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General Hospital Update Friday 7/29/05


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THE HOSPITAL ROOF: Nikolas and Courtney are locked out on the roof of the hospital -- it has begun to rain, and both are getting soaked. Nikolas covers Courtney with his jacket and they both start to call for help, hoping someone will hear them.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky and Jesse have just told Reese, Sonny and John that they found Rachel dead from a drug overdose in her to a suicide note confessing to AJ's murder. John thinks that Sonny killed Rachel to clear Michael of AJ's murder.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason doesn't understand how AJ's death could have anything to do with Dr. Thomas treating him (Jason) right after his accident 10 years ago. Sam thinks that somewhere in Jason's memory rests the key to the whole mystery.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Michael agrees to let Dr. Thomas hypnotize him, despite the fact that his imaginary "friend" Jodie is also in the room, begging him not to do it. Michael focuses on Dr. Thomas' pen and counts backwards as Dr. Thomas tells him to. Once Michael is hypnotized, Dr. Thomas asks him to think back to what he saw in AJ's room the night of AJ's murder.

THE HOSPITAL ROOF: Courtney and Nikolas repeatedly call for someone to help them, but no one comes. Nikolas jokes that his uncle Stefan used to call the roof the spot for interns to sneak off to for hook ups. They start to talk about their kiss again. Nikolas explains that he didn't plan for it to just did -- that Courtney looked so beautiful that night, it moved him to kiss her. Courtney admits that she unconsciously wanted to kiss him back. Nikolas muses how strange it is that they have lived in the same town for so long and never noticed one another before. Courtney thinks it's because they both live very complicated lives. They agree that they shouldn't kiss anymore, as they are both married to other people. Nikoals wonders what would have happened if they had met at a different time, in a different place?

THE HOSPITAL: Emily and Jax are hanging out in one of the hospital waiting areas, talking about fate. Emily thinks that fate doesn't give people a choice -- they just have to follow where it leads. Jax, on the other hand, thinks that fate is determined by conscious choice...he uses as an example the fact that Courtney miscarried and now cannot have children: was that fate or a result of the choices she made? Emily points out that fate sent Elizabeth to Jax as a surrogate. Jax notes that Courtney still struggles with the idea of Elizabeth being their surrogate, but that he knows that once she holds the baby in her arms, she will feel nothing but joy. Emily hopes Jax is right -- for him and Courtney and for her and Nikolas.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny argues that Rachel's note means that Michael is innocent -- meaning that John cannot get custody of Michael. But John is suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Rachel's so-called suicide. He is certain that Sonny killed Rachel. Sonny and John get into a fight, which Ric breaks up. Reese and Sonny leave the police station. Ric turns on John and calls him a cold-hearted bastard for trying to put Michael in jail. He also warns John that he won't let that happen.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly has just agreed to ask the court to grant custody of Michael to the Quartermaines -- knowing that the Quartermaines are a better option for him than John is. Carly warns Alan and Monica not to even bring up the subject of AJ to Michael. But just as soon as all parties have agreed to the deal, Sonny calls the house with the news that Michael is about to be cleared of the murder.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam thinks that because Dr. Thomas was the one who treated Jason after the accident, and now is Michael's therapist 10 years later, that it has to be related. Jason says he has to do something about this right away. Sam asks him if any of the flashes he's been having were about seeing AJ in the room with Dr. Thomas when he was in the hospital. She thinks maybe Jason saw AJ and Dr. Thomas having a fight of some kind that might tell them why Dr. Thomas would want AJ dead.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Michael, in a hypnotic trance, explains to Dr. Thomas that he went inside AJ's room that night because he wanted to make sure AJ never hurt Kristina and Morgan again. He then walked over to AJ's bed, which made AJ wake up. Michael didn't want to hear anymore lies, so he put the pillow over AJ's head and pressed it down. Just then, Michael says that someone came into the room -- so he hid. Michael says that the man who came into the room was mad at AJ for saying he won't keep a certain secret -- so the man picked the pillow up off of the ground and pressed it down until AJ stopped breathing. Dr. Thomas asks Michael if he knows who the man was, and Michael says, "It's you." Dr. Thomas, looking resigned, slips a needle full of liquid out of his pocket and moves it toward Michael.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are back at Greystone. Reese tells Sonny she's happy for him and for Michael that Rachel is apparently AJ's killer. Sonny asks her if she thinks that he is the one who killed Rachel? Reese points out that the clues do seem to point toward Sonny. Sonny admits that he did have reason to want to kill Rachel and frame her for AJ's murder -- but he also admits that he isn't the one who did it. As far as he knows, her suicide and confession are real. Reese says that if he tells her that he didn't kill Rachel, that is good enough for her.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: John is outside of Dr. Thomas' office -- he wants Nella, the secretary, to go in and find out what is happening with Michael's session. Nella declines, saying that she can't interrupt. Carly shows up and asks where Michael is. John replies that after the session is over, Michael will be going home with him. Ric comes on the scene and tells John that he has just spoken with Judge Taylor -- John no longer has legal grounds to hold Michael, who will be going home instead with Carly. Just then, Michael comes out of the office -- Carly tells him that she has come to take him home to his family.

THE HOSPITAL ROOF: Nikolas is coming up with various scenarios in which he and Courtney could have met one another -- in Paris, Rio, Monte Carlo. Courtney jokes that it would be more like Atlantic City, and she would be dealing the cards. He asks her to just play along with him and she agrees, saying that she would probably give him all the good cards so he would stay at her table. Nikolas, in all seriousness, says that he wouldn't need convincing (to stay near her). Courtney gets uncomfortable and reminds him that their lives are with other people. He agrees and she declares that they should make a deal to stay away from one another, as they both have too much to lose. Nikolas agrees to this, too.

Just then Emily comes through the door leading from the stairwell. She is surprised to see Nikolas and Courtney, who awkwardly explain that they got locked out in the rain. Emily thinks it's lucky that she showed up, then. Courtney wants to go see about getting dry. She gives Nikolas back his jacket and leaves after saying goodbye to Emily.

Emily is about to go, too, when Nikolas stops her. He wants her to stay out on the roof with him. Emily asks him if he wants to get out of his clothes, and he teasingly replies that he will if she gets out of hers as well. He wants her to dance with him. Emily finally relents, and they start to slow dance in each other's arms.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney comes down the elevator and Jax is happy to see her. She tells him that she got locked out on the roof earlier in the rain. Jax immediately gives her his jacket. Courtney wants to go see if maybe Bobbie could lend her some dry clothes for her meeting. Jax replies that Courtney should just reschedule her meeting, so she can go home with him and enjoy a nice hot bath. Courtney thinks that that sounds like heaven -- they hug.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Lorenzo says bye to Leticia and Morgan, who are leaving to Greystone to be there when Michael comes home. Once they are gone, he turns to Skye, who notes that Carly and Sonny have shut him out of such an important event as Michael's home-coming. Lorenzo replies that Carly's family situation is complicated but he's hoping it will get better. Besides, he doesn't really have any other option. Skye says that in his place she would create nasty dramas to make Carly miserable. For example, she says that she would arrange to have her find Lorenzo in bed with another woman. Lorenzo asks if she's offering to be that other woman? She says she's not above it, though she thinks Lorenzo might be. She also is sure that Carly isn't stupid -- she won't mess up her marriage.

GREYSTONE: Michael and Carly have come home, and Sonny and Reese are there waiting for him. Michael is very happy that he won't have to go to John's, or to jail. Jason comes into the room and Michael runs to greet him. Jason tells Michael that now everyone knows Michael didn't kill AJ. Michael replies -- much to the surprise of everyone in the room -- that he does know who AJ's real murderer is.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax has gotten some coffee for Courtney, who drinks it gratefully. He asks if she's ready to leave, and she replies that she just needs to call the hospital administrator to reschedule her appointment. Jax lends her his cell phone. As she starts to dial, Jax notices Nikolas (similarly drenched, of course) coming toward them. He points Nikolas out to her and tells her that it looks like she's not the only one who got caught in the rainstorm. Courtney looks uncomfortable.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan and Monica are back at home in the Quartermaine library. Alan laments that they were so close to having Michael back with them -- they could have made up for so many mistakes. He and Monica immediately start to argue about each other's treatment of Jason and AJ. Monica is tired of Alan acting like Jason is dead, and Alan is tired of Monica blaming AJ for everything under the sun. He doesn't get how she could forgive Jason for all of his crimes and not allow the same forgiveness for AJ?

Just then, Skye comes into the room -- she begs them to stop fighting. Monica says she's had enough, and with that she storms out of the library. Skye turns to Alan, who tells her that she should thank God that she wasn't raised in this house -- that she didn't go through the hell AJ went through. Skye thinks Alan shouldn't blame Monica, and Alan replies that he blames everyone, including himself, for what happened to AJ. He thinks maybe if AJ had had unconditional love in their family, he wouldn't have gone down the path that eventually led him to the person who ended up murdering him -- a doctor. "Of course," Alan muses, "it had to be a doctor."

GREYSTONE: Michael tells everyone that he now remembers that Rachel killed AJ. Carly is surprised, seeing as how she never mentioned Rachel's name to Michael. Michael replies that he saw the whole thing -- that Rachel said that AJ was evil and she didn't want him to hurt anyone else. Reese asks him if Jodie helped him remember that -- Michael replies that Jodie was never real and that he doesn't see her anymore. Reese wants to know when Jodie stopped appearing to Michael, and Michael replies he hasn't seen her anymore since his session with Dr. Thomas. Sonny interrupts and says that the only thing that matters now is that Michael didn't kill AJ. Carly tells Michael that he is right about Rachel, that she admitted everything in a letter. She hugs Michael as Reese and Jason glance at each other.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney gets off the phone and tells Jax that her meeting has been planned for Monday. She wants to leave right away for home. But before they can go, Nikolas walks over toward them. He greets them and then points out that it looks like Courtney got caught in the rain, too. Courtney gives him an angry look.

GREYSTONE: Michael is playing with Morgan while Sonny, Carly and Reese look on. Ric comes into the room. Sonny is surprised to see him, but Carly steps in and admits that she invited Ric. Sonny is doubly surprised at this revelation. Carly replies that like it or not, Ric and Sonny are brothers and Ric is a part of their family. Plus, she likes the way he stood up for Michael in front of John. Sonny admits that sometimes it does feel like Ric is becoming a real brother to him. Ric seems pleased to hear that.

Reese, catching Ric's eye, moves out into the hallway, and Ric follows her. There, she tells him that she is not convinced that Rachel killed AJ. She thinks that maybe Dr. Thomas is the one who killed both AJ and Rachel. Ric warns her that now that Michael is home, she should just let this whole investigation go.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is alone in the penthouse making a call to the hospital -- she wants to talk to Dr. Thomas' assistant, Nella. Nella apparently isn't in at the moment, so Sam asks whoever is on the other end of the line to have Nella call her right away. Sam hangs up just as Jason comes in, home from Greystone. He tells Sam that Michael isn't fine, though Sonny and Carly want to believe it. He goes on to say that Michael says that he remembers seeing Rachel kill AJ. Sam is surprised. Jason thinks it's a lie, and that Dr. Thomas convinced Michael to tell it for some reason. Sam notes that Dr. Thomas must have done that because he's AJ's real killer -- and Rachel's killer as well. Jason complains that maybe it doesn't even matter anymore -- he believes that AJ deserved to die, and he doesn't care about Rachel one way or the other. All he cares about is Michael. He thinks that now that Michael is happy and safe at home, he (Jason) can't start all of this drama up again. Maybe Dr. Thomas could just "disappear" or have a traffic accident. Sam asks Jason if he really wants the truth to stay locked up inside of Michael forever?

THE HOSPITAL: Jax tells Nikolas that Courtney locked herself out on the roof in the rain -- what is Nikolas' excuse? Nikolas replies that he was just out in the rain without an umbrella. Nearby, Emily overhears this conversation -- she realizes that Nikolas and Courtney are lying to Jax about being on the roof together.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Monica heads into the library to pour herself a drink. As she does so, she hears a noise from out on the patio. She goes to investigate and sees Alan taking a brick out of the wall of the house -- inside the brick is a secret hiding place, where something is wrapped in a plastic bag. Alan takes the bag out of the cubby, as Monica watches in astonishment.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Michael are sitting on the couch, while Carly holds Morgan nearby. Sonny tells Michael that Carly never gave up on him when he and Morgan were missing. He doesn't want Michael to ever forget how great Carly is. Carly is quite happy right now -- she says that if they look around them, there's not a bad thing in sight. Just then, Lorenzo walks into the room. Sonny and Michael laugh (evidentally thinking of Lorenzo as a "bad thing"). Lorenzo asks what's so funny? Sonny replies that his timing is perfect. Lorenzo asks Carly if she's ready to go, but Carly replies that she wants to stay here tonight.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Jason that she's been trying to reach Dr. Thomas' assistant, Nella -- on the off chance that, if AJ called Dr. Thomas the night he died, she might have picked up a message. Jason and Sam run through the events connecting AJ and Dr. Thomas over the last ten years. They think that maybe AJ was blackmailing Dr. Thomas with something, and that this resulted in Dr. Thomas killing him. Jason points out that Michael remembers seeing Rachel in AJ's room that night. Sam thinks maybe Michael feels guilty for seeing his biological father being murdered. Jason rants that none of this is Michael's fault and yet he has already spent his whole life paying for other people's mistakes. Sam asks him what he means. Jason replies that he told the first lie of Michael's life when he pretended that Michael was his son. They spent one year together and then Jason left town and Michael didn't understand why. Jason is tired of failing Michael. He wants the lies and confusion to stop, and that meansa he has to find out what happened the night AJ died -- so Michael can let it go instead of letting it ruin his life the way the accident destroyed AJ.

Just then, Jason suddenly has a flashback to a time just after his accident -- in which he sees a nurse tell Dr. Thomas that AJ Quartermaine is on the phone for him. After the flashback ends, Sam asks Jason what happened and Jason replies that he just remembered something: there could be a connection between AJ and Dr. Thomas after all.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas is replaying a tape recording of his session with Michael -- in which he told Michael (who was still under the hypnotic trance) that Michael would wake up from the trance and remember that Rachel -- and not Dr. Thomas -- killed AJ. Dr. Thomas stops playing the tape and then starts to cut the tape with scissors. Suddenly Reese bursts into the room and asks him when he last saw Rachel alive. Dr. Thomas says that he barely knew the woman. Reese thinks that Rachel's death is convenient given the fact that Rachel told her she saw Dr. Thomas coming out of AJ's room the night he was killed.

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