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General Hospital Update Friday 8/26/05


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ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax comes into the hospital room to speak to Elizabeth. Jax tells Liz that he realizes that she is right, that the baby will need two parents. He says by the time the baby is born he wants his marriage to Courtney to be rock solid.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas tells Emily that he will be waiting for her when she is ready to come back to their marriage. (Neither of them realize Courtney watching them from a few feet away.) Nikolas pledges to do whatever Emily needs to make their marriage work out, because he loves her and will wait for her. They hug and Emily tells him that she loves him too and always will. Emily leaves and Nikolas stands by himself for a bit until Courtney comes over to him. He asks her if she heard all of that and she tells him that she couldn't be happier for him.

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: Allegra's henchmen enter the room where Jason is waiting for Sam. He asks them where Sam is and one of them replies that Sam is gone and soon Jason will be too. They aim their guns at Jason, who quickly manages to disarm and shoot them both with their own guns. After shooting the men, Jason stares at the guns in his hands in shock, as if he can't believe what he has just done. He drops the guns on the bed and goes out into the hallway. The doctor comes running down the hall, saying that he heard gun shots. Jason quickly pins the doctor up against the wall and orders him to tell him where Sam McCall is.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Reese are making out at the penthouse -- they undress one another and kiss and make love in a drawn out montage. Afterward, Reese asks Sonny what is going to happen now? Neither of them see Carly watching them from the balcony window. Sonny tells Reese that sometimes the answers just show up by themselves. He realizes now that he must find a way to forgive Reese and others in his life. He asks Reese if she is going to move in with him? They still don't see Carly watching them from outside.

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: Jason still has the doctor pinned up against the wall in the hallway outside his room. The doctor has no idea where Sam is and tells Jason as much. Before Jason can question the doctor further, one of the bodyguards crawls out of the room and tries to shoot Jason -- but Jason sees him, stops him, and demands that the man tell him where Sam is. The man admits that Sam has been taken back to the island. Jason (having no memory of being on the island earlier with Sam) tells the man to take him there.

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Allegra, Dante (her bodyguard) and Sam return to the estate. Sam is furious and refusing to cooperate. Allegra tells her that she just needs Sam to forge Alicia's signature so they can transfer Andrew's funds to the Montenegro estate. Sam asks Allegra where Alicia is -- did Allegra kill her, too?

ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax tries to convince Elizabeth that he has had a change of heart where Courtney is concerned -- that he wants to raise the baby with Courtney as its mother. He gushes about how he is inspired by Lucky and Elizabeth's own commitment to one another. Elizabeth is very pleased to hear all of this and says that if Jax and Courtney can reunite, maybe all that they've been through tonight has been worth it after all.

THE DOCKS: Courtney tells Nikolas that she knows now that his heart lies with Emily -- and that whatever spark he had with her (Courtney) was just a spark, that doesn't mean anything anymore. Nikolas thinks maybe Courtney is right. Courtney continues that their encounter obviously made Emily and Nikolas realize that they want to be together. She thinks that maybe if Nikolas and Em have a chance, then she and Jax do as well. Courtney tries to leave but Nikolas stops her and says that he can't let her leave like this.

ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky asks Jax if Jax means what he's saying or if he's just pretending to want to reunite with Courtney in order to secure custody of the child Elizabeth is carrying for them. Jax stresses that he is sincere in wanting to fix his marriage to Court. Jax then leaves the room. Lucky and Elizabeth glance at one another but say nothing.

THE DOCKS: Courtney asks Nikolas if he wants her to say that she's upset that Emily and Nikolas might reunite? She denies that she would ever say something like that, under any circumstances. Nikolas points out that that doesn't mean that she doesn't feel it. He doesn't think they were a mistake. Courtney pleads with him to focus on his future with Emily. Then she leaves. Nikolas sighs.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Reese and Sonny are now fully dressed again. Reese notes that moving in is a very serious step. She seems hesitant, a fact which Sonny picks up on. He thinks she's afraid that he'll hurt her. She asks, "What if I hurt you?" Sonny says he is willing to take that risk -- they are past the pain now and he is ready for the good he wants her in his home with him, all she has to do is say yes. Reese finally agrees to move in and they kiss. (Carly is still watching from the outside balcony window.)

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Allegra denies that she has done away with Alicia -- she just has no idea where Alicia is. Sam is anxious to find Jason. Allegra assures her that she will be back with Jason soon, that the police have bought her story that an intruder on the estate killed Andrew. There is suddenly a knock on the door. Some policemen come in and immediately arrest Sam for the murder of "her husband" Andrew. Sam glares at Allegra.

Some time later, Jason has arrived at the estate and Allegra greets him. Allegra tells him that the police have arrested Sam. She wants Jason to help her get Sam out of jail, so Sam can sign the document transferring Andrew's funds to the Montengro estate. Suddenly, they are joined by Allegra's daughter Alicia. Alicia confesses to her mother that she is the one who really killed Andrew.

WYNDEMERE: In the beginning of a Nikolas/Courtney montage, Nikolas has returned to Wyndemere. He walks around a bit, aimlessly, obviously thinking about Courtney.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: The montage continues as Courtney returns to her loft. As she enters it, she has a flashback to the time she and Nikolas were locked out on the hospital roof in the rain.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas walks around and has a flashback himself, of spending time with Courtney in the Bahamas. He goes to pour himself a drink.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney, sipping something from a mug, has a flashback to Nikolas giving her his coat while they were trapped on the hospital roof in the rain.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas is drinking -- he has a flashback to kissing Courtney on the docks.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney has a flashback to another instance where she and Nikolas made out on the docks.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas has a flashback to making out with Courtney on the bed in the hotel room in the Bahamas. He takes another long sip of drink and throws the glass against the wall.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: As the glass breaks at Wyndemere, Courtney's own mug has shattered on the ground of her loft. Looking glum, she stoops to pick up the broken pieces from the floor.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Reese are flirting -- Sonny asks her out on a "date" but she tells him that he should call her first so she can decide. As the flirt, Carly can still be seen watching them from the balcony. The flirting turns to kissing. Reese tells Sonny she would love to go out with him. She grabs her stuff and they leave.

As soon as they're gone, Carly comes in from the balcony and heads over to the sofa. She picks up a pillow resting there and looks at it, then goes over to a desk, where she finds some of Reese's lipstick. Using the lipstick like a pen, she writes the word "WHORE" on Reese's mirror. Humming to herself, she dances over to the end table by the couch, picks up a glass there and throws it against the wall. Still humming a bit, she grabs some scissors, and stabs the sofa pillow -- throwing the feathers from the pillow all over the room.

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Allegra is flabbergasted that Alicia would kill Andrew after she worked so hard to put Alicia and Andrew together. (Jason is milling about nearby, not even listening to the two women.) Alicia whispers to her mother that she can frame Sam and Jason for Andrew's murder -- then she and Allegra can just take Andrew's money and split. Allegra smiles and says she has a better plan -- and with that, she points her small gun at Alicia, as if preparing to shoot her.

ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth is visiting with Emily...she tells Em about what Jax said earlier and notes that maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to get everyone together earlier in the evening the way she did. Emily admits to Liz that she and Nikolas might have a chance as well -- she says that she looked into Nik's eyes and really saw him, the man that she had fallen in love with. Elizabeth says that's the best thing she has heard in awhile -- but she teasingly asks why Emily is with her and not with Nik? Emily smiles and laughs a bit.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas is still at Wyndemere...he walks around a bit and then looks at the phone on his desk, as if considering something.

THE DOCKS: Sonny and Reese are out walking and enjoying ice cream. Reese admits that she has alot of regrets in her life. Sonny says she should be like Jason -- that Jason forgets what was in the past and concentrates on the present. Reese says that she does like the present and Sonny agrees with her. They continue to flirt. She tells him she's going to go back to the pentouse to pick up a few things to take to Greystone. She asks him to tell Michael that she's moving in so Michael isn't surprised in the morning and he agrees. They kiss and Reese leaves.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Carly is still dancing around Reese's penthouse, throwing feathers from the ruined pillow everywhere. She picks up some of Reese's clothes and cuts them up with the scissors...then moves toward Reese's desk. There, she shoves everything off the desk onto the floor, and even starts to empty the contents of the desk's drawers. When she opens one drawer, a gun slides out. Carly picks up the gun and looks at it, intrigued.

ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth is with Lucky -- she's eating vanilla ice cream. They talk about Jax and Courtney. Lucky wonders what will happen if Courtney doesn't want to work things out with Jax.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is still at her loft when the phone rings. She doesn't answer it and instead the answering machine picks up. It's Nikolas. He leaves her a message in which he tells her that he needs to see her right away -- that he can't stop thinking about their last meeting on the docks. Then he hangs up the phone. Courtney is then joined by Jax, who comes into the loft and tells her that he really needed to see her.

SAM'S JAIL CELL: Sam is pleading with the guard holding her in the cell to let her call her lawyer. The guard refuses, even when she tries to bribe him. Just then, Jason comes running through the hallway. He slams the guard's head into the bars of the cell, unlocks the cell door and then runs off before Sam can get any information out of him. She is joined by Allegra (who is practically dragging Alicia behind her) -- Allegra informs Sam that Jason is to cause a diversion for them while they escape. She throws Alicia into the jail cell, where she's going to force Alicia to take Sam's place. Alicia gets very snotty, hardly believing her mother wants her to take the fall for Andrew's murder just to let the "piece of trash" (Sam) escape. Sam reacts to this insult by punching Alicia, who falls to the floor unconcscious. Allegra, pressed for time, urges Sam to change clothes with Alicia as soon as possible. Sam complies.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Reese returns to her penthouse and is surprised to find the door slightly ajar. She opens it and looks inside and is further shocked to find the penthouse trashed -- feathers everywhere and the word "WHORE" written on the mirror. She immediately calls Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Sonny picks up the phone and Reese tells him what has happened -- that her apartment is trashed and she's worried the person who did it is still upstairs. Sonny instructs her to wait in the lobby for him to get there. But before he can say anything else, he looks up and sees that Carly is coming toward him -- and pointing a gun straight at his head. Her hand is shaking and her eyes are wild as she tells him, "You can't leave now." Carly has obviously, finally, come completely unhinged.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax tells Courtney that he does love her and wants to be married to her. Courtney asks him why and he tells her that Elizabeth wants the baby to have a home with two loving parents. He promises never to shut Courtney out again. He apologizes to her for what happened before and notes that he wants the future to be about them and their family. Courtney asks, "What about Nikolas?" Jax doesn't know what to say to that.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas has fallen asleep in the desk chair, but he wakes up when Emily arrives unexpectedly. He tells her he's surprised to see her, and immediately offers her some wine. She agrees, seeing that he has a bottle already opened. She asks him if he was expecting someone and he admits that he was. She asks him if he was surprised she came by?

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Allegra, Sam and Jason are all back at the estate. Allegra muses that her daughter was always a stranger to her -- that Alicia never knew how to love the way Sam and Jason obviously love her daughter. Allegra is sure that with Alicia in jail all of the money will pass to her (Allegra). She wishes Sam and Jason the best, telling them that her bodyguard Dante will see them safely off the island. With that, she leaves. Sam turns to Jason and asks him how he knew to find her. He tells her about the men that came into his room at the clinic, and describes how he easily disarmed them and shot them without even having to think about it. He realizes that this must be his line of work...and that's why Sam called it complicated before. Sam finally admits that Jason's job is to kill people for a living. Jason looks shocked.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tries to walk toward Carly, who continues to point the gun at him. She remarks that it's "always Reese" and demands that he put the phone down immediately. At first Sonny doesn't do as she asks, but then finally relents and sets it on the desk (Reese is still on the line, asking Sonny what's going on). Sonny asks Carly to please put the gun down. Carly lowers the gun, asking in a small, shaky voice why Sonny left her for Reese? Sonny tries to move toward her again. When she sees this, she brings the gun back up and points it at him -- then shoots.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Reese, hearing first one gun shot and then several more, screams Sonny's name into the phone, but of course gets no response.

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