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THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Jason finds out that the girl on the other side of the wall in the cellar is named Alicia -- though she calls herself "Allie" for short. Allie explains that her "black-hearted" mother (Allegra) locked her in the cellar because Allie refused to marry a wealthy man (named Andrew) -- who has money enough to secure the Montenegro estate. Jason worries that because Sam and Allie look exactly alike, Allegra will probably force Sam to marry Andrew in Allie's place.

Upstairs, Andrew sees Sam and -- mistaking her for Allie -- tries to kiss her. Sam, taken aback, hits him -- much to Allegra's distaste. Andrew, undaunted, cheerily asks his "fiancee" how the wedding plans are coming along? Sam informs him that there will be no wedding.

GREYSTONE: Reese tells Sonny that she is, in fact, Carly's old, presumed-dead best friend Charlotte Roberts.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly, after looking at her highschool yearbook, realizes that Reese is in fact Charlotte back from the dead with plastic surgery. Carly knows that Charlotte/Reese must have come back to steal her life. She assures Morgan, who is in the room with her, that Reese will not get away with it. Just then, Lorenzo comes in the room.

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Andrew is obviously very much in love with "Allie"/Sam. Allegra steps in and warns Andrew that he is not allowed to see his finacee until the wedding. Andrew says that that's cruel and unusual punishment and quickly tells "Allie" that he loves her. Allegra makes him leave the room.

Sam starts to rant that there is no way this plan is going to work. She doesn't think she will be able to pull off being a high society heiress and that Andrew will soon be able to notice the difference. Allegra, on the other hand, thinks it will be easy enough -- Andrew is not allowed to see Sam until the wedding day, when a bridal veil will cover Sam's face during the ceremony. After the ceremony there will be a dance and the marital bed and then "mission accomplished," as Allegra puts it. Allegra muses that Sam is just as wild and independent as her own daughter. She says that the first time Andrew laid eyes on Allie, Allie was in the fountain of innocents, clutching a bottle of champagne and stark naked. Andrew fell in love with her immediately. Allegra maintains that Allie and Andrew never had sex, so it will be easy for Sam to fool him when Sam consumates their marriage. Sam asks Allegra if she realizes how wrong this plan is? Allegra understands Sam's isue with it -- but since Jason's life is at stake, she is sure that Sam will go along with it regardless. She then leaves the room.

Downstairs in the cellar, Allie has crawled through the air vent connecting her part of the cellar to Jason's -- now she is in Jason's room along with him. Jason fills Allie in on the circumstances that brought him and Sam to the Montenegro house -- that is, they were snatched off their boat over a bogus jewel theft. Allie warns Jason not to underestimate Allegra...she herself did, and now she's locked in the cellar. Allie also informs Jason of the circumstances of her engagement to Andrew: "I come from a long line of dilettantes and layabouts. As a result, my family has fallen on hard financial times. Andrew is loaded. Mother decided to foist me off on him to infuse the family coffers. Only there was one unsolvable problem. I happen to be in love with someone else." Jason notes that he needs to find Sam, and Allie agrees with him there, saying that even if Andrew appears to be a bit of a fop, if he realizes he's being tricked by a stand-in there's no telling what he'll do.

Back upstairs, Sam is alone in the main room of the mansion. She looks around and finds a photo album -- inside are pictures of Allie and Allegra. Just as she's looking through the photos, she is surprised when Andrew comes into the room (he used a key to come in through the patio). He is happy to be alone with her.

THE DOCKS: Brook Lynn and Diego run into each other on the docks. It's very awkward between the two of them. Brook mentions that she hasn't seen him lately, and he replies that he's been busy studying for entrance into P.C.U. Brook turns to leave, but first Diego tells her that they are having a party at the Pizza Shack later on tonight -- he wants to know if she wants to tag-along with him? Brook takes offense, saying that he said "tag along" as if he thinks she's his dog or something.

Just then, Maxie shows up, ready to go with Diego to the party. Brook fumes at Maxie's interruption and stalks off. After she leaves, Diego tells Maxie that she looks amazing. They are suddenly joined by Jesse, who overhears them talking about the party at the Pizza Shack. He warns them they might want to rethink their plans. Maxie quickly assumes that Jesse is jealous of her date with Diego, but Jesse corrects her, saying that they should stay away from the Pizza Shack because something big might be going down there tonight.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly explains to Lorenzo that she was just acting out a fairy tale to Morgan -- Cinderella and her evil step-sisters. Lorenzo wants Carly to come out to the garden with him tonight, so they can have some time alone. But Carly turns him down, saying she has to go out to take care of something before it spirals out of control. Lorenzo assumes she means that there's something going down with the charitable endowment at the hospital, and is fine with Carly leaving. Carly thanks him for understanding, hands Morgan over to him and then leaves. Lorenzo asks Morgan if he should believe Carly...or if Carly was spinning "another fairy tale" for him? He decides to call one of his men to have Carly checked up on.

GREYSTONE: Reese fills Sonny in on the story of her childhood with Carly. They were best friends starting from the time they were six -- kindred spirits who shared everything together. Because Carly was having such a difficult time with her adoptive mother, Virginia, Charlotte/Reese and her parents sort of took Carly in and treated her as a member of the family. Then, one day, Charlotte/Reese and Carly got into a huge fight. The following day, Carly tried to pretend like everything was fine, which only made Reese more furious. Charlotte/Reese jumped into her car, took off driving and ended up in a serious accident.

Because of the accident, Charlotte/Reese almost died. She spent three years in the hospital having reconstructive surgery on her face and body. She didn't want to look like the "Charlotte" that Carly knew. Charlotte/Reese's mother, in an effort to punish her husband, told him that their daughter had been killed in the accident. Charlotte/Reese never saw him again. The only person Reese keeps in touch with is a girl from her old highschool who Carly couldn't stand. Reese notes that after her father was told that she had died, he became a heavy drinker...who eventually committed suicide. Reese went on with her life...went to college, and law school, had a failed marriage, a dead son. Then one day while at work for the F.B.I. she saw a file on him (Sonny). That was when she saw that Carly was married to Sonny. Reese became upset that her life had been destroyed while Carly had managed to get along just fine (even going so far as to steal Charlotte's own identity when she first came to Port Charles several years ago). Sonny puts the pieces together -- "Carly stole your life? So you decided to steal hers as payback?"

THE PIZZA SHACK: Dillon and Georgie are already at the party at the Pizza Shack -- unfortunately, Georgie has to work. She says that it's alright with her, as she isn't in the party kind of mood anyway -- she is upset that summer is ending, because soon Dillon will be moving into a dorm at P.C.U. She's upset that he's going to have a roommate living with him. Dillon says he didn't want to get a single-sized room because he wants to try to meet new people and try new things. Georgie says, "That's what I'm afraid of."

Lucas arrives at the party with his mom, Bobbie, who is dropping him off there. She tells him how happy she is that he has decided to go to P.C.U. -- that way she'll stay close to her. She hugs him. Lucas is somewhat embarrassed, asking Bobbie if she is planning to crash the party? Bobbie says that she will come back later to pick Lucas up if he wants, but Lucas says that he'll bum a ride from friends. They exchange "I love you's" and then Bobbie leaves. As Bobbie exits, Brook (who has just arrived) comes over to Lucas. They make small talk, noting that they haven't seen a lot of each other lately. Lucas asks her how she's been and Brook tells him that she just "hurtled 90 miles an hour down a dead-end road" (apparently referring to her run in with Diego).

Maxie and Diego have also arrived at the party. Diego tells her that Brook is pissed off that he broke up with her -- so Maxie should prepared to get a lot of dirty looks tonight. Maxie is fine with that -- she just wants to have fun. She spies Jesse nearby, and -- well aware that he's watching her -- asks Diego to dance. Diego complies and they start to slow dance as Jesse and Brook watch.

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Jason wants to know if Andrew is dangerous, but Allie is evasive, saying only that "Everyone is with a little provocation." Jason asks her for a straight answer, saying that he wants to know if Jason is an immediate threat to Sam.

Just then, the door to the cellar opens. Allie rushes back through the air vent so she can get to her room, and Jason goes back to pretending to be handcuffed to the wall (but not before pushing a storage carton against the wall to cover the hole he made through to Allie's room). Allegra herself walks in with a bodyguard named Dante. Allegra introduces herself to Jason and assures him that Sam is fine and will continue to be all right as long as she cooperates. Unfortunately, though, she says that Sam is being stubborn at the Allegra wants Jason to help her make Sam see things her way. Jason tells her to forget it, but Allegra says that if that's the case then she has no further use for either of them. (Allie can be seen listening from the

Upstairs, Andrew is advancing on Sam. He tells her that he is aware that she is only marrying him for his money -- but he's fine with it, as long as he ends up with a magnificent bride in return. Sam warns him to get his hands off of her, but Andrew thinks she's only teasing. He wants to dance with her. Sam objects, but Andrew turns on some music and starts to dance with her anyway. Sam, of course, trips and falls on the ground. Sam makes an excuse that she twisted her ankle. This catches Andrew by surprise, as he says that "My Allie can tango on crutches. Something is different about you."

GREYSTONE: Reese tells Sonny that she did fantasize about hurting Carly -- paying Carly back for destroying her life and then moving on with her own life without so much as a broken nail. But she never did anything more than stay current on Sonny's she could keep track of Carly's doings. Sonny wonders if Reese was ever worried that Carly would recognize her and Reese replies that her face back then was totally different. Besides, when Reese came to town her only priority was the kidnapping case -- and to her, Carly was ancient history. Sonny wonders how a fight between teenagers could have the power to destroy a marriage like Carly and Charlotte/Reese's fight destroyed the Roberts' marriage. Reese tells him that Carly did "something." Sonny wants to know what.

Just then, Carly comes into the room. She instructs Sonny not to listen to Reese, that every word out of Reese's mouth is a lie. Sonny demands to know what she is doing here and Carly replies that she came to tell Sonny that she has finally figured out who Reese is -- Charlotte Roberts, her supposedly dead best friend. Carly turns to Reese and asks her why Reese wanted to hurt her so badly. Reese asks, "You had to ask yourself why?" Carly thinks Reese blames her for the car accident. Reese says she blames Carly for much more than that -- Carly destroyed Reese's family and her life. Carly knows that Reese has come to destroy her life in return. Sonny tells Carly that Reese has already told him everything. Reese jumps in and says that Sonny hasn't even heard the best part -- she wants Carly to now tell Sonny why they were arguing all those years ago? Carly hesitates.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Lucas, noting that Brook is staring daggers at Maxie, asks her if she's planning to start another food fight? Brook is surprised that Lucas heard about that. Lucas doesn't understand why they are fighting over "that jerk" Diego anyway -- he thinks breaking up with Diego was the best decision Brook has ever made.

Georgie comes over to Maxie and Diego -- Maxie asks her for a soda, and Georgie leaves to go and get it. Jesse then comes over to Maxie and Diego -- he again tries to remind Maxie that he told her to stay away from the party. Diego steps in and tells Jesse that he's getting tired of Jesse telling Maxie what to do. Jesse tells him that this doesn't concern him and Diego replies that it does concern him because Maxie's his date. Jesse tries to continue talking to Maxie, and when Diego interrupts him again, Jesse elbows him out of the way. Maxie is pleased, noting that it's high time Jesse got motivated to fight for her. Diego, hearing this, is pissed that Maxie has apparently been using him to make Jesse jealous. He calls Maxie a "spoiled, selfish brat" and then storms off. Maxie turns to Jesse, puts her arms around him and tells him that he's the one she really wanted to be with, anyway. Jesse again tells her that he needs her to open her ears and listen, or she could be in big trouble.

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Sam tells Andrew that she doesn't feel like dancing. Andrew says, "You don't fool me, Allie. I know what's going on." But before he can get any further, someone starts to open the door. Andrew quickly leaves just before Allegra comes in with Jason. Jason and Sam are happy to see one another. Allegra and the bodyguard, Dante, leave the room to give Jason and Sam some privacy. Jason tells Sam that Allie, the supposedly dead daughter, is alive and well and locked in the cellar for refusing to obey her mother's order to marry Andrew. Jason says their only two options are to either get out of this place right nor or go along with Allegra to buy some time. Sam tells Jason that she thinks she can handle the wedding but not the honeymoon. Jason is surprised: "What honeymoon?" Sam explains that Allegra wants her to consummate the marriage to Andrew on their wedding night.

GREYSTONE: Reese taunts Carly: "Go on, Carly. Let's have full disclosure. Let's tell Sonny why you and I fought that day." Carly wants Reese to get away from her, but Reese continues: "Well, why don't you just tell him what my mom overheard us talking about, okay? Or how I walked into the room when you and my father were in bed?"

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Jason says that all of the people in this house are crazy, and they are not going to stick around long enough to find out anything more about Andrew and Allie's supposed honeymoon. He orders Sam to watch the door while he goes to stand by the exit to the patio. Sam hides behind a pillar. Dante the bodyguard enters. He asks Jason where Sam is, and Jason gestures toward the patio door. Dante walks toward him, and Jason attacks him, giving Sam time to try to escape through the open doorway out into the hall. But before she can leave, Allegra joins them with two other bodyguards. Dante has also by this time subdued Jason. Allegra sweetly asks Sam if they have a deal?

THE PIZZA SHACK: Maxie and Jesse are still dancing. Jesse warns Maxie that it could get dangerous and that she needs to go home. Maxie thinks he's only trying to control her as usual. Jesse denies it, but Maxie retorts, "Why don't you run along and play cops and robbers, and I'm going to go party, because that's what I came here to do." Jesse walks off.

Georgie approaches Lucas and Dillon, who are talking. Lucas and Georgie say hi to one another and then Lucas leaves. Dillon informs Georgie that apparently Lucas is going to be his roommate at P.C.U. Georgie is thrilled but Dillon is kind of upset that he won't get to meet someone totally new for a roommate. Georgie points out that Lucas is cool and will make himself scarce when she wants to come spend time with Dillon. Besides, she'll know what kind of trouble Dillon is getting himself into. Dillon notes that nothing ever happens at P.C.U. anyway. Just then, Maxie comes over to join them. She asks Georgie if she can dance with Dillon and Georgie agrees. Maxie takes a soda from Georgie's tray, sips it a bit and then puts it down on the table so she and Dillon can go share a dance.

After Maxie leaves, a hand can be seen dropping a pill of some kind into Maxie's drink. Nearby, Jesse and his partner, Elaine (who is dressed like a party-goer) are keeping an eye on things but don't see anything suspicious.

Dillon and Maxie return to their table -- Dillon tries to take a drink from Maxie's soda but she shrugs him off and takes a drink from it herself -- unaware that it's been drugged.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Lorenzo is surprsied to see Diego return in a very angry mood. Diego informs him that Maxie at first treated him like he was the greatest guy in the world, and then turned around and used him to get someone else jealous. Lorenzo says that he's been in that position before himself. Diego wonders if he should keep trying with Maxie or just give up? Lorenzo says, "I wish I knew." Just then, Lorenzo's phone rings. It's apparently the man he asked to track Carly. Lorenzo asks him, "Where is she?"

GREYSTONE: Carly informs Reese that Reese's father was perfectly willing to sleep with her, an impressionable young girl...and if anyone should be ashamed, it's him. Reese informs Carly in turn that her father is actually already dead. Carly is surprised to hear that, but maintains that she did not seduce him -- rather, he seduced her. Reese doesn't believe that, saying that Carly is no innocent, she's just a vicious opportunist who ended up destroying Reese's family. Carly demands to know if Reese is trying to return the favor by destroying Carly's family? Sonny steps in and says that whatever Reese's original intent was, she didn't act on it. Carly is pissed that Sonny is defending Reese. Sonny argues that Reese did whatever she could to find Michael, and then to protect Michael against Dr. Thomas -- even losing her career after standing up for Sonny. Carly still can't believe that Sonny is defending Reese. Sonny replies that Reese didn't take anything from Carly and Carly yells, "Like hell she didn't! She took you!"

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Andrew returns to see Sam, who is not happy that he's come back. He tells her that he had to return once more to be sure -- he knows that her heart belongs to someone else. However, she's back now, which means her other lover must have rejected her. Andrew is happy because the other man's loss is his own gain. He wants "Allie"/Sam to marry him freely and give him the chance to make her love him as much as she loved the other guy. Sam simply replies, "Okay." Andrew is thrilled, and he quickly turns on some music. Sam, thinking he wants to dance, tries to turn him down, but Andrew replies, "This music isn't for dancing -- it's for making love."

Back in the cellar, Jason is handcuffed again. He tries to pick the lock using a little piece of metal. He accidentally drops it and it rolls out of his reach, which pisses him off even more. Allie returns to the room (she came through the air vent again) and she informs him that she has found another air vent that leads around the corner...but all of the rest of the vents are blocked. She knows that Allegra took him to see Sam -- she knows how Allegra works. Just then, she notices that one of her earrings is missing. She looks around on the floor to try to find it and discovers the piece of metal that Jason was trying to use to pick the lock on the cuffs. He asks her to give it to him, but she refuses -- she tells him that they are going to have to find a way to work together.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Lucas is talking to Brook again -- he sees Maxie and Dillon dancing and notes that Maxie seems to have recovered from her heart problems. Brook snaps that she doesn't see what's so special about Maxie -- that Maxie has every guy falling for her. As Brook talks, it quickly becomes clear that her drink was drugged as Maxie's was...because her voice is loud and she's acting almost drunk. Brook tells Lucas that the party blows and she's leaving. Before Lucas can stop her, she walks off, taking her drink with her.

Meanwhile, Maxie and Dillon have stopped dancing -- but Maxie wants to dance again. Dillon tells her that he wants to chill out for awhile, and she should chill as well. Georgie walks over to them and Maxie tells her that Dillon is a party pooper. Maxie is obviously already under the effect of the pill that was slipped in her drink...she's acting very out of sorts. Dillon asks her if she's been drinking, and Georgie steps in and offers to go get Maxie some coffee. Maxie blows up at both of them, demanding, "What is wrong with everyone??" Jesse comes over to them and asks what's going on? Maxie tells him that no one knows how to party. She asks Dillon to dance with her again, but Dillon turns her down. Maxie, pissed off, gets up on the table and starts to dance by herself. Jesse asks her if she's had anything to drink during the party? Before Maxie can answer him, she faints dead away. Dillon and Jesse and Georgie hover over Maxie while Jesse uses a walkie-talkie device to order cops to move in on the area now. He instructs the other party-goers not to move.

GREYSTONE: Carly tells Reese that she has to give her credit -- because Reese moved in on Carly's husband and her son. Sonny steps in and tells her that Reese didn't take him from her because their marriage was already done. Carly says that the only reason she and Sonny divorced was because Carly kept a secret from why is he defending REESE for keeping a secret from him? Sonny says that the difference is that Reese's secret was about her past, whereas Carly was keeping him in the dark about a child he didn't even know he had. Besides, he points out that Reese has already confessed everything to him. Carly thinks Reese only confessed because she knew that Carly had figured her out already. Reese explains that she confessed it to Sonny because she didn't want any secrets between them. Sonny wants Carly to leave. Carly gives him a piece of advice before she goes, "Once a liar, always a liar." Reese snaps that Carly ought to know. Carly tells her that she wishes she (Reese) had stayed dead. With that said, Carly leaves the mansion.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Jesse has called for an ambulance for the unconcious Maxie. He instructs the other party-goers to serach around until the find what they are supposed to be looking for. Dillon asks him what ARE they supposed to be looking for and Jesse informs him that someone has been using parties like this one to slip pills into girls' drinks. He says they are lucky that Maxie didn't leave the party...if she'd wandered off with this crap in her system, she could have ended up in real danger.

THE DOCKS: Brook is out walking on the docks alone...she takes another sip of her drink, and then ends up spilling it everywhere. She looks up as someone approaches her from the other side of the docks. Whoever it is advances on Brook, who stays still, staring at the figure.

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Andrew tells her that he didn't want to make love to her before while someone else was in her heart. But now that that other man is gone, he can tell the change in "Allie"/Sam -- because the contempt is gone from her eyes. Sam quickly brings up the fact that they are supposed to wait to sleep together until the honeymoon. Andrew replies that honeymoons are for children -- they, on the other hand, are adults, and it's time they started acting like it.

Back in the cellar, Jason demands that Allie get him the piece of metal so he can try to break out out of the lock. Allie is upset because she is sure that Jason intends to leave her behind. Jason says that she's right -- this is her fight, not his and Sam's. Allegra explains that the man she loves is in hiding in Greece...he's a wanted man, and she needs to get to him right away. Jason insists that there's no way he is taking her with him. Allie snaps that it looks like he'll have to stay attatched to the wall, then. With that, she slips the piece of metal into her bra. Jason glares at her angrily.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Reese that he respects her for not acting on her revenge. But he is upset that she made a conscious effort to keep lying to him. Reese tries to interrupt, but Sonny stops her. He tells her that she could have told him the truth any number of times, but instead she decided to keep on lying. He's been down that road with Carly and he's not going to go down it again with Reese or anyone else.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly returns to the house and finds Lorenzo waiting for her. She excitedly tells him that she's been right about Reese all along -- she knows that she should have told Lorenzo about it before, but she had to go and warn Sonny. Before Carly can get any further in her speech, Lorenzo interrupts her and tells her that that's fine with him. And with that, he breaks some glassware nearby. He tells her that he wants her gone. Carly is surprised.

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