GH Update Tuesday 8/2/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/2/05


By Jennifer
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Maxie meets up with Dillon at the Pizza Shack and casually asks him why guys don’t find her attractive. Dillon does his best to pump her up by telling her that she is the hottest, most fun girl in town. Georgie, unfortunately, overhears this, but Dillon quickly explains that what he meant was that Maxie is the NEW hot, fun girl in town. Dillon wonders why Georgie is working, and she explains that she got her job back. Although Georgie thinks Brooke was a little out of line for starting a public brawl with Maxie, she understands why Brooke got angry. Maxie tells Dillon and Georgie that she wants Jesse, not Diego, but Jesse won’t return her calls. Dillon tells Maxie that Jesse has given her plenty of reasons to dump him. Just then, Jesse shows up for dinner with a beautiful sidekick.

Maxie remarks to Dillon and Georgie that Jesse’s reasons for not dating her now seem ironic. Georgie decides to cause a scene and drops a meatball sub on Jesse’s date. The manager comes out and starts blaming Maxie. Maxie apologizes and then pours a drink on Jesse.

The woman introduces herself as Elaine Reilly, an undercover cop. She explains that she just met Jesse a few hours ago. Maxie accuses Jesse of trying to hurt her by showing up with Elaine, and both Jesse and Elaine call Maxie a brat. Georgie is afraid she’s going to get fired again, but her manager says that Maxie’s fight with Brook actually brought the Pizza Shack business.

Maxie leaves, and Georgie tells Jesse that she wants him to stop seeing her sister. She tells Jesse that he used Maxie when she could help him, but now he’s only hurting her. Dillon overhears all of this and is highly impressed with Georgie.

Later, Jesse runs into Maxie on the docks. Maxie promises to stop bugging him since that’s obviously what he wants. Jesse pulls her into a kiss and tells her that’s the last thing he wants.


Nik and Emily decide to go home and spend the evening together. While Emily’s waiting on the dock for Nik and the boat, she hears a noise that turns out to be Courtney. Emily asks Courtney if she’s waiting for Nik, and Courtney asks why Emily would think that. Emily thinks Courtney wants to get her story straight about what happened on the hospital roof. Courtney tells Emily that the only reason Nik lied to Jax is because he didn’t want to add to Courtney and Jax’s marital problems. Courtney tells Emily that she and Nik just exchange problems.

Emily asks Courtney if those problems include her and her marriage to Nik. Emily tells Courtney that she loves Nik and feels certain they’ll work out their problems. She asks Courtney what her feelings are for Nik, and Courtney says she has none; she loves Jax. Emily remarks that they should all learn to just trust destiny. Courtney agrees that some things are just meant to be, including Nik and Emily, but Emily finishes her sentence by saying that some things aren’t.

Nik shows up and Courtney quickly leaves. Emily tells Nik that Courtney seems like a genuinely nice person and wants to know if he agrees. He won’t say much. Just then Nik gets a phone call. He doesn’t say a lot on his end, but when he hangs up, he tells Emily that he has to go meet with Jax. Emily asks him if this is about Courtney. Nik doesn’t know, but Emily suspects it is and thinks Jax and Courtney should just handle their own problems while she and Nik handle theirs. Nik tells her that he has to go meet with Jax because he promised. Emily asks if she can go, but Nik tells her he’ll just meet her later at home.


When Jax and Liz arrive back at her apartment, she explains that she was trying to plan a romantic dinner for Lucky. Jax offers to watch Cameron while Liz gets things ready. At one point, Jax puts his hand up against Liz’s tummy to feel the baby. That is when Lucky walks in, and he is not pleased. Lucky insists that Liz put Cameron to bed immediately. When she goes, Lucky explodes at Jax. Liz comes back in and explains that Jax was just trying to help her when her car wouldn’t start. Jax leaves, and Liz tries to calm Lucky down by telling him that she prepared dinner and brownies. Lucky wants to know why Liz didn’t call him to come rescue her. She tells him that she tried, but neither him nor Nik and Emily could be reached so she just called Jax. Lucky thinks she should have taken a cab, but Liz explains that she couldn’t afford it after buying their dinner.

Lucky realizes that he’s being a jerk. He tells Liz that Jax is right; he’s the problem. He decides to move out until after Liz has the baby. Liz asks Lucky why he thinks that will help. He tells her that he’s just causing problems. Liz says that’s silly – they’ve made a home together – but Lucky is afraid that if he stays, he’ll destroy their relationship.

Liz is crying and doesn’t understand why Lucky wants to do this, especially tonight. Lucky tells her that if he doesn’t leave now, he might change his mind. She is the love of his life, and he doesn’t want to destroy their relationship. Liz reminds him that she agreed to the surrogacy to give the two of them a better life. She asks Lucky if she can do anything to make him stay. He tells her he would stay if she told him he could never come back or that leaving would harm the baby. Liz is still upset and doesn’t understand, but Lucky says that living with a jerk is not helping her. Liz asks when they can see each other again, and Lucky says they’ll work it out. Liz wants to work it out now. She suggests that they just talk to Jax and ask him to change instead, but Lucky tells her this is not about Jax. Lucky kisses Liz and tells her bye. After he leaves, Liz cries to herself while clutching one of Cameron’s bears.

Liz wakes up to smoke in the apartment. She goes to get Cameron but falls and passes out.


Jax tells Nik that a situation exists, and if Nik doesn’t stop it, then he will. The situation Jax is referring to is Lucky not adjusting well to the surrogacy. Jax explains that this situation is keeping him away from Courtney and causing strain on their marriage. Nik tells Jax that he can’t tell Lucky what to do. Jax says if that’s true, then he’ll have to come up with some measures of his own.

Just then Courtney comes home and tells Jax to leave Nik alone. Nik explains that Jax wasn’t threatening him; he was threatening Lucky. Nik agrees to talk to Lucky but tells Jax that improvements could be made on both sides.

After Nik leaves, Courtney asks Jax if he got into another fight with Lucky. Jax asks why she always pegs him as the enemy. Courtney gets mad and goes to leave. She tells Jax that the next time she comes home, maybe he’ll be happier to see her.

Meanwhile, Emily is home alone reading in bed. She looks at the clock and wonders why Nik isn’t home yet.


Dr. Thomas charges Sam and Jason with breaking and entering and asks them why he shouldn’t call the police.

Jason pulls a gun on him and demands to know the connection between Dr. Thomas and A.J. He accuses Dr. Thomas of killing A.J. Sam tells Jason that Michael is cleared, so they should leave quickly with the tape and just hope that it proves something.

Jason encourages Sam to spend the night at Sonny’s in case Michael gets upset. He promises to work on deciphering the tape while she’s gone. Just then a guy knocks at the door. He hands Jason some drugs and promises to help Jason with the tape. After Sam leaves, Jason almost injects himself with the experimental drugs that are supposed to help him regain his memory. Sam comes back in and catches Jason and wants to know what he’s doing. She’s angry and doesn’t think the drugs are safe. Jason tells her this is his best chance of remembering what happened when he was in a coma.

Sam insists the drugs aren’t safe, but Jason reminds her that his day job is just as risky. He wants to help Michael by remembering the whole truth about the night that A.J. died. He doesn’t want Michael carrying around a lifetime of guilt like Sonny and Sam do. Sam still thinks it’s not worth risking the drug, but Jason wants to prove that Dr. Thomas killed A.J. and Michael did nothing but hide and witness the whole event.

Sam finally agrees to it as long as Jason allows her to stay with him in case something happens. She hates all of his reasons, but ironically, those are her same reasons for loving him. Sam goes upstairs to unpack, and Jason gives himself the injection. When Sam comes back downstairs, she doesn’t realize that Jason has already taken the drugs. Jason is sweating and acting dazed. Sam wants to call a doctor, but Jason tells her not to be scared. He flashes back to a conversation between A.J. and Dr. Thomas and thinks he remembers Alan injecting him with the poison. Jason tells Sam he knows who did it and then stumbles to the door with her at his heels.


While reading the papers that he keeps hidden inside the wall, Alan promises that A.J.’s secrets will die with him.

A dazed Jason arrives at the Quartermaines and tells Alan that he knows the truth. He holds Alan and Monica at gunpoint and demands to know where A.J. is. Alan tells Jason that A.J. is dead, but Jason insists he’s there. Jason’s vision is blurred, so when Sam walks in, he thinks she’s A.J. Sam coaxes him into putting the gun down.

She and Monica want to get Jason upstairs to a bed, but before they can do that, he runs off.

Sam runs after him and eventually catches up to him when his motorcycle crashes.

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