GH Update Thursday 8/18/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/18/05


By Ali
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Today's recap will be in a shorter, and in a different format due to time constraints.

JASON/SAM VS. ALLEGRA: Jason and Sam have a disagreement over whether or not they should escape -- Jason wants to chance it but Sam is worried that it's too big of a risk. She thinks it would be better to go along with marrying Andrew as Allegra has asked. Allegra comes to see them -- she and Sam talk...Sam agrees to go through with the plan, which makes Allegra happy. Sam and Jason say goodbye..then Sam leaves to go change into clothes for her wedding. When Allegra and Jason are alone, Allegra notes that it must be difficult for Jason to know that his fate is in Sam's hands. Jason warns Allegra he doesn't trust her. Then he is returned to the basement, where he looks to see if he can see Allie through the hole in the wall...but she isn't there anymore.

Sam, meanwhile, has changed into a gown -- much to Andrew's happiness. He and "Allie"/Sam are to have dinner together...Allegra wants to dine with them, but Sam tells her that they can be by themselves. Allegra leaves, but not before whispering a warning to Sam not to try anything, as she still has Jason locked up. Andrew turns to "Allie"/Sam and asks her to dance with him. Sam responds to this by asking him how he would react if she told him that they had never met before. Andrew is puzzled until Sam explains that she wants to "pretend" as if this is the first time they have ever seen each other. Andrew plays along with her game, waxing poetic about the first time he ever saw her -- how he rescued her when she was tossed to the curb by the idiot guy she wasted years of her life on. Sam tells him that she thinks the girl he rescued back then forgot what an amazing, kind man he is.

Jason is surprised when guards return Allie to the room in the basement. Allie informs Jason that she has found them a way to escape.

Upstairs, Andrew and Sam dance a bit of the rumba...Sam is making a poor show of it, which Andrew notes...though he thinks the reason is because Allegra is worrying "Allie"/Sam. Andrew comments that Allegra is so greedy she would kill to get what she wants. The rumba continues rather seductively, as Andrew spins and dips Sam.

Meanwhile, Allie informs Jason that she has made a deal with one of the guards. Jason asks her why she didn't just leave when she had the chance? Allie explains that she doesn't want Sam to have to marry Andrew -- she just asks Jason not to leave her behind when he and Sam leave. Suddenly, they are joined by Allegra, who informs them that this little alliance is going to end right now. She gets guards to pull Allie away from Jason and upstairs. Allie screams and makes a fuss, but it doesn't matter...she's taken upstairs anyway. Jason asks Allegra what will happen to Allie and Allegra replies that she intends to gain and keep control over her daughter.

Sam and Andrew continue their dance...until Sam falls down. Andrew starts to get the impression that "Allie"/Sam -- ordinarily such a wonderful dancer -- is faking not being able to dance. He decides that they are going to throw Allegra a curve ball.

Jason beats up one of the guards in the basement and tries to get out, but another guard holds a gun on him. Jason offers the guard Allie's sapphire in exchange for helping him leave -- the guard agrees and helps Jason exit the basement.

Jason charges upstairs and looks around for Sam -- but she's gone. Allegra tells him that Jason is too late...Sam and Andrew are gone.

Andrew, meanwhile, is leading a blind-folded Sam to an outdoor-sy area with a fountain -- and a priest! He takes off the blindfold and tells her that they will get married without Allegra present. Sam realizes that Andrew has always wanted Allegra cut out of the deal, and Andrew replies that their marriage will happen now, or never.

NIKOLAS AND COURTNEY'S AFFAIR: Nikolas and Courtney, on vacation, are caught by Emily -- who is shocked to see them in their matching bathrobes. Nikolas takes Emily into his room to try to explain things to her (away from Courtney). He tells Emily that the fact that he and Courtney ended up in the same place for their vacation is truly a coincidence. Emily demands to know if his kiss with Courtney on the docks was a coincidence as well?

Jax arrives at Courtney's room with flowers for her -- he is quite cheerful, saying that they will be able to make love all day long. Courtney stops him, saying that she has something to tell him, first. She explains that Nikolas is in a room across the hall from hers...and that Emily has just shown up, believing that Nik and Court are having an affair. Jax, in disbelief, asks Courtney, "Are you?"

Emily has busted Nikolas -- she tells him she heard from Elizabeth and Monica that Nikolas and Courtney were seen kissing on the docks. Nikolas apologizes for that kiss, but Emily is in a rage, demanding to know how long his affair with Courtney has been going on. Nikolas notes that he didn't think Emily would be able to understand -- and Emily promptly slaps him. She informs him that having an affair was the wrong way to deal with the problems in their marriage...and now, she wants a divorce.

Courtney, meanwhile, is explaining to Jax that her feelings for Nikolas began because she was feeling insecure due to her inability to have children...and due to the fact that Elizabeth was going to be carrying their child for them instead. Jax is flabbergasted -- he thought they both wanted the baby! -- but Courtney tells him that she just felt insecure that Elizabeth could give him what she (Courtney) could not. She explains that Nikolas listened to her talk about her problems...and that it felt good to be able to talk to him about it, as she felt that she couldn't turn to Jax for comfort. Besides, she continues, Nikolas has been feeling lonely too due to the problems he has with his own marriage to Emily. She swears though that being in the same location as Nikolas for her vacation was purely an accident. She also swears that it's Jax, and not Nikolas, that she loves. Jax, getting very upset by this point, says that it appears that Courtney's intentions are clear -- but Nikolas' aren't. He wants to go talk to Nikolas about this.

As it happens, Nikolas and Emily are still arguing -- he asks her to please not push him away, but Emily refuses to listen. They go out into the hallway and Jax and Courtney are there as well. Emily informs Jax that her marriage to Nikolas is now over. Nikolas tries to chase after Emily, but is prevented by Jax, who starts to beat him up. Nikolas doesn't bother to fight back. Emily takes the opportunity to leave the hotel as quickly as it is left to Courtney to step in and try to break the two men up. Nikolas tells Jax that he and Courtney only kissed and that was it. Jax is infuriated to hear about the kisses, which Courtney neglected to tell him about. Jax storms off, but not before saying that Courtney and Nikolas can do whatever they want together.

Jax and Emily soon find themselves on a plane back to Port Charles. Jax tells Emily that he's sorry that this has happened to her -- that she didn't deserve this. Emily disagrees, noting that it was because she changed that Nikolas stopped wanting her. Jax says that Courtney changed, too. He adds that maybe he and Emily made Nik and Courtney's bed for them.

Meanwhile, Courtney helps Nikolas up to his feet. Courtney thinks this is all her fault, but Nikolas interrupts her, reminding her that after all, they didn't sleep together. Courtney says that doesn't matter. Nikolas seems to think that now that their marriages are in rubble they SHOULD just go ahead and hit the sheets. Courtney looks surprised to hear this.

WHO DRUGGED BROOK AND MAXIE'S DRINKS?: Brook Lynn, Dillon, Maxie and Georgie are all at the Pizza Shack together when Brook receives a phone call from a mysterious person who doesn't talk -- only hangs up on her. This perplexes the other teens. Dillon suggests that maybe the caller is the person who drugged Brook's drink? (It turns out that Dillon is correct -- the person on the other end of the line is revealed to be sitting at a desk full of photos of Brook Lynn -- asleep and undressed.) Brook notes that she's gotten other strange phone calls just like that one. Maxie tells them that no one has called her yet...but she's pissed off all the same. Jesse comes over them just then -- he informs them that Maxie and Brook are not the only victims of this sicko.

Maxie and Brook are then taken to the police station for questioning. There, Lucky and Jesse inform them that another girl was found drugged, presumably by the same guy. Brook tells them all about the calls she's been getting and Maxie notes that no one has called her. Jesse thinks that maybe she's the exception to the rule.

Lucky tells Jesse that he's going to send Brook back to her house to pick up the clothes she was wearing the night she was drugged -- hopefully forensics will find something on the clothes. Jesse and Maxie talk for a bit...she is sorry that she didn't stay away from The Pizza Shack like he asked her, but he comments that everything happens for a reason, and besides, this investigation is giving him a chance to spend time with her. Just then, Maxie gets the same kind of call Brook has been getting...only this time the guy (it's the guy with the pictures of Brook) tells Maxie in his disgused voice, "You owe me" before hanging up. Maxie tells Lucky and Jesse about the caller and they decide that maybe the caller means that Maxie "owes" him because she's the only one he drugged and wasn't able to get his hands on (because she was still at The Pizza Shack when she fainted from the roofie). Maxie realizes that this guy is going to keep bothering her until he gets what he wants.

Maxie and Jesse are left alone for a bit -- Jesse has cookies for her, which she takes eagerly. She tells him that maybe she should try to make herself look dowdy in an effort to make the psycho stay away from her...Jesse warns her that she shouldn't try to change who she is because of this creep. As they talk, Lucky and Mac discuss what just came back from forensics -- flecks of lead paint were found on Brook's clothes. Since lead paint hasn't been used for 30 years, the guy must be taking these girls to an older place.

Meanwhile, Brook and Georgie are back at The Pizza Shack going over the clues in the Lucas can be seen listening to them in the background. Brook leaves. Dillon goes over to Lucas and they make small talk (Lucas mentions that he's been making money on the side working as a painter) -- they talk about what it will be like to live in the dorm room together. Dillon jokes about Lucas not getting any action lately, and Lucas gets pissed off and leaves.

Jesse and Maxie show up at The Pizza Shack -- but Dillon and Georgie have already left. Jesse offers to take her home but she says she'll be fine, that she won't let this sicko scare her. Jesse one sees that someone is watching Maxie from nearby.

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