GH Update Monday 8/1/05

General Hospital Update Monday 8/1/05


By Jennifer
Pictures by Amanda


(I don’t like to editorialize too much here, but I felt like NL and TC were breaking up on screen today. Either that, or this current storyline is hitting a little too close to home, as “Emily” cried quite a bit today.)

After Nik chooses not to tell Jax that he was trapped on the hospital roof with Courtney, he asks Emily why she didn’t out the two of them. Emily says that she didn’t want to put Courtney on the spot. She realizes that Courtney is having a difficult time with the surrogacy, and she didn’t want to cause unnecessary stress on her and Jax’s marriage. Besides, she thinks it’s okay to keep some things private to protect a person that you love. Nik asks her if she thinks it’s okay for a husband and wife to keep secrets. Emily says that the truth can sometimes be hurtful, and it’s not necessary to always reveal everything. Nik points out that she and him avoid everything. Emily’s eyes fill up with tears as she tells him that avoidance is perhaps the only thing that can save their marriage.


Courtney and Jax go home and make love. Courtney tells Jax that he is so thoughtful and generous and always tries to make her feel special. She doesn’t want any secrets between them and proceeds to tell Jax that she was with Nik on the roof. Jax wants to know why she lied to him, and Courtney says Jax just assumed she was alone and it seemed easier at the time for her to just say nothing. Jax flat out asks Courtney if he should be worried about her and Nik spending time together. Courtney says no. She explains that Nik just confides in her about his problems with Emily. That’s what happened both at the stables (the first time they were caught together by Jax) and on the hospital roof – nothing more. Courtney apologizes for lying to Jax. Just then the phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, and she and Cameron are stranded in her car. Jax says he will come get them. Courtney asks why he doesn’t just send a driver, but Jax says that he wants to go himself to make sure Liz and the baby are safe. Courtney decides to go to work for a while but can’t concentrate and leaves.


Nik goes for a walk on the docks and takes off his wedding ring. Back at the hospital, Emily decides to leave work and go find him. She finds Nik on the docks and professes her love. She tells Nik that he is not only her husband and lover but also her best friend. She wants them to be honest with each other. She tells Nik she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him and then kisses him. Courtney walks up and witnesses Emily and Nik hugging and does not look pleased.


Dr. Thomas listens to a taped session where he hypnotized Michael into believing that Rachel killed A.J. Just then Reese bursts into his office. He reaches for his syringe of poison but doesn’t get very far before Lucky and Jesse happen upon the scene. They want to question him about Rachel. Dr. T. lies and says that the last time he saw Rachel, she was very distressed and was obviously contemplating suicide. Even though Reese thinks Dr. T. is guilty, Jesse and Lucky have a hard time believing that. Jesse and Lucky get a call that Rachel’s autopsy report is in. It shows that she died from an overdose of barbiturates – no force or coercion suspected – and the handwriting on the suicide note is hers. Dr. T. is listening to all of this from behind his office door and smiles from a job well done.


Carly decides to spend the night at Sonny’s so that Michael can be close to his entire family. Lorenzo acts like he’s okay with the idea, especially since it’s what Michael wants. Sonny explains to his son that this is a one-time thing. Sonny and Carly put Michael to bed together and talk to him about the cruise. Sonny congratulates Michael for fighting until the end and never giving up. Sonny calls Michael a survivor and tells him that he reminds Sonny a lot of his mother.

Reese shows up to tell Sonny about Rachel’s autopsy. Despite the evidence, she still thinks the timing of Rachel’s death is very suspicious. Sonny encourages her to listen to her gut; on the other hand, he doesn’t want her to listen too hard because Michael is now off the hook. Just then Carly comes downstairs and gloats that she will be spending the night. She blames Reese for first suggesting that Michael killed A.J. and then goes on to say that she and Sonny share a special connection because of their sons. Sonny explains the conditions of the sleepover to Reese, who decides to take the high road and leaves. She doesn’t want any more stress put on Michael.

After Reese is gone, Sonny tells Carly that running off Reese won’t change anything long-term. Carly says she’s happily married to Lorenzo, but Sonny disagrees. Carly realizes that by spending the night at Sonny’s, she’s sending Lorenzo mixed messages. She goes back home and crawls into bed next to her husband. She tells Lorenzo it was a mistake to stay with Sonny and doing so would have set a bad precedent for Michael and Morgan. Lorenzo says that judging by her behavior, he thought she was ready to get back together with Sonny. Carly tells Lorenzo that will never happen. She loves him.

Sonny calls Reese to say goodnight, but her answering machine picks up. He apologizes for Carly’s behavior and tells Reese that Carly ended up leaving. He’s going to bed but will be thinking of her.


Durant asks Jesse and Lucky to pull all their notes on Rachel Adair. He wants a second autopsy performed, and he wants the two cops to find evidence that Sonny murdered her. Lucky tells Durant he won’t manufacture evidence. Durant suggests that Sonny is paying Lucky off to help with Lucky’s money problems. Lucky attacks Durant, which frustrates Jesse.


Alan pulls a brick out of the wall and removes a plastic bag containing a letter. Monica watches him from inside the house. When Alan comes back in, she questions him, but he lies and says he was just taking a walk in the rose garden.

Jason has a flashback to his accident and has some questions for his parents. He and Sam go to the Quartermaine’s and tell Monica and Alan that they want information about Jason’s accident and treatment. He suspects there was a cover-up. Alan is mad that Jason wants help out-of-the-blue like this, but Monica agrees to provide any information that he needs.

Monica recalls that Dr. T. helped treat Jason after the accident. Although Jason was comatose at the time, he would occasionally open his eyes. Jason asks if A.J. knew Dr. T. Alan defends A.J. and says that he was concerned for Jason just like the rest of the family. He tells Jason that painting Dr. T. as the bad guy is just a waste of time. Jason asks if anybody stayed with him, and Monica explains that at first, family was with him round-the-clock. Later, when it appeared he wasn’t getting any better, the family would leave at night. Monica explains that Jason was alone the first time his heart stopped beating. The cause was unknown. His heart stopped beating a second time on January 17. The doctors told the Quartermaines that Jason would probably live forever in a vegetative state, but Jason surpassed all odds.

After Jason and Sam leave, Monica slaps Alan and accuses him of trying to kill Jason. She thinks the second time that Jason’s heart stopped was actually a murder attempt. Alan asks about motive, and Monica says he did it because he thought Jason was going to be a vegetable. Alan tells Monica he did not try to kill Jason. In fact, he was with him the night of January 17th and actually revived him before the ICU staff arrived. Monica asks why Alan never told her that. Alan explains that he actually hesitated a moment before saving Jason, and he always felt guilty for that. Later, Alan removes the letter from the wall again and weeps while he reads it.


Jason and Sam break into Dr. T.’s office. Sam finds Michael’s file and Jason finds his own. Jason realizes that the January 17th entry is missing. Sam suggests that A.J. ruined the records. She thinks A.J. is their connection to Dr. T. They also find a tape that someone has attempted to destroy. Just then, Dr. T. walks in and asks if they’ve found what they are looking for.

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