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General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/10/05


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Courtney is talking to Nikolas. They are both clearly at wit’s end with their respective relationships. Although they say that they both love their spouses and should walk away, again they kiss.

Carly asks Lorenzo if he is busy. He admits he is burying himself in paperwork. He admits to her that it’s a lot easier to avoid her than to face what just happened. He tells her that he realized last night, that he is not ready to give up. And he asks how about her

While with Sonny, Reese gets a call from Ric telling her that Alexis is suing Ric and her for sexual discrimination. Sonny tells Reese that Alexis will stop at nothing to keep her away from her husband. Maybe Reese should end her professional relationship with Ric. He obviously has ulterior motives to want to keep Reese away from his brother. He makes a joke about liking her when she gets all-tough. Then they talk about Jason and Sam and how close he is to Jason. She admits that Jason is close to Carly. And she says she assumes if Jason had his way, Sonny would be back with Carly. And she asks Sonny if it does not bother him that Jason does not want Sonny to be with her.

Right when Sam and Jason are together on the boat, she notices her star necklace is gone. She asks how it could just disappear. She assumes it might have fallen. But remembering exactly where she put it, on the arm of the chair, she knows that something is going on. They must not be alone on the boat.

Carly tells Lorenzo that for a guy who’s spent a lot of time pursuing her, he is now giving a lot of thought about leaving her. He tells her that he scared himself last night. He says he realizes that no marriage will always be hearts and flowers. But they shouldn’t be constantly yelling at each other. She tells him that they both have a temper. He got the mistaken idea that she had Sonny on the brain and got jealous. He asks her if it’s really as simple as that. He tells her he no longer wants Sonny and Jason to be so important in her life. He wants it to just be them. She tells him it really made her angry to find out he put a tracking device in her phone without telling her. He tells her he is a wealthy man with a dangerous past. He worries when she is gone and that tracking device could save her life. She tells him she wants their marriage to work. She sounds like she is crying and she tells him all that should matter is that they love each other.

Jax goes to the hospital, and just so “coincidentally” runs into Elizabeth. He later admits that he made a special point to see her and find out how she and the baby are doing.

Courtney and Jax are kissing and unable to break away from each other. She tries. They both talk about how they have to stop meeting like this. She tells him that she cannot cheat on Jax. She would be compelled to tell him and he would be shattered and it would cause too much grief. He kisses here again. He tells her that maybe they need to depart. He goes away.

Reese and Sonny are holding each other. He tells her he wants to ask her some questions. She asks if it’s about how many lovers she’s had or when she lost her virginity. He tells her he will continue this discussion after she goes and meets with Ric. She leaves.

Michael is with Morgan and he picks up a letter and a purse that looks like it belongs to Reese. Right then, Sonny appears and asks his son what he is doing. He tells Michael he needs to tell him something about Reese.

Sam tells Jason that this is the first piece of jewelry he’s given her. How could she lose it? She then finds it by the champagne bottle. But she’s still suspicious knowing she did not put it there.

Nikolas leaves a message for Emily, once again, unable to get a hold of her. He asks if somebody can give her the message that her husband, Nikolas is waiting for her at Kelly’s. He does not look happy. Right then, Lucky appears and knows that his brother has some issues going on. Nikolas admits to Lucky that he and Courtney have developed this “thing”. Lucky asks Nikolas if he’s completely lost his mind.

Sonny tells Michael he must know how much he loves him and Morgan and Kristina. He tells Michael that he knows he has false hopes that his parents will get together. Michael says perhaps his mom and Alcazar could break up. Sonny says that’s entirely possible but it wouldn’t mean that his mom would get back with him. They’ve already proven that marriage does not work. He tells Michael that he really does like Reese and wants her in his life. For one thing, she really cares about his kids. He reminds Michael that she was there for him after he was kidnapped. When he was really scared, Reese comforted him and read to him and talked to him. And he tells Michael that he would like to live with Reese. Michael asks his dad if he plans to do that without his approval. Sonny says that he is Michael’s dad. But he would feel a lot better if he was happy with the arrangement also. He tells Michael he would not like to have to tell Reese that Michael doesn’t want her living there. He asks Michael what he thinks. Michael responds by saying he guesses it would be ok to give it a try. Sonny then puts his arms around his son, tells him he’s amazing and he loves him.

Reese meets Ric and asks why does he not just let Alexis join them. But he tells her that it would not work. She doesn’t really seem to be concerned about Ric or Alexis or the appearance that she and Ric have a thing going on. She reveals that her mind is on Sonny. She knows he’s going to ask her to live with him. And she reveals to Ric that Sonny doesn’t even know her real name or her past history with Carly. She admits that she is concerned that her whole history is full of lies. It’s not fair to him. And before she can make this commitment to Sonny, she must first tell him who she really is. Ric tells her that if she were to tell Sonny that she is Charlotte Roberts, Carly’s old high school friend, then she might very well lose him.

Sam still cannot figure out how her necklace moved from where she put it to the champagne bottle. Jason does not seem so concerned and tells her he doubts it got up and walked on it’s own. And he asks her about dinner. Right then, an unseen person is watching them.

Reese tells Ric that if she and Sonny are as bonded as they should be, then he should be able to accept the truth and forgive her for not telling him sooner. He tells her that would be the case in the perfect world. But Sonny does not live in the perfect world. He has some major trust issues. He reminds her how Carly’s keeping the secret that Kristina is his daughter was something Sonny could never forgive. She tells him that she believes that Sonny will understand when he finds out her biggest sin is that she lied by omission. He tells her he won’t try to talk her out of it or get into her business. But he says he needs to go to the courthouse to take care of his business. Right then Carly enters and informs Reese that AJ’s murder investigation has been resolved and closed. Michael has been cleared of all charges. But now there is still a problem left. She needs to know who Reese really is.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he never thought he’d be interested in anybody except Emily. Lucky tells Nikolas that he’s been through a rough patch. But he mustn’t give up on his marriage. Nikolas asks Lucky if he is concerned about him staying with Emily and leaving Courtney alone because if Courtney breaks up with Jax, then Jax will be an even bigger thorn in Lucky’s side. Lucky tells Nikolas that it has nothing to do with that. Nikolas needs to end his fleeting attraction to Courtney and go home and be with his wife.

Sonny runs into Ric. He asks his brother a question. He tells Ric he knows that he knows Reese pretty well. And he says before he and Reese “get in too deep”, he’d like to ask Ric if there is anything he should know about her.

Right when Jason and Sam are having a cozy encounter, they see some strangers on deck dressed like coastguard patrol, telling them that they are trespassing. A guy grabs Sam’s necklace and tells her she is wearing stolen jewelry. He takes it and she yells at him to give it back. But the other one grabs Jason.

In response to Sonny’s inquiry about what he knows in regard to Reese, Ric bluffs that all he knows is that she is a beautiful woman who gave up her career for Sonny. Sonny asks Ric if he knows anything more about her. Ric says that Sonny must know that nobody will be perfect. Reese is a wonderful woman. But she has faults. And maybe Sonny should go into this relationship seeing Reese as a real woman and not as an ideal.

After Carly interrogates her, Reese asks her why she does not spend more time with her new husband and less time obsessing about things she knows nothing about. Carly tells Reese that she is with her husband and her children and she has the right to know about her. She knows she’s bad news and she will be able to prove it. Reese walks away and Carly tells her she is on borrowed time.

After Jason and Sam meet up with the mysterious strangers who want to arrest them, they ask what is going on. A guy tells them they are thieves and are under arrest.

Again, Jax is able to find Elizabeth before Lucky does and Lucky has to walk right in on them while she shows Jax the sonogram and he looks really happy. Jax asks to talk to Lucky alone. He says he realizes he may micromanage people’s lives the same way he does with corporations. But he realizes he cannot do that with people. And he tells Lucky that from now on, he will give Elizabeth all the room she needs. Lucky tells Jax that he is not so concerned about Elizabeth right now. He has some concerns about Courtney.

Carly brings Michael to Lorenzo’s house and he asks to talk to his mom alone. Lorenzo takes Morgan to his room. And Michael tells his mom that he has some news that he knows she will not like. His dad and Reese are going to live together.

Sonny and Reese have a romantic dinner. He again tells her he’s working up to asking her “that question”. Hearing that, she tells him her answer is yes. He tells her she has not even heard the question. But she tells him that she is in the mood to say yes to anything he wants.

The mysterious strangers take Jason and Sam to a room to hold them captive. Jason tells them they are not part of the police or coastguard patrol and asks them what they want. But they take Sam off to another room and attempt to lock her there.

Lucky tells Jax that he has a feeling that he is not the only person who has issues with Jax’s obsessive hovering over Elizabeth. Jax tells Lucky he has no clue what Courtney thinks or feels. He tells Lucky he does not need marital advice from him. And he tells Lucky that his relationship with Courtney could not be on more sacred ground.

Right then, Courtney goes to find Nikolas again. She tells him she made the “right decision”. He tells her he thinks so too. He says he worked very hard to build Emily’s trust. So whatever feelings they may have for each other, they need to end it before somebody gets hurt. She then asks him if she’d be a really bad person if she asked for a kiss goodbye. He tells her no and kisses her. But again neither of them can stop. They have to tear themselves away from each other. And right then, Elizabeth comes out and sees them.

Sonny asks Reese if she is really telling him he can have anything he wants. She says yes. He tells her that she’s going to move in with him, sleep beside him and wake up every morning with him. And if she wants to take that back, now is the time. She tells him she has no intention of backing out. But he tells her he can sense that something is making her hold back. And he asks her what is wrong.

After Michael tells her that Sonny is going to live with Reese, Carly sounds to her son that she is ok with that. She tells him that she and his father have agreed to live secret lives and Sonny can live with whomever he wants. She asks him if he likes Reese. He says yes. She says that’s all that matters. And she shows him the room that she and Lorenzo have for him. But he can tell that she does not care for Reese nor approve of her living with Sonny.

After the strangers have taken Sam somewhere, Jason tries to get to her. One guy takes Sam to what looks like a very expensive mansion or palace. And a mysterious woman looks at Sam and seems to know her.

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