GH Update Thursday 8/4/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/4/05


By Ali
Pictures by Amanda

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Jax, Courtney and Elizabeth (who is bringing Cameron with her) are all heading into the apartment -- Elizabeth and Cameron will be staying with Jax and Courtney for awhile, since her own place has burned down. Just as Elizabeth is getting settled, Jax says he plans to leave so Courtney and Elizabeth have some time alone to talk.

JESSE'S ROOM ABOVE KELLY'S: Jesse and Maxie are laying, naked in Jesse's bed in his room above Kelly's. As they kiss, they have no idea that Mac is walking outside in the hallway, trying to find Lucky's room. Thinking that Jesse's room is Lucky's, he opens the door and finds Maxie and Jesse in bed together -- much to his surprise. He is furious. Maxie is upset too, as she points out that since she is 19 Mac has no control over her life. Mac responds to this by telling Maxie he is kicking her out of the house and cutting off all financial support. Mac storms out of the room. Jesse tells Maxie to go after him, but she says she's not going anywhere.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Monica is in the chapel of the hospital, praying aloud, saying -- "He really thought he was doing the right thing. For all the suffering, please, please forgive him." Sonny comes in -- he overhears her prayers and asks who she is praying for. Monica lies and says she's praying for Jason. Suddenly Alan comes in and tells Sonny, "Monica was talking about me."

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason is laying in bed, asleep, with Dr. Thomas hovering over him. Jason mumbles out-loud (thinking he's talking to Sam) -- he says, "It was Dr. Thomas. He tried to kill me." Dr. Thomas responds by attempting to stick a needle full of liquid into Jason's IV. Before he can, Carly comes into the room and asks Dr. Thomas what's wrong with Jason. Dr. Thomas says there's been no change, and he leaves. Sam comes running into the room just after he leaves -- she asks Carly if Carly saw what Dr. Thomas did to Jason? Before Carly can respond, Sam rushes to Jason's bedside and tries to wake him up.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Cameron has been put down to sleep, leaving Elizabeth and Courtney to talk alone. Courtney notes that Elizabeth is a very good mother. Elizabeth changes the subject, reassuring Courtney that she is not interested in Jax -- that she is madly in love with Lucky. They talk about the fact that Elizabeth and Lucky are currently seperated due to the stress of the surrogacy. Elizabeth says that after the baby is born, she will move back in with Lucky. Courtney brings the subject back to Jax: "You and my husband are sharing the one most profound thing that I can't and never will, and -- and so I get defensive, especially with jax, which is ungracious and unfair. See, I know all this. I just -- I can't seem to stop myself."

KELLY'S: Dillon and Georgie are outside of Kelly's. Dillon wants to know why they are here and not at the Pizza Shack. Georgie says since she works at the Shack she doesn't want to spend her spare time there as well -- she offers to go with him to the coffeehouse across the street from P.C.U. instead. Dillon notes that it seems that she's been avoiding the P.C.U. campus lately. Georgie replies that everytime she goes there she thinks about how Dillon, Maxie, Brook and Diego are going to P.C.U. there in the fall while she will still be in highschool. Plus she feels guilty that Dillon is going there instead of the film school like he wanted. Dillon tells her he doesn't regret his decision to stay closer to her. Besides, he thinks it's better to work from the bottom up -- not to mention he won't have to worry about his mom, Tracy, threatening to withdraw tuition. He's happy to be with her. They kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: John and Reese meet at the hospital. Reese wants to reopen the AJ Quartermaine murder investigation because she thinks that Rachel's confession was a fake. John says he has believed that all along -- he thinks Sonny is the one who did it.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Alan tells Sonny that back when Jason was in the coma after the accident, everyone believed Jason would never come out of it. So AJ tried to convince someone at the hospital to end Jason's life. Whoever tried to do it ended up almost killing Jason, depriving oxygen from his brain. Luckily, Alan was there to save his life -- but he didn't know anything about AJ's plan until much later, through a letter that AJ wrote to him: a full confession. AJ wanted to go to the police but Alan wouldn't let him. Unfortunately, AJ's letter didn't name the person who tried to kill Jason. Sonny has an idea who it could be. Alan wants to know who, but Monica steps in and asks Alan why he cares, if he doesn't consider Jason his son anymore?

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam demands to know what Carly saw Dr. Thomas doing. Carly says Dr. Thomas was just checking on Jason. Sam wants Carly to help keep Dr. Thomas away from Jason, but Carly doesn't understand why and Sam is reluctant to tell her. Carly snaps, "You're not going to do this to me, Sam!" Just then, Sonny comes in. He asks what Carly is doing?

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Courtney tells Elizabeth that now she can't go anywhere without seeing moms out with their kids -- she envies them a lot. Elizabeth tells her to enjoy her freedom while she can, because soon she'll have a baby to take care of. Elizabeth continues, "In the end, it doesn't really matter who carries the baby. It's about love. And when this child, your child, is placed in your arms, all questions will be answered and all fears resolved." Courtney notes that Elizabeth sounds so sure and Elizabeth replies that she is -- that her life was a mess when she was pregnant with Cameron...but once she held him, she looked into his face and realized she'd been worrying for nothing. She's honored she can share that joy with Courtney. Courtney says she is forever grateful to Elizabeth -- and hopes Liz knows that.

JESSE'S ROOM ABOVE KELLY'S: Maxie says she is not going to let her parents dictate her life -- and now she plans to live with Jesse. Jesse tells her no, that he will not be responsible for her. He wants her to go home and apologize to her dad. Maxie thinks Jesse is trying to use this as an excuse to push her away again.

KELLY'S: Downstairs in the restaurant, Mac gets upset with Mike for directing him to Jesse's room -- under the impression it was Lucky's. Georgie, who is also in the restaurant now with Dillon, asks Mac what's wrong. Mac tells her that Maxie is moving out, so Georgie can have her room now. Georgie can't believe it -- she wants to know where Maxie will live? Mac doesn't care -- he is done. Georgie gets upset, reminding Mac that Maxie almost died -- and now Mac is willing to push her away?

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Alan and Monica are once again arguing about Jason. Monica reminds him that AJ is to blame for the brain damage that Jason suffered. She's also upset that Alan kept AJ's confession secret for so long. Alan wants to know what he was supposed to do, turn him over to the police? Monica explodes that AJ should have been held responsible...maybe if he had been, the events that led to AJ kidnapping Michael and then eventually dying himself would not have occured. She believes now that Alan cost her both of her sons, and for that she cannot forgive him.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny tells Carly that he and Sam don't have time to fill her in on the whole story because Jason's life is in danger. Carly gets snippy -- "I'm not in the inner circle anymore, right? Doesn't matter how much I love Jason. You're closing ranks." She leaves the room. Sonny and Sam turn back to the more pressing matter of Jason's welfare. Sam notes that Carly might have actually saved Jason's life by showing up when she did; scaring Dr. Thomas off. Sonny tells her that AJ hired someone in the hospital to kill Jason after the accident. They think that someone must have been Dr. Thomas -- and that AJ was threatening to let the truth come out at the time of his death...meaning that Dr. Thomas was the one who killed AJ (to stop AJ from revealing everything). Now, Sonny notes, all Dr. Thomas has to do is stop Jason from remembering.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese is sure that Sonny didn't muder Rachel. John disagrees. Reese argues that the killer is probably Dr. Thomas -- who also, in Reese's opinion, probably killed AJ. John doesn't see how this all fits together...and is irritated that Reese has no proof to back up her claims. He leaves. Carly comes over to Reese and demands that Reese tell her what's going on with Jason.

KELLY'S: Georgie sits down at a table with Mac and tries to plead Maxie's case. She thinks Maxie said all of that to Mac earlier solely to impress Jesse. Mac asks, "What do you want from me, Georgie? Maxie is of age, all right?" He says he can't force Maxie to live under his roof if it's making Maxie unhappy. Georgie thinks Mac is being pig-headed. Just then, Maxie comes downstairs. She and Mac look at each other.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Jax is back and Elizabeth is about to head out to meet with Lucky -- Jax and Courtney are going to watch Cameron for her. Elizabeth leaves and Cameron starts to cry. Courtney and Jax try to calm him down, practicing their parenting skills.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese says that the things going on with Jason do not concern Carly in the least because it no longer has anything to do with Michael. Carly disagrees, pointing out that Dr. Thomas is involved and he used to be Michael's therapist, after all. Reese dismisses Carly's concerns, saying that Sonny is taking care of it and Carly should go home to Lorenzo. Carly accuses Reese of trying to take care over her life. Reese says that Carly is the one thing she is not worried about right now. With that, Reese stalks off.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny tells Jason that he knows who tried to kill him -- and he (Sonny) will not allow the bastard to get another chance. Sam brings Max into the room -- Max is up to speed and will now be guarding Jason's room. Sonny doesn't want anyone to be allowed in. Sonny and Sam leave.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas is rushing around going through his desk drawers. Sonny comes over to the door (which is closed) and yells through it, "There's nowhere to run, you son of a bitch!"

KELLY'S: Georgie and Dillon are going to try to leave Maxie and Mac alone to talk, but Maxie says there's nothing to talk about. Mac agrees with her and asks her if she needs help moving out, she knows where to find him. With that, he leaves. Maxie tells Georgie and Dillon that this isn't a big deal as everyone moves out eventually. Georgie asks her if she's scared and Maxie replies that she is sort of excited...except she's not sure where she's going to be sleeping tonight, since Jesse doesn't want her. Georgie suggests the Quartermaines but Dillon notes that they've put up a new security system to which no one has given him the code. Georgie then suggests that Maxie move into Dillon's room on the Haunted Star.

Also at Kelly's, Lucky and Elizabeth have just met up and are sitting out on the patio. Elizabeth informs him that since her grandmother, Audrey, has gone on a cruise and has sublet her house (leaving Elizabeth with no relatives in town to stay with) Jax and Courtney have agreed to put her up and she has agreed. Lucky asks her, "How do you want me to respond? Beg you to move back in together? I mean, tell you that we can find another place, that we don't need these people?" Elizabeth says yes, that's exactly what she wants.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly is begging Max to let her into Jason's hospital room, but Max is wary of breaking Sonny's orders. Carly continues begging and finally Max agrees. Carly goes into Jason's room -- he's sleeping. She asks him quietly what happened to him -- noting that everyone is trying to block her out from finding out what's going on. She begs Jason to please come back to her, resting her head next to his.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Sonny kicks down Dr. Thomas door and he and Sam enter and look around. Dr. Thomas is nowhere to be found. Sonny shoots the lock off of a door at the back of the office and then opens it. Before he and Sam can enter, John shows up and orders Sonny to freeze.

KELLY'S: Mike has just brought out Elizabeth and Lucky's order. After he leaves, Lucky points out that he wishes that he could give Liz what she needs -- but he can't. He reminds her he is living in a one room deal above Kelly's, with a bathroom down the hall. Elizabeth points out that they lived there once before, and it would only be temporary. Lucky replies that they didn't have Cameron then -- Cameron deserves better and so does Elizabeth. He thinks it makes sense that Elizabeth would live with Courtney and Jax while carrying their baby. Elizabeth says she misses him, and Lucky replies that he misses her just as much. Lucky asks her not to make it harder than it already is. They exchange "I love you's," a quick kiss, and then Elizabeth leaves.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon and Georgie and Maxie enter Dillon's room on the Haunted Star. Maxie doesn't mind the fact that it's small, as she is only here for one night. Afterward, she says she will figure it all out. Georgie says Dillon will sleep on the floor. Dillon cracks, "Ha! Floor's great. Love the floor. Good for the back." Georgie's phone rings -- it's Mac. She tells Maxie and Dillon goodbye and leaves. Maxie addresses Dillon as "roomie." Dillon looks uncomfortable. Georgie, just outside of Dillon's room, seems to look uncomfortable as well, but she dismisses it and leaves.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Sonny tells Dr. Thomas that he doesn't have time for this -- he has to stop Dr. Thomas before Dr. Thomas kills Jason like he killed AJ. John still doesn't believe that there's any evidence that Dr. Thomas had any motive to kill anyone. Sonny explains AJ's past with hiring Dr. Thomas ten years ago to kill Jason by putting something in Jason's IV. Sam goes on to explain their theory that Dr. Thomas killed AJ when AJ tried to blackmail him over the incident. Sonny again asks John to get his men over to Jason's room to protect him from Dr. Thomas, the real killer. John replies, "I think I'm looking at my killer," (meaning Sonny). Reese shows up and tells John that if he allows Dr. Thomas to kill again, she will make it her life's mission to destroy him.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly leaves Jason's hospital room -- she thanks Max for letting her see Jason. Max asks her not to mention it to Sonny, and she agrees, asking Max in turn to take care of Jason for her. Max agrees and Carly leaves. Nearby, Dr. Thomas is dressed as a custodian. He hits Max over the head and then, once Max is unconscious, enters Jason's hospital room. Jason is still asleep.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Jax and Courtney are in their room, kissing and talking softly to each other. Jax is happy that Courtney and Elizabeth had a chance to talk. Courtney warns him to be quiet or he'll wake up Elizabeth. Jax says that they don't have to talk at all -- they start to kiss.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is sleeping in a spare room -- and having a dream. In the dream, she is giving birth to the baby while Jax and Courtney look on. Finally the baby (a girl) is born. Some time the next scene of the dream, Elizabeth is holding the baby and gushing over her. Courtney, nearby, says she can't wait to hold the baby. Elizabeth hands the baby to her and Courtney smiles and address her daughter: "Hi, sweetheart. Hi! Welcome to the world." Jax says, "Time to take my two girls home." He and Courtney thank Elizabeth and turn to leave. Elizabeth, looking utterly devestated, whispers softly to herself, "My baby."

Just as Elizabeth wakes up, Jax and Courtney come running into the room. Jax asks her if the baby's okay -- he heard her scream out. Elizabeth says the baby is fine -- she just had a dream. Jax holds Elizabeth's hand reassuringly. Courtney watches from a few feet away.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Maxie is up in Dillon's bed while Dillon is laying on a makeshift bed underneath the sink (upon which he keeps banging his head). Maxie urges him to come and sleep in the bed with her. Dillon is reluctant, but finally gives in after Maxie suggests that she sleep under the covers while he sleeps on top of the covers. Dillon gets into bed and he and Maxie start to talk about movies -- apparently Maxie is quite the movie buff, as Dillon is. They discuss such films as The Russian Spy, Ninotchka, Camille, Baby Jane, All About Eve and Bus Stop. Dillon asks Maxie if she has ever seen It Happened One Night -- to illustrate his point he puts a pillow in between them (in an imitation of the famous scene from that movie in which Clark Gable's character and Claudette Colbert's character share a motel room divided down the middle with a hanging sheet, designed to give them both privacy). Maxie says that she gets it.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: John is still not buying the story Sonny, Reese and Sam have been trying to sell him about Dr. Thomas. Sonny again warns John to get his cops to search the hospital for Dr. Thomas. Just then, Carly enters the room and tells them that she just saw Dr. Thomas go into the chapel. Sonny and Reese race off with her to the chapel, where they find a young doctor waiting there. Sonny orders the doctor to leave...Sam searches the pews and finds a discarded white doctor's coat -- the nametag is Dr. Thomas'. Sonny says that they have to find Jason.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dr. Thomas comes into Jason's room and prepares to inject his IV with something. But just as he is about to insert the needle into the IV, Jason's hand grabs hold of his arm. Though Jason is still weak, he's awake -- and glaring at Dr. Thomas.

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