GH Update Thursday 8/11/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/11/05


By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

GREYSTONE: Sonny urges Reese to agree to move in with him, but Reese is hesitant. She tells him that he hasn't just been paranoid -- that there is something she has been holding back from him.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Michael is under the impression that Carly and Reese went to highschool together. When Carly asks him why, he replies that he saw that Reese had received an invitation to Carly's highschool school reunion -- except Reese's invitation was addressed to Charlotte. Carly looks suspicious.

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Jason is trapped in the basement ...he hears a young lady on the other side of the wall crying. He tries to yell through the wall, asking her to please answer him.

Meanwhile, up above in the main part of the house, a middle-aged brunette woman approaches Sam in wonderment, saying that Sam looks just like her dead daughter.

GREYSTONE: Reese is worried that maybe Michael won't react well if she moves in with Sonny. Sonny insists Michael's fine with it. Reese is overwhelmed with happiness that he wants her to be a part of his life -- of his sons' lives. He notes that he really wants Reese to move in -- he is ready to be happy. Reese says that she's ready to be happy, too.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Michael tells Carly that there was a handwritten note included with the invitation that Reese received in the mail, but that it was in fancy script and he couldn't read it. He also informs Carly that Reese and Sonny didn't see him read the invitation, which he left on the coffee table. Carly tells him that he didn't do anything wrong -- then she sends him upstairs to change into his swimming trunks so he can go swimming with Leticia. After Michael's gone, Carly gathers up her things and quickly leaves the house.

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Two men come to see Jason in the basement. One of them informs Jason that he'll get food as soon as "madam" gets what she needs. The man refers to Sam as Jason's "hot little tramp" and Jason flies into a rage and pins the man up against the wall. The other man pulls a gun out and aims it at Jason until Jason lets his companion go. The men leave. After they've gone, Jason is revealed to have stolen a pen off of the man he pinned to the wall. He breaks a piece of the pen off and uses it to pick the lock on his handcuffs.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, the mysterious woman introduces herself as Allegra Montenegro. She is thrilled that Sam looks like her daughter, Alicia (who recently died in a car accident -- a fact that Allegra has managed to keep secret). Allegra explains that Alicia was engaged to a man before the car accident -- a wealthy man. Allegra was hoping that the match would secure her own family's wealth. Now, Allegra wants the wedding to take place as planned -- only with Sam stepping in for her recently deceased daughter. Sam explodes, saying there is no way she is going to go along with Allegra's plan.

Back in the basement, Jason escapes from the handcuffs. He tries to open the cellar door, but it's locked good and tight. Jason then turns to his plan B -- he grabs a crowbar off of the ground and starts to try to dig through the wall -- presumably to get to the young lady on the other side.

Upstairs, Sam insists that this is the strangest plan she has ever heard of -- and she will not be helping Allegra carry it out. Allegra tells Sam that unless she agrees to help, Jason will never be free. Sam, thunderstruck by that announcement, retaliates by grabbing a dagger/sword-type decoration nearby and holding it to Allegra's throat.

THE DOCKS: Ric runs into an unhappy Reese standing alone on the docks. She tells him that she wanted to tell Sonny the truth but ended up not being able to go through with it. Ric reminds Reese that given the way Sonny feels about lies, even if she tells him the truth now, he might still dump her.

GREYSTONE: Carly enters the house -- but finds no sign of Sonny or Reese anywhere. She quickly checks out the invitation on the coffee table. There is indeed a hand-written note included at the bottom of the invite. It reads: "Charlotte, I know you need to stay below the radar, but I thought you'd want to know what the old gang is up to. My lips are sealed."

Just as Carly is wondering what that could possibly mean, Sonny shows up and asks her what she's doing here? She quickly puts the invitation into her purse and then turns the conversation back around toward the fact that he's asked Reese to move into with him. Carly notes that he doesn't need her permission to move on with his life, and that she wants him to be with Reese if Reese is who makes him happy. She also insists that she isn't going to but into his life anymore. Sonny is fine with that. But before she can leave, he asks her what it was that she stuck in her purse as he was coming into the room?

THE DOCKS: Ric warns Reese that Sonny hasn't changed -- that he can never forgive lies and betrayal. Reese replies that if she's going to take this chance with Sonny, she's going to have to tell him the truth. Besides, she knows Sonny cares about her. Ric notes that Sonny cared about Carly, too, but he still ended their marriage when he found out she lied about Kristina's paternity. He is simply saying that he knows how Sonny reacts to things...and what Reese does is up to her.

Just then, Alexis comes over to the pair. She cheerily notes that she thought that Ric and Reese have been avoiding her lately. They both deny it. But Alexis has brought someone with her -- a man from the court, who hands Ric some papers and says, "Ric Lansing, you've been served."

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Allegra, being held at swordpoint by Sam, warns her that her men have instructions to kill Jason if Sam harms her. She insists that she doesn't want to hurt Jason or Sam -- she just wants to save her family's legacy. San says the only thing she wants is for Jason to be safe. She finally relents and puts down the dagger. Allegra muses that she will do anything to preserve her lifestyle, just as Sam would do anything to protect Jason. Sam asks when the marriage is to take place, but all Allegra will tell her is that it will happen "soon." Sam asks how long she would be required to keep up the charade, if she goes along with it. Allegra says that since there's no pre-nup, once Sam/"Alicia" has signed control of the assets over to her (Allegra), Sam can go on her way. Sam asks, "I just have to marry this guy and that's it, it's over, done deal, right?" Allegra says that that's all -- except for one little detail: Sam has to consummate the marriage.

Back in the basement, Jason is trying to dig through the wall but making little progress. He calls to the young lady at the other end, asking her to tell him who she is. She doesn't answer. Jason goes back to digging...not realizing that the handle to the basement door is starting to turn....

GREYSTONE: Carly tells Sonny that she was just picking up her invitation to her highschool reunion -- which came to Greystone by mistake. Carly doesn't even want to go to the reunion. Sonny thinks she should reconsider, pointing out that she could have fun rubbing her classmates' noses in her success. Carly muses that maybe she could arrive by helicopter. Sonny says he knows how much Carly loves revenge. Carly replies (obviously thinking of Reese) "All in good time." Then she stalks out of the house.

THE DOCKS: Reese angrily explodes at Alexis, who has just had Ric served with a sexual discrimination suit (on the grounds that Ric wouldn't hire Alexis). Ric tells Reese to go back to the office -- he will handle Alexis. Reese relents and leaves. Ric turns to Alexis, who insists to him that the suit is not personal...she is doing it for the millions of women who face hostile work environments just because they have breasts and ovaries. Ric says he is just trying to look out for her welfare and their child's welfare. He tells her that he and Reese have come to a compromise where Alexis is concerned -- they are prepared to offer her a full partnership in their firm. Alexis thinks about it for a moment and then says, "Not in a million years."

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Just as the door opens and the men return to the room (with gruel for Jason to eat). Jason, who -- in the nick of time -- managed to hide the fact that he was trying to dig through the wall, demands to know where Sam is. The men tell her that Sam is being a good girl but it's nothing for Jason to worry about. The men leave and Jason resumes his digging.

Upstairs, Sam tells Allegra there is no way she is going to sleep with a stranger. Besides, she would never be able to pull it off -- even if she does look like Alicia, she can't act the part of a society princess. Allegra offers to coach her on that. Sam continues to rant that Alicia's finacee will know she's an imposter. Allegra says there's only one thing she will have to do to convince Andrew that she is Alicia -- she will have to dance. Sam sighs heavily and informs Allegra that she can't ballroom dance at all. But Allegra is willing to coach her here, too. She tries to walk Sam through the waltz. During the practice session, Sam proceeds to completely klutz out -- tripping over the couch and landing upside down. She sarcastically notes that she thinks she's getting the hang of it, now.

Back in the basement, Jason continues on his quest to dig and scrape through the wall. He tells the young lady on the other side (who he still can't see) that it will go faster if she could try digging from her that they meet in the middle. With that, he goes back to digging again.

THE DOCKS: Alexis and Ric continue to bicker over Alexis' desire to sue him for sexual discrimination. Alexis says that her fight is for the women everywhere who are underpaid and denied promotion at work. Ric snaps that no judge will put up with her claim after he and Reese have already offered to satisfy it with a partnership in their firm. Ric says he has no choice but to countersue -- on the grounds that she's "withholding marital affection." Alexis demands, "You're going to sue me on the grounds that you're not getting any??"

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly has returned and is studying the invitations when Michael, Leticia and Morgan come inside. Carly reminds Michael to go get dressed so that he's ready when Courtney comes to pick him up to go to the carnival. Michael rushes upstairs. Carly asks Leticia if she can spend some time with Morgan before they leave for Sonny's. Leticia happily leaves Morgan with his mom and then goes upstairs to pack his bag. Carly, alone with Morgan, wonders aloud why Reese would have an invitation to her highschool reunion. She also adds that the only Charlotte she knew was her best friend...who died in a car crash.

GREYSTONE: Reese returns to the mansion. Sonny is surprised to see that she doesn't have any luggage with her. She informs him that he may take back is offer for her to move in when he hears what she has to tell him.

THE MONTENEGRO HOUSE: Jason finally manages to get through the wall -- a small opening has been made through to the other side. He peers through the opening and is shocked to see that the young lady in the other room (who looks exactly like Sam, except for the fact that her hair is styled differently, with bangs). "Sam?" he asks her, surprised. The young lady -- presumably the supposedly-dead Alicia, asks him, "Who the hell is Sam?"

Upstairs, Sam and Allegra bicker a bit. Sam says that Andrew will see right through her the first time they meet. Allegra tries to get her to practice the waltz again. Sam pretends to comply, but then hits Allegra in the shin. As Allegra cries out in pain, Sam tries to run from the room. But before she can get very far, Andrew comes through the doorway. He sees Sam, exclaims, "Hello sweetheart!" and tries to kiss her. Sam replies by wrenching herself away and then hitting him in the face.

THE DOCKS: Ric tells Alexis that because she is pregnant she has dropped the ball, sexually speaking. He is upset that they haven't slept together in a long time. Alexis replies that she hasn't felt very attractive lately. Ric tells her that she is wrong. He wants his conjugal rights. Alexis asks what's in it for her? He replies that she'll get her self-esteem back. She snaps that she and her self-esteem will see him in court, then stalks off.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly muses over the mystery of Charlotte and Reese while looking through her old highschool yearbook, which contains pictures of her and of Charlotte as cheerleaders. She has flashbacks to time she spent with Charlotte -- first a happy memory where they were laughing together and making plans for that evening; then an upsetting memory of an argument, where Charlotte accuses Carly of lying about something and Carly responds by crying and saying that she never wants to see Charlotte again. The third flashback shows Carly looking at the scene of a car accident...Charlotte is behind the wheel of the car, and she has apparently been killed. The young version of Carly screams. Carly snaps out of the flashbacks and looks at a picture of Charlotte in the yearbook. She focuses on Charlotte's eyes...seeing a resemblence to Reese there. She mutters to herself, "Oh my God..."

GREYSTONE: Reese tells Sonny that the reason she came to town in the first place was to see Carly. Sonny is confused by this, but Reese goes on to say that she knew Carly before she knew Sonny or Michael. Reese ends by saying, "My name is Charlotte Roberts, and I used to be Carly's best friend."

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