GH Update Tuesday 8/30/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/30/05


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Courtney and Jax nibble on fruit in bed. She thanks him for being such a generous, forgiving husband, and he tells her he will fight to the death to get what’s his (meaning his child, but she doesn’t know that.)

Courtney gets dressed for work, and as she’s leaving, she passes Justus in the hallway. He’s coming to talk to Jax. Justus witnesses the couple kiss goodbye and is happy they are back together. Once Courtney is gone, Jax explains that he’s pretending to be back with Courtney until his baby is born.

Lucky runs into Nikolas on the docks and asks if he’s waiting for Courtney. Nikolas says he isn’t, but he wouldn’t mind if she showed up. Lucky tells him this is a horrible way to treat Emily after she got raped trying to save Nikolas’ life. Nikolas is tired of feeling guilty and responsible for Emily’s inadequacies. Emily has absolutely shut him out. He feels he has tried to reconnect with her, but it just isn’t happening. All he could imagine was a life of loneliness, and that’s when he met Courtney, who was in the same boat.

Sonny asks Emily for a favor. Carly is going to be staying in his house instead of going to a mental hospital. He wants the boys nearby, but for their safety, he thinks it would be best if they lived in the guesthouse with Emily. She is happy to accommodate. Emily takes Michael for ice cream at Kelly’s and runs into Nikolas. He makes a smart comment about her being off from work. It’s clear that he’s jealous, since Emily actually asked to work more shifts when she was with him.

Emily’s moved on to the angry stage. She tells him she won’t apologize for spending time with her nephew. Furthermore, if Nikolas wants somebody to blame for his infidelity, she’ll happily volunteer. After all, she tells him, it must have been her rape/medical school/and family commitments that pushed him into Courtney’s arms in the first place. Nikolas accuses her of not wanting him in her life. She tells him to believe whatever he wants. He’s been hurt, and she’s been betrayed, so their marriage is basically over. Michael comes out with their ice cream, and he and Emily leave.

After Emily leaves, Jax comes by and threatens to break Nikolas in half if he touches Courtney again. Jax tells him that Courtney has made her decision, and she wants to be with her husband. Later, while chilling on the docks, Nikolas runs into Courtney. She immediately runs in the opposite direction (finally!), which upsets him. She tells him that out of respect for a husband that forgave her for cheating, she is going to avoid Nikolas completely. Nikolas says he’ll agree to that as long as she answers one question: does she still love her husband?

Jesse and Maxie arrive at PCU and discover that they are roommates. Due to their unusual names, somebody thought Jesse was a girl. All the teens meet at PCU later for freshmen orientation. While there, Jesse realizes that he is now going to be rooming with Diego. Brooklynn and Maxie will also be roommates, as will Lucas and Dillon.

When orientation is over, Jesse and Maxie go back to her dorm room. While they’re talking, somebody slips an envelope under the door. They open it and find naked pictures of Brooklynn. Jesse runs out into the hall to stop the person and finds Lucas. Brook, meanwhile, has set her sights on the R.A., Seth.

Carly finds Reese looking at family photos and grabs them. She tells Reese that she is not allowed to have her life. Sonny comes in and stops Carly from almost stabbing Reese with a letter opener. He vows to take care of Carly and refuses to put her in a mental hospital where Reese thinks she belongs. Later Sonny puts Carly to bed in Michael’s room. He goes back downstairs to explain to Reese that Carly will only live there temporarily, but she in the meantime, Reese cannot move in.

Alexis is confused because Sonny does not want his weekly visitation with Christina. She tries to find out why from Ric, but he won’t tell her much. She finally asks Lucky, who fills her in on Carly’s breakdown. Lucky tells Alexis that Carly is at Shadybrook Mental Hospital, but when Alexis goes snooping around the Greystone, she sees Carly and Sonny inside together. She goes to call Mac, but Ric stops her and finally tells her the truth. She understands and promises not to tell anyone.

Sonny explains to Michael that his mom is sick and he wants him and Morgan to live with Emily in the guesthouse. Michael agrees and tells Sonny to tell Carly that he and Morgan love her.

Carly sneaks downstairs and hears Sonny’s plans to pick up with Reese where he left off once she (Carly) is well. Carly runs out of the house.

Reese, feeling along and rejected, goes walking by the docks and runs into Ric, who provides comfort.

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