GH Update Monday 8/15/05

General Hospital Update Monday 8/15/05


By Jennifer
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Sonny reminds Reese that he asked her not to betray him. Reese explains that there’s a difference between keeping a secret – what she did – and telling a lie. Sonny knows all about Charlotte and how Carly used to spend summers with her as a child. Carly loved to ride Charlotte’s horse, Cinnamon. Carly even took the bus to Kennedy High School so that she and Charlotte could be there together. Reese tells Sonny that it was unreasonable for him to expect her to come clean during Michael’s kidnapping case. Sonny tells Reese that taking over Carly’s life and manipulating Sonny is one of the sickest things he’s ever heard of. Reese tells Sonny’s he’s cruel. He tells her that he understand and actually relates to her wanting to avenge her past and coming up with a plan to do that. Reese denies that she ever had a plan. She didn’t want to take over Carly’s life; she legitimately came to Port Charles to help with the kidnapping case and then fell in love with Sonny.

Reese asks Sonny if he loves her, and he tells her that he doesn’t even know her and asks her to leave. Reese wants to make him understand. Sonny tells her that she’s either suffering from dual personalities and is crazy or she decided to put her past in a box, which is very unhealthy. Sonny tells Reese that he can’t be with a liar. Reese challenges Sonny by asking if he has ever lied to her. Sonny says that he lies in business, but not in relationships. Reese points out that Sonny has forgiven Carly countless times. Sonny explains that he and Carly have been through a lot together and she is the mother of his children, but even she wasn’t forgiven for lying to him. Reese accuses Sonny of acting like a child. She tells him that she never actually hurt him, and the truth about her identity shouldn’t even matter. Sonny asks her again to leave. Reese says she asked him to listen to her, but it appears that only one of them is going to get their way.


Jesse calls the hospital to check on Maxie, a possible roheptnol victim. He finds out that Maxie has been admitted for observation but should be okay. Georgie is relieved that Maxie is okay. Dillon comments that Maxie was in a strange mood before she passed out. Jesse asks if anyone saw Maxie drink from a random cup. Georgie admits that she was too busy to watch while Maxie drank, but Lucas was nearby. Jesse immediately pounces on Lucas as a possible suspect and has him searched. Georgie is ticked and tells Jesse that HE was the only person focused on Maxie. Just then, a very confused Brooke stumbles in with her clothes torn.

Jesse goes to General Hospital, where both Maxie and Brooke have been admitted. He runs into Mac, who is angry that Jesse involved the girls in the drug investigation. Maxie defends Jesse by telling her dad that Jesse tried to talk her out of going to the party. After Mac leaves, Maxie tells Jesse that Mac is so unfair. Jesse tells Maxie that her dad is just worried about her. He then tells Maxie that he couldn’t take it if something happened to her.

Lucky arrives and wants to question Brooke after her stomach has been pumped. She tells him that she went to the Pizza Shack for the party, but Maxie was putting on a show so she got mad and left. She tells Lucky that she only drank a soda. Lucky wants Brooke tested for rape.

Georgie comes out later and tells everyone that Brooke is fine. She wasn’t raped. Lucas asks if Brooke remembered anything else, but Georgie tells them she hasn’t. Back in Brooke’s hospital room, the phone rings. The person on the other end of the line is holding a photo of a naked Brooke.


Alicia tells Jason that she wants to get off the island and will do whatever it takes. She refuses to tell Jason about the landscape of the island unless he agrees to help her. Alicia wants Jason to fend off Dante and spring them free, but Jason doesn’t want her along. He thinks she will slow them down. Alicia tells Jason that she will name her first child after him. Just then, the two hear a noise and reassume their positions.

Meanwhile, Sam bites Andrew when he tries to kiss her. Sam recovers and tells Andrew that they can’t be intimate until their wedding night. Andrew thinks that’s foolish, but Allegra shows up and orders him to leave. Once he’s gone, Sam crawls all over Allegra, accusing her of being either a con artist or an evil crocodile, both of which Sam has experienced in her lifetime. Sam explains that her mother abandoned her, and her father used her. Allegra patronizes Sam and admits that she’s not grieving for her daughter because Alicia is still alive. Allegra explains that Alicia is vulnerable, and she is just trying to protect her. Moreover, Allegra reveals that she is sick and will probably die soon, and she wants her daughter to be protected. Sam falls for the sob story and agrees to marry Andrew for half of the inheritance if she’s allowed to see Jason.

Sam walks in, and Jason tells her about his plan to escape. He wants her to find a letter opener and hold it to Allegra’s neck so she can bring Allegra down to the wine cellar. Sam agrees, but after she leaves, Alicia tells Jason that nobody handles her mother. Allegra is lethal and manipulative.

Back inside, Allegra returns Sam’s star necklace and presents her with some elegant dresses. While they’re talking, Allegra looks in a mirror behind Sam and notices the letter opener that Sam is holding behind her back. She tells Sam to go ahead and stick the blade in her heart, just protect Alicia.


Lorenzo throws Carly’s bag at her and orders her to leave. He tells her that they married for cross-purposes; he wanted a wife, and she wanted to get revenge on Sonny. Carly tries to explain to him that her friend Charlotte is alive, but Lorenzo just makes a joke of it and suggests that perhaps now Carly can start driving. Carly tries to convince him of the severity of Reese/Charlotte’s secret, but Lorenzo doesn’t care. Carly is married to him now, so it shouldn’t even matter. Lorenzo accuses Carly of targeting Reese just to get back at Sonny. Carly tells him that she loves him, but Lorenzo doesn’t buy it. He says that just because she’s fond of him and they’re good in bed doesn’t mean she loves him. Carly admits that she loves Sonny, but she’s not ready to give up on her marriage. Lorenzo tells her that love led his brother to madness, and he won’t let the same thing happen to him. He tells Carly that they will never be happy together and leaves.


Courtney brings Michael home from the carnival. Michael asks if Sonny and Reese will be making dinner, but Sonny explains that he and Reese aren’t together anymore. Michael asks if Sonny is sad about that. He admits that he is, but he will be okay. When Michael goes upstairs to see Morgan, Sonny tells Courtney that he and Reese didn’t have a disagreement; she’s just out of his life. He tells Courtney the whole story about Reese/Charlotte. Courtney questions whether Reese came clean to Sonny because she was doing damage control (because she knew Carly was onto her) or because she wants an honest relationship. Courtney asks Sonny to be realistic. If telling the truth means losing somebody that you love, then most people would probably keep that secret.


Ric finds Reese crying on the docks. Reese tells Ric that she actually thought for a minute that Sonny would forgive her. Ric comforts her. Reese says she knew this was coming, and now she feels relieved. She doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. Ric wonders if she will tell Sonny about their affair, but Reese promises that she won’t. Ric tells Reese that Sonny should just get over it; after all, he would.


Ric goes to Greystone and finds an angry, cold Sonny. Ric admits to his brother that he found out the truth about Reese on the night that her husband was killed. Sonny accuses Ric of not being loyal like Jason, but Ric points out that Jason is devoid of empathy. Ric actually understands Reese’s reasoning and thinks Sonny should forgive her. Sonny asks Ric to reveal any other secrets that he and Reese are keeping.


Courtney finds Carly at Mike’s and tells her that she heard about the whole Charlotte/Reese deal. Carly whines that Sonny took Reese’s side and then Lorenzo asked her for a divorce. Courtney tells Carly that a divorce was inevitable, as Carly is still obviously in love with Sonny. Carly argues that she’s in love with two people. Courtney understands but tells her that she can only live with one of them. Carly accuses Courtney of not understanding that her life is falling apart. Courtney tells Carly that she would be surprised what Courtney understands. Courtney leaves in a huff and tells Carly she will call her tomorrow.

Just then Reese walks into Mike’s. Carly congratulates Reese on getting what she wants. Reese says Carly is the one to be congratulated, as Sonny just dumped her. Carly finally got what she wanted. Carly punches Reese in the face and then goes to leave. Reese hollers back to Carly that if she wants her, she can come get her.

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