GH Update Monday 8/8/05

General Hospital Update Monday 8/8/05


By Jenn
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Maxie sleeps in Dillon’s bed with him, although it’s only “sleeping” in close quarters in his tiny boathouse, since neither wants to sleep on the floor. Jesse walks in, notices them and looks jealous.

Lorenzo tells Skye he needs her help with something. She asks what it is. He tells her she’s a smart woman and should be able to figure it out. She guesses he either wants her to help him go to battle against her family or he wants to “aim” her at Carly like some lethal weapon.

There’s a chase in the hospital where Dr. Thomas has taken Sam hostage. Jason and Sonny go after him. But they cannot get the door down to help Sam until Dr. Thomas has injected her with the lethal substance and she’s fallen to the ground unconscious. When they get to Sam, Jason takes her down to a hospital room and puts her in a hospital bed. But it looks like only Emily is on duty. Jason tells his sister she must help to save Sam’s life.

Jesse assumes that after their “fight”, Maxie has jumped into bed with another guy. He tells her it’s pretty low since Dillon is her sister’s boyfriend. She tells him he has a lot of gall to be assuming she’s sleeping with Dillon. And even if she was, she tells him, it’s none of his business. They are not married. She reminds him that she is only staying with Dillon because he kicked her out of his bed. He reminds her that he had to make her see how unrealistic it would be for a spoiled brat like her to make it on her own without her family. He asks what she plans to do if she thinks she’s so independent. She has no job and no resources. She affirms to him that she can take care of herself. It’s her life. She doesn’t have to answer to her family or to him.

Lorenzo tells Skye that what he really wants is to be able to keep the woman that he loves. And that’s what he needs Skye’s help with.

Durant finds Sonny, Reese and Carly. He tells Sonny he will have to bust him. Sonny tells him that maybe hell has finally frozen over and they will have to work together.

Monica and Alan go up on the roof of their house and notice a chopper and wonder where it came from. Alan, right then goes inside to call the police and finds Dr. Thomas holding a gun on him.

Sam is unconscious. Emily goes through her readings to figure out what she needs. Jason holds Sam’s hand and tells her she will be ok. He yells for Emily and tells Sam she just needs to stay with him a while longer. The medicine is coming. Emily injects Sam with the medicine she needs to regain consciousness. Sam awakens and asks Jason what has happened to her.

In response to Jesse’s behavior, Dillon makes it look like he’s kissing Maxie. He then asks Jesse to close the door behind him. When they are alone, Maxie fights Dillon off.

Dr. Tony Jones helps Emily tend to Sam. Jason demands to know what has happened and what to expect. Tony tells him hopefully Sam will be ok and all they can do know is pray. Jason tells Sam he wants her to fight. Tony then informs them that Sam’s heart rate is stabilizing.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she does not have as much at stake to lose with Luke as he does with Carly. She admits she likes him and once considered having a thing with him. But she tells him she knows he is so in love with Carly. He’d do anything for her. And she will not do anything to prevent him from having what he’s always wanted with her. Hearing that, he asks her if she was not also suggesting that he either cheat on Carly with her or make Carly think they are having an affair. She tells him that she merely suggested to him what she might do in his position. But she tells him she really understands how important and precious it is to find real love.

Dr. Thomas holds a gun on Alan. He also informs him that he only intended to put Jason out of his misery all those years ago and made the mistake of listening to AJ. But it turned out that Jason wasn’t as far gone as he’d thought. And he tells Alan that he can use his help. Because Jason and his little band are going to get him arrested, perhaps Alan could help him with money and a way out of the country. Alan asks Dr. Thomas why he’d think he’d want to help him. He tells Alan he can help him get away with his crime by saying he helped Dr. Thomas kill Jason. He knows Alan has means, motive and opportunity. He knows how Alan saw his son’s life ruined after the accident. And he was tortured all those years by seeing Jason the way he turned out. And he knows that nobody trusts Alan. Everybody knows that Alan was responsible for Dr. Thomas treating Michael. And they will all know that there is some underlying ulterior motive that Alan might have. He then asks Alan if he’s gotten the picture. From outside the window, Monica watches Dr. Thomas holding the big gun on Alan.

Sam tells Jason that she is so grateful to him. He motivated her to fight. She tells him she loves him. Jason, then gets a call from Monica who informs him that Dr. Thomas has entered their home and is holding a gun on Alan. He asks her to stay there and tells her he will be on his way. Dr. Thomas then comes around with his gun to ask Monica what she is doing.

Maxie tells Dillon he went too far looking to Jesse like he was kissing her. He tells her that he’s an actor. And she admits she did not want him to make Jesse so mad that he left. She tells him she is grateful to him for letting her stay with him. And so she will not burden him with her problems nor ask him to “do her dirty work” for her with Jesse. She asks him if they are clear. And he tells her yes.

Georgie finds Jesse and tells him that he must realize that her sister is a complicated person but he mustn’t be suspicious of her. He asks her if she knows where her sister is, knowing it will affect her also to know that her boyfriend might be cheating on her with her sister. She admits she knows that Maxie is staying with Dillon. One sleeps on the floor and the other on the bed. But he informs her that when he saw them nobody was on the floor and it’s a surprise that Maxie still has a face the way Dillon was sucking on it. Hearing that, Georgie gets a little worried.

Lorenzo tells Skye that he is very grateful for the compassion that she showed Michael in getting him away from Durant and helping him through all that has happened. She tells Lorenzo that she cares about Michael and loved AJ like a brother. They then talk about Lorenzo’s brother, Luis. He realizes she did not much care for Luis. He admits that his brother had a lot of problems. But he loved Brenda. And in the process of trying to save her, he ended up destroying himself. He admits he misses his brother. They grew up together. Luis needed his help with many things whenever he got into trouble. He spent half his life helping Luis. She asks him if he ever asked his brother for any help with anything. He admits he does not remember depending upon his brother for help and asks her where she is going with this line of questioning. She tells him that with the history she’s had in AA meetings, she’s learned to get involved in people’s problems and analyze many things. And she tells Lorenzo that it sounds like he was a “caretaker” and “codependent” to his brother throughout their lives. And then his brother died. And Lorenzo needed somebody else to take care of. Hearing that, Lorenzo concludes that that was Carly.

At the hospital, Sonny gives Jason his gun and Jason goes looking for Dr. Thomas at the Quartermaine’s. Carly comes by and notices Jason running off and rushes out to prevent him from putting himself in danger. But Sonny tells her she must let Jason go.

Dillon suggests to Maxie that she might want to try some different “tactics” with her boyfriend, like being honest to him. She tells him that Jesse is not her boyfriend. He apologizes to her if he was a little “overzealous” in proving a point to Jesse. But he tells her that Jesse didn’t look to be seeing him as a threat and maybe it doesn’t matter what he thinks anyway. She tells Dillon he is a great guy and any girl would be very happy to be with him. Her little sister is very lucky to have him. He tells her he is the lucky one and Georgie is everything to him. They talk about all the trust between Dillon and Georgie. But right then, Georgie walks in and proves that maybe there is not so much “trust” between them. She reveals that she believes that he really was messing around with her sister. Maxie explains that Jesse just barged in on them and was being a jerk. And Dillon merely helped her out as a friend. But Gerogie tells them there is only one way this “arrangement” can continue

Carly tells Sonny that Jason might not be able to have a clear head around Dr. Thomas. With all he’s done to him, and to Michael and now to Sam, it’s too personal for Jason. But Sonny tells Carly she needs to get home to her husband and not worry about Jason. Reese then enters, hears their conversation and agrees that Carly needs to go.

Lorenzo admits to Skye that he wanted to take care of Carly from the first moment he met her. But that’s not exactly what he did. When they first got together, she was nothing more than a bargaining chip he had with Sonny. He may have used her. But he developed very deep feelings for her. He saw that she was so lonely. Or maybe he convinced himself that she was. She was pregnant with Morgan and she went into premature labor. He took her to a clinic and a doctor wanted to perform an abortion. He remembers that he lost it and threatened to kill the doctor and all his descendents. He remembers that Carly was amazing and courageous fighting for her child. He’d never seen anybody so beautiful. And he fell in love with her. He expresses his doubts that Carly could love him. Skye tells him that Carly married him. He asks her how many times she’s gotten married and the reasons why. She admits that she got married for many reasons other than love. She admits one reason people get married is for revenge. And he tells her that he believes that revenge is Carly’s reason for marrying him. She merely did it to get back at Sonny. He is the focus of her life. Skye tells him that Carly loves him. He asks her why, then she is still spending her life chasing after Sonny.

Dr. Thomas holds his gun on Alan and Monica. He tells them he needs a jet and lots of cash but does not wish to do anything to hurt them. He just wants to escape. He asks Monica to make a call for him. But Alan suggests he turns himself in and makes a comment to him, asking him if he’s always been this crazy. And Dr. Thomas hits Alan with the barrel of his gun and tells him he really doesn’t think Alan should be calling him names right now. Monica tells him the money is all ready. He tells them he needs to take them hostage and he wants to get out of this freaking town. And right then, Jason appears with a gun and tells Dr. Thomas he might get his wish.

Georgie concludes that she loves her sister and knows she would never intentionally do anything to hurt her. But she lies on the tiny bed between Maxie and Dillon, revealing that she does not entirely trust them living and sleeping in this tiny place without her.

Carly goes to Lorenzo and apologizes for her behavior at the hospital when he tracked her down. But he doesn’t seem to want to listen. He seems to be writing something. She tells him that her only justification was to protect Michael from Dr. Thomas. He tells her that she was mainly concerned about Jason. She explains to him all that happened with Dr. Thomas trying to kill Jason, then injecting Sam, then escaping and tells him that she wants to be able to come home and tell these things to her husband. He asks her why she is even there in the first place when she has all these things going on. It must have been because Sonny threw her out. She protests that that is not the case. He tells her he knows the only reason she married him was in order to make Sonny jealous in the hopes that he’d come crawling back to her. He tells her he’s sorry things did not work out the way she’d planned. And he indicates to her that he is throwing her out of his home.

Sonny goes to see Sam and tells her that he really knows that she is the right person for Jason and he really appreciates all she’s done for his son. She reminds him that she may not have really helped Michael, with trusting Dr. Thomas. He tells her that Dr. Thomas fooled a lot of people. And he believes she is a good person and he’s very grateful that she is in Jason’s and Michael’s lives. He then returns to Reese and admits that he is very worried that Michael was under the care of a psychopath. He tells her he feels responsible for having his son in the care of somebody even more dangerous than AJ. She tells Sonny he must not ever blame himself for what happened. She knows he loves Michael more than anything. He’s a good man and has inspired a lot of love in a lot of people. And she tells him she is one of them. He holds her in his arms.

Dr. Thomas grabs Monica and holds a knife on her. He tells Jason that AJ was blowing a lot of smoke at them about killing Jason. He would have never actually done it. He was a coward. But Alan knew how to get the job done. He tells them that Alan hired him to put Jason out of his misery. Then AJ threatened to reveal the truth about what Alan did and Alan could not have that. So he killed AJ. Alan tells Jason he mustn’t believe that. Dr. Thomas tells Jason that it would only make sense that Alan would ask him to treat Michael, in order to cover up what happened all those years ago. Jason stands silently and points the gun at Dr. Thomas.

Carly asks Lorenzo why he is throwing her out of his home. He tells her that there is nothing for her with him. No marriage. No nothing. He will finally give her what she wants. She tells him that he finally won her over and then threw her away. That’s pretty messed up. He tells her that he is finally letting her out of a relationship that she doesn’t even want. He’s setting her free and now she can go back to Sonny just like she wants. But she emotionally tells him that he is letting her go and denying his feelings because he is afraid. She tells him that he must know that she loves him. And they end up kissing.

Sam wants to get out of her hospital room and help Jason. She’s afraid he might not come back. But Emily tells her she must stay there. She tells Sam that since this is the first life she's saved by herself, she doesn't want to miss out on celebrating her victory. They laugh. But Emily tells Sam on a more serious note, that she may have found the right drug to save her. But it was Jason who really saved Sam's life. He encouraged her to fight. She tells Sam she needs to stay there and know that Jason will be ok and wants to come back to her.

After Dr. Thomas tells Jason all of the terrible things that Alan and AJ have done to him, and Alan’s protesting that Dr. Thomas cannot be trusted, Jason fires a shot at Dr. Thomas. He falls to the floor. Monica notices that he is dead. Alan tells Jason that this is the man who took everything away from him. Both Monica and Alan admit to Jason that they may never know what caused his brain damage but it might be easier to blame Dr. Thomas than to face the possibility that it was AJ. Jason admits that he hates Dr. Thomas. But he says what Dr. Thomas did to AJ was the best thing that ever happened to him.

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