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General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/16/05


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Courtney and Jax apologize to each other for their latest squabble. Jax goes to touch Courtney, which makes her think of Nikolas. Courtney jumps, and when Jax asks why, she reminds him that they no longer live alone and therefore can’t be making love on the couch. Jax suggests they call Elizabeth and find out exactly when she plans to be home so they can time their lovemaking session accordingly. Courtney, however, has a different plan in mind. She wants to go away on a romantic vacation. She suggests that they leave that night for the Bahamas, but Jax says their jet is being serviced and won’t be ready until the next day. Courtney says they should just fly commercially like regular people. Jax agrees and plans to postpone a deal that he otherwise would have been closing later in the day. Courtney only has one thing to say to the man who will drop everything to be with her: she asks Jax to marry her. Jax follows the joke and tells her that he can’t because he’s already very happily married.


Alicia tells Jason that Allegra is desperate and a liar to boot; she’ll do whatever it takes to get her hands on Andrew’s fortune. She also lets Jason know that Allegra is a pro at spotting people’s weaknesses and will surely use Sam’s to her advantage. Jason asks Alicia where the harbor is so he can locate the boat. Alicia continues to warn him that he won’t be able to pull one over on her mother. Alicia asks Jason about Sam’s mom, and Jason tells her that she died. Alicia says that Allegra is very good at pretending to be a mother. Jason wonders just how far Allegra will go, and Alicia tells him that people who tick Allegra off have a habit of disappearing.

Sam holds the letter opener at Allegra’s throat and tells her to do what she’s told and there will be no problems. Allegra whines to Sam that she is only trying to protect her family. Allegra, pretending to feel bad about her obsession with money, tells Sam that kidnapping her and Jason was a last resort. Poor Alicia just needs a sweet man since she was deprived of a real mother her whole life. Allegra sure wishes she could get out of this mess (another lie), but now it’s just too late. She tells Sam to go ahead and kill her (to take away her pain) and then escape.

Jason asks Alicia for her cell phone, but Alicia says her mom took it. Just then Allegra shows up in the wine cellar. She asks Jason how he’s doing, but he’s only interested in Sam. Allegra promises that he will see Sam soon. She tells him that no harm will come to either of them because she and Sam have reached an understanding. She tells Jason, while Alicia listens in, that Sam is the daughter that she always wanted.

Jason doesn’t fall for Allegra’s easy words and tells her that Sam won’t either. Jason manages to grab Allegra and tells her that he found Alicia, and she filled him in on everything. Now he wants to see Sam. Allegra promises him that Sam is okay, but he wants her to prove it. Just then Dante shows up with a gun, and Jason surrenders his hostage. Allegra tells Dante to take Jason to see Sam for just a moment. She reminds Jason that Sam has decided to cooperate, and so should he.

Jason and Sam are reunited back in the palace. Jason opens the lid to a column – a secret Alicia told him about – and finds a phone. He tries to call New York, but the operator demands an access code. Jason guesses ‘money,’ but he’s wrong and can’t complete the call. Sam tells Jason that she thinks it might be easier to just go along with Allegra’s plan. Jason is confused, but Sam explains that Allegra knows her plan is nuts, and she’s not trying to hurt anyone. Jason asks Sam if she trusts Allegra. She says that she doesn’t, but she does believe her. Allegra reminds Sam a lot of her own mother. Sam knows that Allegra is many things, but she doesn’t think a killer is one of them.

Back in the wine cellar, Allegra tells her daughter that Jason is too valuable to get rid of, and Sam is a dear, sweet girl that she actually enjoys. The only person who no longer serves a purpose is Alicia.


Ric is working very hard to plead Reese’s case to Sonny. He reminds his brother that Reese came to town solely for Michael’s kidnapping case, and, at the time, had no reason to tell Sonny about her past. After all, Ric behaved in much the Sam way when he found out that he and Sonny were brothers. Ric proclaims that he is not a hypocrite, but Sonny points out – fairly enough – that Ric lied to his own brother. Sonny wants to know what other secrets Ric and Reese are hiding.

Ric assures Sonny that he knows everything now, but Sonny senses that Ric is still hiding something. He acknowledges that his relationship with Ric is better than it once was, but he still remembers how Ric came to town (lots of lies and betrayal). He also acknowledges that Ric and Reese work closely together, and since Reese is a very beautiful woman, he wouldn’t be surprised if the two were hiding a sexual tryst. Ric says no, I’m married, and Reese only wants you.

Ric reminds Sonny that he forgave him, so why can’t he also forgive Reese? Sonny says Ric has proven himself, so Ric encourages Sonny to allow Reese to do the same. Sonny says he just can’t trust her, and Ric wonders aloud why nobody is allowed to make a mistake with Sonny.


Reese challenges Carly to a duel, and the two start throwing punches, food and furniture, scaring the other patrons out of Kelly’s. Justice goes to break them up, but Mike wants the two women to work this out. In the meantime, Mike calls Sonny to inform him that World War III is taking place at this very moment.

Mike and Justice eventually grab and separate the two women, as Reese shouts that Carly slept with her dad and then stole her life. Carly says no, you stole my life, my children and my husband. Mike reminds them that nobody is winning here – they both lost the men in their lives. Reese corrects Mike – it’s only one man, Sonny. Carly just used Lorenzo as a weapon to make Sonny jealous. Justice reminds the two that violence solves nothing, but Reese tells him that it sure makes her feel better. Mike tells Carly that her old best friend is alive – she should be elated. Carly says she was – at first – until she remembered that Reese stole her life.

Reese tells Carly that she was a wrecking ball that night with her father and will always be one. The fight resumes until Sonny shows up and pulls Reese off. He apologizes to Mike and promises to pay for the damages. Carly starts to tell Sonny that Reese is crazy, but Sonny ignores her and checks to see that Reese is okay. Just then Lorenzo walks in. Carly is glad to have somebody on her side, but Lorenzo quickly informs her that he didn’t come to rescue her, he just wanted dinner. Carly says something like, “Reese attacked me, don’t you care?” Lorenzo does not. He calls Carly a liar and tells Sonny that she’s all his. Carly asks Sonny if he’s going to allow Lorenzo to talk to her that way, but Sonny continues to ignore her and leaves with Reese.

Back at Greystone, Sonny asks Reese how the fight began. She says it began the same way it ended – with a cheap shot. She told Carly that things were over between her and Sonny. Sonny thinks it’s amazing that Reese is still alive since Carly is a street fighter. Reese tells Sonny that she can be one, too. Reese admits that the fight had less to do with her rage against Carly and more to do with her rage against herself for running her life into the ground. She tells Sonny that her biggest regret is hurting him. Sonny thinks she allowed Carly to beat her up since she couldn’t beat up herself. Reese acknowledges that Carly tore her family apart, but she alone is responsible for ruining her relationship with Sonny.

Reese thanks Sonny for the drink and the compress and then goes to leave. On her way out, Sonny asks her to wait. He invites Reese to spend the night in one of the guest bedrooms, but she tells him that if she stays at his house again, it will be because she belongs there. Once outside, she breaks down on Sonny’s doorstep while he sits alone inside in the dark.

Meanwhile, Carly is packing her things when she hears a knock at the door. She hopes it’s Lorenzo, but it turns out to be Leticia with Morgan. Carly tells her to take Morgan to spend the night with his father. Once they’re gone, Carly falls in the floor and cries.


Nikolas arrives at the hospital for a board meeting and runs into Emily. She tells him that she won’t be getting off early, but it’s not because she’s avoiding him and volunteering for extra shifts. Nikolas tells her it’s okay – he’s not breathing down her neck – he just came for a meeting. After he leaves, Monica asks Emily if she is okay. Emily tells her mother that she never thought that she and Nikolas would be one of those couples who avoid each other.

Emily tells Monica that she talked to Elizabeth and decided that she isn’t ready to give up on her marriage. Monica is glad, but she still senses something is wrong. Emily is afraid that Nikolas is tired of trying – after all, she isn’t very good company lately – and might move on to somebody else. Monica reassures Emily that Nikolas isn’t cheating, but Emily acknowledges that she isn’t easy to live with. Elizabeth is eavesdropping, and when Emily walks away, she tells Monica that she saw Courtney and Nikolas kissing on the pier.

Elizabeth has sensed tension between Courtney and Jax due to the surrogacy, but when she found Nikolas and Courtney together, she wasn’t sure how to react. Monica thanks Elizabeth for the information, and the two agree to keep it a secret for now. Just then, Courtney shows up to see Monica. She wants to know the location of the board meeting. Monica is confused, but when she remembers about the meeting, she tells Courtney she will try to attend. Monica asks Courtney how she has time for her foundations with pending motherhood. Courtney says she isn’t really needed right now. Monica asks her how everything is going, just as Nikolas walks back through the lobby. Courtney says everything is wonderful and then goes to see Nikolas.

Later, Lucky runs into Nikolas on the docks. Nikolas explains that he walked out of the board meeting when he saw Courtney. He just couldn’t concentrate. Lucky encourages him to do whatever it takes to remain faithful to Emily. Nikolas says he’s trying, and Lucky assures him that he has his and Elizabeth’s full support. Nikolas tells Lucky that Emily needs some space, and he needs to clear his head so that he can focus 100% on his marriage. He’s planning to take a trip and give Emily as few details as possible, so as not to bother her. He tells Lucky that he’s going to the Bahamas to stare out at the ocean until the answers come to him.

Back at General Hospital, Monica tells Emily that she isn’t as intuitive as she originally though. Anybody is capable of cheating, including Nikolas. Emily is confused. Monica tells Emily that Elizabeth spotted Courtney and Nikolas kissing on the docks. Emily says that Courtney and Jax have a baby coming, and Nikolas knows that. Monica says yes, but you said yourself that Nikolas might get tired of waiting. She goes on to tell Emily that she saw Nikolas and Courtney talking and flirting earlier in the lobby, but Nikolas left when he saw Monica.

Emily vows to find Nikolas and straighten things out. Just then her cell phone rings. Nikolas is calling from the plane. He lies and tells Emily that he’s headed to New York for business. Emily asks him to call her when he arrives. Just then, Courtney boards the plane and takes a seat across the aisle from Nikolas. The two are surprised to see each other, but Courtney quickly informs Nikolas that Jax is on his way. Just as the words leave her mouth, Courtney’s cell phone rings. Jax has to stay behind and close the deal. Courtney offers to get off the plane, but Jax tells her to go ahead; he’ll join her in the morning. When Courtney hangs up her phone, she remarks to Nikolas that it’s just the two of them.

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