GH Update Wednesday 8/24/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/24/05


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Emily and Michael look at constellations out on the terrace. Michael knows that Emily is living in his guesthouse and wants to know why. He guesses that her marriage to Nikolas is over. Emily tells him that it is, and he asks why couples bother to get married if they’re only going to end up divorced. Emily explains that lots of couples stay married forever, but she has trouble thinking of any good examples besides Lila and Edward.

Lucky catches Courtney and Nikolas kissing again on the docks. He rakes them over the coals, and their only response is that they didn’t sleep together. Lucky accuses them of hurting Emily, his best friend since age 12, and everyone else involved, including the unborn baby.

Jax asks to meet with Liz at his apartment. He offers to pay for the rest of Cameron’s education if she will agree to let him raise the baby alone. Liz accuses Jax of bribing her. She tells him that unless he makes up with Courtney, she will take him to court and get custody of the baby. After she leaves, Justice comes out of a back bedroom where he was hiding. He explains that unless Jax and Courtney make up, Jax could face a very difficult battle trying to get his child.

Emily agrees to meet Nikolas on the docks. He tells her that he loves her and reminds her (again) that he never slept with Courtney. She’s tired of talking about it and gives her rings back. Nikolas refuses to take them, so she lays them on a nearby chair and then leaves.

Courtney goes home and is surprise to see Justice. Jax asks her if she forgot something. Courtney wants to work things out, but Justice hands her the divorce papers. Courtney refuses to sign them, even though Jax acts as if he’s lost all feeling for her. She leaves upset.

Liz and Lucky talk about what Lucky saw on the docks. Liz empathizes with Nikolas and Courtney. She realizes that Nikolas is hurt because Emily won’t believe him and is constantly pushing him away. Liz and Lucky decide to secretly call both couples to their apartment to stage an intervention.

Everyone shows up at Liz and Lucky’s and is shocked, and not very happy, about the other guests. Lucky tells them that nobody can leave until they repair their broken lives. Liz reminds Emily that she’s had a crush on Nikolas since she was young. Her response: “Yeah, and I got over it.” Jax starts berating Courtney, and Nikolas jumps to defend her. Next, Jax turns to Lucky and blames him for terrorizing Liz during her pregnancy. A fight ensues until Liz starts cramping and everyone rushes to her side.

Jason wakes up on the boat, and Sam informs him that he’s been sleeping all day. She wants to know what is wrong with him. He snaps at her and then heads out on deck. When Jason’s alone, he realizes that his nose is bleeding. Sam comes out and tells him that she found blood on his pillow. She starts to cry, and he finally admits that he has been having really bad headaches, which sometimes cause blackouts. Sam wants him to go to a hospital, but he refuses. Soon thereafter, Jason has another headache and passes out. Sam takes care of him until the boat docks, and then she takes him to a hospital.

The doctors say that if Jason doesn’t wake up from his coma, he might suffer permanent damage. Sam sits at his bedside and professes her love. When he wakes up, he doesn’t recognize her.

Maxie and Dillon talk about college while Georgie finishes her shift at the Pizza Shack. Georgie gets irritated because they’re always talking about college. Jesse shows up and is angry that Maxie is out at night. She tells him that she won’t change her life to please the stalker. Georgie and Dillon leave, and Maxie and Jesse dance. Jesse has a plan: he’s going to pretend to be a student at PCU so that he can protect Maxie. He even has a dorm on her same floor.

Dillon and Georgie are hanging out at the docks when her cell phone rings. Someone breathes into the phone and then hangs up. Georgie can hear a bell in the background. After the call, she realizes that she accidentally picked up Maxie’s cell phone. She and Dillon rush back to the Pizza Shack.

Maxie and Jesse heard the bell, too – it was the PCU bell tower. Jesse asks the three to take cover while he pursues a noise in the nearby trees. He decides to call for backup and sends Georgie and Dillon home.

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