GH Update Wednesday 8/17/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/17/05


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Ric and Reese meet at Kelly’s to discuss Alexis’ lawsuit. The restaurant has been cleaned, and Reese asks Ric to send a check to cover the damages. Ric tells her to just give Mike the check herself, but Reese informs him that she wants to leave town. Ric grabs her arm and tells her she can’t go as Sonny watches from the window.

Ric tells Reese that she can’t leave yet because she is a co-defendant in Alexis’ lawsuit. Reese is confident that the judge will throw out the lawsuit, since it’s obviously an issue between the married ones. So Ric tries another angle and encourages Reese to stay for Sonny. Reese says that he is the reason that she’s leaving. Ric tells her that Sonny respects women who don’t give up. Reese says maybe, but he also doesn’t forgive lying, and Carly is a perfect example. Ric encourages her to just give Sonny some time. Reese points out the irony of this entire situation; she got her revenge on Carly with basically no effort. It just cost her Sonny.

Sonny walks in, and Reese tells him that she and Ric are in a meeting. Ric sees Alexis at the door and bails, leaving Sonny and Reese to chat. Reese tells Sonny that she’s leaving town. He tells her that’s not necessary, but the decision is hers. Reese asks why he’s here, and he says he came to make sure that she’s okay. Reese tells him that she should have left town a long time ago. All she has managed to do in Port Charles is hurt people. Reese casually mentions that Ric wants her to stay, but Sonny doesn’t think Ric’s opinion matters. Reese lays out her two options to Sonny: she can leave and set up shop elsewhere or she can stay in Port Charles and try to win back Sonny’s trust. She wants to know what he thinks she should do. Sonny tells her that he can’t make promises and doesn’t forgive easily. Reese thinks she shouldn’t have to stay around and grovel; she wants Sonny to tell her what to do, but he won’t. She finally asks him to look her in the eyes and tell her that he doesn’t love her anymore. But before he can do it, gunshots ring through Kelly’s and everyone hits the ground.

Max comes in and tells Sonny that the gunman got away. Sonny sends him home to check on Michael and Morgan. He thinks the gunshots were a message from Lorenzo: He’s back in business.


Alexis drones on about how Ric treated her as a second-class citizen. Ric explains to her that she is carrying his baby but refuses to deal with him directly. Instead, she’s going all legal-like on him. He wants to know why she’s laying the groundwork for him to be viewed as an unfit parent. He asks her if she’s trying to kill their relationship, but Alexis claims she’s trying to save it.


Diego walks into his father’s home and asks why guards are now posted inside. Lorenzo explains that he’s diversifying. He wants to teach Diego about “the business,” but warns him that not all the work is pleasant, and there are risks involved.

Carly shows up for the rest of her things. Lorenzo informs her that her stuff has been boxed up and placed in the garage. Carly, who also noticed the extra guards, is angry that Lorenzo has decided not to go legitimate with his business dealings. Lorenzo asks her why she’s even back. She wants to know who he is now, but he quickly informs her that his life is no longer her business. He tells her she loves Sonny, but Carly says that things aren’t that simple. Lorenzo doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her to leave and not come back. Carly accuses him of being cold, and he in turn calls her a liar. As she goes to leave, Lorenzo tells her their divorce will be processed quickly.

Tracey and Skye are summoned, much to their displeasure, to Lorenzo’s home. When they arrive, Lorenzo explains that he wants to expand ELQ’s international base. Tracey warns him not to use ELQ as a front for his illegal activities. Lorenzo offers to give her the phone numbers of the widows of associates who have disagreed with him. That shuts Tracey up, and she complies. Tracey goes to leave, but Skye wants to stay behind. Tracey accuses Skye of going along with a criminal, which angers Lorenzo.

Once Tracey leaves, Skye asks about Lorenzo and Carly. He avoids the subject and invites her to eat with him. He tries to feed her, and when Skye asks why, he jokes that he wants to make sure the food hasn’t been poisoned. Skye asks Lorenzo about his true business intentions, and he tells her that he just wants ELQ to turn a profit. Just then, the phone rings. Lorenzo answers and is disappointed by what he hears. When he hangs up, Skye asks if she should start referring to him as International Scary Guy to the 15th Power. He tells her that’s one way to put it. She vows not to become his mob whore.

Skye starts taking about how much she loves and misses Luke. Lorenzo says that he can provide the same kind of danger and excitement. Just then Sonny shows up, and Skye leaves in a huff. Sonny tells Lorenzo that he heard Lo was back in business. He also tells Lo that he missed his targets at Kelly’s and ruined Sonny’s lunch in the process. He cautions Lo to avoid hangouts like Kelly’s where lots of children dine. Lorenzo tells Sonny that he wants the two of them to peacefully co-exist. He and Carly are getting divorced, and he would like very much if he and Sonny could stay out of each other’s way. Sonny asks Lorenzo how long he thinks that will last.


Bobbie meets Carly on the pier and is disappointed about the fight and Mike’s trashed diner. Carly tells her mother that Reese is really Charlotte Roberts, and Bobbie says yes, and I heard you slept with her father. Carly argues that Reese’s dad came onto her, but Bobbie doesn’t buy it. Carly asks her mother to please support her and not judge her, but Bobbie doesn’t have much sympathy. She tells Carly that at least she didn’t have to turn tricks. She asks Carly if she ever reported the incident or got help. Bobbie answers her own question and points out that instead, Carly decided to destroy a family.

Bobbie tells Carly that they are survivors, but the difference between the two women is that Bobbie made positives changes in her life while Carly decided to destroy everybody. Bobbie tells Carly that she doesn’t learn from her mistakes. Case in point: Carly came to Port Charles to get even with Bobbie, and Tony has never recovered. Perhaps Lucas would have a real family now if Carly had never showed up. Carly argues that they all got past that. Bobbie agrees, but it still happened.

Bobbie leaves just as Reese arrives. Reese gloats that Carly is running out of people to blame. Carly warns Reese to beware of the person who has nothing left to lose. Reese tells Carly about the gunshots at Kelly’s. Carly asks about Sonny, and Reese takes that opportunity to really stick it to her. She tells Carly that she has lost her children, her mother, Sonny and Lorenzo. Reese knows from childhood that Carly’s greatest fear is rejection because she truly doesn’t believe that she deserves to be loved. Carly shouts back that Sonny loves her, and Reese says not anymore. Reese says she hopes Carly rots in hell for ruining her life and Sonny’s.


Monica runs into Lucky at General Hospital and asks about Nikolas. Lucky brushes her off and says that Nik is just fine. Monica admits that she’s worried about Emily’s marriage, but Lucky reassures her that all marriages go through troubled times. Monica knows Emily has had an especially hard time lately and wonders aloud if Nikolas can go the distance. Lucky acts like he doesn’t know much and tells Monica that the two are working on it and will be just fine.


Emily goes to see Elizabeth and is angry about what she told Monica. Emily demands that Elizabeth tell her everything she saw between Courtney and Nikolas. When Elizabeth is finished spilling her guts, Emily asks why she hasn’t told Jax. Elizabeth explains that she wasn’t sure that Courtney and Nikolas were having an affair, and she didn’t want to stir up unnecessary trouble.

Jax arrives home and asks Emily why she’s there. Emily says she came to discuss something that Elizabeth saw. Elizabeth quickly makes up a story about Emily coming by to get notes and then pushes her friend out the door. Emily thinks Jax should know the truth, but Elizabeth wants to be certain about what is happening. Emily vows to find out the truth.

Later at General Hospital, an agitated Emily tells Monica that she was wrong about Courtney and Nikolas. After all, a kiss doesn’t mean anything. Emily asks what Monica said to Courtney and Nikolas when she caught them flirting, but Monica didn’t say anything. Emily asks her mother to please stay out of her business.

Lucky passes back through the lobby, and Emily asks him if Courtney and Nikolas are having an affair. Lucky tells her to ask her husband. Emily says she would but he’s on a business trip in New York…or maybe not. She asks Lucky if he knows where Nikolas really is. Lucky gives in and tells her that Nikolas is in the Bahamas, same as Courtney.


Lucky finds Elizabeth at General Hospital and is upset that she never told him about catching Courtney and Nikolas together. Lucky admits that Nikolas told him that he liked Courtney. Lucky tells Elizabeth that Emily is headed to the Bahamas to find Nikolas. Elizabeth is frantic because Courtney is there also. Just then a limo driver shows up and tells the two that Jax asked him to pick them up. Jax has a surprise waiting for them.


Unbeknownst to the two of them, Courtney and Nikolas are staying across the hall from each other. They both order room service, but when the food arrives, the two realize that they have the wrong breakfast. They go out into the hall at the same time and run into each other.

Courtney is surprised that Nikolas switched hotel rooms until he explains that his other one was infested with lizards. Courtney remarks that running into each other so often is weird. Nikolas jokes that it’s no coincidence; it’s the plot of aliens who want them to eat horrible things like fruit and granola. Courtney then realizes that he got her breakfast. Nikolas agrees to switch hotel rooms after the two exchange their food. However, Courtney has trouble with her cart and ends up knocking hers into Nikolas,’ sending their food to the floor.

The two end up eating their ruined breakfasts together. Nikolas can’t remember the last time he laughed like this and tells Courtney how relaxed he feels around her. Courtney jokes that it’s a result of the martinis he drank on the plane. Nikolas disagrees; he thinks all these chance meetings are meant to be. The two agree that they are meant to be…friends. Courtney jumps to go for a massage before things get any more awkward.

Jax calls while Courtney is having her massage. He promises to join her soon, just as Nikolas walks in. He quickly leaves, but they run into each other again as they’re heading to the pool. Courtney drops her keys and both of them reach down to pick them up. Courtney admits to Nikolas that she didn’t tell Jax about him. Nikolas says there is no reason to; nothing is going on. Courtney promises to make sure that they don’t run into each other again. She plans to order room service for dinner, and Nikolas agrees to eat in the dining room. Both wish each other good luck with their respective spouses and return to their rooms.

Before Nikolas opens his door, he hears Courtney scream. He busts into her room and finds her alone with a snake. The hotel maid also heard the scream, and Nikolas asks her to help remove the snake. In the meantime, Nikolas pulls a Steve Erwin and pretends to annoy the snake as Courtney freaks out. Nikolas jokes that he’s going to leave her alone with the snake so that he can go eat. Finally, after much freaking out, Courtney leaps over the snake and into Nikolas’ arms.

Courtney’s room service arrives, and she tells Nikolas they should stop being paranoid and invites him to stay for dinner. Nikolas builds forts with his green beans, and when Courtney asks about it, he tells her about his family and childhood. After dinner, Courtney suggests they share a glass of brandy before bed.


Emily shows up in the Bahamas and finds Nikolas’ hotel room empty. She picks up the phone and tries to get Courtney’s room number, but the hotel won’t release that information. She steps out into the hall and sees the tray with the green bean fort and recognizes Nikolas’ handiwork.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Nikolas are sipping Brandy on Courtney’s bed. Courtney tells Nikolas that she wishes this wasn’t so great. He decides to leave before something happens. When he and Courtney open the door, Emily is standing there waiting.


The limo driver takes Lucky and Elizabeth to their old apartment. Jax is waiting there to present them with their newly restored home. Elizabeth realizes that he waited to go to the Bahamas to give them this surprise. He wants Lucky and Elizabeth to live there together, but Lucky politely informs him that he and Elizabeth will decide that. Jax goes to leave for the Bahamas. Elizabeth tells him he can’t go, and Jax asks why not. Lucky quickly covers for her. After Jax leaves, Lucky tells Elizabeth that if Courtney and Nikolas really didn’t plan to meet up in the Bahamas (in other words, if all this is innocent and a coincidence), then all should be fine.

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