diego. He threatens Diego’s life unless he tells him where his father is. Diego finally admits that Lorenzo is in Miami. Sonny makes plans to fly down there. He thinks Lo has kidnapped Carly.

Jax calls Justus and orders him to find proof that Courtney is an unfit wife and mother. Justus tells Jax that he won’t allow Courtney to hurt him, which Nikolas overhears.

Carly goes down to Florida and back to her old (run down) high school. She looks through the lockers and remembers. She then, she hears something and turns to see Reese.

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