GH Update Friday 8/19/05

General Hospital Update Friday 8/19/05


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THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Jason grabs Allegra, holds her by the neck and threatens to kill her if she doesn't immediately tell him where Sam is. Allegra's bodyguard, Dante, stands, powerless, nearby.

FOUNTAIN COURTYARD: As it turns out, Sam is preparing to marry Andrew that very moment. In an effort to stall for time she tells him that they can't get married, as she hasn't been honest with him.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is on the phone with Ric, asking him to come and see him as soon as possible. After he hangs up he is surprised when he is joined by Carly, who tells him that she wants him to come on a picnic with her, Michael and a way of celebrating the fact that Reese and Lorenzo are out of their lives for good. Sonny asks her if she's out of her mind?

AN AIRPLANE OVER PORT CHARLES: Jax and Emily are on the plane, which is approaching the airport in Port Charles. Emily notes that she is worried because she has no idea what to do next. But Jax says he knows what HE is going to do next -- he plans to divorce Courtney immediately.

THE BAHAMAS: Courtney and Nikolas, still at their hotel, contemplate their situation. Courtney thinks that he should go and find Emily, but Nikolas doesn't think it would matter. He thinks that since their marriages have already been destroyed, it shouldn't matter what they do next. Suddenly he kisses her.

AN AIRPLANE OVER PORT CHARLES: Emily asks Jax if he's sure he wants to leave Courtney just like that. Jax says it's time for him to face reality -- Courtney ended their marriage when she chose to turn to another man instead of coming to her husband. He thinks Emily should end it with Nikolas, too. Emily replies that she can hardly blame Nikolas...she feels that she's the one at fault for driving Nik into Courtney's arms.

THE BAHAMAS: Nikolas and Courtney continue to make-out on the bed (Nikolas has since shrugged out of his bathrobe) the kissing progresses, Courtney stops him and explains that even if her marriage is over, she still loves Jax. Nikolas admits he still loves Emily, too. Courtney points out that that means that their relationship has reached the end of the line. Nikolas, looking distressed, agrees.

GREYSTONE: Sonny isn't on board with the idea of acting like a happy family -- because that would just give Michael false hope. He knows that Carly is hurting from Lorenzo dumping her. He goes so far as to advise Carly to either spend some time alone or see a shrink. Carly scoffs at the notion, but Sonny reminds her again that they aren't going to be getting back together. Carly gets upset and says that she'll just take Michael and Morgan on a picnic by herself. Sonny objects, noting that he doesn't want the kids around her when she's like this. As they argue, Michael comes into the room and asks them why they're fighting? Carly asks Michael if he wants to go on a picnic with her. Michael looks at Sonny as if waiting for an okay.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye has arrived for a meeting she believed was going to be to discuss the charitable endowment. Instead she finds Lorenzo waiting for her. Lorenzo wants her to be the new head of the charitable endowment. Skye brings up the fact that earlier he was propositioning her -- the more she thinks about, the more she starts to realize that he was only doing that, not to get her into his bed but to drive her out of his life completely.

FOUNTAIN COURTYARD: Sam tells Andrew that he will not be able to make her happy. He says that he will love her unconditionally, and lead her to her heart's desire. He adds that this would be the perfect chance to take control of her life back from Allegra. Sam finally agrees to the wedding, but only because Andrew said he WOULD lead her to her "heart's desire."

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Allegra at first refuses to tell Jason where Sam is -- but finally relents and tells him that Andrew requested a priest and is marrying Sam on the piazza as she speaks. Jason, suddenly plagued by a violent headache, tries to escape by running from the room and toward the door. But before he can leave, the headache becomes so intense that he falls to the ground, completely unconscious.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese and Ric run into each other at the hospital. They discuss Alexis and her sexual discrimination suit, which Ric doesn't see Alexis dropping anytime soon. Ric is surprised to learn that Reese isn't leaving town. She admits that the decision is in part due to the fact that she has decided to stay and fight for Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Carly gushes to Michael about what a great day they would have at the picnic. Michael notes that she seems really, overly excited. Carly says she's excited to spend the day with him and Morgan. Michael replies that Morgan is asleep. Carly realizes that Michael doesn't really want to go on the picnic with her -- Michael admits that he doesn't want to, and apologizes. Sonny sends him upstairs to help Leticia with his room. After Michael leaves, Carly asks Sonny why it seems that Michael's afraid of her. Sonny explains that she just needs to calm down and take it easy. Carly gets defensive and storms out.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye points out that Lorenzo loves deeply with his whole heart -- it's how he loved Carly, so now that Carly's hurt him he wants to take it out on himself. She thinks that he propositioned her the other day solely because he wanted her (Skye) to slap him and leave his life for good. Lorenzo admits that he doesn't deal well with loss...when it happens to him, he turns inward. He does, however, apologize for the way he treated her earlier. She accepts his apology and he turns the conversation back toward the fact that he wants her to hdead the charitable endowment, as he intends to make sure that Carly steps down. Skye is hesitant, saying she doesn't want the job if he's just trying to hurt Carly. Lorenzo points out that he and Carly need a clean break from each other anyway -- plus, Carly can't give the endowment the time and attention it deserves, while Skye can. Plus, he points out that it would drive Tracy crazy. Skye finally accepts and they both agree that they hope they never lose their friendship.

FOUNTAIN COURTYARD: The ceremony has begun...Sam and Andrew are getting married in front of a priest. Andrew says his vows, and Sam starts hers but then stops and says that she can't go through with it after all.

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Jason is still unconscious on the floor of the estate. Dante the bodyguard checks him and proclaims that Jason is passed out completely. Allegra thinks that's quite fortuitous.

FOUNTAIN COURTYARD: Andrew tries to reassure Sam, telling her she can go through with it if she only looks into his eyes and speaks from her heart.

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Allegra tells the apparently passed out Jason that he has made her job much easier. Suddenly, he wakes up and grabs tight hold of her arm.

FOUNTAIN COURTYARD: Sam, after being urged on by Andrew, says her vows -- but as she looks at him, she sees Jason there instead. This allows her to say her vows with great and heartfelt emotion: "I take you to be my husband, my life partner, my one true love. I will honor our commitment by loving you more each day than I did the day before, by trusting you above all others, by laughing and crying with you, by staying loyal to you in good times and in bad, by being the one person in this whole world that you can count on. I give you my heart and all of my love tonight and forever." The priest pronounces Andrew and Sam as husband and wife.

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Back at the estate, Jason suddenly releases Allegra's arm and passes out for a second time.

FOUNTAIN COURTYARD: Sam and Andrew are walking in the courtyard. Andrew tells her how moved he was by her vows. Sam explains she was swept up in the moment. She wonders if they should go tell Allegra the happy news? Andrew wants to waltz with her instead. They waltz for a bit around the fountain. Afterward, Andrew tells her the only thing better than their dance will be when he makes love to his wife tonight.

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: When Jason comes to he is back in the basement, handcuffed once again.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Emily are at the hospital nurses' station talking about Emily's confrontation with Nikolas. Elizabeth is encouraging Emily not to give up on her marriage. Emily believes that Nikolas deserves more than she can give him. Elizabeth warns Emily that if she lets Nik get away she'll end up regreting it.

THE BAHAMAS: Nikolas is dressed again and Courtney is packing to go home. She tells Nik that she believes she and Jax can save their she is glad she and Nikolas didn't sleep together. Nikolas tells her that he won't regret a moment they spent together. He also thanks her for being his friend and for helping him realize that he needs to fix the problems he and Emily have -- he is determined not to give up Emily without a fight.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Jax comes by to speak to Elizabeth. Unfortunately, she isn't there, but Lucky is. A very upset Jax explains to Lucky that Nikolas and Courtney have been having an affair. Lucky, unmoved and anxious to defend Nik, suggests that maybe Jax should have been a better husband to Court in the first place. At this point Elizabeth returns and informs Jax that Courtney and Nikolas didn't actually sleep together. Jax is skeptical and Lucky again defends Nikolas, saying Nikolas would never break his vows to Emily and then lie about it later. Elizabeth advises Jax not to throw away his marriage on something that didn't happen.

THE BAHAMAS: Courtney is all packed but Nikolas informs her that he has just found out that the plane has been delayed. Courtney can't believe it. Nikolas muses on the fact that something always seems to end up throwing them together. Courtney wonders if fate is trying to tell them something?

THE HOSPITAL: Carly shows up at the hospital for a meeting of the charitable endowment...but Lorenzo informs her that he has replaced her as its head. Carly freaks out and accuses him of trying to publically embarrass her.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Ric are at Greystone discussing the fact that Lorenzo is back in "the business" which will make things complicated for Sonny. Sonny informs Ric that he wants Ric to come on board as his additional legal counsel -- but only on the condition that Ric cut Reese loose. Ric tells him he appreciates the vote of confidence, and would love to represent Sonny, but he won't cut off his partnership with Reese. Sonny doesn't understand why Ric isn't agreeing to the offer, and Ric explains that Reese is a good person who made a mistake...he won't kick Reese to the curb just because Reese and Sonny's relationship went south. He adds that he thinks Sonny is an idiot for letting Reese go at all. He would be happy come on board to represent Sonny, but only on his terms.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly is still on her tirade against Lorenzo...with everyone else in the vicinity staring at them. Carly yells that everyone on the board should know that he is a twisted person who put a tracking device on her phone. Lorenzo drags her by the arm over to the elevator, instructing her to leave. Carly accuses him of never loving her, of using her to get at Sonny. Lorenzo tells her to believe what she wants. He leaves while Carly cries to herself.

THE BAHAMAS: Courtney asks Nikolas if he believes in fate -- he says yes, that he thinks he and Emily are destined. Courtney says that she feels the same way about her relationship with Jax. She points out that at first she just thought Jax was an arrogant jerk...but that underneath, he's quite wonderful. She swears that if she could undo the damage she's caused to her marriage, she would never hurt Jax again.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Jax insists to Lucky and Elizabeth that Courtney was never committed to their marriage in the first place. Lucky snaps that Jax shouldn't be so willing to think the worst of Courtney...and that Jax should take a step back and look at his own role in all of this. Jax replies that when he wants Lucky's advice, he'll ask for it. Elizabeth steps in and asks Jax what will happen to the baby she's carrying if Courtney and Jax's marriage is really over?

THE MONTENEGRO ESTATE: Jason is still in the basement...Allegra comes to see him, and he immediately asks her what she did to him. She denies that she did anything at all and explains that he just passed out. As she uncuffs Jason, she adds that she has already spoken to the priest who married Andrew and Sam -- and that Sam's marriage vows were lovely. Jason tries to leave the basement but doesn't get very far before passing out again from another headache.

ANDREW AND SAM'S HONEYMOON LOCATION: Andrew promises Sam that he is going to take her to paradise. Sam, hesitant, wants to call Allegra first. But Andrew continues to move toward her, saying that he knows this is going to be a night to remember.

GREYSTONE: Emily has arrived at Greystone to see Sonny, in the hopes that he can help her reach Jason. Sonny explains that he has no idea how to get in touch with Jason, as Jason and Sam are on a boat somewhere and Sonny isn't going to talk to either of them until they get back. He wants to know if he can help Emily instead? Emily tells him that Nikolas had an affair and now she doesn't know what to do -- Elizabeth is telling her to hang onto her marraige while Jax wants her to cut her losses...and Monica agrees. Sonny asks who Nikolas has been seeing on the side. Emily is hesitant to answer, which makes Sonny realize that Nik must have been seeing Courtney. Emily tells him he's right and Sonny tells her that this unfortunate incident is in his hands, now.

THE BAHAMAS: Nikolas and Courtney try to reassure one another about their respective marriages. Courtney thinks that once they've had a chance to explain themselves, it will be okay. Nikolas adds that their marriages will end up stronger than ever.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Jax tells Elizabeth that when he divorces Courtney he will simply raise his child on his own...and Courtney won't be a part of that arrangement. Elizabeth apologizes and says that there is no way she will let the baby grow up without a mother.

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