GH Update Monday 8/22/05

General Hospital Update Monday 8/22/05


Written By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita


Sonny tells Emily that he’s sorry that Nikolas cheated, but that problem is in his hands now. Emily politely tells Sonny that this is her marriage, and pressure won’t fix it. Sonny asks Emily if she even wants to. Emily says that she used to be Nikolas’ soul mate, but now that role belongs to Courtney.

Sonny tells Emily that he’s never been fan of the Cassadines, but Emily does seem happier when she’s with Nikolas. Sonny knows they’ve both been through a lot lately and encourages Emily to consider that when deciding whether or not to forgive. Emily notes the irony in Sonny teaching her about forgiveness. Sonny jokes that she should do as he says and not as he does. He warns her that being like him is no picnic. He truly believes in forgiveness, but he acknowledges that sometimes your heart won’t let you go there.

Emily asks Sonny to tell her how he healed from being betrayed. Sonny tells her that if she can get past the anger and disappointment, that would be the greatest gift she could ever give herself. Emily says she wishes it didn’t hurt so much.

Emily goes to General Hospital to give the desk her new contact information – Sonny’s house – and to request three days off from work. She runs into Monica and Alan, who assume she’s coming back home to live with them.


Nikolas and Courtney head home on a jet. He tells Courtney that when they land, they’ll just tell their spouses the truth – they never had sex – and their marriages will survive. He thinks both Jax and Emily have had time to think and will realize the truth. Courtney thinks that all these strange coincidental meetings will appear to Jax and Emily as lies.

Nikolas imagines that Emily forgives him and believes him when he tells her that he never slept with Courtney. Courtney has a similar daydream about Jax. In the dream, Jax tells Courtney that he believes her story. He tells her that he trusts her and offers her his forgiveness.


Nikolas goes to Greystone to find Emily, but Sonny tells him that she’s out. Nikolas explains that Emily left him a note, so she obviously wanted him to know where she was. Sonny says she’ll be back soon to finish moving her stuff. Nikolas is confused until Sonny explains that Emily is living in his guesthouse. That way, Sonny explains, she won’t have to deal with a two-timing bastard who slept with his sister. Nikolas tells Sonny that what he doesn’t know about this situation could fill a book. Sonny acknowledges that Courtney is naïve and insecure. He’s actually pleased that she’s no longer with Jax, but sleeping with Nikolas isn’t exactly a step up.

Nikolas tells Sonny that he never slept with Courtney. Sonny tells Nikolas that Emily is a decent girl who was raped, and an honorable man would move mountains to protect her. Nikolas finds Sonny’s advice hypocritical and scoffs at his criminal ethics. Sonny goes on and on about Courtney’s bad taste in men and accuses Nikolas of appealing to her sympathies. He flat out asks Nikolas how he got into Courtney’s pants. Nikolas says that he has the discipline to keep his fly zipped. Unlike Sonny, Nikolas doesn’t treat women like they are disposable. Just as Emily walks into the foyer, Nikolas tells Sonny that he loves his wife. She’s not replaceable, and he won’t give up on their marriage.


Sonny tells Emily that she doesn’t have to talk to Nikolas if she doesn’t want to, but she says it’s okay. Nikolas asks Emily why Sonny is protecting her from him, but Emily says he’s just acting on instinct. Emily asks him why he’s here. Nikolas begs her to go home with him so they can talk things out. He tells her that he didn’t sleep with Courtney. Emily says it’s too late, but Nikolas won’t let her bail on him.

Nikolas promises not to make excuses but wants Emily to understand him. He tells her she was dealing with something so powerful that he felt he had no room to tell her how he felt about it. Emily asks if she did that to him. He says no, and she accuses him of cheating with Courtney to cheer himself up. Nikolas insists that he never slept with Courtney, but Emily thinks that’s because she showed up. Nikolas tells her she’s the love of his life. He wouldn’t be working so hard to get her back if he’d slept with Courtney. He swears on his life that sex never happened, but Emily doesn’t believe him. She recalls how he lied about being on the roof with Courtney and then lied about going to the Bahamas. Nikolas insists that he never planned to meet Courtney in the Bahamas; she was supposed to be vacationing with Jax. He admits that he made mistakes, but he was desperate to make a connection with somebody because Emily wouldn’t. Emily says his problem is solved – he has Courtney now. Nikolas tells her that he loves her and he won’t be going back to Windemere without her.


Jax tells Liz and Lucky that he plans to raise his baby solo. Liz asks about Courtney’s role, but Jax quickly informs her that Courtney is no longer involved in the surrogacy arrangement. Liz is adamant that her baby has a mother, but Jax says that’s not her call; she has to honor the contract she signed. Liz says she signed the contract on the condition that a traditional family raise the baby. If Courtney’s no longer involved, then their agreement is void. Jax tells Liz that she’ll have to go through his lawyers. Lucky interjects and warns Jax to stop putting stress on Liz.

Jax says that he can be a good single parent, just like Liz is to Cameron. Lucky says that Cameron’s father died, but Liz still has options with the baby she’s carrying now. Jax threatens legal action before leaving in a huff.

Courtney goes to Liz and Lucky’s apartment in search of Jax. Lucky tells her what happened, and Courtney denies having sex with Nikolas. Liz tells her to tell Jax – not them – he’s the one who thinks she forfeited her maternal rights. Courtney gets angry with Liz for blabbing to everyone about the “affair” and for making it look like she and Nikolas jump into bed together all the time. Lucky jumps to Liz’s defense. Liz tells Courtney she doesn’t want this baby to be raised by a divorced, single father. Courtney says that’s how this mess started in the beginning; Liz and Jax make decisions without including her. Courtney assures Liz that she and Jax – together – will raise this baby. Liz says she’s not so sure anymore.

Liz realizes that if she signed the agreement, then Jax can legally raise the baby solo. Lucky says he has no problem being Cameron’s dad and would be happy to help Liz raise this baby. Liz tells him the baby belongs to Jax, but Lucky reminds her that if they get married now, he will be the child’s legal father.


Jax finds Alexis at General Hospital and asks her to help with his divorce. He calls his marriage a serious miscalculation, and he wants the divorce as quickly as possible so the surrogacy agreement will stay airtight. Alexis says she’ll help by not facilitating a divorce. She thinks he’ll regret it. Jax threatens to find another lawyer. Alexis tells him that no other lawyer loves him as much as she does. She tells him to come back in 6 months, and if he still wants a divorce, she’ll draw up the papers.

Jax goes home and finds Courtney waiting. He tells her that he wants a quick, clean divorce, and he wants to raise the baby solo. Courtney refuses to divorce him and tells him that she never slept with Nikolas. Jax says that’s just a technicality; circumstances probably prevented that from happening. Courtney says no, she made a conscious choice and chose Jax. Jax reminds her that she was still intimate with Nikolas – they still shared thoughts and secrets. “Maybe you didn’t spread your legs, but you still cheated,” Jax tells her. Courtney begs Jax to listen to reason. Jax asks her if she was really alienated by the attention he was giving to Liz or if she just never loved him.

Courtney tells Jax that she loved him then and she loves him now. She thought she could handle the surrogacy, but she ended up feeling irrelevant and insignificant. Nikolas was also messed up at the time, and they helped each other. Jax accuses Courtney of being selfish – everything is always about her. When she decided to cheat with Nikolas, he was the one who became irrelevant. Jax tells Courtney that he always thought he was her rebound after Jason. Courtney says that’s not true; she admits to being selfish, but she still doesn’t think she technically cheated. Jax says it doesn’t matter, they’re finished.


Alicia helps Jason escape while her mother remains tied up. Allegra tells Ali to get the key so they can go find Sam and Andrew before Jason does. Ali tells Allegra to give her one good reason why she should set her mother free.

Andrew’s so fidgety with anticipation that he accidentally elbows Sam in the eye. He starts kissing her, but she pulls away. Andrew asks if he really disgusts her that much, but Sam lies and blames those reflexes on her sore eye. Finally, she can’t take the lies anymore. Sam breaks down and tells Andrew the truth about her identity.

Meanwhile, Allegra asks Ali what she wants. Ali challenges her mother to end this plan. Allegra blames the whole mess on Ali, but Ali says that’s not true. If Jason and Sam are freed, then they can be together, Ali can be with her true love Vittorio, and Allegra will be left penniless and alone. Allegra calls Ali a spoiled brat. Ali tells her mother to just admit defeat. Allegra tells Ali that she concocted this plan to give her a better life, but Ali wants to pursue that life on her own terms. Allegra asks Ali again to fetch the key so they can get something to eat. Ali pretends to obey but stops just short of unlocking Allegra’s chains. Just then Dante shows up with a gun.

Jason searches for Sam. He finds the priest who married her and Andrew and asks where she is. The priest refuses to reveal the location of Andrew and “Alicia’s” honeymoon until Jason tells him that a woman’s life is on the line.

Sam reveals the entire truth about her and Jason’s identity and Allegra’s plan, but Andrew doesn’t appear to buy it. Sam points out that her story is too bizarre to be a lie. Andrew demands to know the real reason why “Ali” didn’t want to marry him. Sam continues trying to convince Andrew of the truth by pointing out her dancing inadequacies. She tells Andrew that Jason is nothing like him – he’s not romantic and he doesn’t write poetry – but he makes her feel loved every single day. She tells Andrew that she married him to save Jason’s life, and that is why she can’t sleep with him. Andrew finally believes Sam and agrees to help her reunite with Jason. Jason arrives just as they leave. Alone, he experiences another headache and falls to the floor.

Allegra is angry with the priest for revealing Sam’s whereabouts to Jason. She calls her goons and tells them to track down Jason. Just then, Andrew and Sam show up, and Andrew tells Allegra that he knows the whole truth. Back at the honeymoon suite, the goons find an unconscious Jason and plan to drag him to the boat.

Andrew asks Allegra why she tricked him? He would have been happy to give Ali a little push if she needed it. Allegra is surprised that Andrew would still consider marrying Ali. Sam asks him why he would pay millions in alimony to a woman who doesn’t even want him, but Andrew says there won’t be any alimony; his marriage to Ali will last. Allegra turns and asks Andrew what they should do with Sam. Andrew asks about Jason, and Allegra tells him that Jason was held in the wine cellar. Sam goes to leave, the Allegra’s goons grab her. She realizes that Andrew tricked her and has been working with Allegra all along.

Jason wakes up, knocks the goons out and manages to escape. Meanwhile, Sam is locked up down in the wine cellar. She finds drops of Jason’s blood and wonders where he is. Just then she hears someone at the door and grabs a wine bottle for protection. Somebody slips a key under the door. Sam uses it to unlock herself and spring free.

Sam goes back into Allegra’s house and finds it destroyed. Jason and Andrew are passed out on the floor. Jason wakes up and is confused. He can’t recall what just happened. Sam and Jason realize that Andrew is dead just as Allegra comes in. She tells them to leave. She will call the police and tell them that an intruder killed Andrew. Now that Ali is a widow (and Allegra thinks she will get Andrew’s money), she tells Jason and Sam how to escape. Jason grabs one of the goon’s guns on his way out as assurance that Allegra won’t follow them.

After they leave, Allegra calls the police and reports a jewelry thief. While she’s on the phone, her goons come in and report that Ali is gone.

Once Jason and Sam are back on their boat, Sam asks Jason what is wrong. She knows he is not okay. She wonders aloud if he’ll tell her about the problem or if she’ll have to figure it out on her own.


Lorenzo makes arrangements for a shipment on Sonny’s dock. He tells his partner that he’s taking things slowly until he sees where his interests lie, but he’s definitely back in business. Sonny shows up and asks why Lorenzo is dealing on his dock. Lorenzo says he can do business wherever and challenges Sonny to set up an appointment. Sonny says that won’t happen in his lifetime. Lorenzo asks if Sonny has an issue with his business methods. Sonny has issues with that, among other things. Lorenzo thinks this is about Carly and asks Sonny if he’s the only person allowed to mistreat her. Sonny reminds Lorenzo that he pursued Carly for years about dumped her in just two months. Lorenzo tells Sonny that she loves him, and he should embrace that. Sonny tells Lorenzo that if karma is real, it will bite him soon, and Sonny will be applauding when that happens.

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