GH Update Monday 8/29/05

General Hospital Update Monday 8/29/05


Written By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Jax comes over and tells Courtney he wants to make up. She’s a little shocked at this 180-degree turn, but Jax insists he loves her and wants them to live together as a family. Jax leaves and Courtney replays Nikolas’ phone message. She gets all dolled up and heads to Windemere to tell Nikolas that she’s reuniting with Jax.

Emily goes to Windemere to make up with Nikolas. He, of course, is expecting Courtney and has a bottle of wine waiting. Emily’s suspicious, but Nikolas plays it off by professing his love. He’s still acting strange – forgets to take her jacket when she walks in – and when Emily kisses him, she KNOWS something is wrong. She asks him if he was really waiting for Courtney. He denies is, somewhat convincingly as tears spring to his eyes, but when they’re hugging, Courtney walks in.

Emily is not pleased. She calls Nikolas out, but he tells her he had no idea Courtney was coming. Courtney says she wanted to come tell Nikolas in person that she was reuniting with Jax. Emily is sure this entire meeting was planned and runs off. Nikolas doesn’t exactly run after her, which alarms Courtney. She asks Nikolas why he didn’t try harder to keep Emily from leaving. He tells Courtney that he didn’t want to lie to Emily and tell her that he has no feelings for Courtney.

Courtney politely tells him that she wants to be with Jax. She’s glad they met, but things are over. Nikolas wonders how he can love Emily so much but still want to be with Courtney. Mrs. Jax avoids that one. She encourages him to get Emily back. She tells him that the worst scenario would be if he were the only person in all of this to end up alone. Courtney leaves, and Nikolas drinks.

Emily goes to General Hospital to pick up some shifts. Monica immediately notices that something isn’t right and asks her to spill it. Emily explains what happened at Windemere. She’s sure Nikolas is in love with Courtney. Jax happens to walk up and is listening to all of this in the background.

Courtney goes to Jax’s and asks to come in. He lets her, and she tells him that she wants to reunite. He hugs her and tells her that he loves her, faking every move.

Emily cries down by the docks. Lucky comes up and wants to know what’s wrong. Emily can’t really speak, so Lucky just holds her.

Sam tells Jason that he works for a mob boss. Jason is shocked and appalled to find out that he kills people. Sam really wants to go back to Port Charles. She thinks Jason’s memory will return if he’s around people he loves. Sam goes to get the boat ready, but when she returns, Jason is gone.

Sam thinks Allegra took him, but she denies it. They have Dante go search for Jason. He comes back and tells them he found a body. Sam goes to see, but thankfully, the body is not Jason’s. A fisherman comes up and tells them that Jason left for Portugal. Later, the audience sees Jason paying the fisherman off for the lie. He then makes plans to head to Port Charles.

Ric misses Alexis’ Lamaze class. He was busy working on business for Sonny.

Carly shoots at Sonny but hits some pictures instead. The police arrive (Reese called them) and want to arrest her for attempted murder. It’s hard not to, since Carly flat-out admits she tried to kill Sonny.

Lucky and Jesse take Carly down to the police station. Reese and Sonny follow suit. Ric also meets them down there and agrees to represent Carly. He goes into the interrogation room to try to talk sense into her, but it quickly becomes clear that Carly is losing her mind.

Ric sends Reese in to “baby-sit” while he tells Sonny that Carly needs to be in a mental hospital. Sonny refuses to do that. He wants to take care of her himself. Reese agrees with Ric that something is seriously wrong, but Sonny says he has been worse off than Carly, and Carly never put him in a mental hospital.

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