GH Update Wednesday 8/3/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/3/05


By Jennifer
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Courtney stops by Mike’s and whines about the surrogacy and how Liz will always be a part of her life. Mike suggests that she and Jax move after the baby is born.

Just then Nik shows up to meet with Lucky and is surprised when Lucky comes from the kitchen area instead of through the front door. Lucky explains to Nik that he moved out of Liz’s apartment. Nik tells Lucky’s that’s ironic since Jax asked him to run interference. Nik tells Lucky that if he really loves Liz, it doesn’t make sense for him to just leave like that. Lucky tells Nik that he feels smothered and excluded and suspects Courtney feels the same way.

Courtney overhears the conversation and joins the guys. Nik asks her not to get involved, but Courtney says Liz’s pregnancy is her problem, too. She wants the baby as much as Jax does, but now the situation is complicated because Liz is a friend. She wishes now that she and Jax had chosen a stranger to be their surrogate, someone they would never have to see after the baby is born. Just then Lucky hears of Liz’s apartment fire over the police radio. The three race to the hospital.


Jax decides to go to Liz and Lucky’s to bury the hatchet with Lucky. When he arrives, the apartment is on fire. He manages to rescue Liz and Cameron and takes them to General Hospital.

Everybody appears to be okay, but Jax still wants Liz to see her obstetrician. He volunteers to call Lucky, but Liz says not to; Lucky moved out.


Jax accuses Lucky of abandoning Liz after she agreed to be a surrogate to pay his medical bills. Nik defends Lucky by telling Jax that Lucky was only trying to take the stress off of Liz. Lucky tries to explain his feelings to Jax about the surrogacy and asks Jax how he would feel if, for instance, Courtney was carrying Nik’s child. Courtney quickly pulls Jax away.

Lucky tells Nik that he couldn’t deal with the stress of the surrogacy and decided to just leave. Just then Liz walks up with Cameron. She tells Lucky that the fire started when she left Cameron’s bottle on the stove. Lucky asks her if she needs anything, and she tells him no. Lucky assumes Liz is staying at her grandmother’s and leaves. Later, Liz explains to Courtney and Jax that her grandmother is on a cruise and decided to lease her house.

Jax suggests that Liz stay at his hotel, but she says Cameron would probably keep the other guests awake at night. Liz tells them she’ll just stay with Nik and Emily, but Courtney points out that those two have enough on their plates right now. Both Courtney and Jax agree that Liz should just stay with them for the night until she figures out what to do next.

Nik and Lucky go back to Liz’s apartment. Lucky wants to clean it up so that Liz and Cameron can come back home.


Maxie and Jesse go back to her room and start making love. All of a sudden Maxie pulls away for no apparent reason. She’s trying to give Jesse a taste of his own medicine. Jesse explains to her that if he had it his way, they would be together, but Maxie doesn’t understand his mixed feelings.

Jesse thinks he’s a dead end person with a dangerous job, but Maxie explains that her own father is a cop and he still manages to have a decent personal life. Besides, she happens to think that police work is honorable. Maxie points out that Jesse is alive because of her, so she must be his guardian angel. Jesse tells her that he doesn’t believe in angels, but if he did, they would look like her.

Maxie starts to leave and tells Jesse that he’s making a huge mistake by letting her walk out. Jesse asks her not to go. Maxie tells him that if she leaves, she won’t be coming back. She tells Jesse that if he wants her to stay, he has to say it, mean it, and actually give their relationship a chance. They start having sex until Mac walks in and catches them. Maxie tells him that she’s almost 19 and can do what she wants. Mac tells her that from now on, she’s on her own.


Georgie and Dillon go down to the docks to search for Maxie. Dillon thinks Maxie is probably okay, but Georgie tells him that Maxie makes bad decisions. She explains that the sisters are different in how they deal with problems – Maxie lashes out while Georgie hides and cries.

Dillon asks Georgie if she cries about him, and she tells that she does occasionally, like when he broke up with her to date Sage. Dillon asks if she still does it, and she tells him not very often, only when she feels insecure or frustrated. She normally realizes after the fact that she’s being silly and that Dillon has done nothing wrong. Dillon makes her promise to call him the next time she gets upset over something he has done. They end up kissing on the docks instead of continuing their search for Maxie.


Sonny listens to the tape that Stan was able to decipher and realizes that Dr. Thomas hypnotized Michael. He asks Reese why Dr. Thomas was allowed to do that without his permission. Just then Michael comes downstairs and wants to know if Dr. Thomas is there. He thought he heard the doctor’s voice.

Sonny explains that he and Reese were listening to a damaged tape from one of Michael’s therapy sessions. Sonny asks Michael to recall what happened during the session, but he can’t. After Michael goes to bed, Sonny tells Reese that he doesn’t get the point of hypnosis. Reese explains that it’s used to either help people remember or forget.


Monica and Sam find Jason after his crash. Jason mutters something about A.J. before going unconscious. Later at General Hospital, Dr. Jones tells them that Jason suffered a concussion and should be waking up soon. Dr. Jones doesn’t think Jason suffered anymore brain damage. Sam sits with Jason and encourages him to wake up. She wants to know what he remembered about A.J.

Alan hopes that Jason will wake up and remember his life before the accident, but Monica gives Alan a reality check.

Alan goes to the hospital chapel to light a candle, and Monica joins him. Alan realizes that they’ll probably never get the old Jason back, but Monica says that’s better than having to bury him. Monica finds A.J.’s letter in Alan’s lap and insists on reading it against Alan’s will.

Monica reads the letter and realizes that A.J. tried to kill Jason after he found out that Jason was brain damaged. Alan defends A.J. and tells Monica that he wasn’t in his right mind at the time. He thought Jason was going to die. Monica asks Alan who A.J. hired to kill Jason. Alan tells her that he never asked and never wanted to know.

Monica feels sorry that A.J. carried this burden around for so long. Alan tells her that he’s now carrying around the burden. He has lost Monica and his two sons. He pleads with Monica to keep A.J.’s secret. He feels that everyone involved has already paid enough.

Alan tells Sam that Jason was just talking nonsense (about A.J.) due to the drugs, but Sam isn’t convinced. She tells Alan that despite what he believes, Jason is not a robot. A.J. was the one who was vicious and hateful, not Jason.


Sam tells Sonny and Reese that she thinks Dr. Thomas killed A.J. She tells them about the conversation that Jason remembers overhearing between A.J. and Dr. Thomas. Sonny asks about Dr. Thomas’ motive. Sam and Reese think that A.J. planned to plead insanity after kidnapping Michael, and since he needed a doctor to testify, he blackmailed Dr. Thomas. They think that A.J. told Dr. Thomas that if he didn’t testify, then A.J. would reveal their earlier plot to kill Jason. Dr. Thomas got mad and killed A.J. and then created his own suspect, Michael, who was actually an eye-witness to the murder. Just then Dr. Thomas walks up and tells the three of them to ask him any questions they have.

Sonny asks Dr. Thomas why Michael was hypnotized without Sonny’s permission. Dr. Thomas explains that Michael was in Durant’s custody at the time, and Durant gave permission. Furthermore, hypnosis is a common practice in therapy. Besides, Dr. Thomas points out, the hypnosis produced positive results: Jodie’s now gone. Dr. Thomas reminds Sam that he could charge her and Jason for breaking into his office, but he won’t to protect Michael.

Reese tells Sam that they need solid evidence that Dr. Thomas killed A.J. Sam thinks that evidence exists inside of Jason’s head. They need Jason to wake up so that he can provide the link between A.J. and Dr. Thomas.

Sonny feels guilty about Michael being hypnotized and tells Reese that he will do whatever it takes to protect his children.


After Alan leaves, Monica prays for God to forgive A.J. She realizes that the person A.J. hurt the most was himself. Just then Sonny walks in and overhears Monica’s prayer. He wants to know who she wants forgiven and why.

While still unconscious, Jason has a memory. He cries out that Dr. Thomas tried to kill him, not realizing that the doctor is sitting at his bedside.

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