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General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/23/05


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Ric and Alexis meet at General Hospital to discuss her lawsuit. Alexis informs Ric that she has decided to drop the suit. She did so, she tells him, because Jax asked her to help with his divorce. Alexis explains Jax and Courtney’s issues to Ric. Alexis says she doesn’t believe that Nikolas and Courtney are having an affair, and she also thinks Jax still loves Courtney and is just reacting in anger. She tells Ric what she told Jax – divorcing with a baby on the way would be the biggest mistake of his life – and she decides to take her own advice.

Alexis tells Ric that she thinks Jax is insecure. He’s afraid he’ll get hurt. Ric says everybody has that fear. Alexis agrees that life is a risk, but Ric makes her happy and she wants to be with him. Ric says they should take things slow and focus on making each other happy.


An angry Reese shows up at Sonny’s house and tells him he can’t run her out of town. She found out that he asked Ric to dismantle their law practice, and she is not pleased. She says it’s nothing personal; he just needs to trust his lawyer. Reese says she is not leaving town. Furthermore, she can be trusted and has proven it by covering his back. In case he forgot, she almost died in a car accident, so he’ll have to forgive her she fantasized about a little payback (must like he’s doing now). Reese calls Sonny a coward for trying to run her out of town. She thinks he’s doing it so he won’t have to see her and be reminded of what he gave away.

Sonny tells Reese that he drew her a map of how their relationship would go if she lied to him. Reese claims that he never trusted her because he doesn’t trust anyone. Sonny refuses to ignore months of lies. Reese asks Sonny if he was the same person 15 years ago that he is now? She insists that she is the woman he’s known all along – the woman who rescued his kids and fought on his side. Sonny tells her that she killed this, and she needs to leave.

Ric enters and asks Sonny what he’s doing. He tells Sonny that Reese had the courage to face him head-on. He should show her some respect. Reese says Sonny’s not interested and leaves. Sonny and Ric argue about Ric defending Reese. Sonny tells Ric that he can’t get over being betrayed. Ric asks how Sonny forgave him, and Sonny says he didn’t; their relationship is a work in progress.


Courtney goes to see Emily, but Max won’t let her in. Sonny doesn’t want Courtney or Nikolas near Emily. Just then Emily shows up and agrees to speak with Courtney. Courtney asks Emily why she’s taking refuge at Sonny’s. Emily explains that she came there to find Jason, but Sonny ended up offering her his guesthouse so she could put her life back together.

Courtney accuses her of hiding instead of trying to fix her marriage. Emily finds it convenient that Courtney is taking the blame off herself and placing it on Emily. Courtney tells Emily that Nikolas loves her. Emily says the idea of Courtney and Nikolas talking about her just warms her heart. She figures Nikolas told Courtney that she is kind and forgiving, but not anymore. Courtney insists that running into Nikolas in the Bahamas was a coincidence. She encourages Emily to fight for her marriage. Emily tells Courtney to worry about her own marriage. Courtney says she will, but she wants Emily to know that she and Nikolas never had sex, and Nikolas is very in love with his wife. Emily says that even if they didn’t have sex, what happened in their hotel room was not the same as “being faithful.”

Emily tells Courtney that although she’s leaving Nikolas, she really blames Courtney for their affair. Emily’s marriage was in trouble, and Courtney gave Nikolas what he couldn’t get at home. Courtney thought her life was horrible while her handsome, rich husband was busy giving her exactly what she said she wanted – a baby. Courtney tells Emily that she’s acting like Nikolas and Courtney planned to cheat. Emily explains that the affair was not an accident because people make choices in life.

Courtney doesn’t think the situation is nearly so black and white. She’s not the heartless tramp that Emily is making her out to be, and Emily’s situation is very complicated. Emily tells Courtney to shut up and stop trying to analyze her marriage. Courtney warns Emily to think before she uses her as an excuse to end her marriage. Emily reminds Courtney that when she saw her in the Bahamas, she looked very guilty. She asks Courtney what it feels like to be held up as a home wrecker.


Nikolas runs into Jax at Kelly’s and says hello like nothing happened. Jax responds with a punch in the jaw, which sends Nikolas flying over the landscaping. Nikolas tells Jax that he never slept with Courtney; in fact, they spent most of their time together talking about their spouses. He tells Jax that Courtney doesn’t want to lose him. Jax says he doesn’t want Courtney anymore. Nikolas tells him to get over himself before he loses the best thing that ever happened to him. He tells Jax that Courtney is taking his disrespect because she wants to save their marriage.

Nikolas tells Jax that he and Courtney never would have gotten so close if Jax hadn’t become obsessed with the baby. Jax tells Nikolas that the baby was Courtney’s idea until she decided to be selfish. Nikolas tells Jax it would be tough to find a more caring person than Courtney, and he’d know that if he paid more attention to her. While Nikolas is singing Courtney’s praises, Jax wonders if Courtney really wants to reconcile.


Nikolas sits down with Lucky at Kelly’s and tells his brother that he really thought Emily would understand. Lucky reminds Nikolas that he did admit to being attracted to Courtney. Nikolas says that’s true, but he and Courtney decided not to have sex and risk their marriages.

Lucky tells Nikolas that Jax wants to raise his baby solo, but he and Liz are going to fight for the child. Nikolas is upset that an innocent baby is now caught in the middle of this whole mess. Lucky says he loves Liz and he loves kids, and he and Liz are excited about raising this baby together. Nikolas is happy for his brother. He congratulates Lucky on figuring out what a relationship takes. Lucky tells Nikolas that both people have to want it badly. Nikolas asks Lucky if he thinks Emily will ever get past this. Lucky says he hopes so; Nikolas and Emily deserve to be happy. He does admit that something is broken inside of Emily. Nikolas says he can’t figure out where the rape ends and the rest of her life begins. He thinks that’s what their problem is, and he’s beginning to think he’ll never be able to fix it.


Emily walks back into Sonny’s and tells Ric not to criticize Sonny. After all, he is all about secrets, especially ones he keeps from his brother. Sonny tells Emily to calm down. Emily says that Ric doesn’t know what it feels like to find out that trust it just an illusion. Ric says he understands that people make mistakes, and he’s sorry that Emily is in pain. He explains that omission doesn’t always equal betrayal; sometimes people need to cling to something so they don’t drown in their own pain. Emily asks why people commit to relationships and then leave when things fall apart. Ric says that mistake is in all of us. So is forgiveness, but Emily and Sonny can’t seem to do it. Ric says he’s going to leave Sonny and Emily alone to talk about how everybody did them wrong and what it has cost them.

After Ric leaves, Sonny tells Emily that Ric is exactly right about him, but he doesn’t have to be right about Emily. Sonny tells her that forgiveness is a gift. She asks Sonny why he doesn’t try it. He says he does, but something always gets in the way. He tells Emily about the first time he was betrayed, when his father promised to stay with him but ended up leaving. Sonny says that as a child, he couldn’t understand why somebody he loved so much couldn’t stay with him. Sonny tells Emily that he has been forgiven many times, and he wishes he could return the favor. He tells Emily that she doesn’t want to be like him; she’ll just end up alone.


Courtney goes home and finds some pictures from her wedding. When Jax arrives, she tells him that she loves him. Jax tells her not to make this worse. He won’t be her consolation prize. Courtney says that she was his accessory. She fit his idea of what a relationship was supposed to be, and then the baby became the center of his world. Jax reminds Courtney that she wanted the baby, but Courtney tells Jax that she alone was never enough for him. Jax thinks Courtney is blaming him for her cheating. He doesn’t find any moral equivalency between caring about his baby and Courtney’s infidelity. Courtney points out that he still calls the baby his. She tells him that she made a mistake. She wants him to look at the wedding pictures and then tell himself that she never loved him. She packs her stuff and leaves. Jax looks at the pictures and asks himself how many times he’ll do this.


Emily goes out on the terrace and slips off her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Nikolas run into each other on the docks. Courtney gets mad, but Nikolas insists he didn’t plan this. Courtney tells him that this whole mess is his fault; he never should have kissed her that first time because she was emotional. He tells her he was drunk. Courtney says that’s no excuse, he still should have left her alone. Nikolas says that she needed help, and he didn’t want to leave her alone. She starts pounding on him, and he pulls her into a kiss.


Carly overhears Skye and Lorenzo discussing Skye’s new position as head of the charitable endowment. Carly accuses Lo of trying to score with trash after leaving her. Skye tells Carly that nothing is going on. Carly accuses Skye of helping Lo take over ELQ and backstabbing her family in the process. Lo says that Skye has too much class to respond to Carly. He chose Skye because she can handle impossible people with grace. Carly accuses Skye of being a drunk, and Lo reminds her that she never liked her job in the first place. She just used it to get Sonny’s attention. Carly walks away, and Skye realizes that Lo is still in love with her. He denies it. He tells Skye he’s going on a business trip and will use that time to clear his head.


Alexis picks up Kristina’s preschool forms from Bobby. She tells Bobby that she will take them to Sonny’s to get his signature. Carly overhears and accuses Alexis of wanting to get back together with Sonny. Alexis explains that she’s pregnant, and quite frankly, not in the mood. Carly won’t let it go, and Alexis accuses her of being off balance. She tells Carly to calm down – she’s not her competition. She encourages Carly to get a job. Sonny’s already the center of his universe; she shouldn’t make him the center of hers.


Carly goes to take Michael and Morgan for a picnic. Michael says that Morgan can’t go because he’s sleeping, and Carly tells him not to tell her when she can see her son. Michael doesn’t want Morgan to be scared. When Carly realizes that she has frightened her son, she leaves.


Sonny shows up at Kelly’s to apologize to Reese. She accepts and asks him to accept hers. He says he kind of does. She asks if he’ll give their relationship another chance. He tells her that his unwillingness to trust is not her fault. He leaves and she cries.

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