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General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/9/05


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Durant tells Ric he plans to prosecute Jason for the murder of Dr. Thomas. But Ric tells him that Jason acted in self-defense. Durant tells Ric the only witnesses that would confirm that are his mommy and daddy who are not exactly un-biased. But Ric tells him he is wasting taxpayers’ dollars attempting to get Jason in trouble. Durant tells Ric that he must realize that taxpayers pay him in order to enforce the law.

Elizabeth awakens with Lucky and is horrified that she completely forgot to pick Cameron up at Jax and Courtney’s and she’s been gone all last night without telling them where she was.

Right then, Courtney is attempting to find Elizabeth at the hospital. But it looks like she’s missed her shift there also. Nikolas and Emily appear and have not seen her either. Alone with Emily, Nikolas tells his wife that he heard that she was quite the hero to have saved Sam McCall’s life, last night. She tells him she apologizes for not calling but was busy all day. He asks her if she could come home and take a nap with him. But again, she cannot. She is too busy. And she goes off.

Nikolas then asks Monica if she cannot give these “students” a break. Should they not be able to get some rest? He obviously is talking about Emily. And Monica informs him that he cannot blame the hospital because it was Emily’s choice to volunteer for the extra hours. But Monica later goes to talk to her daughter about how she knows she is obviously burying herself in work in order to avoid dealing with her marriage to Nikolas. Emily tells her mother she does not need her interfering in her business. Monica tells Emily she knows she is an adult. But she needs to stop avoiding dealing with what is really going on in her life and start being straight with her husband.

Jax is calling to find out where Elizabeth is. Right then Elizabeth and Lucky appear and notice that Jax is on the phone. Elizabeth grabs Cameron to take him to his daycare. Lucky informs Jax that is not his daughter. He is not her father. Jax tells him that Elizabeth is a mother of a toddler as well as another one on the way that happens to be his child. Lucky tells Jax that he needs to back off and stop watching over Elizabeth. And of course, they get into another argument.

Michael goes to Kelly’s to see Jason and tells him he’s heard that he was in a motorcycle crash. Jason asks Michael if he heard what really happened. It sounds like he has. Jason tells Michael that he need never again believe that he killed AJ. He no longer has to live with nightmares. All of this is over. Sam tells Michael she is really sorry for pushing him to see Dr. Thomas and trusting him after finding out what he did. Mike informs them that Sonny has a surprise for them. He asks Jason, Sam and Michael to follow him into Kelly’s. And right then, once again, Michael sees Jodie. She tells him he must know that she is not real. She’s just a part of him. She tells him she always knew that he did not kill AJ. He tells her she’s a really good friend and hugs her. Right then, Jason notices Michael is still out there and asks him to come in and join the party.

Jax tells Lucky that he and Courtney had justifiable worry when Elizabeth left Cameron alone with them and did not call. And Lucky better realize that this surrogacy is not entirely about him. Courtney enters and informs them that she just ran into Elizabeth and she felt terrible for not contacting them, last night. Elizabeth re-enters and tells them that she just took Cameron to his day care. She goes out with Lucky. Jax tells Courtney that he thinks Lucky is a real hypocrite to call him a control freak. But Courtney tells Jax that she thinks Lucky is right. Jax is behaving like a control freak. She tells him that the surrogacy does not give him the right to police Elizabeth and Lucky’s lives.

Alexis wants to have a private conversation with Reese, indicating that she has the idea that Reese might plan on sleeping with Ric although she does not come out and say it. She talks, indirectly about how she and Ric have flip-flopped on whether to divorce but they are back together. Reese gets all ready to tell Alexis that she is not sleeping with Ric and they are just law partners and nothing more. But before they can finish their conversation, Ric enters. They both cover up what they were ready to talk about. Reese then has to leave. When Alexis is alone with Ric, he asks her why she wanted to talk privately to Reese. She says she wanted to join them in their law firm. He says if she wanted to do that, why didn’t she ask him? Why did she have to have a private conversation with Reese? She sounds very much like she’s bluffing when she answers that she wanted to check it out with Reese first. He tells her that it would not be a good idea for them to work together since they are married. When married people work together like this, they lose their individuality and get burnt out. And it sounds just like she really doesn’t want so much to work with them as much as she wants to find out if Ric plans to sleep with Reese while his wife is pregnant.

Courtney tells Jax that he is getting too controlling. She tells him he has no business judging Lucky and being so “possessive” of Elizabeth. But he doesn’t seem to see things her way. She admits that this whole situation is causing her a lot of stress. But he says to her that she can “handle’ the stress because she is not the one that is pregnant. And that is clearly NOT the right thing to say to Courtney. That just alienates her more.

It looks like Mike’s and Sonny’s surprise for Jason, Sam and Michael is to get them on a boat. He tells them that Sonny believes they all need some down time and he wants to give them a vacation. He says that Sonny wants Jason and Sam to take as much time as they can without worrying about anything. Michael says what that means is that this is a love boat. And Mike tells Michael he will take him to a Yankee’s game. Alone, Sam asks Jason if he’s sure he’s up for this. He tells her as long as she is. And he tells her he does not want to come back until they’ve found a perfect place for their wedding. He tells her that they can get married right this minute of she wants. It looks like they are really serious. When they get inside the boat, Sam takes off the star necklace he gave her. She tells him she remembered the night he gave it to her. He never asked her what her wish was. Hearing that, he then asks her what her wish was. She tells him she wished that Michael would come back and be ok. And she wished that some day he’d ask her to marry him. And they confirm that her wishes have come true and they kiss.

Ric tells Alexis that she needs to realize that in the interest of the child, she cannot join this law firm. The poor kid will need therapy if it has to grow around three lawyers discussing torts all day. She agrees but asks him if he does not agree that were it not for her hormones, that she could be a really good lawyer. She tells him he has denied her employment because of her current condition. He’s discriminated against her and has motivated her to speak up for all pregnant women in America.

Durant talks to Lucky. He’s obviously manipulating him and Lucky doesn’t want to listen to him. Durant tells Lucky that he thinks he’s done a good job and wants to recommend he get a raise. Lucky does not buy that Durant wants to be nice without any ulterior motives. But Durant tells him that all he wants to do is reward a good cop for a job well done.

Elizabeth runs into Emily about what she remembers in regard to her relationship with Jason failing because they could not imagine a future together. Emily tells her that she and Nikolas feel so hopeless but she is not ready to let her marriage go. She tells her she doesn’t want to give up.

But it looks like Nikolas sees it differently. He, once again, runs into Courtney. He tells her that he talked to Emily. And it’s over. They are done. He tells her he ran out of ways to salvage what they had and the only thing left to do is split. He tells Courtney that Emily does not want to be with him and wants to spend all her time working. And Courtney is very similarly at wit’s end over Jax’s lack of commitment to her and believing she’s less important to him than Elizabeth. Yet she has nothing negative to say or think or feel about Nikolas. And of course, she wants to console him and tell him how she cannot believe that any woman would not appreciate what an awesome person he is. She reveals that she is married to somebody who is a possessive, materialistic jerk. But she believes Emily is very lucky to have a good man. He talks to her about how it has been that ever since Emily has been raped, their relationship has grown cold. He tells her he came from a family where there was enough coldness. And he doesn’t want to have any more. She agrees that he is a passionate man and needs to have love in his life. But she tells him she knows that he still loves Emily and she still loves Jax. He says maybe they should walk away. But it’s obvious that is not what either of them wants.

Right then, Jason and Sam are having a romantic dinner on the boat. But not far away, somebody wearing gloves seems to have snuck onto the ship and finds Sam’s star necklace.

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