GH Update Thursday 8/25/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/25/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: Jason wakes up and finds Sam by his side. He asks her who she is and she quickly realizes that he's lost all of his memories. She tells him that she is Sam McCall and he is her boyfriend, Jason Morgan. Jason still doesn't remember. Sam tries to leave to go get a doctor, but he doesn't want her to go. She promises that she's going to try to help him. "Just start by telling me what you remember," she insists. Jason looks at her and replies, "Nothing."

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Alexis has come by to meet with Ric and Reese -- they've drawn up a contract offering her a job at their law firm, Lansing & Marshall. Alexis asks Ric why his name comes before Reese's and Reese explains that it's alphabetical. Alexis notes that that means when she signs it will be Davis, Lansing & Marshall. Reese replies that no, since Alexis was not a founding partner her name would come last. Alexis says that that's okay, that she's not signing the contract anyway because she has changed her mind.

KELLY'S: Sonny, Michael and Morgan have just finished dinner and are leaving the diner. Michael is grossed out because Sonny made him eat broccoli. They bicker over this for a bit before Sonny sends Michael with Max (their bodyguard) and Morgan out to the car. After Michael, Max and Morgan leave, Sonny is joined by Carly (who was watching the scene from a few feet away, unnoticed by her sons). Sonny asks her what she's doing here and she replies that she needs his help.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth has started to cramp and everyone is worried about the baby. Nikolas wants to call 911 but Jax says that his car and driver are just downstairs. Emily points out that that would be faster -- so Lucky carries Elizabeth out while Jax and Emily follow close behind. Nikolas and Courtney are momentarily left alone with one another. Courtney is worried that Elizabeth is having a miscarriage...she feels guilty that Elizabeth was only trying to fix THEIR mess, which keeps getting worse and worse.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica greets Elizabeth as she is wheeled into the hospital, followed by Lucky, Emily and Jax, who are all very anxious. Monica instructs some nurses to wheel Elizabeth to a room so they can prep her for an ultrasound. Jax wants to go with Liz, but Monica tells him that he can't -- though Lucky is allowed to accompany Liz instead. Jax and Emily are left behind. Jax is upset, but Emily tries to reassure him that the best thing he can do for the baby is wait right where he is.

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: While Jason waits in his room, he looks at a picture in his wallet of Michael and Morgan. Meanwhile, Sam stands just outside of Jason's room, conversing with a doctor. She explains that Jason was in a car accident 10 years ago that cuased him to lose his memory completely due to something his parents told her was called a cerebral edema. The doctor tells Sam that this new memory loss could be either related or unrelated to his old injury. He thinks that Sam should talk to Jason about his old life unless he starts to panic -- in which case she should back off. The doctor also wants to transfer Jason to a better-equipped facility as soon as possible.

After the doctor leaves, Sam goes back into the room, unaware that Jason was listening to her conversation with the doctor. He shows her the picture of Michael and Morgan and asks her who they are? She says that they are Michael and Morgan Corinthos, the sons of Jason's best friend -- that Jason doesn't have any kids of his own. Jason shows her the address on his driver's license and asks if that's where he lives? She tells him yes, and that she lives there with him. Jason asks about his old injury, the cerebral edema, and she realizes that he was listening to her talk with the doctor. Sam explains that 10 years ago, Jason went by the name "Jason Quartermaine" and that he lived with his parents in Port Charles. Then, one day, he got into a car with his brother AJ, who was driving drunk. AJ got into an accident and Jason was brain damaged as a result. Sam goes onto explain that Jason does not remember anything from his old life.

Jason is confused about the fact that he used to be "Jason Quartermaine" and now he's "Jason Morgan." Sam explains that Jason didn't get along with his family after the accident, so he had his last name legally changed to something else when he left home and went to work for Sonny Corinthos. Jason realizes that this must be the father of the kids in the picture in his wallet. Sam says that Jason and Sonny are even closer than best friends -- they are more like brothers, that they've risked their lives for each other and have even shared the same women. "Is one of them you?" Jason asks. Sam says that yes, she was with Sonny first and that after he got her pregnant, it didn't work out -- so Jason stepped in and offered to take care of her and her unborn child. Jason notes that Sam must have a kid of her own, then, but Sam corrects him and says that her baby actually died right after being born. "It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me," Sam explains, "and you helped me through it. Now, it's my turn to help you."

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Alexis informs Reese and Ric that she has decided to turn down their offer of a partnership because she is, after all, pregnant -- so this is no time to be taking on even more work. Ric tells her that he agrees with her decision...he also offers to help her out as much as possible for the duration of the pregnancy. Alexis asks if he's game for lamaze, and storytelling time so that the baby can hear his voice? Ric agrees. Reese is happy that they're on such good terms, and offers to break out some champagne and sparkling cider.

Just then the phone rings -- Ric goes to get the champagne and cider while Reese answers is. She looks hopeful when she picks up the phone, but her face falls slightly as she realizes it's just a business call. After she hangs up, Alexis notes that Reese was obviously expecting a phone call from someone. Reese admits that she was hoping it was Sonny. Alexis replies that she was there at one point too, only she was pregnant at the time which made it worse on her. Alexis points out that there is no winning with Sonny -- that even though the world he operates in his a lie, he expects people around him to tell the truth, only. Alexis tells Reese, "That was a painful, hard lesson that I had to learn, and I hope that you can learn that, too, because if you don't he can literally drive you insane."

KELLY'S: Sonny thinks that Carly should go inside to eat, but Carly declines, saying that Mike is upset with her after the fight she had with Reese at the diner the other day. Carly is upset because she feels that Michael and Morgan are afraid of her. She wants to see them, but at the same time she doesn't want them to be mad at her. Sonny says the kids just don't understand what's going on with her -- one minute she's with Lorenzo and one minute she's not. Carly asks Sonny to please talk to Michael for her, to tell him that she loves him. Sonny finally agrees to her request. Carly turns to leave -- Sonny asks where she's going and she tells him that she's off to buy her sons presents, because "a little bribery never hurts."

THE HOSPITAL: Emily informs Nikolas, Jax and Courtney that Elizabeth is going through an ultrasound right now and that they will know the moment the results are ready. Jax is still upset that he can't be present at the ultrasound because after all, the baby is his. Nikolas snaps, "Yes, Jax, we're all aware of that by now, thank you." Emily leaves to go find Monica to see if there's any more news. Jax points out to Nikolas and Courtney that Emily only left because she didn't want "her cheating husband and his new girlfriend" to feel uncomfortable. Nikolas replies that Court is not his girlfriend and Jax retorts, "Well, that must be a crushing disappointment." Courtney steps in by telling Jax that she's scared for the baby, too. Jax doesn't believe that. Nikolas gets upset and accuses Jax of being the one to put Elizabeth in the hospital in the first place.

GREYSTONE: Michael and Sonny are at the house together -- Sonny tells Michael that he saw Carly at Kelly's earlier and that they talked. He informs Michael that Carly is disappointed because Michael didn't want to go to the picnic the other day. Sonny asks Michael why he turned down Carly's invitation and Michael says that he doesn't know the answer to that. Sonny says he knows that Carly's made a lot of mistakes. Michael pipes up, "Like marrying Mr. Alcazar." Sonny insists that Carly only married Lorenzo, not to hurt Michael, but because she felt it was the right thing to do. He tells Michael that when they thought he (Michael) was dead, the bottom dropped out of their world and it will take a long time to get over that. Sonny says that he hasn't completely gotten over it either, but he is still lucky because all of his kids are safe.

Michael points out that if Carly was still married to Sonny, they could all live in the same house together. Sonny replies that they aren't married anymore and Michael blurts out, "Because SHE lied about Kristina!" Sonny tells Michael that again, Carly lied about that because she felt it was the right thing to do -- but the fact that he (Sonny) can't forgive her should have no bearing on Michael's feelings toward her. He thinks Michael should forgive Carly for the lie. Michael asks, "Why do I have to forgive and you don't?" Before Sonny can answer, Alexis (who has just arrived) pipes up from the doorway, "It's a good question."

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: Jason is trying to ask Sam questions about the layout of the hospital -- he knows they are on the third floor, but where is the stairwell, to the left or the right? Sam doesn't want him to worry about it, she just wants him to lay down before he passes out again. Jason changes the subject: he wants to know what business he and Sonny are in together. Sam says that that's "complicated." Jason looks out the window and notes that there are six different cars in the parking lot and he somehow knows how to hotwire all of them. Why does he knows that? Sam tells him, "Because of your work." Jason asks, "I'm a car thief?" Sam says that he's not a car thief, but that she doesn't want to talk about family right now. Jason notes that she said earlier he doesn't like his family. Sam explains that to Jason, family consists of the people that he loves -- Sonny and Michael and Morgan and their mother, Carly, who Jason is very devoted to, as well as Jason's sister Emily and of course Sam. Sam tells Jason that he is all she has in the world.

Jason asks her how long he's been having headaches and she admits that she doesn't know. "Why not?" he asks, "Don't I tell you things?" Sam notes that sometimes he doesn't like to worry her. Jason suddenly tries to leave the room. She asks him where he wants to go and he says that he feels like if he leaves he might be able to remember what's going on. He turns to leave and she grabs him from behind. Feeling her hands on him, he suddenly whirls around and pins her up against the wall, poised to strangle her. Realizing what he almost did, he releases her and asks, "What just happened?" Sam admits she shouldn't have tried to grab him from behind. Jason is upset at the fact that he could have killed her. He starts to leave again, but this time doctors come in to try to restrain him. He starts to fight them off -- he even has the doctor pinned against the wall. But the doctor manages to inject Jason with a sedative. Jason slumps to the floor, unconscious.

GREYSTONE: Alexis has brought some forms for Kristina's pre-school that need Sonny's signature. Michael wants to know why Kristina doesn't visit anymore and Sonny tells him that that's what Alexis and he are going to have to work out. He tells Michael to go upstairs to help Leticia with Morgan. Michael tells Alexis goodbye and leaves the room. After Michael's gone, Sonny and Alexis turn back to business. Sonny says that if they stick to the court appointed times where Kristina comes to visit once a week it should be fine. Alexis admits that it's hard for her to leave Kristina with Sonny and Sonny replies that he knows it terrifies her, but that Alexis is going to have to bend a little. Alexis asks if Sonny can come visit Kristina at her house instead. Sonny turns that down, saying that he wants Kristina to feel like she belongs at his house. He signs the form for the preschool parents' meeting and agrees to Alexis' request not to bring the bodyguards with him to the meeting.

Alexis mentions that she is doing something about the stress in her life lately -- she is going to take a sabbatical until the baby's born, and then she's going to take some prenatal yoga classes. They joke a bit about how Sonny wouldn't take yoga even if Alexis paid money to watch him try. Alexis turns to the subject of forgiveness, saying, "You and I can go on choking on our anger. Or we could try to forgive each other, get some perspective, and realize that you and I are not the only people in the world that have ever been hurt or disappointed or treated unfairly. Maybe we could live a happier, more productive, and more fulfilling life if we could just put it down." Sonny says that that's good advice -- but can she follow it? Alexis winks, says "Watch me!" and leaves the room with a smile.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica talks to Lucky outside of Elizabeth's hospital room. She tells him that although Elizabeth's cramping has subsided, Dr. Meadows feels the ultrasound is inconclusive, so Lucky will have to keep Elizabeth calm so she doesn't lose the baby. Lucky promises that he'll take care of her.

Inside Elizabeth's room, Emily sits with Liz on the bed, talking. Emily thinks Elizabeth should just take it easy and Liz notes that she shouldn't have been trying to fix everyone's marital problems. Emily knows Liz meant well, and Liz apologizes for having ambused her earlier. Just then, Lucky comes in. Emily leaves so they can have some time alone. Lucky asks Elizabeth how she's feeling and she says, "Nervous." Lucky tells her to close her eyes and just keep repeating, "I'm calm, I'm relaxed and everything is fine." Elizabeth tells him that she's glad he's here.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Nikolas and Jax are coming to blows yet again. Nikolas accuses Jax of trying to run Elizabeth's life during the surrogacy, while he virtually ignored Courtney. Jax says he wanted the baby FOR Courtney. Courtney says it didn't feel that way to her. Jax says that she seems to be saying that it's his fault she jumped into bed with Nikolas. Courtney snaps that she never slept with Nikolas, that she's still in love with Jax! Jax says, "I loved you, too, and don't think this doesn't hurt me." Emily, who has since returned to the group, tells Jax that there's a solution to this -- he should give up the child that Elizabeth is carrying.

Jax asks her how giving up his child would solve anything and Elizabeth replies, "Jax, the surrogacy has complicated everything, okay? Courtney feels inadequate. Lucky thinks you're controlling and fixated on Elizabeth." Jax asks her if her marriage to Nikolas will be salvaged if he gives up his baby? Courtney says that that's not fair and Jax replies, "To Emily or Nikolas? I mean, whose side are you taking here? Because -- oh, I mean, do I really have to ask?" Courtney suggests that they all just try to make peace. Jax says that he can't go back to the way he was because back then he was living in a fool's paradise. He and Courtney both leave in different directions.

Nikolas turns to Emily and asks her, "What the hell happened to us?" Emily says that Liz and Lucky don't deserve to suffer for the mistakes they (Nik and Em) have made. Nikolas says, "Neither do Courtney and Jax." Emily points out, "Maybe you and I don't deserve to suffer either."

GREYSTONE/REESE'S PENTHOUSE: This is a montage of scenes featuring Sonny and Reese at their respective homes. Both of them are spending the evening alone. They end up turning on their television sets...which end up on the same, old black-and-white movie (which seems to resemble Casablanca). In the film, the heroine was apparently supposed to leave town (like Reese was supposed to leave town) but she couldn't leave her lover, Johnny, behind. Johnny is bitter about some fight they had...he wants her to leave, but she insists that can't. She accuses him of being afraid that if he forgives her that he could then be happy -- because he doesn't know what to do with happiness, anymore than he ever knew what to do with her. Johnny snaps, "I know exactly what to do with you!" -- then he grabs her and kisses her. Sonny watches the movie, intrigued. Reese, at her penthouse, is watching it too...obviously moved by the lovers' plight, she dabs at her eyes with a kleenex.

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: Sam sits at Jason's bedside, waiting for him to wake up. When he does, he asks her what happened? She asks him if he knows her and he replies, "Sam." She's happy that he appears to remember her. Jason remembers that he pinned her against the wall...but he doesn't remember much else about how he got there. He wants to leave, but Sam urges him not to, saying that he's too sick to go anywhere on his own and that he needs to be transferred to the hospital in Port Charles. Jason doesn't want to go to anymore hospitals but Sam is worried about him. When he admits that he has a headache she points out that he had one on the boat earlier and that she's scared if he passes out he won't wake up at all. "You may not remember this," she tells him, "but I love you. Please, please let me help you!" Jason asks her why she isn't afraid of him, as he tried to snap her neck earlier. She tells him that she knows he would never hurt her. She has to leave to make the arrangements for the transfer to Port Charles -- she asks him not to move from his bed and he agrees.

Sam steps out into the hallway, but she is quickly grabbed by a man who was laying in wait for her. He covers her mouth with his hand as she tries to scream. Just then, they are joined by Allegra, who is holding a small gun. Sam starts to freak out as Allegra says, "Well, my dear, we meet again."

THE HOSPITAL: Emily has come back to see Elizabeth, who tells her that she's feeling steadier despite not having gotten the test results back yet. Lucky asks how things are with the others, and Emily says they are about the same. They are also joined by Nikolas. Elizabeth says that Jax was right, she was naive to think she could get everyone in a room together to make peace. Nikolas says that it was the right idea, but the wrong time -- he just wants Elizabeth to know that he is pulling for her like always. Elizabeth notes that they are four musketeers -- one each other's side no matter what. Nikolas agrees and then leaves. Elizabeth urges Em to go after him, and Emily does so.

Out in the hallway, Emily meets up with Nikolas. She tells him that she realized, listening to him talk in Elizabeth's room, that she can't stop loving him. Before Nikolas can say anything, Dr. Meadows shows up -- she has Eliazbeth's test results. She goes into Elizabeth's room and tells her that the baby is doing well, and that it looks like Elizabeth is just suffering from dehydration. So, they are going to rehydrate her through her I.V. and then she should be fine.

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: Allegra, Sam and the man holding her are still in the hallway outside of Jason's room. The man releases Sam as Allegra tells her that they can discuss this here if Sam promises not to make a fuss. Sam says, "I married andrew while posing as your daughter, and now he's dead. I think that was much quicker than a divorce, don't you?" Allegra points out that Alicia has disappeared, so she needs Sam to impersonate her one more time. Sam refuses and tries to call for Jason to help her, but the man grabs hold of her again and covers her mouth with his hand. Two other men show up on Allegra's orders, and she tells them to go take care of Jason. Sam freaks out again and tries to get out of the man's grasp, but he holds her tight. Allegra says, "Let's go," and the man hauls Sam down the hallway.

KELLY'S: Ric comes into Kelly's and finds Alexis there eating ice cream. He sits at the table and joins her. Alexis notes that she was just over at Sonny's discussing Kristina's visitation: "Twice a month, we agreed. Going to start with Tuesdays. I don't know if it's sheer exhaustion or some kind of spiritual growth. In any case, I'm not interested in having that same fight one more time." Ric thinks that's the right solution, though he notes that his reasons for thinking so are not the same as Alexis' reasons. Alexis says she will never be comfortable with Kristina staying at Sonny's house, but that they can't do anything about it at this time, so she's decided to spend her energy on other things: Kristina, the baby, and even Ric. She tells Ric, "I love you very much, and I know that I have a lousy way of showing that sometimes. I mean, when I think that I literally almost chased you right into Reese's arms, if she had taken you up on that -- if you had taken her up on that -- I would never have forgiven myself." (At this point, Ric must be feeling sort of uncomfortable considering he DID sleep with Reese.) "Call me selfish," Alexis continues, "the truth is I think I want you all to myself."

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Reese is surprised when Sonny shows up at the penthouse. He has been drenched by the sudden rainfall outside. He tells her his car broke down and he's been running for five blocks...because everyone's been asking him lately why he can't bring himself to forgive... Before he can add anymore, Reese notes that that makes him a force to be reckoned with, it keeps him strong and a mystery to everyone else. Sonny says, "Not being able to forgive is one of the things I hate about myself." Reese says he doesn't have to do this and he replies that he does if he ever wants to change. He's starting to realize that change can be a good thing instead of a bad thing. Reese tells him that she is thankful he told her that. But he adds that he isn't done yet...and with that, he grabs her and kisses her.

JASON'S ROOM AT THE CLINIC: Jason is in the room by himself when two men with guns come in -- the ones sent by Allegra. He asks them where Sam is and one of the men replies, "Gone. Now it's your turn." They aim their guns at Jason, who quickly disarms BOTH of them and then shoots them both. This happens so quickly, Jason doesn't even have time to think. Afterward, he stares at the guns in his hands in shock, as if wondering how he knew to do that?

THE DOCKS: It's still raining pretty heavily. Nikolas is walking in the rain when he spots Emily, sitting on a bench with her umbrella. Nikolas assures her that he wasn't following her, that he was just on his way home -- and he says he knows better than to ask if she'll come with him. Emily doesn't answer right away and Nikolas notes that she did say earlier that she still loves him, so he likes to think that means they have a chance. Emily says she doesn't know what that means anymore. Nikolas wants her to believe that he didn't sleep with Courtney. Emily admits that she does believe him because she can see the truth in his eyes. Nikolas points out that that means they do have a chance, then. He adds, "No matter what happens in between, we still love each other. I'll be waiting for you at home when you're ready to come back to our marriage."

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky and Elizabeth are in her hospital room. Lucky tells her that he got Cameron a babysitter so he can stay with her in the hospital all night. Just then, they are joined by Jax. Lucky quickly tells Jax, "You shouldn't be here!" but Jax admits that he just needs to speak to Elizabeth, because he has changed his mind about some things. Elizabeth looks concerned.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Reese are having a heavy make-out session that quickly becomes a montage, as they start to undress and he lays her down on the table. The screen fades to black.


Please Note: According to a notice at the end of today's show, it was broadcast, "In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Producer, Carol Scott -- May 26, 1949 -- June 24, 2005."

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